Hurry! WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys In Stock at Best Buy – Just $14.99

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HURRY over to where select WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkeys are in stock and selling for $14.99. These are supposed to be one of the HOT Toys for 2017 so don’t miss your chance to order now!

When slipped onto a finger, this battery-operated toy with touch sensors reacts to your tap, sound or motions with blinks, movements and endearing babble.

Shipping is FREE on orders of $35 or more OR you may be able to opt for free in-store pickup on select items.

(Thanks, Passionate Penny Pincher!)

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  1. Chanel

    I was super excited to see this. But disappointment set in fast as the boy ones (Boris & Finn) were not available. These things are proving to be tough to find.

    • NB

      Check WalMart. Or grab the blue one on BestBuy named Zoe. I got those for my boys.

    • Katie

      Boris is in stock online at toysrus right now. He wasn’t in stock last week when I was buying 3 for my girls so hurry!

    • Beverly

      The target near me had at least 2 in every color. We grabbed a random one because we didn’t know anything about them other then the fact they are supposed to be a hot toy. Guess I will go back and get some more.

    • CM

      Just got mine on new egg!! They have boys and girls! $14.98 good luck everyone (Ps they ship for free!)

  2. ❤️my_lineman

    I got 2 for my girls about a week ago on amazon for Christmas. If anyone is wanting them for Christmas presents I suggest they order fast. Prices are starting to sky rocket on these little monkeys and they are going out of stock so fast. You see them popping up on resale sites for triple the price already. I was lucky to get my hands on 2 😕

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Happy you could score two of them! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Jessica

    I also recently found them at GameStop & for the same price and in stock!

    • Nora

      I ordered 2 from gamestop as well, but they somehow canceled my order. Now I’m ordering some from Best Buy.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

    • Lucy

      Yep, I was just going to say check GameStop. My son had a gift card. Fingerlings were $16.99, in stock online, and lets you check availability in stores as well

  4. Ana

    I must be out of it. I’ve never seen these before. They do look like something my 6 year old girl would like. Any feedback on these would be much appreciated!

    • Naomi

      Yes! They are really cool.

    • Mindy

      There is a YouTube video about them to help you make decisions.

  5. Jo28p

    I hope these things are a hit. I bought 3 so far. One for my daughters birthday and one for each of my kids for Xmas. I bought them each time I found them in store and preorder the glitter one on Amazon. I guess if my daughter doesn’t like it I can give the other two away to someone else for Xmas!

    • Jo28p

      It’s a pikmi pop!

  6. Michelle

    I was able to score the baby unicorn at toysrus Friday along with the SNES and and 2 LOL big surprise ball!!!! Score!!!!

    • Jo28p

      I think my daughter would prefer the elusive unicorn! Lucky you. I was able to get some l.o.l things to put back as well as one of those plastics pop things with the junk inside. Pixme pop? I don’t remember what it’s called but my girl has been begging for the stupid thing and they’ve always been out. Got the last one at toys R us the other day!

      • Nicole

        My 5 year old daughter got one of these Fingerling things months ago after seeing them on YouTube and played with it for all of 5 minutes before becoming bored with it. She much prefers LOL dolls and the Pikme Pops if this helps any parents out there with similarly aged girls!!

  7. jade

    Thank you they are so cute!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Jade!

  8. Katherine

    It looks cute. How are these works? So tempting.

  9. Alli

    I resisted the Hatchimals craze last year but these things are just too darn cute! I had looked at Amazon a few days ago and then today and the prices have already started jumping like crazy. I went ahead and ordered “Zoe” for my 5 year old son for Christmas before prices get crazier – thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Alli!

  10. AJHILL

    The blue with orange hair is 12.98 on amazon right now. Not available for prime shipping but delivered 10/10-10/17. 😊 my daughter and niece have one not a toy they go to all the time but small, cute and fun for a gift!

    • Andrea

      Be very careful ordering from other sellers on Amazon. There have already been reports of knock off’s from China. Since this was not Prime, priced lower than MSRP, and arrives later it is most likely a knock off.

      • Miabellaraleigh

        I was skeptical about that as well!

      • Bethany

        How can you tell if they are knock offs?

        • Beth S.

          Yes! How do you tell? I ordered one from Amazon when Hip2Save posted awhile back. But it didn’t ship prime. There were good reviews but the most recent reviews from the one I bought are not good 🙁 Boo. I do see that a wowee or whatever the company is representative has commented on some of the poor reviews.

  11. Daniela

    Yeah better to get now for less than $20 and if it isn’t a hit, not a big deal. Thy are super cute, my bf’s niece loves it.

  12. 🌺Nolee🌺

    Our Kohl’s store just got some in the other day. Didn’t check the prices.

