Need a Flu Shot? Head to CVS Pharmacy Inside Target & Score FREE $5 Target Coupon

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Now through March 31st, 2018, score a FREE $5 Target coupon after you receive a flu shot at CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic locations located inside Target stores! The coupon can then be redeemed for Target merchandise at any Target store. Go here for details and to find a clinic near you.

The Target coupon is valid for Target merchandise only and must be used in one transaction – limit one per customer. Offer available only at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations inside Target stores through 3/31/18. Coupon cannot be issued in AR, NJ, NY. Flu shots are available when immunizing pharmacist or MinuteClinic health care provider is on duty and while supplies last.

(Thanks, Judy!)

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  1. Jenny

    Actually when you get your flu shot at Publix you get a $10 gift card. Usually the flu shot is covered with your insurance and then you get free $10! You can’t beat that and this promotion goes until Sept 30! I should have posted eariler but I hope some of you can make use of this great deal.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the heads up Jenny!

    • Lynn

      Jenny, I wish I had realized about publix. I did the Target deal and now that seems lame ($5) Thanks for the info anyways.

    • hip2trade

      That’s what I’m doing as well๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rekha

      U r Rit but wen I inquired about d last date they said itโ€™s extended frm 30th sep to 31st of Oct…

    • lisa zuccari


  2. Jessica

    Never in NY

  3. stl cards fan

    Walgreens is pretty cool! When you get a flu shot with then they donate to the United Nations Get A Shot of life and they provide life saving vaccines all over the world.

  4. katy

    If your insurance doesn’t cover flu shots, Costco has it for $19.99

    • Tina

      Most of the Walgreens store has vouchers for patients who dont have insurance. They may be able to give you a voucher – which means you dont need to pay anything. Plus every shot they do, they donate a shot to UA, sounds awesome to me.

  5. y

    I got my no cost flu shot CVS and a 5.00 off cpn 3 wks yeah. No standing in line for a free flu shot this rocks.

  6. AmyH

    The multi-dose vials still contain thimerosal…mercury. If the vial is dropped, they have to clear the building and bring in a hazmat team. There’s actually 50,000 PPB of thimerosal, which is 250x more than what is considered a “toxic hazard.” The single dose vials have formaldehyde, an embalming agent, and polysorbate 80, which crosses the blood brain barrier. In 1980 only 15% of people got a flu vaccine, in 2010 85% of people got a flu vaccine, yet mortality rates during winter has risen during these years. Only 7% of people who are told they have the flu, actually have the influenza virus. In 2011, 60,000 people died from upper respiratory complications, only 16 of them had the flu. So when they say it lowers your chances of dying from the flu by 50%, it really only lowers your risk from 2% to 1%. People who get the flu shot are 4% more likely to get an upper respiratory problem than if you did not. People are more likely to get sick during winter due to low vitamin D levels. You want to protect yourself during winter? Get your vitamin d levels checked. If they are below 60, supplement. So, if you aren’t forced by the government or your employer to get a flu shot, my advice: don’t.

    • Kristin t

      May I ask your credentials?

      • AmyH

        Just a concerned mom. ๐Ÿค— Please feel free to fact check. I encourage everyone to look into vaccine safety and efficacy.

        • Tammy RN, BSN

          Don’t spread lies. “The single-dose, pre-filled syringe (0.25 mL and 0.5 mL) and
          the single-dose vial (0.5 mL) are manufactured and formulated without thimerosal or any other
          preservative. The 5 mL multi-dose vial presentation contains thimerosal, a mercury derivative, added as a preservative. Each 0.5 mL dose from the multi-dose vial contains 25 mcg mercury. ” This is from the Quadrivalent info sheet, since I’m one of the nurses giving flu shots this year and have delivered a life-altering research paper on the Pandemic Flu of 2009 in which 18, 449 people died worldwide (per WHO or World Health Organization.)

          Additional info: A vaccine containing 0.01% thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 micrograms of thimerosal per 0.5 mL dose or approximately 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 mL dose. For comparison, this is roughly the same amount of elemental mercury contained in a 3 ounce can of tuna fish…..

          Additionally, there is a minuscule amount of formaldehyde but here’s the content chart. FYI, most people only get the dose on the right. Very few get the high dose.
          Formaldehyde has a long history of safe use in the manufacture of certain viral and bacterial vaccines. It is used to inactivate viruses so that they don’t cause disease (e.g., polio virus used to make polio vaccine) and to detoxify bacterial toxins, such as the toxin used to make diphtheria vaccine.Dec 31, 2014
          Vaccine Safety & Availability > Common Ingredients in U.S. Licensed …

    • Amber Phillips

      Amy is 100% correct. You can find this information from reading the ingredients found on vaccine inserts, the CDC, US vitals and statistics, and various scientific studies. In addition to vitamin d, cut back sugar, get adequate sleep, and wash your hands!

