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Cheap Versus Luxury Cosmetics Products: Which Beauty Items Will Win?!

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Love high-end beauty products, but hate the prices?!

If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the thought of spending more on a single beauty product than the cost of a lifetime supply of makeup remover! Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL about the “treat yourself” lifestyle, but who decided the price of beauty needed to jump near 3 figures?! 😳

Through the feedback from the Hip2Save team and lots & lots of customer reviews, I’ve rounded up popular luxury products and their less expensive alternatives in the most common beauty product categories. Read on to see what’s worth the splurge and what dupes are the real deal…


The Competitors:
LUXURY: Beautycounter Nourishing Rosewater Mist ($35)
LESS: Mario Badescu Rose Water Mist ($7)

My Thoughts: I honestly thought toner was a waste of money until I felt the refreshing mist from a quick spritz of rose water! It perks up your skin to help rejuvenate that healthy glow.

The most important thing to look for in toner is a solution that’s alcohol-free. The winner here is Mario Badescu Rose Water Mist – it’s both light AND hydrating, and most importantly, budget-friendly! That said, Beautycounter is also an awesome company that’s extremely transparent about the ingredients in their beauty products!

The Winner: Mario Badescu Rose Water Mist


The Competitors:
LUXURY: benefit The POREfessional Face Primer ($31)
LESS: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser ($6)

My Thoughts: This one is kind of an uneven playing field since the LUXURY option has a skin tint while the LESS option is clear. But given the quality and functionality, benefit POREfessional Primer takes the cake here. It glides over skin setting up the groundwork for a flawless finish on skin. Feel free to skip the foundation on days you need to get out the door FAST! The tint provides light coverage to softly blur away any blemishes.

To me, primer was also one of those “ehh.. do I really need this?” items. I found that the more I used it, the more I came to love it’s qualities. Primer smooths out skin to make for an easy foundation application. Is it super necessary? Nah… but does it make applying makeup a breeze? Most definitely!

The Winner: benefit The POREfessional Face Primer

Tinted Moisturizer

The Competitors:
LUXURY: HOURGLASS Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint ($56)
LESS: Boots Noº7 Dual Action Tinted Moisturizer ($14)

My Thoughts: Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a BB cream – that fad has come and perished. While I’ve come across too many “pigmented creams” that left my skin feeling dried out, these tinted moisturizers provide all the benefits that a great hydrating day cream would.

It almost pains me to say this since I personally LOVE the Boots Noº7 brand, but HOURGLASS Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint prevails in this category. Not only does it offer a wider range of shades over Boots, the hyaluronic acid which holds 100 times its weight in water is the ultimate hydrating compound – makeup and skincare in one! Mixed in with pigment, this is another product that gets you out the door with an impressive amount of facial coverage in no time!

The Winner: HOURGLASS Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint 

Liquid Foundation

The Competitors:
LUXURY: bareMinerals PRO Liquid Foundation ($30)
LESS: The Ordinary Liquid Foundation ($6)

My Thoughts: If you started reading this and thought, “wait, I normally use powder foundation”, I have to urge you to give liquid foundation a shot. It’s blendable consistency and phenomenal coverage is so worth jumping ship! This is another category where I’m little hesitant to say the winner, but having personally used both, bareMinerals barePRO Liquid Foundation is absolutely fantastic!

Let me be honest here – I use The Ordinary Liquid Foundation on a DAILY BASIS. The $6 price point mixed with the all natural ingredients has me totally sold on this brand. But as far as the application and wear goes, bareMinerals knows their stuff. Oh, and if you still aren’t convinced on the liquid, there IS a powder version of the barePRO formula.

The Winner: bareMinerals PRO Liquid Foundation

HIP TIP: I recommend checking out the bareMinerals blending brush as well – it’s great for any liquid foundation application, even if it’s not specifically bareMinerals. Some other blending tools I’ve used are the Clarisonic oscillating makeup brush or the Real Techniques blender sponge.

When using a blender sponge, make sure you wet the sponge before use for a flawless application.


The Competitors:
LUXURY: benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer ($20)
LESS: NYX Dark Circle Under Eye Concealer ($6)

My Thoughts: I’ll get right into it – NYX Dark Circle Under Eye Concealer, you’ve stolen my heart. ❤️ Your creamy application, your subtle orange pigments that mask the blue undertones of my deep and dark under eye bags, your amazing price… I truly love this product! Listen, I’m proud of a lot of the genetics I’ve been blessed with, but dark circles sure isn’t one of them. If you’re in the market for a full coverage under eye concealer, give NYX a fair shot, especially at the $6 price point!

