Six Flags Season Pass Flash Sale: 70% Off 2018 Passes, Free Parking, Skip The Line Pass & More

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Starting today and running through September 4th, Six Flags is hosting a Labor Day Flash Sale and offering up over 70% off Season Passes. To snag a pass for your local Six Flags park, head here, click on Season Passes (upper right hand corner) and choose your park from the drop down menu. Please note that you must pick up your new Season Passes or Membership cards at the park by October 31, 2017.

And keep in mind that a 2018 Season Pass is good for the rest of 2017! And when you buy a Season Pass during the Flash Sale, you’ll score free parking for the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 AND you’ll get a bonus Holiday in the Park ticket for a friend. Plus, you may score a One-Time Skip the Line Pass that allows you to jump to the front of the line on one of your favorite rides on select days.

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  1. Carrie

    Yay! We just moved to Atlanta and we’ve been wanting to go. Thanks!!

    • Sarah

      Us too! We moved here in Marietta end of July. So excited! Now, If I get the monthly membership do J pay $5.49 every month or it’s gonna go up after?

      • kristen

        Welcome to the ATL! We live in Woodstock. If you get there even twice, it has basically paid for itself. It is best to go during the week, of course, but Sundays are also better than Saturdays if your family can swing it.

        • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)

          Hi Atlanta neighbors! πŸ™‚ I also suggest grabbing the meal plan if you do plan to go a lot! We live so close to Whitewater (I’m in Woodstock) that if we go a few times it pays for itself. You get the refillable drink bottle with it too! Without the plan, meals typically run about $10-$15 and then the bottles are about $20 if you get the free unlimited refills. We figured it out and after just four times the meal plan paid for itself. The plan we have gives you free lunch, dinner, a snack and the unlimited refill bottle.

          • A.Rich

            Great to know so many Atlantans are on here!

          • MarMar

            We should have a H2S ATL meet and greet! πŸ˜€

        • Sarah

          Oh, we’re like 5 miles away 😬. Thank you!

    • Lolita

      Hi Atlanta People! Do you know of any bargains/cheap decent hotels for staying in the area near Six Flags or good ways to save on accommodations? We live ~6 hrs away and so would need to stay in the area if we were to visit. I’m just trying to see if it would be worth it for us…

      • Kristen Greer

        As with most things, it’d depend on how close or far you’d want to be. There are some right by Six Flags that are decently priced and have OK ratings (though I can’t speak for quality personally). However, hotels in Douglasville or Austell should be fine and also not too far away.

        If you’re in the area for a few days and are planning on hitting up other attractions – i also recommend getting a CityPass. You’ll save lots.

        • Lolita

          Thank you Kristen!

  2. MCouzens

    Help please! I am considering a membership versus a pass because of the upfront costs. It sounds like I would still get everything as a season pass. Anyone with any experience? Am I understanding correctly?

    • M

      MCouzens, You are correct. My daughter has been a membership holder for the past two years and she loves it. We live in nearby the park in Arlington, TX where park remains open during weekends and holiday seasons. So she can still visit the park until end of December.
      And this is what I found on their website about their membership;

      – A Six Flags Membership is an unlimited use ticket that includes all of the benefits of a Season Pass but offers additional flexibility and a low monthly cost. Unlike Season Passes, Memberships never expire and can be cancelled any time after the first 12 months.
      A Membership also comes with a variety of extra benefits that our current Members tell us they consider valuable. To learn more about Memberships, please visit our season pass and membership page.

      • MCouzens

        Thank you M!

        • Jenn

          Hey fellow Texan! Are there many attractions for younger kids at the location? Thanks!

          • Laura

            Lots of rides for the younger ones. Looney Tunes land is all for kiddos. Lots of rides that they can go on with an adult. We bought passes for the first time when my little guy was 2 and he enjoyed it.

    • Viviana

      From what I understand the membership over 12 months is almost the same price but only will get you in for that time frame, not all the way through Dec 2018 like the season pass does unless you continue to pay through that month.. if that makes sense?

      • Ana

        I was wondering about that too. Since it’s practically the same price I feel like there has to be a catch. I asked about this through their online chat but didn’t get a clear answer.

      • Sarah

        No catch! It’s about the same price over the same time period- if you buy a membership today it’s good immediately and doesn’t end until you cancel it. I did a season passes for a yr and went to membership- no difference, I’m just charged around $7 each month. I did buy my husband a season pass because I had the money at the time, but it’s about to run out and will probably switch to membership. Get a Gold membership for at least 1 adult- parking is crazy expensive. I didn’t see a need for a Gold membership for the kids.

