Shop Your Way Rewards Members Possible $5 FREECASH = Free Holiday Doormat

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Shop Your Way Members! 

Head over to your Shop Your Way account where you may find $5 in FREECASH points to use towards any holiday doormat in the coupon section.

Even better, has a number of cute holiday doormats currently on sale for $3.19, making them completely FREE using your FREECASH points coupon.

In addition, through December 24th, take an extra 15% off select holiday home purchases when you use promo code GIFTS or HOLIDAYS at checkout.  There are a few holiday doormats on sale for $6.79, making them just 77¢ with your FREECASH coupon and promo code HOLIDAYS at checkout.

Score free or cheap holiday doormats with these ideas…

Holiday Doormat $3.19
Use the $5 off holiday doormat FREECASH
Final cost – FREE!

Don’t have the FREECASH offer? Do this… 

Holiday Doormat $3.19
Use promo code HOLIDAYS or GIFTS (15% off Home Decor)
Final Cost $2.71!

Choose free in-store pickup, if available at a store near you OR score free shipping with a $25+ order. Orders placed by 12PM CST today, December 17th, will arrive by Christmas with free shipping.

(Thanks, Lakshi!)

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Comments 73

  1. BG

    I picked up really cute ones yesterday ($3.19 each) and they are super thin. Made of a thin layer of rubber with a thin layer of felt like material with the print on it. They are just thicker then a quarter.

    • Kamaya

      Thank you. You saved me a trip to the store.

      • Di

        Sometimes thin is good if you want to be able to open your door over the mat!

        • Nl

          Right! That’s exactly what I need. But they are gone lol

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for your honest feedback!

  2. BG

    Kmart also sent me $5 Freecash off $5 or more in sporting goods. I was able to get a large and a small ice pak for $0.08 in points.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  3. Andrea

    My account doesn’t allow me to use a promo code and freecash

    • Brandy

      Same here!

    • LaToya

      Same. But I can’t even get the freecash applied to get my total down to $0

      • Kamaya

        My coupon said I had to purchase $10.00 in mats to get $5.00 off. Hth

        • LaToya

          You have $5 to use on Sears home (When you purchase 1 or more in quantity on qualifying items) – – doesn’t say anything about a minimum purchase. Ugh. Frustrating.

          • Joy

            Yes i have the same and it doesn’t specify the limitations and it wouldn’t apply to qualifying items in my cart.

        • MrsK

          Yes, I got the $5 off $10 also.

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      Oh darn! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. LaToya

    I’m not sure how to apply the freecash — should it take my total down to $0 owing or is this something that I get back later? I am hitting redeem and getting the green checkmark, but it’s still showing that I owe the $3.19 plus tax. Help?

    • LaToya

      GOT IT! —- I had to spend OVER $5 to get it to work. So I got (2) mats … used the code HOLIDAYS (would not allow GIFTS) and paid 44-cents for 2 holiday mats with in-store pick-up.

  5. maya

    super cute mats.. I picked up one and its a little thin but if it lasts even one holiday season its totally worth it!

  6. Jenny

    I did not have this in my coupons

  7. y

    I’m so done with kmart and sears with these stupid points. I went there the other day to use points and of course some things in my cart did not qualify. Just so frustrating. I don’t need the extra stress holiday or no holiday. Bye bye.

    • Amber

      I won’t shop in-store anymore if I intend on using points. I do online orders with in-store pick up because you can see before checking out if they will apply or not. If they don’t I find something else or say forget it.

  8. Molly

    Honestly, I hate the shop your way points and free cash program. So many exclusions that are never listed and so tricky to use in store. Employees literally have no idea what points are or how to help. Wish the program was more user friendly and not so sneaky.

    • Me

      I agree with you. That is why the only way I will use the points is to do it online since it will show if the Freecash points apply. I am done with shopping in the store with these points since one time I had a $ off home items. and brought something from nearly every dept. that I could think of that was home, and NOTHING took the points off! Online, it took them off the same exact types of items I had brought to the register. Ugh! I am just hanging in with the headache and free points because, honestly, I think eventually Kmart and Sears are going bye bye. I’ll miss the fun sweeps, etc, but not the headaches in checkouts and shopping in store.

    • Thalia

      I agree. I can never figure out how to make the freecash points work. I add what they tell me are eligible items and they do not take the points off. The other day I had to place my order with a live chat customer rep and even he said it should’ve worked. The regular points show up easy enough but what a nightmare trying to order using extra points!