The Winner: NYX Dark Circle Under Eye Concealer


The Competitors:
LUXURY: Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($30)
LESS: Milani Baked Bronzer ($9)

My Thoughts: When it comes to bronzer, LESS IS MORE, unless you love unnecessary shimmer and appearing like you have extremely sunken in cheeks. 😱 When applied lightly along the hairline, jawline, and just beneath the cheekbones, the Milani Baked Bronzer will give you a subtle glow and some contour definition. Yup, another dupe wins the battle!

Bronzer (when applied with a light hand) will go a long way so no need to constantly restock, thus even MORE money saved! SWEET!

The Winner: Milani Baked Bronzer 


The Competitors:
LUXURY: Arbonne Blush in Dusty Rose ($32)
LESS: BHCosmetics Nude Blush Palette ($10)

My Thoughts: While I LOVE the idea of having so many shade options on one palette, I have recommended Arbonne Blush, specifically in the Dusty Rose shade, to everyone because it looks SO good on every skin tone! If you haven’t heard of Arbonne from your Facebook feed or through an invite to a product party, all of their offerings (skin care, makeup, nutritional supplements, and hair care) follow strict ingredient guidelines so you can feel great about what you’re putting on your skin.

The Winner: Arbonne Blush in Dusty Rose


The Competitors:
LUXURY: Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator ($26)
LESS: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter ($6)

My Thoughts: Here’s another toss up in the group. This category totally depends on how seriously you take your highlighter game. If you’re thinking to yourself, “wait, should I be using highlighter?” then go with Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter. It packs a punch of illumination (again, we’re back to less is more) at a very approachable price point. If you’re thinking, “I can’t get ENOUGH of the glitzy shimmer!” then opt for Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator. This pressed powder offers a golden sheen when brushed across cheekbones, brow bones, and the center nose bow – and the product itself looks dazzling ✨

The Winner: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter

Brow Color

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Glossier Boy Brow ($16)
LESS: Essence Make Me Brow ($3)

My Thoughts: Bold brows have become much more prominent in the past few years, and I am all about it! I have to say that both of these products have stellar reviews, though due to the cult-like following of Glossier, Boy Brow takes the win here. Glossier founder & CEO, Emily Weiss, is a beauty blogger turned entrepreneur giving me all the more reason to love her products. It doesn’t hurt that this brow wand boasts easy application and fills sparse brows in just a few swipes!

I could probably write a whole post on brow color products based on the variety of mediums – gels, creams, gel creams (um, okay?), powders, pomades, pencils… seriously, there are a TON! And I’ve tried most of them until I found my go-to method: brown eye shadow applied with a flat angled brush. The deep brown shade works great for my brunette brows but for any blondes out there having a hard time looking for shades not-too-dark while not-too-light, check out Kelly Baker brow products. I have a natural blonde friend who SWEARS by the pigments that fill in her brows with a natural yet pronounced look!

The Winner: Glossier Boy Brow

Brow Gel

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22)
LESS: NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel ($6)

My Thoughts: More brow products… I TOLD you brows were a big deal! Now that you’re good to go with brow color, these brow gels help tame stray hairs and keep your desired shape. Don’t hate me since this may go against competition protocol but I’m calling a TIE between Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel. Both lightweight gels offer hold and control over brows so it really comes down to your brand (and let’s be honest, price) preference since most reviews claim the products are pretty similar.

The Winner: BOTH Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

Eye Shadow

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54)
LESS: BHCosmetics Eyeshadow Palette ($9)

My Thoughts: I wear eye shadow solely on special occasions, which is a handful of times a year. However, Kimberly at Hip2Save uses eyes shadow like an artist which is why I fully trust her recommendation of the BHCosmetics Eye Shadow Palette!

While even she admits that Urban Decay is a bit more pigmented, her eye shadow application method utilizes a white NYX Jumbo Pencil as a primer before dabbing on her favorite BHCosmetics eye shadow shades to get incredibly bold colors on her eyelids! I’ve also heard that wetting an eye shadow brush before tapping into the powder can help boost the color. And don’t think these tricks are strictly for bright pigments – they’re great for neutrals too!

