Costco: One Year MoviePass + Fandor Subscription ONLY $89.99 (Movie Ticket Every Day of the Year)

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Unlimited access to movies at your local theatre? Yes, please!

Head over to where you can score this MoviePass AND Fandor 12 Month Subscription eVoucher for just $89.99. MoviePass provides unlimited access to movie screenings in your area with no blackout dates and is available for all major movies and all major theaters (with over 4,000 theaters and more than 36,000 screens)!

Fandor is an entertainment streaming service that offers access to more than 5,000 movies including Hollywood Classics, Documentaries, Foreign Films and the latest Festival Favorites. You are able to stream on TV, web and mobile platforms, including Roku, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Kindle Fire and your desktop.

Once you have purchased your MoviePass voucher, you will be sent a promo code via email and you will then enroll online. After you have completed your enrollment, you will be sent a MoviePass Debit Card that you will use to redeem your movie tickets from the box office. By using the promo code provided by Costco, you will not be charged again until the one year term expires.

If you’re not a Costco member, you can still score this deal but you will need to pay a 5% non-member fee.

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  1. loflinlove

    I have a free large drink from AMC I would trade for 2 coke codes 🙂 email loflinlove at yahoo dot com

    • Kris

      Emailing you now

      • loflinlove

        I never did get the email..

        • k terry

          Let me try from my desktop

        • k terry

          Resent it. I think I was missing the second l in your email

        • loflinlove

          Free drink gone. Thank you Kris

    • sheriqueenbee123

      I have a $25 Snapfish promo codes for trade. NOT GOOD ON THE SHIPPING COST.
      I will trade for unused coke cap codes emailed, or can also use $5.00 Amazon cash. I have two to trade email if interested can email you code.

      • Abigail

        How many coke caps do you want in exchange for the amazon cash?

    • Mindee

      I have a couple of free drink coupons as well for trade if anyone is interested. Email me

  2. Kris

    I would love to know if anyone has used this yet? More specifically if they have used this at AMC theaters.

    • Christine

      me too!

    • Weber14

      I am curious about this aswell does it work at cinemark theaters?

      • mike

        Works at amc, cinemark, brendan and some art houses. Best purchase we’ve made this year.

    • Yesi

      My husband and I both have it and LOVE it. We’ve used it at several movie theaters in our area, including AMC. They can’t deny you using it. It’s a mastercard so they have no way of regulating it. I highly recommend it.

      • A

        Plus, I can’t imagine why they would even try to deny you. The theaters are reimbursed for the full price of the ticket and if they can sucker you into buying concessions, they’re made in the shade.

    • A

      Yes! We have movie pass and it works so well! Our main theatre is AMC and we’ve never had an issue. Basically, you decide on the movie you want to see, go to the theatre and use the app to buy your ticket – you have to be something like 500 yards from the theatre. Then you get in line and hand the cashier the debit card they send you, they swipe it, and your ticket prints.

    • Aurora

      I have used movie pass for 5 months and it’s the best thing I have got. I even convinced all my friends cause we go about 7 times a month and we go to regal and amc with it and only pay 10 a month 😁 !!!! The only thing we can’t use it on is imax or 3D but I’m fine with that 👏🏼😁

      • Laura

        Can you prepurchase your tix with this? Where I live we can reserve seating….

    • hollymconner

      My husband and I both have accounts, use them at AMC at least 2 times a week. Just keep in mind it won’t work for IMAX or 3d, but for regular shows (even in the new fancy assigned seat theaters) it works great. Also, if you have any problems, they are good about refunding you for tickets you pay for our of pocket.
      We did have some problems when the $9.99 plan was first released. I tweeted to them, one of the founders DMed me and actually had the problem fixed in about 30 minutes.

    • sheriqueenbee123

      I got one for my husband a few months ago and one for me. Skeptical at first , but now have been seeing every great movie out. Seen Justice League and Thor both twice. I have used at Epic and also AMC and Cinemark. Make sure to get any rewards cards at movie chain also that are free and use that too. Get free points for movie tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. Also works at Regal I just don’t many near me that I go to. Its really great. I plan on seeing Star Wars lots worth it just to see that 2 or 3 times.

      • Jennifer

        *Just a note, you can no longer see a movie more than once to help prevent fraud.

        • amber

          You MAY see the movie more than once provided it is not on the same day.