    • Sarah

      I did the membership too!

      • Sarah

        Oh, and I was automatically upgraded to Gold Membership as soon as I created my account.

    • Bridget

      I had a membership and yes it’s the same it just spreads the cost out, and it can continue forever…. when I cancelled due to not using it they offered me an even lower rate to stay

  3. Jem

    How do you ladies and gents save on food when going to Six Flags? The dining deal of $13.99/mo being offered seems to be a good deal but if I don’t get to go every month then it does not become too worth it. Any thoughts?

    • kristie

      In my opinion, it is better to pay the $39.99 option that gets you the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 for the basic lunch/snack option. After 3 of thos monthly payments you are considering, it would pay for itself.

      • kristen

        The endless refill drinks alone basically cover the cost. it’s worth it.

        • Love Deals

          Refill drinks is not covered with basic dining option. You need to get premium dining option for sports bottle with unlimited refill and thats for $82.99 .

          • Sam

            That is not true

            • Laura

              It is true that the basic dining pass for $40 does not include the “endless refill” sport bottle. It is not listed as a benefit for the basic package. The Deluxe package specifically lists: “Free Premium upgrade provides free Sport Bottle with unlimited soft drinks all season” This package costs $82.99 but is still totally worth it if you go a lot.

    • Larry

      Regarding the $13.99 monthly Season Dining pass option, anyone know how many months is it for? Is it for 6 or 12 months? Seems to be a good idea if it’s for 6 months, but would not be worth it if it’s for 12 months since total cost would come out to doubling the cost.

  4. Getta

    How many free friend passes do you get?

  5. Judy

    For those who’ve purchased this type of pass before, are all of the holidays included? Also, are friends welcome to come for free during those holidays, or is it a specific holiday that is chosen for you to bring a friend? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Me

      The free ticket is for the Christmas-time event, Holiday in the Park, that runs from mid-November to early January. πŸ™‚

    • Gen

      This past year at least, they ended up getting other “Bring a Friend Free” days throughout the year. My brother and niece have passes and I’ve gone with them frequently. There was at least one during Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park. You download the app and sign up for emails and they will notify you when there are the days. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day you could bring a friend and other random Sundays and/weekdays. On my brother’s pass you can bring a friend free on one of the next 3 Sundays. There are also various discounted ticket days for friends on my brother’s pass, which are typically the more popular days like Fridays and Saturdays.

  6. Jenn

    I’m considering the membership. Can anyone tell me if there’s much for younger kids to do? My littles are 2, 6, 7 & 11. Thanks!

    • Shana

      Yes there are a lot of rides and a big play area!

  7. MarMar

    I’d like to purchase for the whole family. Does everyone have to be present for pickup? Or can I pick everyone’s up myself?

    • Elizabeth

      MarMar, my Six Flags (St. Louis) let me pick up my husbands without him there last year.

    • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)

      Hi Mar Mar! We were able to pick up all of the passes at once even without having everyone there. You can also use the Six Flags app on your phone to get in. So convenient!

      • MarMar

        Great! Thanks for the info (:

  8. Paul Cruz

    can you get in during fright fest with the membership??

    • gen

      Yes, you can use it immediately. You get in the rest of this year (including Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park) and next year.

    • Karen

      You can get in with the main Park with your membership BUT you have to buy the fright fest tickets to go into the fright fest activities (at least here in CA it’s that way.

  9. tres

    This is a great deal. But does anyone know if Silver Dollar City has a great deal on their season passes too?

    • Heather

      They will have a payment plan option before the new season begins….

  10. Whitney

    If you have a Discover card, make sure you pay for your season pass with it to get 5% Cash Back! You also get 5% back on all purchases inside the park πŸ™‚

    • Nina Doshi

      How does this work? The current 5% cashback says it’s valid on restaurants. How does it apply to the season pass?

  11. Allie

    We just purchased ours (this will be our 3rd year.) We also purchase the season dining passes.Highly recommend!!! Perfect for our family of four. (5 and 8 year old)

  12. MarMar

    Anyone know if the free drink bottle from the $84 meal plan is a one time thing? Or do you get a bottle issued every day you go to the park?

    • Erin

      Mar Mar… the drink bottle is issued the first time you use your meal plan… and you use it for the season… They change colors each season. You return with the bottle for free refills for the entire season. Hope that helps you out !!

