Try Weight Watchers With NO Starter Fee AND Discounted Monthly Plans

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Eat healthy in 2018!

Through January 15th, join Weight Watchers and get the $20 Starter Fee completely waived plus get limited time discounts on monthly plans. That means you can join for FREE with no starter fee AND get an Online Plus 3-Month program for only $47 (regularly $59.85) – that’s just $3.62 per week!

Easy to track and NO off limit foods!

If you have tried Weight Watchers in the past, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the new Freestyle program makes it even easier to keep track of Smart Points – and NO food is off limits as long as it fits within your daily Smart Points allowance. Awesome!

Use the Weight Watchers App and online tools to help you manage, track and learn more about healthy choices. And it can be all done online – only attend meetings if you want to.

How to score the best deal…

Sign up for the Weight Watchers Online Plus program by January 15th, which gives you three months of Weight Watchers for just $47 (regularly $59.85) AND you’ll get the $20 starter fee waived.

Plus, take advantage of the “Lose 10 Pounds on Us” promotion to get your first two months for FREE! If you lose 10 pounds within the first two months, simply fill out the refund form with proof of weight loss and you’ll get a refund for the first two months fees, or a free two-month extension! Note that this promotion is not available in some areas, so be sure and check program details.

Online Membership Deal Idea:

Online Plus 3 Month Membership $59.85
Starter Fee $20

Total = $79.85
Starter Fee Waived ($20 off)
Savings Plan Discount ($12.85 off)
Pay $47
Get two months free when you lose 10 pounds in 60 days
Final cost just $15.67 after refund!

Prefer to go to local meetings?

Chose the unlimited meetings with free online tools option and you’ll get all the online tools you need to be successful! Plus you can still take advantage of the “Lose 10 Pounds on Us” promotion to get your first two months FREE!

Unlimited Meetings + Online Tools 3 Month Membership $134.85 – only available for select areas
Starter Fee $20
Total = $154.85
Starter Fee Waived ($20 off)
Savings Plan Discount ($29.25 off)
Pay $105.60
Get two months free when you lose 10 pounds
Final cost just $35.20 after refund!

Here’s what Hip2Save readers have to say about Weight Watchers…

My husband joined a couple of weeks ago and he has lost 7 lbs. so far. Our whole family is eating healthier and I love how there are no “bad” foods.

This is the most user friendly version of their program so far! No more carrying around all the points books and calculator. You smart phone can literally do it all! Works with both iPhone and Android. You can also sync your apple watch or fit bit to the app and it will track and give you credit for activity!

I’ve been on the FREESTYLE program now for 1 month today and I am happy to say that I’ve lost 11.5 pound – I absolutely LOVE this program. Being that I started right here during the Holiday season I thought it would be a slow, difficult process – but it’s been so easy to manage and the fact that there are over 200 ZERO point foods (woo hoo!) you can’t go wrong – and best of all I can have WINE!

I just joined WW and LOVE it. There are so many 0 point foods and the app makes it so easy, you can look up food and scan bar codes to track. It takes out all the guesswork. I just joined and I lost 6.2 lbs my FIRST week. I cannot remember the last time I was able to lose weight. Seriously, do not think just try it. With the rebate offer, what do you have to lose other than weight?

I’ve done WW before but I love this new upgraded program! So many zero point options and carry over unused points!

I have been on Weight Watchers now for 10 months and it is so worth it! After the first couple of weeks, it gets easier. It is all about portion control and eating the foods you like. I’ve lost 60 pounds and working towards lifetime. I’ve never been this successful with a program. Give it a try if you are ready!

Lifetime Member. I lost 50 lbs 10 years ago and have successfully kept it off until this past 2 years. Huge life change, kids graduating and moving out etc. got the best of me, but I’m pleased to say that I took that step again this past week and am ready to get the extra lbs back off. I’m thrilled with my first few days, the app is incredibly helpful and having over 200 free foods makes this plan SO very doable. Worth every single penny!

Have you tried Weight Watchers? Share your experience below!
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  1. LC

    I signed up and I’m really really hoping it works for me!! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

    • Kat

      It works!! I lost 30 lbs. last year. Look for groups on Facebook, there are a ton of very helpful support groups. You’ll find having a good grocery list and a few recipes from some seasoned pros will help. Also seeing the before and after pics is very motivating. Meal prepping also helped me a lot. You can pretty much eat anything, but you’ll want to eat sensible low point meals most of the time so you’ll have points for splurges, fast food, and alcohol and still be within plan. Good luck!

