Disney is Leaving Netflix and Starting Their Own Streaming Service

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Disney fans! Have you heard the news?

The Walt Disney company just announced this week that they are not going to renew their contract with Netflix when it ends in late 2018. That means that in a couple years there will no longer be Disney movies and TV shows on Netflix, instead they will be using their own Disney-branded streaming movie service.

Disney also has plans to release an ESPN-branded streaming service in 2018 that will offer around 10,000 sporting events for viewers each year, including MLB, MLH, college sports and more. Then, it will follow this model to create a streaming service for Disney and Pixar movies the following year.

The Walt Disney company stated:

“The new Disney-branded service will become the exclusive home in the U.S. for subscription-video-on-demand viewing of the newest live action and animated movies from Disney and Pixar, beginning with the 2019 theatrical slate, which includes Toy Story 4, the sequel to Frozen, and The Lion King from Disney live-action, along with other highly anticipated movies.”

It is not yet determined whether Marvel movies will remain with Netflix, or if they will transfer as well. This streaming service is expected to be available for purchase directly through Disney and ESPN in app stores. For more information, head HERE.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments!

Jessica has been writing for 4+ years and lives at home with her husband and 2 fur babies.

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Comments 76

  1. Carrie

    It’s ridiculous! Everyone looking to make more money!

    • april

      I guess they can do whatever they want but yeah, it strikes me as greedy. Kinda like keeping Disney movies in “the vault” so they can re-release them and keep them at full price all the time. I am interested to know what they’ll charge but ultimately I think we’ll be ok without it. There’s plenty of stuff on Netflix for kids without them.

  2. ๐ŸŒบNolee๐ŸŒบ


  3. Meg Bee

    With all these different streaming services, I might as well go back to cable. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ™

    • Mj

      That’s exactly what I was thinking too

  4. Brittany

    Glad I haven’t gotten rid of my DVDs and VHS tapes! Looks like we will be using them ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • ResseCup

      HA!!! I thought I was still the only one still holding on to my child’s VHS tapes and DVD’s๐Ÿ˜Š She’s in college!!!

    • CW

      I agree! My husband collects them. He has ALL of them except one!

      The article I read even stated that when new movies come out to DVD (ex: the next Toy Story) it won’t even go to Redbox rental, the only way to see it will be to subscribe to their streaming. That is ridiculous and this household won’t be spending the money

      • dawn

        I want to know which one your husband is missing. My great find was CHILD OF GLASS on VHS on eBay!

        • Tara in TX

          Is this the one with the little ghost girl in the well?

        • Steph K

          Child of Glass is one of my favorites! Haven’t seen it in years!!

  5. Caitlin

    Seriously? Disney is trying to own everything and just make more money. *rolls eyes*

  6. Chelsea

    Take my money Disney! Die hard Disney fan right here! But I can definitely understand why a lot of people are not going to purchase another streaming service.

    • ResseCup

      My child is in college but we still enjoy a Disney movie or two often. However, I already have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Don’t think I want another streaming service๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  7. C

    Of course. ๐Ÿ™„

  8. Kiki

    I wonder how much it’ll cost??? Hopefully not an arm and a leg….

    • Olivia

      Nah just your first born…or at least their college fund.

      • Monkey


      • Jan

        Bwuahahaha! Your comment made me laugh out loud at work! I needed that. THANK YOU!

  9. Daniela

    I still feel streaming services, if you sign up for all of them, are cheaper than Dish, DIRECTV, cable, etc. I love having competitive options.

  10. Msparise@cox.net

    There is power in numbers. If we don’t subscribe the big guys don’t win. They are making a big mistake with this one. I think people have had enough.

    • april

      I think this is a bad idea too. Even as an adult, I love watching Disney movies with my kids. But I can live without them since we own enough of them on blu-ray and stuff. We use Netflix and Hulu which ends up being less than $23 a month and we never run out of things to watch.

      • katie

        I think we would exhaust every thing on the channel rather quickly. At least on netflix they have new content flowing in all the time!

  11. Shannon

    Definitely a no go. I already have prime Hulu and Netflix and that’s more than enough. I get letters in the mail from dish weekly. Sick of it!

  12. Karis

    Nope. Over it. I absolutely refuse to get another streaming service and password and app and payment.

  13. Natalie

    I’m all for it. My kids usually only watch the Disney stuff on Netflix anyways and I hope they add a lot more! I will gladly dump Netflix and subscribe to Disney’s streaming service!

  14. Susan Crawford

    I can only imagine what they will charge for ESPN. I will not pay for that streaming service or Disney either. I can do just fine with Prime.

    • Happymama

      I’d like to know too. I would actually love to stream Disney and ESPN but can’t find out if the BIG Ten network is included? Does anyone know if you can stream the Big Ten Network anywhere??

      • ohiogirl

        Big Ten is one main reason we still have dish. I would like to know too.

        • Hayley

          PSvue has the big ten network on it! Direct TV now (through At&T) just added it as well ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Happymama

            Interesting, thanks! I’ll definitely look into it!

          • Workaholic

            Love psvue

        • Amie

          Go Bucks!!