      • MarMar

        Great! Thanks for the info (:

  13. Rebekah

    We live a couple hours away from the nearest Six Flags….but I have family that live in the same town as SF. Would they be able to pick up my passes for me?? TIA

    • Lolita

      I was wondering the same thing (but for Atlanta)

    • Evan

      In my experience, they take a picture and print it on the membership card, also they have fingerprint entrance.. -Chicago six flags

  14. Mallory

    We were a little annoyed with the canceling process on the membership. We had a little one on the way, so no rides for me. We had already had the membership for over a year, but when we canceled we still had to pay for an additional 2 months because they want plenty of notice. I think it had to be 60 days notice. When my son gets older, we will probably get passes again. It’s a great value if you live somewhat close.

  15. Jenn

    We did this a few years ago. It is a really great deal, but make sure you get the SEASON PASS where you pay upfront and *not* the MEMBERSHIP where you can pay monthly. If you do the monthly membership, you will not get the “rest of the season and all of 2018” for one price. You will continue to be charged monthly until you cancel (and yes, the cancelling process is a pain). At least that was our experience in the past with the San Antonio location.

    • Ana

      That’s just what I was trying to figure out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Rn3002344555

    Hello to all my Atlanta peeps. I am a true Ga peach..u all will love it down here.

  17. Rn3002344555

    Any one know if u buy the basic dining plan can u use it starting now or is it good for 2018 only

    • Adriana

      It’s good for the rest of 2017 too

  18. Jean

    Silly question but just to confirm.. every family member needs to take a season pass right? So, for our family of 6 we would take 6 passes..?

    • Jean

      Never mind! I clicked through the link and got my answer.. πŸ˜…

  19. Shani

    I live in MD and got the passes on this deal last year and it was WELL worth it! If you even just go once it basically pays for itself if you include the parking that you would have to pay without the pass. We went throughout the year when it was opened and used it a ton in the summer. It is great to have a go place especially in the summer when the kids are home. You can’t beat this price it is the lowest you will see all year!

  20. Amy

    I just got the season pass, will I have to pay for parking when I go there to pick up my season pass??

    • bridget

      I was able to show my temporary pass on my phone 2 years ago and not pay parking

    • Rn3002344555

      You will not have to pay for parking…just show the pass you purchased already

  21. Rose

    We have 8 and 5 yo and the 5yo rarely eats much. I’m thinking we could do with 3 basic meal plans unless there are restaurants inside that requires everyone to order a meal for a table?

    • Dana

      Definitely order one pass for the two children to share! My 7 and 10 year old girls shared a dining pass this year, and it worked out very well. Neither one of them would have been able to eat a whole meal on her own!

  22. Help

    Does the deluxe dinning pass cover 2018 as well

  23. Rose

    Also has anyone gotten the photo pass? If our family is together, we could just buy for 1 person?

  24. Maggie

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the site? Everytime I click on “Buy Passes” or “Buy Membership” it just keeps loading and loading…I’ve tried a couple different browsers and devices. Nothing helps!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! It is still working for me in Chrome. Be sure your pop up blocker is turned off. Also, maybe try clearing your browsing history and try again. Hoping it works for you soon!

  25. Niki

    106$ after 8.50 processing fee 2.50 tax season pass and dining pass

  26. Rebecca

    Is it worth buying this for kids or paying as you go for them? It’s obviously a great deal for adult tickets, but I’m not sure how it compares given the lower price for kids on single tickets.

  27. Wendy

    If you live in the DFW area and go to any Rangers or Cowboys events, this is a GREAT deal just for the parking alone! I’m getting a Gold membership just so I can use the parking pass… will save us hundreds of dollars in parking for for the sporting events. The parking lot is within walking distance of both stadiums! DO IT!

  28. Juli Taylor

    Any Chicago peeps? I was looking at the passes for 6 flags in Gurnee a couple days ago and they were $51.99 now I went to purchase them and their $65.99. am I just crazy?

    • Tam

      For the rest of THIS season. These are for the REST of THIS season AND next year 2018. HTH

  29. Amy Ataya

    Help me, am I understanding this correctly? The membership is for a minimum of 12 months at $6.65/month for 12 months. If we don’t cancel it continues to be $6.65/month ongoing. If that is the case the Season Pass is a better deal because it goes through the end of 2018 where the membership until August 2018 is $79.80.

  30. Tam

    Looks to be extended. for another 12 plus hours from now. (I’m in Chicago)

  31. Dan

    Last night Io thought I was buying a membership and it processed the entire fee. Will Six Flags correct this?

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