Cheap Lunch Alert! Olive Garden Breadsticks, Salad or Soup AND Entree ALL for Just $5.94

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For a limited time, Olive Garden is offering 15% off Catering and ToGo orders when you use promo code TOGO15 at checkout! Even sweeter, Olive Garden is offering the Lunch Duo special for just $6.99 and is valid Monday – Friday until 3PM.

The $6.99 Lunch Duo special includes breadsticks, your choice of soup or salad AND your choice of Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Eggplant Parmigiana Breadstick Sandwich, Italian Meatball Breadstick Sandwich or Grilled Vegetable & Cheese Piadina. Other entree options are available for an additional charge.

Snag a cheap lunch with this deal idea…

Lunch Duo ToGo $6.99
includes breadsticks, soup or salad and entree
Use promo code TOGO15 (15% off)
Final cost $5.94!

Have you joined Olive Garden’s eClub?

If not, sign up now and score a coupon valid for a FREE appetizer or dessert with the purchase of 2 adult entrees!

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Comments 71

  1. Jenny


  2. Luv

    That’s pretty good 😊

  3. Pris

    Do you guys tip when you get to go orders?

    • Rebecca

      Yes, I just don’t leave as much as I would if I was dining in.

    • Sasha

      No tip unless I ask for extras.

    • MidwestMama

      Absolutely! Usually 10% if I go in to get. If I curbside to go, 15%.

    • Cj Lapp

      As a former server, I beg you to please tip on takeout. I was required to report 10% of my total sales each day. One day we had a convention in town and I ended up with over $800 in takeout sales. I got $0 from those guests. Yet, I had to report that I made over $80 that I didn’t actually make, otherwise I would be fired. I requested the restaurant change their policy on charging gratuity on takeout and they would not. I quit but only after losing money by serving takeout over 2 years.

      • Jennlk84

        Wow, that’s terrible. :-/

        We don’t do takeout like this very often but I did always wonder what people tipped as a % since it’s a little different than dining in. Thanks for sharing!

      • Katie D.

        CJ—they asked you to falsify records? Seems highly illegal.

        • D

          Yup very illegal. they just didn’t want to pay you what they should have. At the restaurant I work at the to go staff is actually paid the same as the cooks and they get tips so they end up making more. I never tip to go because the cooks work harder than them and they don’t get tips so I don’t agree with tipping them. Their job is not that’s hard. You don’t tip the workers at McDonald’s that ring in your order and set it up.

      • Cj Lapp

        A day like this that i had $800 in takeout was rare. But it was this day that was the deciding factor on staying or quitting. Sometimes you suck it up because you have to. The point was that servers still spend a lot of time getting everything together, if not more items for takeout orders. Please tip.

      • Elaine S

        Not to be rude, but you stayed at the job for 2 years. That would mean most of the time, the tips were well worth keeping the job so long. If you only worked take-out and were losing money every day, it would seem you would quit after a few weeks. So tipping means the daily pay changes depended on where you worked, but the other parts of the job paid enough to make a living. I don’t know what the right thing to do is, but I know that the person who serves me a $50 steak is not doing more than the one who serves me my Olive garden pasta. I would almost guess unlimited soup or salad who make OG job harder. But based on percentages, steak gets more tip for less work. So the American system is flawed. Restaurants should pay a fair wage instead.

    • TaraB

      Do you also tip Mc Donalds workers or Dunkin. Nope. If I sit and eat in a place I will tip well but walking in picking up my food and walking out I do not tip. Sorry you know what kind of job you are doing.

      • CrystalDawn

        Wow I didn’t expect to see such nasty comments! I worked at the bar at a restaurant and was required to assemble to to go orders. Most people did not tip me. Some shifts I spent the majority of my time running around putting together these orders and would go home with so little. Please tip them a little something. No, not as much as you would a server when you sit down but these employees are still providing a service for you and rely on tips to make a livable wage.

        • Terrie Swanson

          I don’t think that people mean to be nasty and I haven’t read any nasty comments as of yet on this page just honesty. By explaining what is going on behind the scenes to the customers, you will garner more tips than declaring that people speaking their mind are being nasty. Just saying!