  2. Wendy

    I love WW!! I’m a lifetime member since last January. This is such an easy plan especially with the new Freestyle plan! If you are thinking about joining…do it! You won’t be disappointed!

    • Mari

      I did we before, what are some of the 0 points now? I remember before it was vegetables…. just curious how it’s changed before I sign up

      • Melissa

        I just signed up! Trying to loose baby weight though it’s now 2 Years since I had my daughter. The zero point foods are fruits. Veggies. Skinless chicken breast. Fish and seafood. Beans. Good luck to everyone! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

      • Jacob

        It’s changed a ton! Eggs are free chicken and turkey breast are free. Beans are free! Deli meat: turkey or chicken are free non fat yogurt or Greek yogurt are free

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for your recommendation Wendy! Glad to hear how pleased you have been with this program! 🙂

    • LC

      How do you lose weight though, if you can eat anything you want??

      • jen

        By eating very little of it!

        • Daniela

          Chicken breast is zero points but you need to be reasonable. You are not going to sit there and eat 4 whole chicken breasts or 3 lbs of shrimp. This new freestyle plan just gives you a guideline and pushes you towards making healthier choices. If steak is 12 points but tilapia is zero, everyone on WW will reach for tilapia. It also depends on how it is prepared. Fried in butter? Not zero points.

      • Kat

        LC: I wouldn’t say you have to eat very little or anything. You’re going to be learning about portion control and balance. I was never hungry or felt deprived AND I could still drink several glasses of wine and be on plan. You’ll eat lean proteins and lots of fresh produce and legumes. Basically just not eating like crap all the time and resetting your knowledge about healthy eating.

  3. Daniela

    Ebates $5 cash back for new members!!

    • MandaKay

      everytime I go to activate my ebates $5 then I can’t get back to the page that give the three month deal? Did you have a trick to it?

  4. Carlene

    Got $5 from Ebates yesterday for signing up! They take the fees out monthly so it’s only $17 and some change when you sign up. Plus they are still offering the $20 off if you loose 10 lbs in the first two months.

    • LC

      Do you have any idea how to prove that? Do I need to take a before picture?

      • Daniela

        You just weigh in at home and load the numbers into the app.

      • Julz

        LC, this is the first time ever that I have felt compelled to join in on a conversation publicly before. No, before & after photos unless you take them. You do weekly private with a ww leader, weigh ins. This an amazing plan! The pointers are, if possible attend all meetings. I’m at lifetime & down 115lbs for 10 months. I was at 200 plus lbs in grade school, & have fought all of my life to reach goal. If you want results plug into your local communities & attend meetings. Adopt the new family, & embrace your new habits, soon to be lifestyle and a lifetime of better health.
        I’m in no way getting referral bonuses nor was I paid to write this “review”. I hope this helps you answer a few questions. Love yourself to commit to at least 3 months. Believe in yourself!

        • LC

          Thank you for your experience, Julz!

  5. Bunny NW

    I love weight watchers and the program was so flexible. I lost 105 lbs in 2003/2004. I could still eat whatever I wanted the key was portion control. As the weight fell away I became more active and the more active I became the more points you earn for food. It really is an easy to follow program. I chose to do weekly meetings to keep me on track. For the most part the weight had stayed off until about two years ago. I had gained about 15 lbs. at that time my husband and I decided to cut almost all processed food from our diets and started to eat local. Not only did I lose the 15 lbs but an additional 10 lbs. I feel great and I still thank weight watchers for teaching me the importance of portion control.

    • LC

      so helpful- thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s awesome to hear! Thanks so much for taking a moment to share your success! 🙂

  6. Daniela

    The online plan doesn’t include in person classes and weigh in so if you need accountability, I would not recommend the online plan. I am currently in free maintenance mode so I no longer attend glasses, I just mostly eat the foods on the zero point list and read comments in the chat rooms and mentor others in online support groups. In the beginning I needed to be weighed in front of a person so I felt compelled to do my best. Now I just weigh myself and write it down.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful tips Daniela! Good to know what has worked best for you!