      • amber

        Getting rewards at movie chains when you are using Moviepass to pay is against the terms of use of MoviePass. It’s already a great deal, please do not try to go against the terms or we will be seeing one great thing such as MoviePass become strict or worse, jack up their prices.

        • Jacob

          I don’t see why you can’t use the rewards. They now have a section for supporting theaters to add a loyalty card to the app

          • Valerie

            I saw the loyalty section on the app, but it shows Goodrich Theaters FMG Benefits. I did not see where it gave you the option to add other Theaters. Is there something I am missing?

    • Jennifer

      And if your an AMC Stubs member, you still get the rewards!

    • Shari

      Is still working at the AMC theaters in my area I’m in the metropolitan Los Angeles area near Pasadena. I just went last week. I have heard rumors that AMC is trying to block MoviePass I don’t understand why because MoviePass is paying full retail for the tickets that we purchased through MoviePass from

      • mia

        I know, that’s so weird. They are still getting paid by MoviePass, why block it?

  3. Carli

    Is there a way to see the theaters that accept it?

    • Aurora

      The theaters that accept it come out on the movie pass app when u got your movie pass card 🙂

    • Tracey

      If you go to the movie pass website you can put in your zip and see what theaters it is accepted at.

    • Rebecca

      I’m curious too….

    • Yesi

      Yes, on their website in FAQs

    • kw99

      I went to the moviepass website. You scroll down and type in your zip code and it shows the participating theaters in your area:)

    • Melanie Danio

      Go to the website, scroll down and type in your zip code.

  4. Nikki

    This looks awesome! But it seems you can’t gift it to teenagers…must be 18?

    • Jennifer

      They have no way of knowing. It’s just an app that puts money on a debit card.

  5. Brianne

    can you use it for two people?

    • Amie

      You can only get one ticket per day per person, supposedly.

    • smokeyg

      My hubby and i both have it. We have 2 separate accts . Each of us has our own card. It goes off app on your phone. Both of you have to have app too on your phone. . We have had it for 2 months and love it. No issues for us. It really is a great thing. We have so many date nights now 🙂

  6. Gorilla momma

    We have used movie pass with no problem .

  7. MrsB

    Do you need one per person?

    • Jennifer


    • sara

      Yes. Please don’t even think of using one MoviePass card per several people. That’s insane!

  8. Mimi

    I have a moviepass and for the most part its great. I’ve never had a problem at AMC, but I have at Regal Cinemas. I have used it there before but out of the blue it recently just stopped working there. When I contacted customer service they looked at my account and said it looks fine from here and ended our correspondence. So my only advice would be to contact your theater to see if they are accepting it. It seems to be a minor problem only a few people have had, and the theaters correct the issue with some time. I live in town with a ton of theaters so it isn’t a problem for me. Would still definitely recommend.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for your helpful feedback Mimi!

    • Garfield

      That is strange because this is technically a MasterCard and if the theater wants to ban it they have to stop accepting all MasterCards.

      It’s more likely a glitch, unpleasant but glitch. And it is AMC that doesn’t want moviePass but still accept it.

  9. Ashley

    Are these transferable? Would I be able to possibly share a pass with someone?

    • A

      I think you probably could, but you certainly aren’t supposed to. We were in line at the weekend and the guy ahead of us was trying to use his pass to buy his girlfriend a ticket (and he explained this to the cashier) and she shut him down. I also don’t know how it would work with the app as you have to use it to buy your ticket. I guess if you also wanted to lend the person your phone? Seems a pretty big headache to save $10 a month, tbh.

    • hollymconner

      Its’ attached to your phone. So technically, if you want to give your card and your phone to someone else you can. But your phone has to be within a certain distance of the theater to check in.

    • summer

      I don’t think you’re supposed to, but technically you could, but they’d have to get the app on their phone and sign in with your account to buy the ticket, and you’d have to give them the card whenever they’re planning to use it to watch movies. And you’d still only be able to watch once a day. Plus if you both wanted to go to a movie on the same day, someone would have to pay full price for the other ticket

      • Sharon

        The app is attached to ONE device. If you download it to another device, your account will be terminated. I know because this happened to me trying to be a cheap ass. You need to be 100meters away from the movie house to “check in” before you pay the movie ticket with your card. It is also limited to one movie a day only.

        • Ashley

          Super good to know! Thanks! My sister and I were both talking about getting one for us and our husbands and I was wondering how easy it would be to just have 2 passes and switch off when we wanted to go! But it’s a super good deal and I just need to do it 😂

    • Ginger

      No you can’t 🙁 On their website it Strickland says that you can lose your pass if you do.