    • Denise G.

      Picked one up from Kohl’s today – $14.99 and looks like coupons don’t apply but I had $5 so that came off.

  13. JES

    I’ve been debating on ordering, but they are too adorable to resist.

  14. Monique

    If you get it from Best Buy I just got free shipping. I’m not sure if it was automatic or because I chose to get with delivery on oct 9th but thought I should give you all considering a heads up 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh cool! I still find Shipping to be Free with orders of $35 Or more.

  15. Krista M

    I just bought one in each color and I’m not sure why. After many years of being a Hip2Save reader I know that hesitation is not an option! haha. Scoop it up and think about it after. I’m sure I can come up with a lucky recipient to gift these to 🙂 Thanks Hip2Save!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! Happy you could snag one!

  16. rachael

    I had to laugh. I found them and ordered them. Then, being the loyal hip2saver that I am, I checked the website and was going to email you. However you already had it up! Gotta love it!!

  17. Monique

    @collin I’ll forward you my invoice 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Ok! 😉

  18. Cbeths

    Kohls had these in store yesterday. $14.99

  19. Monique

    When I check out as guest I do still see it charging for shipping but when I signed in it was free hope this helps and someone gets the free shipping 🙂

  20. AP

    This question is for the parents who don’t mind buying the hot toys, not for the “give your kids an experience instead” parents. Please keep scrolling if you don’t like my question. Do you buy your kids toys that are considered hot, even if they haven’t asked for it? Or do you wait until they ask? I like my kids to have everything their friends have, but part of me thinks it’s ridiculous to buy them something they haven’t asked for. On the flipside, I bought my kids fidget spinners a while back because I heard about them on Hip2Save first. Literally the next week they asked for them, and I was happy to tell them they were already on the way in the mail.

    • Michelle

      I personally know my kid really wants something if they ask for it 3 times… also look up the toy on YouTube first and see if it is really worth it to you. My youngest loves glitzy gloves because it is a craft she could do with little help. So I willing to pay more for them to get certain ones. There is no real formula to getting stuff for your kids… I gave a 15, 13, & 3 year old so each kid is at a different stage. However my 15 year old wants these fingerlings and the lol dolls which isn’t typical of a 15 year old…

    • Krista M

      Hi AP! I don’t have kids of my own but I buy a TON of presents for cousins, nieces, nephews, friends etc. Hopefully it’s okay that I chime in 🙂 When it comes to “hot” toys/items when given the opportunity I usually buy them if 1) They can easily be returned 2) If they can’t be returned, I can easily resell them. 3) There is a good chance I’ll have a recipient at some point. Here was my thought process for two recent “hot” toys. The L.O.L. Big Surprise Doll, in my opinion, were expensive. Before purchasing I really thought about who I was buying them for. The Fingerlings Baby Monkeys were a much easier decision. I knew I’d be able to return them to Best Buy if I didn’t want them. Even if I couldn’t return them they would be easy to ship if I decided resell them on ebay. If you can afford it I would not hesitate on the “hot” items. Personally, I really hate the regret of not buying something and then realizing too late that it would have been a perfect gift. Just because you’ve bought the item doesn’t mean you have to give it!

    • krystal

      So, my oldest is in second grade and my second in preschool and I ordered these for them. I am trying to not be a slave to the hottest toy crave and didn’t cave last year when they asked for a hatchimal late in the season but that was because I looked at the retail price and the toy and really decided what my kids would really think of it minus the craze and decided it wasn’t worth it. This year this is the one toy I already bought for 2 reasons, we can’t afford all the latest trends and I buy their gifts on sales (I bought their main gifts of Barbie cove and monster high school for $40 total) and this was one craze we could afford to participate in. Plus I know, minus the craze, the price and likelihood that my kids will enjoy it are good. If they ask for them before Christmas I’ll wrap them and make them as a gift, if not I’ll put them in their stockings. Either way I’m hoping they might be a little excited either to get or to find out they got something all their friends got or wanted.

    • MommySpendsLess

      I try to decide based on whether my daughter would enjoy the toy even if it wasn’t “hot”. She’s 8yo – last year she got a Hatchimal and I just ordered a Fingerling for her. Her favorite toys are her stuffed animals followed by her dolls and she loves all things cute. I saw Hatchimals in a catalogue a month before they got crazy and thought she would enjoy it. We saw these tiny monkeys in Target a while ago and she wanted them then. The fact that they’re the “must have” toy that the kids will be talking about is just the icing on the cake. I considered the huge, $70 LOL dolls ball too because she likes them, especially the little sisters but ultimately decided that it wasn’t a good value for us. (I’d rather skip the accessories, bath fizzies and container in favor of more dolls). I also got lucky/started early in both cases – I wouldn’t pay more than retail, camp out in front of a store or anything else exteme to get any of them.
      On a side note, I’m becoming one of those “experiences” moms just out of practicality. We have too much unused toy stuff! And generous grandparents 🙂

    • AP

      Your feedback is so very helpful thank you! And thank you for no judgment. LOL. I did go ahead and get these, but I did pass on the hatchimals last year and the big LOL this year. I did get the $10 LOLs though. My kids are 7 and 8. We started working on budgets and responsible spending a long time ago, so they understand the value of $60. I flat out told them I was not paying that much for a toy that would end up in the bottom of the toybox after week (hatchimals). I was just curious about other people’s take on it. Again, thank you!