  7. Alyssa

    I joined WW one month ago TODAY and I’ve lost 12 lbs already! I’d tried WW when I was in college but didn’t stick with it— the new program is so much easier! I’m losing weight and don’t feel deprived of anything. The Connect feature on the app helps to motivate me and give me ideas from others that have been successful with WW. Seriously, it’s so worth it. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to spend money to lose weight, so I tried for two months to lose weight on my own, and I lost only 2 lbs. Starting WW was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself, and I think anyone trying to lose weight, whether it’s 200 lbs or 20 lbs, can benefit from it.

  8. Lk

    How do you achieve lifetime member?

    • Shellie the Bookworm

      To become a WW Lifetime Member, you must reach your goal weight which you choose with the help of your leader. It must fall within the healthy range for your gender, age, and height. There is a chart to refer to. You can also have a doctor’s note if your goal weight needs to be outside of that range. Once you hit your goal weight and maintain your weight for 6 weeks you are a lifetime member! You can attend meetings for free, as long as you weigh in once per month within 2 pounds (I think) of your goal. If you go over you have to pay if you wish to keep attending. Please correct me if I am wrong, WW friends!

  9. Michele

    Do you have to have the app on your phone? Can you use your computer for it instead?

    • JT

      You can use the app or website to follow the online program.

  10. JT

    I have tried WW in the past, with little success. I began following the new Freestlye program 1 week ago and I have already lost 7 pounds!!!!! It’s so easy to adapt & the website and app are both easy to navigate. I’m so glad I decided to give the new program another try 😃

    • LC

      You’ve lost 7 lbs in a week?! Holy cow! Great job!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! How cool! Thanks for the feedback! And congrats on your success!

  11. Dana

    As a personal trainer (not associated w WW) I always recommend WW to clients. All the exercise in the world can’t erase poor eating. The program isn’t a pill, a shake you drink or a quick fix. WW teaches you how to make healthier food choices that become a lifestyle and ultimately leads to a better life. Weight loss is a bonus. There are so many “diets” or eating programs out there but many are very restrictive about what foods you can eat and usually end up in failure. I advise my clients to spend a few hours on the weekend doing food prep for their meals as the easiest way to stick w a healthier lifestyle. If at least some of your foods are prepped you won’t be tempted to order out or eat “junk” food even when you’re crunched for time. I love that WW allows you to have treats and foods you enjoy…it just makes you accountable for the choices you make. For those on the fence about doing this I hope you do. You only get one life so why not try to make it the best you can.

  12. Caroline

    I know I’m late to this post but hopefully I’ll get some responses. Does anyone know how this works if you’re still breastfeeding? I don’t want to drop in supply, but I’ve got to do something about this weight. The weight, worring about breastfeeding, along with my PPD is really starting to get to me…

    • Shellie the Bookworm

      Caroline, congratulations on your little one! And breastfeeding is something I miss dearly (except for the pain, you are super mama!) Weight Watchers welcomes nursing mothers and accommodates for breastfeeding by adding points to your daily “budget” of food. When I was breastfeeding I kept up my milk supply by drinking lots of water of course, and eating when I felt hungry even if I went over my daily or weekly points. Usually that meant my son was eatiing more. Weight Watchers was such a supportive group after having my second baby. My baby was always welcome in the meetings. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me, or your local WW meeting place. Facebook: Shellie Hoyt

    • Alyssa

      I’m currently on WW and exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old. I get plenty of extra points to accommodate while still losing weight! I lost 12 lbs the first month and I haven’t seen a decrease in my supply at all.

  13. Sharon

    Can’t find how to get to place with info on weight watchers

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Sharon! Be sure to review the offer details above and click through the link to find additional information. Let us know if you have a specific question that we can try to help answer!

  14. ashdlop

    I have been wanting to start back on WW. I didn’t take it seriously the first time around but I really prefer the points over calories thing. Wish me luck!

  15. Daniela

    Ebates is $10 today, for those who didn’t sign up yesterday.

    • Sadie

      So I joined today. I am wondering if someone knows the answer to this question…I’m not sure of my current weight but know about what it is. If I input my weight to finish the setup can I adjust it once I actually weigh myself? Thanks in advance!

  16. Sadie

    Sorry. I meant to post this ^^ under a new thread.

    Thanks Daniela for the ebates reminder!

  17. Nora

    I just noticed that there is a $10 weight watchers ebates offer. Is there any reason you can think of why you couldn’t take advantage of this offer in addition to the others?

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