I Paid Under $21 for 3 Large Papa John’s Pizzas, Soda, Dessert AND Scored FREE Pizza For Later

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As I mentioned earlier today, Papa John’s is offering up an extra 50% off Regular Menu Price Pizzas when you use the promo code PAPA at checkout through June 25th. Note that this code may not be valid at all locations.

Even sweeter, score 25 Rewards Points (= a FREE pizza) with ANY $15 purchase when you use promo code BATTERUP at checkout also valid thru 6/25. And yes, you can use BOTH of these codes in the same transaction. Note that the 25 bonus points will be deposited into your account the day after your qualifying purchase and must be redeemed by 7/9/17.

But wait, there’s more!

Through June 18th, you can score a promo code valid for a FREE Large 1-Topping Pizza when you purchase $25 in Papa John’s eGift Cards! You should get an order confirmation and a separate email with the promo code for the free pizza within a minute or two of completing your order. Your free pizza promo code must be redeemed by 7/23.

Check Out How I Combined ALL of these promos for a HOT Deal!
FIRST, Do This (Transaction #1):

Buy $25 Papa John’s eGift Card
Pay $25
*Receive a promo code for free large 1-topping pizza within a few minutes

SECOND, Do This (Transaction #2):

Buy 2 Large 1-Topping Pepperoni Pizzas $14.50 each
Buy 1 Large Cheese Pizza $13
Buy 1 Family-Size Chocolate Chip Cookie AND 2 Liter Soda $7 (look under Specials as this offer may vary by location)
Total = $49
Use the promo code PAPA (50% off pizzas)
Use the promo code BATTERUP (25 points with $15 purchase = free pizza)
Use your FREE large 1-topping pizza promo code for buying $25 eGift Card
Total after all codes = $20.75
Pay with your $25 Papa John’s eGift Card you bought in transaction #1
Final Cost FREE, plus you still have $4.25 left on your Papa John’s eGift Card + you will receive 25 points in your account which is equal to another FREE pizza!*
* Note that delivery fees and tax may apply

Total out of pocket cost = $25 – with a bit over $4 still left on the eGift card purchased in the first transaction! AWESOME!
HIP TIP – We always suggest that you tip based on the original total before all the discounts! ✅
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Comments 64

  1. Queenjen87

    What I do, but one $25 gc. use the rewards code for 50% on two specialty pizza = 18.77 here. + 3pts for the order + 25 points for promo code. Use pickup card and get a punch toward free pizza. Next week use free pizza with gift card purchase code and free pizza with points. Dinner no 2. Get a punch on my card. Week 3 is bogo coupon pizza (enjoy the city books sometimes have them or code) 18.77 – 6.13 on gc = 12.64. + 3 points and get a punch for pickup. 6 pizzas for $37.64 and have 6 points and three punches of ten for another free pizza.

    • Karen

      What is the pick up card/punch?

      • TreeHuggingCouponer

        Our stores don’t offer the punch cards. 😩

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  2. Flavia

    Am I missing something or it’s not really free? You’re still spending $25 on gift cards. Great deal but not free? I’m a little confused

    • TM

      There is no extra out of pocket in the second transaction plus extra benefits. If you follow couponers with multiple transaction scenarios, this is usually how it is explained.

    • Jennifer

      She said the deal was ~$21 and you have some gift card left over and you get a free pizza later. Never did it say you wouldn’t spend $.

    • Melissa

      Transaction #1 is $25. Transaction #2 is “free” because you already paid $25 in transaction 1.

  3. Anika

    Website is having technical difficulties and asking us to make order via phone.. wonder if I can use codes on phone ?

    • patrick

      papa points only valid on online transactions. the stores may have similar promos but no guarentee. no points means not good deal. wait til back up.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Maybe wait a moment and try again or switch to a different browser. Hope this helps!

  4. Chris

    Does this deal work with buying only 3 pizzas in the second transaction (or even another pizza)? I am not interested in the cookie and pop. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Chris! You can change up the scenario as you would like. Just be sure to meet the requirements of each promo so that you can snag the savings 😉 Hope this helps!