The Winner: BHCosmetics Eyeshadow Palette


The Competitors:
LUXURY: Stila Liquid Liner ($22)
LESS: NYX Epic Ink Liner ($8)

My Thoughts: I WANT to save you money, I really do, but after using both of these products, the winner is Stila Liquid Liner, and it’s worth every cent.

My issue with so many other liquid liners is the weird, streaky application that’s always distributed unevenly. If that wasn’t annoying enough, anytime I would try to fill in the patchiness, I would end up REMOVING the existing liner when running the pen tip back over. Those issues don’t exist with Stila and its super smooth and EVEN application. What’s more, it has a thin felt tip for precise lines and fantastic staying power. I’ve worn the liner to bed and it somehow STILL looked good in the morning.

The Winner: Stila Liquid Liner


The Competitors:
LUXURY: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23)
LESS: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise ($8)

My Thoughts: Even though L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise has been making waves with its voluptuous formula and low price point, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is a favorite among the Hip2Save team, and it’s NOT just for the cheeky name! Thousands of raving reviews and endorsements from our team boast its unique buildable formula – one coat for fullness, another coat to add length, and a third coat to build up curl and volume!

The Winner: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

There are A LOT of mascaras on the market, which is why I wanted to hand out some honorable mentions:
  •  Maybelline Great Lash: You know this one – the iconic pink and green tube encasing a formula that has stood the test of time, which is why it’s still widely available 40 years after its initial release!
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara: My personal choice for mascara and its ability to add volume and length in a single, non-clumping coat!
  • Essence Lash Princess: With amazing reviews, HUGE internet following, and a very low price point!

Lip Pencil

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Nars Velvet Lip Pencil ($27)
LESS: Sonia Kushuk Velvet Lip Pencil ($8)

My Thoughts: Chunky lip pencils are probably one of the easier methods to apply lip color with their denser formula and pointed tips for precision.

At first glance, these pencils look identical between the packaging and the name itself! Based on their reviews, they both glide on smoothly and produce long lasting matte color, but the Sonia Kushuk Velvet Lip Pencil is the winner considering it gets the job done at a fraction of the price. However, its only downfall is the lack of colors available so if you’re looking for a specific shade and can’t find it from this dupe, give Nars a try!

The Winner: Sonia Kushuk Velvet Lip Pencil


The Competitors:
LUXURY: MAC Matte Lipstick ($17.50)
LESS: NYX Matte Lipstick ($6)

My Thoughts: I’m so torn between these two lipsticks – MAC is KNOWN for it’s pigment-packed lipsticks available in every shade imaginable, while NYX created a dupe so comparable that it’s earned thousands of raving reviews. All that said, I have to hand it to MAC Matte Lipstick for its die-hard, cult-like following and offering 68 shades in the formula compared to NYX’s (still extremely impressive!) 45 shades. Life’s short, wear more lipstick.

The Winner: MAC Matte Lipstick 

Liquid Lipstick

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22)
LESS: ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick ($6.50)

My Thoughts: Liquid lipstick has completely changed my makeup game – it’s the only thing I spend more than 15 seconds applying as it definitely takes practice and isn’t very forgiving.

Having tried both products, ColourPop Liquid Lipstick is the best bang for your buck and gives your lips ALL DAY color in a non-drying formula. They actually share the same manufacturer as Kylie Cosmetics, the buzzy millennial “sells-out-instantly” brand! In addition to the satin finish, it’s also offered in ultra matte or ultra blotted, the blotted having a more sheer effect which I highly suggest for those just getting into liquid lipstick. It does dry slightly darker than shown in the tube so keep that in mind when picking out shades.

The Winner: ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick 

A tip in application Start with a lip exfoliator to remove chapped, dead skin then apply color with a lip brush to eliminate the look of dried creases in lips. When you’re ready to take it all off, use an oil-based remover.

Setting Spray

The Competitors:
LUXURY: OFRA Makeup Fixer Spray ($16)
LESS: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray ($6)

My Thoughts: Your makeup’s on and you’re ready to face the day (or night!), but that’s only HALF the battle. Save your artistry with OFRA Makeup Fixer spray that not only enriches your skin with aloe vera, chamomile flower extract, and vitamin E, the mist protects your skin against environmental damage like pollution and temperature changes. What’s even BETTER, it makes touch ups so simple – give your face a spray and blot the skin with a tissue followed by a quick dusting of powder for a smooth, velvety finish. What makes it the BEST is that even as a luxury item, it won’t break the bank!