    • Jennifer

      You’d have to lend someone your phone and you wouldn’t be able to get a ticket to the same movie twice.–for this very reason. Is $7.50/mo too much for you?

      • Ashley

        Wow I was just asking a question. Quick with the hostility! I’m trying to decide if I go to movies enough to make it worth it! I probably only go max once a month anyways.

    • K

      It’s linked not just to the app but to your phone. If you try to use it from another phone, you have to register the new phone instead. When my kid got a new phone, it was a whole process to get the new phone approved to link the account.

      • Kay

        So what is the process for switching to a new phone device? We just started using it a month ago and now my DH has upgraded to a new phone? Is it linked with the phone number or the device? Thanks

    • Garfield

      Yes mentioned above, no. You’d have to be there with your phone, or your phone has to be there. Unless you go and buy ticket and give it to that person.

  10. Ginger

    I researched this and this is what I found.

    – you an only buy tickets for yourself. No letting others use it. So you and your spouse must have one.
    -you can’t order tickets ahead online. In order to purchase you must login to the app within 500ft of the movie theater you wish to go to and buy the ticket.

  11. Denise

    So you have to be 18 to use it? I was thinking a great teenager gift…

    • je

      Found this in their FAQs:

      Are there any age restrictions for gift subscriptions?
      As stated in our terms and conditions all MoviePass users must be 18+ in age in order to utilize the service.

      • Denise

        Thanks Je – such a bummer – this would be ideal for my 15 year old…

        • Garfield

          I bought for my 11 year old when they first came out and I have never had problems with it. I pay the monthly fee with my card, of course.

        • Jacob

          I think they only say that because it is a MasterCard. So you normally have to be 18 to use a credit card. So it shouldn’t really be a problem

  12. Kristin

    If I bought this as a Christmas gift and they didn’t activate it, could it be returned to costco?

    • Garfield

      Costco may get it but usually memberships and digital load cards are non-refundable. You might have to check with Costco in case they let you return it even though it is insaleable item.

  13. curtisclips

    If you want to see the same movie more than once can you do that? (On different days). Or do you only get a single viewing per movie?

    • Angela

      An article I read said you can only watch a movie once

    • Jennifer

      Nope. They recently changed that bc of fraud. They don’t allow pass sharing and that was opening a door for it.

      • curtisclips

        Thank you! I am bummed to hear this but will likely still try it out. 🙂

        • Jacob

          Not sure if that is true… as they just updated the app with tab, movie not listed… so you could click that and still get credited

  14. Viv

    If I have the app and want to buy tickets for Star Wars for this Sunday at a theater with assigned seating can I do that from my home?

    • mike

      You won’t be able to see Star Wars or any movie this week…it takes 3-5 weeks to receive debit card in mail.
      With popular or new releases..wait a week..with assigned seating theaters go to theater view kiosk for availability, view seating availability and then request ticket thru app and then pay for ticket with movie pass debit card. App does not guarantee seating together.

      • Amber

        I received my MoviePass in less than a week, so did my husband and my friends. There is no advance assigned seating until you get to the movie house and pay for it with your MOviePass card.

      • Valerie Jennings

        I read in the FAQs that if your theater has eticketing you don’t have to have the card.

  15. AOhio

    Hmmm, there seems to still be so many questions about this deal.

  16. maria

    Has anyone ever purchased one for their teenager (under 18)? I just wondered if the theater ticket seller asks for ID. Also, it doesn’t look like there is a limit to how how many you can buy.

    • K

      They only say 18 because it’s a credit card. My kid was 12 when I got her account. Never had an issue with her using the card.

  17. Denise

    It really is a bummer that you can’t purchase this for a teenager – they check their ID anyway if they try to purchase a movie ticket for something R rated – anyway all the ones around here do. And since they have to physically go to the ticket booth – they can have them show ID if they are trying to retrieve their ticket for a movie they are not old enough to see without an adult.. – not sure why they don’t have this available to kids for use…. such a total bummer….

    • maria

      I watched a video and you can use the debit card in the self serve kiosk. No need to even see a ticket seller. I’m going to buy one for my husband and if there’s something my son wants to see, I’ll take him and hopefully he can use my husband’s card.

      • K

        It’s linked to the phone. Your husband’s phone would need to check into the movie before the card would get used. And you can’t have your linked account on more than one phone. They make you register the phone with them.