  5. Blossom Parekh

    Thank you! Instead of the soda and cookie I added some breadsticks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yum! You’re very welcome!

  6. babyzickafoose

    I ordered the gift card awhile ago and still don’t have the free pizza code.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Have you checked the other folders of your email? Hoping you receive it soon!

    • Amy Beth Bertrand

      Me, too! Although when I clicked on her link, ithere was a banner that said “free pizza with $25 gift card purchase”. Frustrating!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Darn! Have you checked your spam, junk or promotions folders of your email?

  7. laura

    what is the code for the soda and the cookie?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Be sure to check out the “specials” to find that deal, as it may vary by location.

  8. Kat

    I got 6 pizza’s for this evening. 3 specialty pizzas and one extra large and 2 more regular large for $25.41 with all the codes and points left for next time. Thank you Thank you…having a bday party this evening and loving this deal!!!! Thank you HIP2SAVE!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How cool! You are SO welcome Kat! Enjoy!

    • Melissa

      How did you do this deal? What size for specialty with what toppings on XL and regular? I’d like to do this for a party that I’m hosting. Thank you!

  9. kim

    The best deal is to order a large pizza for half price $7.00, plus order and extra large pizza for $8.50, your total for both with tax is $16.59 for two pizzas, you will get two free pizzas from giftcard and $15.00 order and have $8.41 left over, which is enough for another pizza with the half off deal.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing your deal idea Kim!

  10. Amy

    Thank you! And thanks for the hip tip to tip on the original value. As someone who had worked in the restaurant industry for years, this is something that people usually forget. Servers, bartenders and delivery drivers love to see you got a deal, as most of us pinch pennies too, but it stinks when you do the same service you would do without a coupon and get little to no tip.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome Amy!

    • Lisa S

      I almost always just give a $3 tip on a delivery. Are you suggesting a tip for the delivery driver should be a percentage of the cost of the food? I’m behind the times!

  11. Oshea

    Thx. Dinner done. Plus left over for next week with points & g.c. remainder. So, essentially 2 dinners for $25.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear it! You’re most welcome!

  12. Holly

    Am I messing something up? It says the new Bacon cheeseburger pizza is $10 then l apply the code PAPA for the 50 percent off and it only drops the price to $8.50

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, the 50% off will apply to regular menu price pizzas. Hope this helps!

    • Lisa S

      I ordered that one too. The $10 deal is a promo that can’t be combined with the 50% off promo. They’re giving you 50% off the full menu price. It’s a better deal than $10.

  13. Lisa S

    Thank you! I decided to save my 2 free pizzas for next time. I ordered 2 large specialty pizzas and some garlic knots for $26.50 with delivery and tax. In the end I’ll end up with 4 large pizzas and knots for around $29 with delivery! Thank you!!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great deal Lisa! You’re very welcome!

  14. sheri charboneau

    Thanks I saved my free one topping for next time and then will have the 25 pts for another free pizza. I had 15 pts in acct that I had forgotten about so got a free chocolate chip cookie and 2 pizzas and a garlic knots , total was around $24, and we will have leftovers for tomorrow night.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome!

    • Maggie

      This is very close to the same deal that I did! Gotta love a free dessert!

  15. Amy

    How many times can you buy a $25 gift card to get the free pizza?

  16. Elizabeth

    where do you buy the giftcard?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! You can purchase it online through the link above! 😉

  17. Jen

    Ok, can someone help me out here. I’m having trouble trying to figure out mentally how to manage to get the same amount for my money, but WITHOUT buying 3 pizzas in the 2nd transaction. (We only have enough people in the household to need 2 pizzas, and we prefer our pizza fresh). Can I take out either one of the 1 topping pizzas (maybe from not using the 25$ gift card pizza code right away) or the cheese pizza and still come out with the same amount of pizzas earned? Please help.

    • Jenny

      As long as your total is $15 you will still get your pizza code for later (which does expire so watch those expiration date) When I do this deal I generally order a large/extra large for the 50% off and bread sticks or brownie. (But 2 pizzas would work as well) then you would have the free pizza from the gift card and the free pizza from ordering over $15 for later.