      If it’s so good for you, you’d be paying them to get it, not the other way around.

      • rebecca

        you DO pay them for it in the form of providing them with your health insurance information.
        if you don’t have health insurance, the cost of the shot comes out of your own pocket.
        if you go see your doctor, and it’s covered by your insurance, do you walk out thinking that doctor treated you for free?
        if you turn down free things because that is your way of knowing that something is bad for you, then what are you doing on this site?

    • Imsofrugal

      I agree

    • Marie

      All the stories I’ve seen about little children who die from the flu, include parents who wished they hadn’t opted out of the flu shot for them.

      • Kristin T

        Oh, I know where to find my information.

        I’m just hoping people know enough to look up their own and get the option of their pediatrician/primary care physician before taking the advise of a random person online.

        • AmyH

          Kristin T. Absolutely, don’t just blindly take my advice, nor should you blindly believe someone in a white coat, they are trained to think a certain way. Please do your own research. Many pediatricians are deeply saddened when they learn the truth.

      • AmyH

        Yes, of course, no one wants a child to die or be injured. But we need to look at the cost/benefit for each vaccine.

    • Marie

      If it only decreases my chance of dying from the flu by 1% I’m getting it. I do all the other things to prevent it too.

      • AmyH

        But it weakens your immune system, so it’s more complicated than that.

    • Colleen

      Thanks, but I will continue to take the advice of my board-certified, licensed, medical physician.

    • Amber

      You can also look up pediatricians and other physicians schooling curriculum and easily find that vaccines are minimally covered. We’re talking a couple of hours over years of schooling. And all that is really covered is what vaccines are recommended on the current schedule and what diseases they’re supposed to protect people from. Add that to the fact that they get bonuses from certain insurance companies if they hit a vaccinated percentage rate and that the additional information they do get aside fron their curriculum books is from drug reps, not blindly following instructions might not be such a bad thing. MD doesn’t stand for medial diety.

      • Thehenrydthoreau

        I’ve worked in the medical field. The drug companies and many doctors work for pure profit. I can not tell you how many times the DEA went after doctors in the area. I won’t get a flu shot.

      • AmyH

        Andrea, within the snopes article you posted they acknowledge how toxic mercury is: “We are in no way arguing that mercury is not a neurotoxic substance, nor are we disputing that it is classified as a hazardous chemical.”

      • Selah

        From your link, “We are in no way arguing that mercury is not a neurotoxic substance, nor are we disputing that it is classified as a hazardous chemical. ”

        So, depending on which state agency you’re talking to, it might not be considered enough to evacuate a building, just close off the spill specific room for 24 hours. That totally changes things.

    • Leigh

      Found the antivaxxer

    • Beccat

      Bravo for sharing important information Amy! If you have convinced a few people to do some personal research on this… planted a seed… you have done a great job!

    • bbc

      Totally agree with everything you said Amy H. My family got the flu shot last year and we all had a horrible reaction to it. Our immune systems were severely compromised. I had swelling and pain in my arm that lasted for over a month after the initial shot, then the pain came back in my arm a couple months later – as if I had a shot again. Plus I got the flu!! Both my husband and teenage son contracted “hand foot & mouth ” and our doctor said it was the worst he’d seen. Both the bottoms of their feet and hands had horrible painful blisters, peeled, and they look like they had leprosy for months after, not to mention the blister they had in their throats that were severely painful. I started googling flu shot reactions to the flu vaccine and read countless horror stories to reactions others had too. Be careful, the ingredients they put into these shots are not safe, I will never get a flu shot again. Don’t take my word for it, do your research and save yourself from agony ๐Ÿ™‚

    • faith

      Totally correct!

    • Melissa Wolfe

      Amen ! preach it .There is more than 1 type of flu also and the shot only protects you from getting the type the shoot you up with ..

      I make my family drink grape juice daily from Fall to Spring , just a shot each day. It keeps the stomach bug from attaching to your digestive system if you’re exposed to the virus. My family has been doing this for years with 100% success! This hasn’t failed us give it a try

  7. Susan homemaker

    Wow! Well of course they are offering a gift card . These vaccines are filled with toxic ingredients such as but not limited to… aborted festus, mercury, and causes way more health issues than contacting the flue itself. Wake up people

    • Laurie

      Ask – my cvs at target and many other pharmacies use single dose

    • ohiogirl

      So true and sadly so are childhood vaccines. Once you actually research the facts, it is just sickening. Never even crossed my mind to investigate before getting my babies vaccinated. Beat myself up over it everyday. Any parent or parent to be should check out The Vaccine Friendly Plan by well respected pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas. You can also follow him on Facebook.