The Winner: OFRA Makeup Fixer Spray

Setting Powder

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder ($38)
LESS: RCMA No Color Loose Powder ($12)

My Thoughts: You’re SOOO close to having your makeup done, I swear! Last but not least, setting powder – also called loose powder, finishing powder, compact powder… you get the gist.

The RCMA No Color Loose Powder is a favorite among makeup artists for its versatility and pigment-free formula that works with all shades of underlying makeup! Though it’s great that the winner here is the LESS option, you’re not going to find it easily on store shelves as it’s only available online. Check it out at Camera Ready Cosmetics for the cheapest shipping option and a free puff brush automatically added to your cart when you add the powder to your cart!

The Winner: RCMA No Color Loose Powder

Makeup Remover

The Competitors:
LUXURY: Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover ($40)
LESS: Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes ($6)

My Thoughts: Now that you’ve spent your money and time buying and applying these makeup products, it’s time to take it all off.

What’s that you say? You don’t feel like it and would rather go right to bed? Same. But that’s why Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes are a MUST HAVE. They’re easy enough to keep a pack in your nightstand for those “I’m too tired” moments. Because they’re made with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and triple purified water, they’re great for ALL skin types! At $6 a pop, keep a pack in your purse for fix-ups on the go, a pack in your gym bag to wipe away facial sweat, and a pack really anywhere else you see fit!

The Winner: Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes

Don’t see your go-to beauty items listed?

There are SO many options when it comes to makeup and I truly think every product featured in this post is FANTASTIC whether it won in its category or not. Let me know in the comments what products YOU love using!

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer of self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.

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Comments 142

  1. MichelleR

    Tarte Shape Tape is my holy grail undereye concealer. A little goes a LONG way. But I recently found an inexpensive dupe that I love just as well. It’s the Liquid Camouflage Concealer by Catrice. You can find it at Ulta for $5.99. I swear, it is exactly like Shape Tape which is $30.
    I’m also a big fan of the Lash Paradise Mascara, as well as one by Essence called Volume Stylist ($5 at Ulta).
    A drugstore foundation that I love, which could rival any high-end brand, is the Milani Conceal + Perfect. It’s a full coverage concealer that I apply with either a Beauty Blender or my Clarisonic brush. It’s amazing, and I’m already on my third bottle. At $8 (CVS), it doesn’t break the bank!
    I do use Laura Mercier loose powder from time to time, I really love the way it looks on my skin. But for everyday wear, I’m a big fan of the Coty Airspun loose powder. It’s been around for years, I remember my mother using it. It’s only $5 at Walmart.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thank you, Michelle! I’m definitely going to try out some of these suggestions. I’ve heard of Coty Airspun before and saw it has awesome reviews, I was close to featuring it in that setting powder category!

      • MichelleR

        If you can’t find it at your brick and mortar Walmart, you can order it on Walmart’s website. That’s what I had to do. The Translucent Extra Coverage one seems to work for everyone.

  2. SUSAN

    Baby shampoo is a great way to remove eye makeup.
    It’s budget-friendly, mild and gentle.
    Another super simple, wallet-friendly solution is coconut oil.

  3. Tammy Porter

    Ladies I love all the pro tips here. I wouldx offer some great way to get some amazing savings without breaking the bank and continuing to afford those luxury items you love . Belk offers coupons at various times in store and online throughout the year. For example during the holidays they offered buy 2 products get 15% off, 3 get 20%off 4 get 25% off. B1g1 50% off b1g1 30% off , just as recent as last week for 3 days 20% off. This is huge in the makeup industry and you can get those products you love listed above! Just some additional savings! 🙂 HOPE this is helpful. Even if you are not near a Belk you can order from free shipping I believe for cosmetics!!!!!

  4. Nicole S.

    Does anyone know of a good waterproof foundation? I use to use Clinique workout makeup but they discontinued it and I loved it. When you live with high humidity in the summer your foundation will just melt off your face.

    • TampaDonna

      You may want to look at a mineral (powder based) foundation. Bare minerals has been my go to in the past – I live in Florida and perspire a lot! I have started using their liquid formula (recommendation here) and think it is a GREAT option as well. Waterproof, no, but it certainly stays put in Florida head and humidity.

    • Maggie

      A good primer and setting spray will help with this. Urban Decay’s Allnighter spray is amazing. I have to double-cleanse to get my makeup off when I use it (and I’m in the Deep South too).