          • CrystalDawn

            Good thing I am a teacher now so I’m good, thanks! I feel for people working in the service industry.

      • Cj Lapp

        Until you spend time as a server, I guess you will not understand. That’s fine. Just keep going to McDonald’s then. Someone asked about tipping and I am just sharing my experience.

        • ana

          I was a waitress and I never felt entitled to anything. I will say the men tip awesome and women.. not so much 😀

    • Tina L

      I don’t want to tip that’s why I pick up my order, I order take out often from different restaurants. I never know that I should tip when I pick up my order.

      • Luvtoshop

        We do the same, mostly because we are sick if trying to have a nice meal, while people are yelling into their cell phones or allow their kids to do whatever they want in a public place. This whole tipping thing has gotten out of hand, if this is the case are we now tipping the salesperson that assisted me on my shoe purchase? They had to go get shoe, ring me up, etc…I shouldn’t have to tip at Panera, it annoys me that is an option if paying with card.

    • Mary C

      Most servers working the take-out counter make the same wage as the servers that work the tables. They make $2.13 per hour in my state, the same as other servers, bar tenders, bussers (aka bus “boys”), bar backs. and host/hostess. The servers that ring up the food/drink (to-go servers, table servers and bartenders) all share tips with the bussers, hosts, and bar-backs (who assist the bar tenders) but they are responsible for paying tax on income equal to 10% of their food/drink sales. When you don’t tip you are costing these people money out of their pocket. Please don’t eat at restaurants if you don’t wish to tip. This includes take-out.

      • Lisa

        This is a great conversation. 10% for sit-down seems a little low… but maybe OK for take-out? We did 20% last night ( for sit-down) and I wondered if we should have done more?? I’d love to see a post on what is appropriate. 🙂

        • Carly Lapp

          So unfortunately this is where location and how expensive a restaurant is affect how much a server gets paid. But, when I go out to eat as a former server, I don’t even consider the total of the bill but how well the server did the job and if I had extra questions or requests. I normally leave $5-6 for 2 people (mind you, we do your typical Red Robin type restaurants, nothing fine dining). By leaving that amount, it normally falls in the 18-20% range. I believe that is an ok amount. If they are real slow or service is extremely friendly and good, we leave upwards of $10. My hubby is the one who usually writes in the tip and it has helped to tell him “just be sure to leave at least $5/2 guests.

        • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          Thanks for the feedback, Lisa! I will be sure to pass this along to the Hip2Save team!

      • Josie

        A case could similarly be made that taking advantage of certain discounts that truly don’t cause us to order more, but to order only what we have to in order to barely qualify for a discount, would be taking advantage of a situation.
        Yes, by all means tip the servers in all cases, and maybe be more generous than usual when we’re already getting a great deal. I think it’s paying it forward.

  4. Sandy


    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Sandy!

  5. Jane Faught

    This is coming up at 10.78 for me.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, I still find it listed at $6.99 before I apply the code. It is only available M-F until 3pm. Hope that helps!

  6. MrsK

    Funny. In the highlighted blue section of this post:
    includes breadsticks, sour or salad and entree
    “sour” or salad. Thank you for the smile it brought to my face. 🙂

    • Desert Rose

      Lol I scratch my head for a moment

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Whoops! Thanks for catching! Just fixed! 😉

  7. Kate

    This is perfect. I got an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas and this sounds like a great way to use it.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Totally! Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Belle

    Oo, great lunch idea! 🙂

  9. Sandra

    Thank you trying this out tomorrow.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  10. Lisa

    I just read that Olive Garden has Zucchini noodles available in place of pasta. SWEET!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Really? That is awesome!

    • Jenny

      That is correct. It is one of our new dishes, but it is mixed with whole-grain linguine.

  11. Joy

    My son is in a high school math class and they are working on figuring out how much to tip in restuarants. The teacher’s rule of thumb is 10% for fair service, 15% for good service and 20% for great service. This is also what our family members who are servers say to do as well.😊

  12. Tori

    Okay for those who don’t tip for restaurant take out – please explain to me the difference in the amount that has to be done to justify not tipping?