  18. maria

    I just watched a video on YouTube. Seems quite easy to do!

  19. Kbp

    Can I get one for my kids also? It states “smartphone and unique email address” per account. Does this mean a separate smart phone for each account, or just the emails? Thanks!

    • maria

      According to the video, it has to be separate smart phones.

      • Kbp

        Thank you!

      • mike

        You must have separate accounts..we had a problem with one our phones..i was able to log out on an account and then sign-in with my wife’s account on my phone.

    • K

      Smart phones required. The pass is linked to your app and registered phone. You can’t sign in and out of various accounts from one phone. I had to wait until my kid got a smartphone before we could get her a moviepass too

  20. Fuman Shao

    Does anyone know if I can “convert” my existing monthly subscription to this new deal? Or i need to cancel my existing subscription and wait for the new subscription to kick in if I purchased it now? Thank you.

    • amber

      It will be the start of your MOviePass nightmare if you do. If it already is working for you, I suggest you stick to what you have with Movie Pass because their customer service is not equipped to handle the amount of customers they have.

  21. MaaMaaBear

    OT, but Does anyone know any deals on Costco memberships right now????

    • Natalie

      There was a post about 5 or 6 weeks ago for one.

  22. Dennis Tenorio

    Just to make sure I get this, you go on the app and select the date and time of the movie you wish to see, then the debit card is loaded with the value of that movie. It does excludes 3D and IMAX Movies.

    Does it allow you to select movies that go up for presale (like Star Wars when it went on sale a few months back?) How does it work with regards to selecting reserved seating? Are you still using the AMC app to purchase your movie tickets, but just using a Debit Card provided by MoviePass?

    • maria

      According to the site, you have to be within 500 feet of the theater. Go to YouTube and search for moviepass video. There’s a whole demo.

    • Garfield

      Hi, this moviepass card is technically a prepaid debit card. In order to purchase a movie you have to see it in the app, select the time you want to go and check-in when at/near the theater. They load money to your card and you can purchase your ticket. Now, no one at moviepass sees/knows what you are buying. Some people use it for ore-sales. This is harmless to do if the movie price is within the same range as regular movie, but if the movie is in 3D or imax, the price is a lot higher and they may notice. If they catch you they will fine you $25 and terminate your service. So the answer is yes to regular movie pre-sales, no to 3Ds, etc. and no to r served seating since these are usually the expensive formats. If your theater offers reserved seating for regular movies you’d be able to select at the time of purchase.

  23. Katiefal

    I messaged MoviePass on Facebook and asked if you could see a movie more than once (on different days) – they said yes. I also asked if you could “buy” your tickets in the morning for an evening show and they said yes. So for busy dates where I think the movie might sell out, I will go to the theater early in the day and get tickets for the evening show. The savings is well worth the extra effort

    • amber

      these all are true. just to add, you need to be physically and purchase the movie ticket in the morning if you want to use it in the evening. or just go in the evening and purchase when you’re about to watch the movie.

  24. Leslie

    Are you seeing this Sam’s Club? (Not a Costco member, but hoping Sam’s will offer a similar deal!)

  25. mike

    You cannot buy advance tickets,only same day. You use the app within 100 yards of theater and then enter the theater and buy the tickets with the supplied debit card. With reserved seating theaters i suggest you use a kiosk at the theater and view available seating, if agreeable use the app and then purchase. We once reserved in our car and found the seats unacceptable…the app would not allow us reserve another film that day.
    Small learning curve with this program…but more than worth it. Our best purchase this year.
    Keep in mind…you can purchase this on a monthly basis to try. Billing is not active until you receive debit card and sign into app.

  26. Sarah

    FYI- as of the end of October, AMC theaters in the Phoenix area no longer let you use your Stubbs rewards with the Movie Pass Card. I’m sure this will be spreading as it becomes more popular.

    We love ours, but here are my issues with it:

    Not all movies are valid. Even if they are at the theater, if it is not on the app, you cannot get a ticket.

    You can’t get a ticket until that day. This is generally not an issue, unless you want to see something like Star Wars opening weekend.

    It took forever for us to get our cards.

    Once it took my husband about ten minutes to get his app to accept a movie. Other than that we have had no problems.

    You need your card and phone at the theater. So if you happen to be near the theater earlier that day and reserve your movie and then forget your phone, it does not work.

    • CoffeeNut

      There is on the bottom of the list of movies “check in if movie missing” that should get you to buy ticket for unlisted movie.

