Starbucks Zombie Frappuccinos Are HERE (October 26th-31st Only)

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Starting today, October 26th and running through October 31st or while supplies last, Starbucks is offering up a special Zombie Frappuccino Blended Beverageyes, I am totally serious! . This drink is a concoction of green caramel apple, a drizzle of dark mocha, and pinkish whip.

For more information, head here.

NOTE – If you are determined to try one of these special drinks, I suggest you head to your local Starbucks today (or sooner than later) as many locations only have a limited supply of the ingredients need to make these drinks and once they run out, they do not typically receive more.

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  1. ztnerol

    My kids will be super excited about trying this!

    • KetaCar

      Mine too! And Iโ€™d be stoked if there were a sugar free/ lite option ๐Ÿ‘ป๐ŸŽƒ

      • AJ

        You are going to give your kids coffee and are worried about the sugar. Lol

        • Jess

          Itโ€™s possible to ordered any frappe decaf. Thatโ€™s what I do for my little ones. They love the flavor of coffee so I just get them a decaf frappe. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

          • Laura

            They love the flavor of coffee?? Lol as an adult I still can’t stand the flavor of coffee ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

            • Pansy

              This looks cream based and not coffee based, but my 6 year-old loves coffee to an extreme. As baby she would grab coffee beans and shove them in her mouth. These days I’ll give her a shot of decaf in her glass of milk.

            • Jennifer

              There’s not coffee in it. Calm down before you judge others parenting.

        • Erin

          You can get it โ€œcreme,โ€ that is, without coffee.

        • kim

          It’s a milk based frap. No coffee

        • Nicole

          This isn’t a coffee drink:)

        • Jennifer

          There’s no coffee in this. ๐Ÿ™„

        • Sarah

          This is not coffee. It taste like an apple candy. Super sweet though.

        • KetaCar

          Oh my! Yes AJ I give my kids sugary treats bc I have 1 that takes 4 allergy shots TWICE a week so I think he deserves a treat & most kids happen to prefer sugar ๐Ÿ˜‰ and yes they also get decaf cappuccinos a few times a week bc SIGH they too like the taste of coffee! I personally watch sugar bc I am cutting out most sources of sugar In all foods. By the way, a bit of โ€˜sweetnessโ€™ goes a long way…have you had some sugar today?! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Sara

            KetaCar – you sound like awesome parent!
            I have allergy issues and it would have been a nice treat to get Starbucks as a child ๐Ÿ˜Š
            My parents brought me milkshakes a couple times when I was in the hospital. Somehow despite the sugar I have made it to adulthood ๐Ÿ˜

        • Ashley

          If you are worried about the caffeine in coffee you do realize that chocolate has caffeine in it also. So your kids must not get chocolate?

          • rebecca

            it’s not the same, it’s totally different. a trace amount of something affects people differently than nearly 100 mg would.
            vanilla has alcohol in it, but i allow my kids to eat ice cream. would i give my kids a martini? no. if that means you think i’m a hypocrite, i don’t care. each person should carefully consider what is best for their own family.

        • Sarah

          No coffee is in them.

  2. DC

    How fun!

  3. Sham

    Thank you!!! On my way now!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re very welcome! Enjoy!

  4. swiftinidaho


  5. rox

    Fyi, Starbucks offers their Frappachino’s in a cream-based option for kids or those who don’t like coffee. That’s how I get it for my kids when these special drinks come out.

  6. Rebecca

    Yeah I don’t think so lol. We liked the Franken frappacino they had a few years ago, but might skip this one.

    • Sarah

      This taste like apple candy but itโ€™s super sweet.

    • Crystal

      The Franken frap is back too!! I just saw it on the specials board today! That one sounds yummy with white chocolate, mocha and strawberry on top.

      • Rebecca

        Oh maybe I’m thinking of a different one then? The one I remember was brown & green, I’m thinking mocha & mint? Think it was 3 years ago.

        • Mel R.

          Was it the Frappula Frappuccino? That one had mocha sauce on the bottom, creme blend, with strawberry sauce on top w/ whip cream.


    fun! but maybe unnecessary calories …

  8. Starbucks1

    I may try it this weekend. I’m not opposed to these sugary treats as I drink Coca Cola regularly. Funny I’m not a regular coffee drinker but I do love the Frappucinos at Starbucks ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. sara

    I think that it is so fun that there are so many moms on here letting their kids do fun things like drink Frappuccinos ( caffeine-free of course). My parents never let me do stuff like this, and I always felt like I missed out.