          • Happymama

            Go Bucks! We’d love to get rid of cable but neeeed the Big Ten to watch the Buckeyes!

          • Sara

            O-H! We’re still hanging onto cable for the Big 10 network.

            • Cassandane

              I-O!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Lo

            Lol im just a buckeye by marriage

      • Jen

        The Big Ten Network is on Hulu Live TV.

      • Lo

        We used psvue and the ESPN app to watch big ten. I think we got most games. There was a 2 min lag and one game we had to watch in spanish. And when i say we i mean husband and fil ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Courtney7

        The Big Ten just announced at their media days (a week or so ago) that they would be available on Hulu! Boiler UP!

        • Happymama

          Really?! Do you know when that is effective? I may just have to keep Hulu:)

  15. Jill

    This makes them look so greedy imho

  16. Jenny

    Super excited for streaming sports events on ESPN. Frankly, sports are the only reason we still have Dish. If there are Disney movies and shows as part of the package, that will be a bonus!

    • Chrissy

      I agree. You can stream sports and disney its a win win v

  17. Lydia

    Honestly I think must of us that have kids won’t get it, but the ones that are having kids now – they will.

  18. Nikki

    Am I the only one who’s excited. I love the idea. Most of what we watch is Disney anyways. Not sure what this means for my Disney movies anywhere app. If all Disney will be included on the streaming service or if you will still need yo buy blurays. It says they will offer original content as well so I’m excited!

    • Glenn

      I wouldn’t think their Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) service would be affected at all. Except that it’d probably be a lot slower to get updates/improvements as they’d probably be focusing more of the resources on the new streaming services.

      After all, the DMA stuff is just for owned digital movies, right? Do they do rentals too? I’ve never checked. I like it though. I don’t use the app, but I do use the service – it is awesome at consolidating my (Disney) library across multiple platforms like iTunes, Google/YouTube, and Vudu. Great for entertaining kiddos no matter whose house I’m at.

  19. Themani

    I will stick with Netflix and I have 4 kids

  20. haleslll

    What these studios don’t realize is that the more you pull off of streaming, the more your audience realizes they don’t need your content. When HGTV pulled their shows off Netflix for the same reason, I stopped watching HGTV shows. And my life went on. Actually, it was probably better because I wasn’t mindlessly watching the same 12 episodes of Chopped or Cupcake Wars. I think from now on I will just wait for the new Disney movies to come to our library. Like I said, there is nothing on TV that I absolutely cannot live without. It is ALL replaceable.

    • Jean

      Well said.. I agree 100%..

    • Ma

      I agree! I realized that when we FINALLY cut the cord in April. HGTV & Food Network were my favorite stations. Surprisingly, I haven’t watched/missed it since! I actually watch less tv now. We use Netflix, You Tube, Amazon Prime & Kodi. We wish we would have done it sooner!

  21. Lauren

    Library DVDs here I come!!!

  22. Raquel

    Thats annoying. I own most of our favorites but it’s the convenience I liked. Oh well! I won’t pay for it.

  23. Jane

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. I used to have hulu and netflix and canceled both because all the new stuff that they add is mostly horror movies (which we never watch) and we like our kids playing, drawing rather than sit around tv all the time. Sometimes we would buy older releases dvds and watch like once per month and spend the rest time as family outdoors or with friends and family. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  24. Megs

    Exactly my thoughts- I was like just another way to rip everyone off because I’m sure they have lost sales due to them having Disney movies on Netflix. I’m definitely not happy about this!!!

  25. Erin

    Can’t stand Disney, but it seems to make perfect sense. There are lots of hard-core Disney fans out there who would go for this. My daughter might be sad to lose Disney programming from Netflix, but hopefully in two years she will have outgrown Disney anyway–yay!

    • haleslll

      We haven’t watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since they pulled it off Netflix, and can I just say my sanity has greatly benefitted from it! And my kids haven’t asked for it once.

  26. Nina

    Disney stuff is so Over rated. I go to a Disney store and can’t Believe the prices they charge for plastic crap that’s ultimately made in China! And people are charging up a storm! No questions asked!? Y? Because it says “Disney” on it. They know it’ll sell, regardless. It’s such a scam, they prey on kids n parents who they know will fork over $$ to make the kids happy.

  27. Suz A.

    I don’t know why this is news. Disney had this all mapped out from the getgo. Step 1. Put movies on a streaming platform and see how well it does. If it works out…Step 2. Snatch it back and release it yourself and rake in the dough.

    Well, guess what? I don’t give a hoot. If I am so desperate for Disney movies, then I will get them from the library like I do with all the other movies that aren’t on Netflix.

  28. Workaholic

    I’m very lucky to have a daughter that doesn’t seem to care about Disney.

  29. Piper

    I don’t see why everyone is saying that Disney is greedy. They do have the right to retain profit from their own franchises, guys…

  30. Hazel

    I’m a Librarian and I’m so happy at all the posts here promising to save cash by seeking out Disney in libraries!