  9. AP

    I know it’s a doormat, but I see people commenting that these are thin. I use the flimsy cheap mats in places like in front of my fridge, in front of the kitchen sink, in front of the bathroom sink, etc.

    • maya

      I agree !

  10. Cindy

    My issue is when I get the $5 FREECASH to spend on anything (with exclusions) and then it disappears before the expiration date. I went to Sears yesterday and I’m positive the offer expires on 12/19 but it was no longer available. This isn’t my first experience with this either, so it’s frustrating.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Darn! Sorry to hear that Cindy!

    • MrsK

      Yes, this happens to me also. I KNOW that it was before the expiration date, but when I try to redeem, it mysteriously disappears. Very frustrating.

    • Jenn

      Yes!!! Me too! So far $10 in the last few days and both had expirations on Christmas Day! Errrrrr!!!!! So frustrating but thankful that I know I am not going crazy bc it is happening to others. 😂

  11. Debbie

    I’m a long time user of the SYWR program and usually had pretty good luck with it. Not this season however! Items I’ve ordered have either not shown up at all or been super delayed (by over a month sometimes!). Customer service is hit or miss. I just logged in again and saw the doormat credit but it’s not applying to my account at checkout…maybe they’re tired of dealing with me!

    • Lorrie

      Call customer service and ask to speak to a tech person: they often give you regular points to compensate for the freecash issues!

  12. Sam

    I have shutterfly $25 off holiday cards with free shipping code from toysrus exp 12/20 looking for kohls cash or gift card email ssamy0613 at gmail dot com

  13. hrosana

    i dont have the $5, but I do have $10 to spend at sears for sporting goods, $10 for beauty at kmart, $10 clothing for sears, and $3 for jewelry!!! so excited!!

    • Vee

      Lol. I have the sporting goods offer too. But when I put something in my cart that should be eligible because I used all the filters, it doesn’t apply the points. Good luck. Hope you can get it to work

      • hrosana

        i am having the same issue with the beauty care it only applies a $1.00 ughhh

      • JenD

        I’m having the same issue! The points show up on my SYW page but not on my Sears page. I have some great offers I want to use. Frustrating…

    • LaToya

      I have these as well. Though for some reason I’m not able to get the $10 sporting goods one to show up in my cart at checkout. …

    • Mary

      I had the $10 in sports and was sooo excited… But when I went to the deal is $10 off a Foosball table. Really?? Why didn’t it just say that from the beginning?!

  14. Megs

    I like syw rewards, but it’s a nightmare to use in store at my Kmart. The registers are so outdated & the employees always say that there are no points coming up to use, even though I have the app on my phone and show them. Checkout always takes at least triple the time it would at target, even for an online order that is already paid for. I’m thinking I’m done doing shopping at Kmart and Sears as well. I’ve realized I’d rather have a more positive shopping experience and save time, vs. save an extra dollar and get a headache!

    • hrosana

      that is so true

  15. Indhu

    I don’t see any $5 reward in my acct 😐

    • MrsK

      You are not alone, I didn’t have it either.

  16. Missy

    I never receive any free points from sears EVER !

  17. E

    I ordered online for in store pickup. Using points in store is hit or miss, the last few times I have tried at Sears, the points won’t work. The cashier has ended up manually applying the points somehow. Just takes time. Kmart, I just use order pickup. Have gotten a lot of points this season, and I was able to get my daughter baby alive for free with points, it’s the only thing she asked for for Christmas. Worth the hassle for me because I get so much stuff for free.

  18. Niya

    For me, both Free cash & HOLIDAYS codes are applied and I ordered 2 door mats for FREE( $5 + left over 0.42 in my account)

  19. James J.

    If you use shopyourway points just don’t expect anything and then if it works out it’s like a suprise, no let downs, after all it is free point’s.

  20. Kalene

    I had this offer, as well as a $30 off of a $30 purchase offer! I ordered 2 doormats, 3 carter’s sleepers, and a shirt for $2.08! Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      What an awesome score! You’re most welcome! 😀

  21. Roxy

    I love them. I bought one that says Wipe your Paws and I use it as a mat for the cat food bowl.

    • Wendy R.

      I’ve done the same!! They look cute and totally free!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Too cute! Thanks for sharing Roxy!

      • Dianne

        I use it in front of the pet door.