    • Nicole

      Drinks like this are usually just cream based (without coffee) so they’re really just milkshakes lol….this is like a caramel apple flavor I read online. But you can order any drink without coffee so your kids can feel like a grown up! lol

    • anna

      Me too, my parents wouldn’t even let us have pop ๐Ÿ™ Now I do drink it. I think you’re right, I let my kids have stuff like that all the time and now they eat super healthy on their own ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hope

      Naw, you missed nothing. My parents let me have sugar on top of sugar when I was a kid. I was about 18 before I ever drank a glass of plain water. In my twenties before I drank water regularly. If you’re a parent that knows how to provide balance for your kid I say go for it though.

  10. Rebecca

    My 8 year old said the whipped cream looks like brains. Which is cool, but he doesn’t want to drink it lol.

  11. Daniela

    I have been drinking espresso since I was 5 years old. Cafe con Leche. Shot of espresso and equal parts milk. Just a part of the PR culture, and at that age, only in the morning with breakfast. So I also find it cool parents allow their kids to try any coffee drinks. Not a fan of the cream based fraps at Starbucks but I would love to try this with the coffee base.

    • Lorell

      LOL when reading about all the parents who are worried about other kids drinking coffee. I also started drinking coffee (latte) when I was a kid, its a very common thing in PR where I grew up. And it wasn’t decaf! We all need to stop the parent shaming.

  12. Wanda

    Is this going to have a sour apple taste? Has anyone tried it yet?

  13. Meredith

    My kids had Rice Krispie treats cereal for breakfast. They have Kool-Aide And Doritos for a afterschool snack. They have Macaroni and Cheese for Supper. There’s also days when they eat all healthy. You know what? They’re healthy, smart, and growing just fine. An occasional Frappe is not going to hurt you or your kids. Some people…smh

    • Kara


    • KetaCar

      Love it! Thank you!! Iโ€™m not perfect & wont pretend to be by any means…we all LOVE the occasional sugar-fueled (or caffeine if you may) treat!

      • rebecca

        yeah, who is coming on a family-geared blog and then persecuting a parent who allows their child to try a sweet treat for HALLOWEEN? who has time to search out every sweet food suggestion on the internet and then troll parents who suggest a child might like to try it?
        honestly, people, we NEVER had pop in my house growing up, and we NEVER ate McDonald’s in my family, even on vacation, and now as an adult i LOVE McDonald’s, and i drink WAY TOO MUCH pop every day. maybe there is a correlation… maybe i just make gross choices sometimes. but i’d rather teach balance and moderation.

    • Laura

      Exactly!! It’s so annoying how even in my kids school no sugary treats are allowed at school parties anymore. Or at all. What’s more annoying are my kids metabolism’s! They are so thin yet have huge appetite’s!

      • ShortSorceress

        At least your school still allows parties, ours did away with them this year. I’m super bummed, I was looking forward to being a room mother once my little guy started kindergarten.

  14. Jeni

    So no caffeine in it???

    • Jeni

      If so, can you get it with caffeine? Wondering because I do not like coffee so would be fun to try. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jennifer

        No caffeine and can’t really get it with caffeine, since the coffee added flavor.

  15. Hillary

    54 sugars! I would be in a coma…

    • Evelyn

      hahahaha LoL!!!! It’s funny but it’s the truth.

  16. Kara

    For the love of all things holy…get the drink or donโ€™t get the drink. Yes itโ€™s high in sugar. You can see that just by looking at it! Looks like a fun drink for kids to have- in moderation, just like everything else in life.

    • Jamie

      Ha, seriously! Poor little internet trolls with nothing better to do.

    • Adriana

      I ate a large pizza for dinner and half a box of krispy kream last night. I’m going to get it cause I obviously don’t care about calories ๐Ÿคฃ

      • Jennifer

        It sounds like we’re on the same diet!

      • Kay

        Hahaha we must be on the see food diet! I ordered those fererro rocher Collin posted here a few days back and ate all 48 of them with my kids… ๐Ÿ˜œ

      • Jess

        My kids hide their snacks from ME! ๐Ÿคฃ whenever they get treats at school or church theyโ€™ll say โ€œno mom, you canโ€™t have itโ€.