    • faith

      I’m with ya! My kids have never had a vaccine and they are the healthiest kids I know!!

  8. Rachel

    I will be getting a flu vaccine this year. I’ve already vaccinated my children. I am well informed, intelligent, and stand strongly against the senseless danger posed by people afraid of vaccines. Thanks for posting, Colin.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

    • s

      All she did was tell people to look into it. geez, good for you. Glad you stand strong blah blah blah…You kinda gotta defend it now that you’ve given it to your children.
      The truly intelligent will know that this has it’s pros and cons.

  9. Kate Musick

    I love this deal! Makes it so much easier to talk the kiddos into sitting through a shot when they have their $5 prize waiting on the counter in front of them for when they’re done. We’re all still very sad the nasal ones don’t work — total bummer.

    Also, vaccines have formaldehyde yes — but an apple (even the organic kind) has more formaldehyde. And we eat those with abandon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amber

      You ingest apples which means the formaldehyde is excreted through the stool and the small percentage that is not is filtered through the liver. When injected, the filtration that would occur through the liver is bypassed and the formaldehyde accumulates in tissue and other organs.

      I can see how the nasal one would be easier to get than the injection but it was a live virus vaccine so probably for the best they did away with it.

  10. Susan

    Good grief–why do people always have to find a forum to try to convince others of their life choices?! If you don’t want your family vaccinated, read the post and drive on. Do you really think you will start a movement on Hip2Save to get people to stop vaccinating their kids by reading your comments? Live your life, and leave others alone.

    • Selah

      What’s wrong with sharing information and giving different viewpoints on the given post? People do it on all other posts in regards to toys, recipes, work opportunities, etc. Perhaps you should heed your own advice. No one is forcing you to read or implement into your life any of the comments.

      • Grace

        This. People are so hypocritical. “It’s okay to comment, but only if your comment agrees with mine. Now let me comment to tell you why your commenting is wrong.”

        • s

          Right? Why didn’t good grief lady take her own advice? haha Oh, because she “thinks” her advice counts. lol
          This is good info to look into and I think that is what Amy was saying.

          also, if Hip2Save didn’t want us to comment she can easily remove this section, I’m sure she is as amused by some as these people as we are ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mrs BK

      I agree Susan ๐Ÿ‘

    • Shellyy

      Yes! Exactly Susan.

      • cindy b

        I will be getting the flu shot as will my family members. I’ve had the flu more than once over the years. Not fun. Nor are complications
        such as pneumonia. Lots of reports from Australia about their very tough flu season…..its a predictor of ours. To each his own but i’d rather not take my chances without it.

    • faith

      Honestly some people don’t know Ana are thankful for the advice/info!

      • S

        At the very least people should really look into it before trusting anyone. A Dr prescribed my son 30 days worth of narcotics for getting one wisdom tooth pulled. Plus 800 mg of ibuprofen. I’m sorry. That was so unnecessary and caused him stomach problems. 2 days was all he would’ve needed at most. You have to take your healthcare into your own hands.

  11. misti

    Haha the comments are funny. I agree each to their own but nothing wrong with sharing info. People do all the time on here and some who do just get bashed for it. Don’t read the comments if you don’t like other opinions.

  12. Ann

    I didn’t get the flu shot until I heard a cardiac doctor at a seminar say most heart transplants were for people that had heart damage from the flu. That got my attention.

  13. Anna

    I think this discussion is good and informative. I do think it is important to do your own research. Some people might not be able to take the vaccine due to health issues or allergies. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information.

  14. TracI hipolito

    I went to go get my flu shot from target last night

  15. Jay

    I thought this discussion post was about the different savings on getting flu shots at various places. If you wanna talk about why you shouldn’t get the flu shot, maybe you should create a discussion post aimed at that.

  16. JimM

    I can certainly understand everyone’s cautionary approach to getting flu shots, but I don’t understand why non-takers of the shot would diss the takers. Keep in mind that the influenza pandemic of 1918 infected 500 Million people and death estimates due to flu run in the 50-100 Million count. By far, the main reason we do not currently see death and infection numbers like that now is due to flu immunizations. And the dissemination of flu shots, globally, is broad enough now so that those who don’t get the shot don’t have to worry so much because the large numbers of folks who do get the shot are greatly minimizing the potential risk to everyone. i.e. the non-takers are benefiting from the actions the takers. Will some people react negatively to the inoculation. Absolutely. And I personally cannot simply say “too bad.” Even one death is a horrible tragedy. But simply saying that flu shots are bad for everyone implies that you are OK with the taking the risk of another 50-100-million-deaths pandemic. PS: there are approx. 125 million households in the US…. so a 50 million death pandemic is like almost half the houses in the US suffering a death, and a 100 million death pandemic is almost like every single household in the US suffering a death.

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