  22. Pm

    I have $58 in free cash in various dept and I don’t know how these freecash work? What are the steps to redeem them?

  23. sharon

    I had that offer and a $25 off of $25 in the home department. So I ordered a really nice bath towel (can never have too many of those) and a doormat for a grand total of 16 cents! And then I placed another order for the totally free holiday doormat. AND it says my store has free drive up pickup where they’ll bring it to your car. I don’t even have to go inside! 🙂
    Thanks so much for all the great and fun deals!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  24. mommyrn5

    Thanks for the deal! I’m excited about having a cute doormat for the holidays!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You are SO welcome!

  25. amy

    I bought a tree that was 50 used the gifts code and got back 55 in points. A little money maker. They also have other trees on sale and get back 50 in points

  26. Kathryn

    Thanks for posting this! I saw the one on Kmart for $5 off $10 on door mats and was happy this one was not that way, ordered two!

    Shop your way can be very frustrating, but I have found it worth the effort, unlike some who posted here. They have a lot of inconsistencies so be prepared!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Glad you could snag them! YW!

  27. Patty

    Here are some shutterfly codes for 40% off everything:
    DK4F- 7BA9-MS1G-ZK54EB
    DK4F-EK9W- UD4Y-38F4RA

    50% off hardcover photo books:

    They all expire Dec 31st! Merry Christmas!

  28. Lisa

    Thanks. I would have been able to get one for free. Just letting others know I didn’t see the offer in my account but added one doormat and it was free. And it wasn’t another offer because I tried another home item and didn’t get the deal. However I did already spend my$5 freecash from last week’s game. Just warning others in case they haven’t spent that $5 and see the mat for free it could be applying the other $5. In the end decided not to get since they didn’t have at my preferred store and not worth the drive for me to go to another one.

  29. Amber

    Ok so I’ve had pretty good luck with the program in the past. Recently it’s gotten harder to use points. I never use points in store anymore. I do notice that there is a difference in points between the app and online, so I mainly use Kmart’s website to check my points. They keep removing and replacing different point offers. I will say over the past day or two I’ve placed 10 orders to use the points they have given me. I ordered stuff I needed and saved money. Pickup is sometimes time consuming but I have a lot of patience so it pays off. I even had $8 off $15 grocery purchase which is basically unheard of. I definitely took advantage of that. Good luck all!!

  30. Sofia

    Out of topic but I have shutterfly $25 off holiday cards and free shipping code from P&G that I wish to trade with those that came Kohl’s and David’s bridals or any other retailers EXCEPT Rewards ‘R’ us and Gymboree. Please email cheapipay29 (at) Thanks!

    • Sofia


  31. Mel

    I have $10 eddie bauer. Looking for shutterfly free shipping code, not from gymboree. from any other retailer. Please email me s3280 at aol dot com. Thanks!

  32. Hana

    Thank you, got two. I had extra points and used code Holiday to get two free door mats. They are thin, but work great inside.

  33. *Angela-Miles*

    I love shopyourway.. .Ive had a few problems over the years, but for the most part good experiences. I got one of these mats two weeks ago on my bi weekly shopping trip to knart…to use my $20 points I earn every two weeks from sweeps. We Had REALLY bad wind this past week and I came home to find my mat GONE Lol!!!! I’ve never had a mat fly away, I went searching and found it in the neighbors shrubs hahahha. Glad I found it, cuz its cute. But it is thin. I got the Let it snow one. It’s still looks new after being used for two weeks and flying threw the air 😉 🙂 . Might get me another for under my kitchen sink.

    • Indhu

      Just curious, which sweeps do you play to get $20 ?

      • *Angela-Miles*

        Hello Indhu, sorry for the delayed response. I play all of the sweeps under the Instant win tab, and then all of the ones under the Xtra tab also. Sometimes I get an email with an bonus sweeps in it called Sweeps weekly…I click on the link and that specific sweep “Sweeps weekly” you can only play once a seems like once or twice a month I win $3 or $4 from that sweep. It does take alittle time to play them all, but not too bad. Being persistent is key. Oh and don’t forget about Wild Wednesday sweep for a few extra points!! Good Luck 🙂

  34. bbc

    I love love love shopyourway rewards!! I have gotten so many free things over this past month, they have given me so many free points. So far I have been given over $60 and you can apply the to anything sold by Kmart or Sears. I love them!

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