      • Adriana

        Mind you I am on the chubby side at a size 8 but haven’t gained a pound in 8 years so I eat like today is my last day ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
        I’m an expensive date lol
        And all my young cousins hide their candy from me when I visit home

    • mindi

      Love this comment!!

  17. Heather

    Had one this morning. No coffee at all. Tastes like caramel apple. They said it was the first one they made!

  18. Wanda

    Does this drink have a sour taste since its green apple flavored?

    • Jenny

      It’s actually a light sour apple flavor. It’s not as sour as the unicorn one was. And that ‘blood’ is made out of mocha syrup! With some pink powder mixed in. So it’s just a sweet flavor. I didn’t think it was that bad and I’m not a big frappuccino drinker. Oh and the whip cream is still made with vanilla syrup and they just add some pink powder to it as well to color it!

      • Wanda

        Nice. Im not into very sour flavors, so i may try this. Thanks!

  19. JA

    Nope. I ๐Ÿ’š Starbucks but the last two crazy drinks they came out with were gross. The Mermaid? And something else. My daughter and her friend wanted them and were so disappointed! I liked the dracula one the had last Halloween though.

  20. Cecilia

    I had one this morning and it was so good! To me it does taste like a caramel green apple.

  21. nikisawesome

    my local target had these with no line! where as starbucks was wrapped around the building. a fun halloween treat to share with my toddler.

  22. Peggy

    I was offered sample size this morning and Iโ€™m glad I didnโ€™t order one. Very sweet and even my three year old grandson didnโ€™t finish the sample size. And before the critics pile on, there is no coffee in it.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for your honest review Peggy! Good to know!

  23. pure.Cheri

    It’s seems like something I’d try but when people are saying it’s super sweet, not so appealing.

  24. KelBen

    I got one today. Pretty tasty-reminds me of those caramel apple suckers. No coffee in this.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh yum! Thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoyed it!

  25. Diana

    U can just get a green tea frap w pink whipped cream ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thats what ill do .

  26. Karina

    I had one today and it was yummy! Under 200 calories too if you choose tall with almond milk. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shy

      Hhhm. Thanks for posting. Under 200 calories doesn’t sound too bad for a “treat.” (For myself=adult. Not going to touch the kid debate lol)

  27. visitor3

    This is inspiration for a diy fruit smoothie version.

  28. SuperDawn

    Has anyone gotten one from their local Target Starbucks? I’d love to combine this with the 50% off a pastry cartwheel.

    • Helpmesave

      I got one at Target today

  29. AOhio

    Yum, thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  30. MammaK

    I think the H2S crew should go and do a video like they did for the unicorn frap,

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Lol! Thanks for the suggestion! I will pass that along to the team!

  31. Desiree

    Is it wrong I want one with a shot of Vodka after reading some of these posts? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Shy

      LOL. Well since there is apparenly no coffee in it, it could be good spiked with rum for my Friday night “treat.” Thanks for the idea!

  32. Jennifer Griffith Moore

    After all the talk about it being too sweet, I decided to add a scoop of protein to mine and added extra ice. It was perfect! I couldn’t taste the protein powder at all, and extra ice makes it like a shake, just the way I like it. YUM!!

  33. Sam

    When I read these comments I feel bad for Collin and team who do such great things for all of us. If you don’t want it, like it, need it, then don’t comment.
    There should be a first step before you are allowed to post. Something like “is this positive, helpful, constructive? Choose yes or no” If you choose no, your comment won’t be posted. Hahah or better yet, just not allow comments on some deals. These types of deals especially, I knew these comments would be full of negativity after the unicorn frap.
    Who has the time or ability to be perfect? If you do somehow manage perfection, you surely don’t have the time to be preaching to others about their “bad” choices on a blog.

    • Erin

      Honestly, from a financial standpoint, it’s probably better for Colin.

      • s

        right? I don’t think anyone needs to “feel bad for them” lol I don’t think she’s sitting on her bed by herself getting offended by stupid comments on either side, which honestly both sides act pretty stupid ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Laurie

      In all fairness – someone could click yes and post something negative

      You’re never going to get rid of the negative nellys – sadly the world has too many

  34. Tmz

    I got one today! It was so yummy! I paired it with a pumpkin cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory to celebrate national
    Pumpkin day lol

  35. tr ham

    my 13 year old daughter, who loved the unicorn one said this was disgusting and threw it away. $5.45 out the window ahhhh that is frightening

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