    • lila

      Movie Pass terms & conditions state you cannot use MoviePass to earn rewards from any theaters. This isn’t a change. You just need to follow the terms & conditions.

  27. Bryant

    Everyone is talking about MoviePass but can anyone talk more about Fandor’s streaming service. Any good movies on there?

  28. nldaadmin

    Will this work for Fathom events at a movie theater?

    • Susan Skaggs

      website says no

  29. Lo

    Does anyone have Eddie bauer $10 rewards or bonus coupons they aren’t using? L2munn at Yahoo dot com

  30. Trang

    Anyone know how to contact with them ( Moivepass)
    I got card for my husband but it’s didn’t work ( we can’t login) .
    I tried contact with them in Facebook , email, and Twitter but they are didn’t answer me!
    But they still charge money every month ( was be month number 2). I even want to cancel this card but have no idea because there is cant contact with them!

    • trace

      No, but contact your credit card company that u used to set this account up. They should be able to help the charges stop.

  31. Megan T.

    all I know is I signed up for it, got my cards and could never activate them. their customer service is atrocious. I suppose it would be great if I got them to work…sorry, just a little bitter 😶

  32. ds

    Is this available to purchase at Costco, or is an eVoucher the only option?

  33. Carlene

    Thank you to everyone for the comments on this service. Decided to take the plunge and get two subscriptions. Looking forward to lots of movies!

  34. E

    Have two Shutterfly $25 off codes. Hope someone can use them.



    • Sharee

      Thank you I uses the 2nd code, looks like someone already uses the first one. Merry Christmas!!

  35. Char

    Just ordered one for myself and one for my husband. Looking forward to lots of movies. Thank You!!!!!

  36. Jessica F

    Free 12 months calendar from shutterfly:

    Free! A calendar for baby’s firsts
    Code: GTLT-DXSG-65B6-GM5EGN
    Offer valid until January 31, 2018.


    *Offer expires January 31, 2018 (11:59 P.M. PT). Offer is good for one free 12-month wall calendar
    (8×11 size) through or our mobile-friendly site. Promo can only be redeemed once per
    account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Limit one product or
    order discount code and one shipping code per order.

    • Amy

      Thank you! I used the code above.

  37. maria

    I vacillated all last night and decided to go for it. I bought 2 vouchers this morning. Within 10 minutes, I got my confirmation of my order. Hopefully, the cards will be sent soon.

    • maria

      Follow up to my order. Already signed up through Moviepass and downloaded app. I can see a movie this afternoon with any theatre that has e-tickets. The actual pass won’t arrive till week of Jan 2. So excited!!!!

  38. Missy

    Moviepass deal says its a auto renewal, can i opt out of that?

    • Kim Bulgrien

      That’s what I want to know also.

  39. Hi Jo

    Are all movie tickets Available to all opening day movies/shows or must I wait a week to see new movies?

    • Belle

      No black out dates, so you can see them any time any date.

  40. mandie

    I have 2 free large popcorn coupons for amc if anyone wants to trade for 7 coke codes. ( I accidentally entered 20 codes Under the wrong reward and we don’t have an AMC theater here) email me amandajpfeifle at gmail . com

  41. Heather

    My husband and I have had movie pass for awhile now with no problems. Our local theaters will even let us pay the difference to see an IMAX or 3-D. I know all theaters don’t do that but ask! You never know. We end up paying 95 cents for a 3-D or IMAX movie.

  42. Eva

    If I am buying two (one as gift for my husband) and want to activate ASAP to get cards, do I have to give his email address and ruin the Xmas surprise?

  43. Jenny

    I just bought the Movie Pass, but not sure where the evoucher # is. I want to try to get the card by Christmas but not sure where the voucher # is to enroll on the Movie Pass website.
    Any help appreciated!

    • Alyssa

      After you purchase it from Costco, they will send you an email (mine came within an hour I’d say). Inside the email is something to click on and open up- I think it says “Your Ticket”. On that “ticket” that opens up you will find the code to use on the MoviePass website.

  44. bridgette Spence

    i am not a costco member….i tried to order this and pay the 5%, but it asked me to sign into my account. any advice? did everyone have to pay in full. movie pass is a monthy fee…debating if that’s more affordable at this time.

  45. Rajasheker Chittanur

    i am interested only in movie pass but not fandor. Do we have an option only for moviepass ? or anyone up to share this ? so that i can take movie pass and you can take fandor

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