  18. annie

    2 extra large cheese pizza=16 after 50%off
    buy 2*25 gift card –2 free pizza
    #1 2 extra large cheese pizza 16
    #2 repeat another 2 extra large chesse pizza 16
    #3 repeat another 2 extra large cheese pizza 16

    totoal=48 (plus tax will max out the 50 gc)

    out of pocket=50+a little remaining tax

    you get 6 extra large cheese pizza (equal to 9 large pizza on size)
    2 free pizza from buying gc
    84pts= 3 3-topping large pizzas (you can get one of it specialty)

    about 14 large pizzas about 3.6 ea

    • dealhousewife

      I was just thinking about this kind of variation… 😀 thx for doing the work first! 😉

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great deal Annie!

  19. Ann Dee

    I am LOVING all the restaurant deals you post! Olive Garden, Red Robin and now Papa John’s!!!! Thank you. I love eating out on the cheap.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! Happy you have been able to snag the yummy deals!

  20. Melanie

    Does anyone know if the 25 points for free pizza using he “BATTERUP” code has to be $15 before or after you apply the 50% off “PAPA” code in order to receive the 25 points for the free pizza for next time?

    • mamasweetpea08

      i believe the $15 is after 50% off. you need to meet the $15 total in the end before tax. I purchased a large 2 topping pizza and medium two topping pizza and that came to a little over $15 before tax.

  21. Erica Liu

    I did this deal last night and it worked out (thank you for posting!), although I will say that here in Southern CA the prices are much higher. For example, the large 1 topping pizza is $18.25 (not $14.50 as in the above example), so just over $9 each with the 50% off. Bummer that we have to pay so much more here in CA. What would be amazing deals for people living in other states usually turn out to be just decent or okay deals for us.

  22. Rachael

    I got the free pizza for buying the go but not for using the batterup code. How long should it take?

    • Jenny

      The free pizza is in the form of points which is added to your account the next day.

  23. tina

    Great deal!

    Got 3 pizzas (1 pepperoni, 1 hawaiian, one works) plus 2 garlic knots for $8 after the $25 gc

    didn’t have the cookie/soda deal but still great!

  24. Victoria

    Just ordered our pizza. Very happy with this deal. My husband will be happy to cause i was just planning to making sandwiches cause its to hot to cook . 😊

  25. Belinda

    I screwed it up somehow. It didn’t allow me to enter both codes. I only found a pop up on the main screen to enter codes and didn’t see an area on the check out screen as an option. I still got 2 pizzas for $15 and the coupon for a free pizza next time.

  26. Donna

    It will be sent to you the next day.

  27. meghan

    I already thought this was a great deal but it was an even better deal when I went to pick up the 2 pizzas I ordered and they gave me 3! There computer printer was down so they couldn’t figure out what happened so they said I could have all 3. I got home and double checked and I definitely only ordered 2 and got charged for 2. 🙂 Thanks for all you do Colin and Team!

  28. Christina B

    Thanks,remembered this and did the deal. Lunch and leftovers,it was a bit more but $3 after gc for 2 pizzas with extra toppings and cheesesticks plus 2 free pizzas for later.

  29. Beth

    Items were a little more expensive here, but it cost $3 out of pocket, so I’m still happy 🙂 Thank you for sharing, it made dinner easy peasy!

  30. Matus

    BATTERUP triggered a 4th pizza being made, bringing the total up to $28. I think if you follow the exact steps outlined, you must cancel out of building the 4th pizza, because the cart is already at $15. The free pizza will apply to one of the 3 you have in the cart already. Oh don’t forget, the 25 points for free pizza is not shown in either of the pictures. In Colorado, the price of the pepperoni pizzas were a little more, and the special for the cookie was $6 instead of $7 and did not come with the free soda.

  31. Lisa Yates

    How many times can you use the BATTERUP code? I’m not sure I understood the fine print.

  32. Alice

    Do I still get the points added to my profile the next day if I select to order ahead (2 days ahead)

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