    Take your order – same, bring your food to you – same, package your food – take out, provide you with a drink – same if you order one, check you out – same…… the only difference is you sit & someone brings it to you versus you don’t sit & someone brings it to you. Btw the take out containers and packaging cost the restaurant much more than doing the dishes. It’s not 100% less work & the argument that you have to go get it doesn’t wash as you have to go to the restaurant to eat there anyways.

    I always do 10% for take out and 15-20% for eat in.

    • ana

      Sounds like you got your answer. Glad you could talk this out.

      • NV

        LOL ana! That was my thought as well!

        I order online or call it in. Sure, it has to be “taken” but then it’s packaged in the to-go containers by the kitchen staff (at most places we go). The staff at the restaurant puts it in the bag. Brings it to the front. I take it home. Done.

        I run a business (not a restaurant) and the simplistic view of cost that is presented here is a little odd to me. There is far more labor involved in a party of 4 dining inside the restaurant vs. getting take-out containers. I think you’re missing that fact, here. No one refilling beverages. No one wiping tables clean. No one re-setting tables. No one washing dishes from the “front of the house.” Just the labor alone is far less for take-out vs. dining in.

        Being “bullied” into tipping is what is wrong with America today (among other things). People should tip for exceptional service. I don’t tip at Dunkin Donuts (blasphemy!). I don’t always tip for take-out (esp if I barely get a “hello” when I come in!). And I don’t always tip 20% when I dine out (though I usually tip MORE, esp if the service is really excellent). You do you, I’ll do me, but don’t tell me I should be tipping for take-out b/c of “blah blah blah.” I work exceptionally hard for my customers… I assure you, there is no tipping involved in my industry!

        • Tiffany

          Well written and I totally agree with you

  13. Tori

    >>>>BTW sitting in a restaurant as I typed this<<<<

  14. maddy

    Can anyone tell me ,do I need to tip delivery guy whose gonna bring my catering order for my baby’s second bday party.
    I already paid for delivery charges along with total and tax.
    Coz they gonna do setup of the food too it seems.

    • Jenny

      Yes. The delivery fee is not the tip. 100% of the delivery fee goes to the company as a way to compensate for all the materials (plates, plastic ware, warmers, racks, etc) being used for your catering order.

    • mamasweetpea08

      Yes, I would factor that in to my total cost especially since the person is not only delivering but also setting everything up. It makes me think of birthday parties I’ve booked for my kids. Yes, we’ve paid for all the fees and it includes the host (or party leader) but we still tip the party host or hosts especially for job well done.

  15. Mommyof5

    Awesome lunch for my husband. Thanks

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  16. Ed

    I know this might be off topic (tipping) but,

    Does any one know
    when promo code TOGO15 expires ?
    How many times same customer/smartphone can use it ?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I’m not able to find the end date on this so it seems like it’s only available for a limited time.

  17. Hasina

    Thanks, great deal to order and deliver to ‘Shut-ins’.

  18. Laura

    I will have to say that I think everyone needs to work in retail and as a server. Once you do so your views of everything in the retail and restaurant industry will change. In retail if it is in the clothes industry you will appreciate anyone who tries on clothing and actually attempt to hang the item on the hanger again. I can not tell you how many people would just leave everything they tried on in a pile on the floor, I always wondered what their home looked like:) It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means, just put it back on the hanger at least. In the food industry, you’ll realize that a server just got every single one of their tables sat and it could take a little longer. If you need a refill go ahead and ask another server, it is ok, they are supposed to help eachother. For takeout yes please tip a dollar or two on every entree. It doesn’t have to be 15%, but someone is putting it together for you and those people that are doing that make $2.13 per hour. This is the same that it was over 15 years ago when I was serving. I never received a paycheck for my hourly wage, they were always $0 due to tip out claims. So the only money earned is actually tips.