  31. Christie G

    So over the next year, look at all the movies you watch and see if its a disney movie or pixar movie. You would be surprised how many movies will no longer be available. Adult movies as well…. Just something to think about…. I won’t be subscribing but I have been learning to live without tv and cable, streaming etc.

  32. Amy

    I guess i’m from the stone age. I had netflix a few years ago and got dvds in the mail. I don’t watch any videos online with any service. Occasionally we rent a redbox. We do have dish network. They have tons of free movies, but honestly who has time to watch them? There are so many things to do. Clean house, maintain the yard, help the kids stay ahead with school, teach the kids how to swim, cook. I always wondered what people did in their houses. My neighbors stay inside every single weekend only come out to mow, I guess they are inside watching tv the rest of the time. They have 2 young kids, my kids are always wanting to go outside to play. They perfer going outside. I would think people would get tired of being inside.

    • ohiogirl

      Lol, Amy. I love your comment. I feel the same way. I could care less if we even had a television. My husband really enjoys college and pro sports. That is about the only reason we have one. My kids also prefer to be outside playing or doing something together as a family.

  33. Michelle

    I live in California and the other thing Disney (Disneyland) is doing is changing their Downtown Disney parking price. Right now it is 2 hours free and an extra 2 hours if you get it validated by a restaurant with a simple drink or food item. However, next month they are changing it and you now have to spend $20 at Downtown Disney to get any free parking at all and that only includes 2 hours free even if you do that and charging in 15 minute increments after! It’s so greedy. My best friend and I love to just go there in the cool mornings and just walk to get our steps for the day and enjoy the scenery and we always use the free 2 hour parking and leave. We don’t want to buy something for $20 just to do that each time!!! It’s cheaper to pay for parking structure…but that’s what they want is for us all to renew our passes. Ugh!!!

    • Kristy

      So over Disney! And me and my family had passed for 3 years. There’s more to life that my kids can enjoy and Disney will not be one of them. So over rated!!

    • Erin

      I agree Disney is both overpriced and overrated but think how you’d feel if you were a paying customer and you couldn’t get parking because the Lookie Lous were commandeering spaces for two hours at a time. Supply and demand–if no one’s willing to pay, they wouldn’t be able to charge. Not a fan of Disney at all, but it seems brilliant to me: increasing revenue while making for a more pleasant (i.e., less crowded) experience for paying customers. If you are only walking, seems like it would be easy enough to find scenery elsewhere for free.

      • Michelle

        Hi Erin, thanks for your response. Lookie Lou is not what I would call myself. LOL I’ve had a pass for 15 years and recently let it expire when it went up so (greedy) high and they took away the passes that include parking unless you got the $1,000 pass basically. I’ve paid my dues for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚ But.. I get your thoughts. Actually, this area is not the Disneyland parking lot. A person paying to get in Disneyland wouldn’t park here unless you are only going to Disneyland for 2 hours. I mean, they might, but even before the change occurs, it adds up quick after those 2 hours. You wouldn’t be able to get past security, and the lines and very far into Disneyland before you would have to turn around to get back to your car before the 2 hours is up. Most people who park here are just going to the free part of Downtown Disney area to walk around and most do take advantage of the free 2 hour parking..not just me. haha. Also, I do usually get a Starbucks or a drink or something to eat from their vendors, but I don’t spend $20.00. There are plenty of beautiful places here to walk, but that’s not my point. ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha. I can assure you, I won’t be paying $20 just to walk. Have a great day!

  34. Cristine

    This is an awful idea! Guess I’ll just have to watch my old DVDs and stuff because I’m not Shelling out a separate subscription fee just for Disney. Corporate greed sucks! Guess that means all Disney Junior shows go too, hopefully by then my daughter is over Sophia the first!

  35. Gayle

    I’m really a dinosaur. I remember Walt Disney on TV talking before the Disney movie or show would start. I think its awful some Disney programs/movies are rated PG, they shouldn’t even be on Disney. All Disney programs should be rated G or not be on Disney.
    I got rid of cable over 2 years ago. I have my DVD’s I get from Amazon, I get to keep them forever, no monthly payment and they even have the Disney movie Thomasina, remember that when I was a kid. Times sure have changed. And I agree with many of the comments above, kids need to play outside, not sit in front to the TV all the time. Build a snowman in the winter, catch fireflies in the summer, etc.

  36. Sasha

    We love that Moana was on Netflix… it’s a great movie! I think Netflix originals is taking away from big box movies that our family likes!!! Can’t wait to hear more about what Disney will offer.

  37. EC

    I’m disappointed. I would love full access to Disney but i doubt it’ll be a resonance price. More than anything i would miss Marvel if they pull that too. I think it’s ridiculous. We only have Netflix and streaming used to be the frugal way now everyone wants to pull their content so you need several to watch what you’d like. Cable prices are out of control too.

  38. amoneysavinmama

    I use streaming services through my PS4 only. Amazon, Hulu and Netflix work great but several other services aren’t available. Considering 90% of what we watch on Netflix is Disney, I hope they consider a console app as well.

  39. Laura

    They cancelled Girl Meets World, the only show with valuable lessons. The rest of the shows are fluff.

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