  21. Michelle

    Got one for my daughter. She will be so excited Christmas morning. Thank you.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear it Michelle! YW!

  22. Monique

    @ap I bought my niece this because it seems like something she would like and actually play with…I wouldn’t have heard of it had it not been for Hip2save and it being a hot toy just happens to be what it is. Hopes that answers your question 🙂

  23. Jennifer

    I got 2 about a month ago from toys r us for my kiddos no way am I paying more than 14.99

  24. Yazzay

    Bought a couple for my daughter. Her birthday is on Christmas day too, so double score! Thanks so much!!

  25. Mattsmom

    Knock offs would not use the Brand name: Wow Wee . Before purchasing from Amazon, eBay, walmart(sold by other retailers). Also if the item will not be delivered 2 weeks due to it being delivered from Asia area. good luck!

  26. Beccat

    Thanks. My kiddos have not requested or even heard of these yet, but they do look like something they will love. After the great hatchimal hunt last year, I am happy to get these early!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  27. Lynn

    Just wondering if anyone is doing any research on the actual toy monkey reviews? I was initially interested especially for the price and that it is a wanted toy, but the reviews on Amazon for these monkeys has me concerned that the product will break or that the paint will begin to come off soon after use. Please let me know if you have any experiences or feelings about this product. Thanks!

  28. Alonna

    My daughter got 2 of these from her grandparents as a special day-out-with -Nana-and-Papa prize (which is basically just her grandparents spoiling her because they can) a while back. The only difference between them seems to be their color and name–they seem to do the exact same thing. My mom bought 2 under the impression that they would do different things. In other words, if you’re child wants this toy, one is probably sufficient. Also, my daughter (7) played with them about 10 minutes and I haven’t seen them since. This looks like everything she’s into and I would’ve thought she’d like it more, but they just don’t do much.

  29. Amy

    I was thinking about buying for my daughter’s birthday next month, but it looks like Best Buy’s return policy is only 15 days. Am I reading this correctly? I am worried I wouldn’t be able to take it back if she gets duplicates or if it doesn’t work.

  30. Bobbi

    I bought three to get the free shipping. They will be cute stocking stuffers. My 9-year old will love it, and I think the two 14-year olds will think they’re cute too. If they aren’t into them, they can give them to their sister. Lol. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Bobbi!

  31. Julianne

    Got 3! 🐒🐒🐒

  32. jess

    Being pregnant right now and looking at all of these weird and crazy toys makes me scared for future Christmases. Lol! I just don’t understand these things.

  33. Melissa

    The fingerlings are available on Kohl’s website.I just bought some this morning.

  34. Nicole

    Hi, I just looked on Kohl’s website and they said they are not selling the Fingerlings. Bummer!!

  35. AP

    We’re sorry – your ordered item(s) are taking longer to fulfill than we anticipated.

    Please be assured we’ll continue to work on this order, and once the item(s) become available we will let you know. If we are not able to complete your order by November 05, 2017, we will notify you and cancel the item(s).

    • Kathryn

      I received the same message a few days ago. Has anyone received their order?

    • AP

      Update: I got an email that mine are ready to pick up.

  36. Kathryn

    Received notice today my order was ready for pickup!

  37. Pam

    These seem cute, but I don’t understand why they are so expensive. Think I’m gonna pass.

  38. Jeff

    I was at Best Buy this afternoon and ordered a few with the assistance of a store associate. While we were generating the order on the store computer, the available quantities were dwindling before our eyes. I just told the guy to complete the order that very second just to make sure I got something before they were all allocated to other orders that were being confirmed at the same time. I ended up with 5 and got free shipping to my home. Should arrive in 3 days. Point being… Hurry and take what you can, when you can, since they are being gobbled up fast. In my case, right before my eyes.

  39. sara

    I order from a website called that had all kinds regular price being shipping from hong kong. When i was googling fingerlings this website popped at and had said wowwee fingerlings, but when i clicked on the link and placed my order. Afterwards i realized nothing from this website says woweee on it. Wondering if I just got reaped off?

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