    • PrincessMom

      Agreed! I spent many, many years in the restaurant business and I’ve worked everything from neighborhood dives to fine dining. The difference in the way some people tip used to amaze me. I’d have a couple come in and order a five course meal with wine service, $500 check, and leave me $10 since “they don’t need to tip on a $200 bottle of wine” since “all I did was open it.” I’d be waiting on another couple at the same time, they’d get an app to split, 2 entrees and a couple of glasses of wine and leave me $30 on a $100 check and thank me for taking good care of them. And, yes, the takeouts where I’d spend 15 minutes checking and packaging the order, sometimes having to make the salads and slice/wrap the bread, and no tip at all. I did it all for so long because, overall, the money was very good. I’m not saying you need to tip for takeout as if you ate there but I do give them at least a couple of dollars when I pick up the order with a bit more depending on how large an order/how many requests I made for things on the side etc. It was always VERY appreciated when customers would toss me a couple of dollars on a takeout because some nights I made my $2 change an hour and only had one or two tables to wait on in-house. Every penny counts on those nights! (And, when I’m out to eat and see they’re having one of those nights I always add an extra dollar to the tip–because of all the times I’d say, “If everyone just gave me an extra dollar I’d be OK tonight!”)

  19. Ashley


  20. Hannah

    I am adding the promo code, but it says discount is “-$0.00”

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, I still find code TOGO15 to apply the discount for me. Are you using copy & paste? If so, maybe try typing the code in. Hope that helps!

  21. BJ

    i worked in restaurants for many many years. Servers, to go people, etc. are NOT required to report tips they did NOT actually receive. For example, if a server, bartender, or a person working the to go section is only paid $2.13 an hour (or less than minimum wage) then the employer is REQUIRED by law to make sure that employee leaves with at least the regular minimum wage. They have to make up the difference.

    If an employer is forcing workers to claim a certain amount of tips, then the employee needs to speak up and say “hey, I didn’t make that amount.” It’s just policy that many restaurant owners will have a certain amount like 10% because the majority of servers do not report all of their cash tips. However, none of these workers is walking away with less than minimum wage…as long as they understand the laws.

    Many servers end up making twenty dollars an hour sometimes. At Olive Garden though….not so much – I heard the tips there are awful. Regardless, it is no different than someone busting their butt at a fast food place and they don’t get tips.

    I have worked as a cook in many restaurants too. And they usually do not get to share any tips. And they are back there busting their butts in all kinds of hectic craziness too. So no….do not feel obligated to tip as if you are depriving the employee of income. It is the restaurant owner’s obligation to ensure they leave with at least minimum wage pay.

    • Tiffany

      Well said.

    • MammaK

      agreed well said

    • Jane

      I was a waitress for MANY years and I totally agree with BJ. Yes, tipping is a nice thing to do, but it should never be an obligation. It’ not anyone’s job to make sure I make a good living. I did to go orders too and it’s definitely NOT as involved as spending time with a family at their table. I have run my tail off fetching food, refilling drinks, cleaning up spills etc. Handing over an order thru a drive thru – even after bagging it up is not hard in any sense of the word compared to taking care of several tables at once. The restaurant’s job (by law) is to make sure the employee is paid at least minimum wage. 🙂

  22. Bjguest

    I went today for the lunch soup and salad for n Longview TX. I was told the price on this website hasn’t been that in years. Hence I paid $7.49ish. Don’t remember the exact change, but over $7.

  23. Kate

    I did this deal yesterday and it was great! It was more food than I expected and it ended up being two lunches for me. The sandwich came with fries, so I had those right away and saved the salad and breadsticks for lunch the next day. It was a good size salad and that alone made a good lunch for me. I spent $6 and got two lunches so I was very happy with this deal.

    • ann

      Can you tell me which sandwich you got? I was thinking about it but I’ve never had a sandwich from OG.

      • Kate

        I got the Italian Meatball Breadstick Sandwich. I’ve never had a sandwich there before either, but I really enjoyed it, despite it being messy to eat. It isn’t something I’d get often, as I usually prefer to eat more healthy options, but it was good. If you like their breadsticks I think you’d like it, as that is what the sandwich bread is.

    • mamasweetpea08

      that sounds good. wish i had an OG near work

  24. woopdee

    Restaurants should just pay a normal wage. Any voluntary tipping beyond that is just a bonus. So if you get no tip, oh well, you still earned your expected paycheck. If you do get a tip, congrats, more $ for you.

  25. MammaK

    I have to say some service people deserve more than others. I was at Chevy’s for my sons 21 birthday and the waiter spilled all the drinks and most if them land on me. I was not compensated anything on the bill the mangers even came over and said sorry but that is all that waiter received no tip.

  26. hrosana


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