  5. April

    I’m not giving up my high end make but the brands nyx, colorpop and bhcosmetics do have some nice reasonably priced products. My high end makeup pallets last longer and get more use than most toys/video games I buy for my niece and nephew so yep it’s worth it lol.

  6. jeanette

    Wow, what a great list from the group i admire :)! Need a recommendation for a waterproof mascara; i tried the TooFaced recommended above, the waterproof version, but it still flaked off. A friend recommended the gold Tarte one…any reviews….any recommendations for waterproof mascara?

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Jeanette! I’ve used the waterproof version of the Maybelline Volum’ Express (listed in the honorable mentions section) and I truly love that mascara! Hope that helps!

      • jeanette

        Hi Emily! Thanks for the recommendation! …and that’s a great price point, too! 🙂

    • Cherry luva

      Hi, i as well believed the hype for that mascara. For me at least, IT cosmetics hello lashes 5 in 1 has been AMAZING, ive also tried every mascara at the drug store.

  7. Mary

    Emily, what a fabulous blog! It looks like you really did your homework and would like to add…YES you were blessed to have come from a great Gene pool! Every word is so well crafted, your great with your play on words and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and got educated to boot. Will be following you if not for the advice…I’ll have a good read! Best of luck Emily

  8. AshleyP

    This is an amazing post, thank you! I am a skin care & beauty consultant, so I am partial to the brand I represent; however, I love that you explained the benefits of each product type! I love to save money, but I have found that less expensive skin care and cosmetics (think drugstore brands) often mean lower quality and not so great for you ingredients. This is not always the case, but is quite often true. You only get one set of skin, so its very important to preserve it with quality products and ingredients! This post really reiterates that with the selection of favorite products, thank you!!

    One product I have come to love is eye primer – it not only helps your eye shadow to stick and prevents creasing, but it also enhances the color and allows you to use less!

    I love that you mentioned undereye corrector – it is truly an amazing product!! The peach tones in the corrector are opposite the color spectrum from the dark, bluish / purple color of under eye circles – this is what allows the undereye corrector to neutralize dark circles and brighten your eye area 🙂

    Thanks again for an awesome post!!

  9. ShaJ

    Thank you for taking time to try these products and giving us your thoughts! I took some of your advice and tried the Stila and Better than Sex mascara. I love, love, love the Stila eye liner! I would love to see more posts like this, either by sidekicks, or contributors! It was super fun, and I shared the post with my besties!
    thanks again for this great post!!

  10. mabfab

    Great comparisons. Love it. Always love to know there’s a bargain out there. You do a fantastic job I don’t know how you do it

  11. I❤Cats

    Great post! Just came across it. Question for anyone out there. I have stick straight lashes&Im considering splurging on the shiseido curler vs my current cheapo. Anyone have insight?? Thee more expensive ones worth the $$?

    • Cherryluva

      I as well have stick straight lashes, what worked for me is a heated curler, they sell them on amazon. I also LOVE IT cosmetics 5 in 1 mascara.

    • Denise

      I bought that eyelash curler. I didn’t think it was any better than my $6 Revlon one. Always put a little heat from your blow dryer on it before using. It makes the lash curl last a long time!

  12. Pat

    I have never heard of most of these (high end) brands! Everyone has their own taste, I think Maybelline Great Lash is the worst mascara ever, can’t understand why so many people think it ‘s great. Loreal Voluminous has never let me down.

    • Denise

      I was going to say that exact thing Pat! Loreal Voluminous is the best!

  13. Denise

    Great article. I’m surprised that Wet n Wild was not mentioned anywhere in this article. Their brow products are amazing. They sell a small kit for approx. $3 that has 2 brow colors, a wax and a fabulous stiff brush for the brows. I use it everyday and a little goes a long way., but it’s fab.
    Also the ELF hydrating primer ($5) (the green one) is also one of the best products ever.
    Eyeshadow primer is big for me since I use shadow every day. I use Revlon eye primer and brightener, approx. $9 it’s great and it keeps my colors true.
    NYX eyeliner (the skinny liquid one) is also one of my favorite eyeliners, and that I also use every day.
    That Mario Badescu rosewater spray is the bomb. I use that as a setting spray or as the last step in my beauty routine to set and meld the makeup. It always looks so fresh!

  14. Sallys

    Great post. I do not wear makeup. I am getting older and I think I will benefit from some enhancements to my natural beauty. I think about it, but really do not know where to start and the stores can be overwhelming! On my 1st visit to Ulta, I left with nothing but a spinning head. This is helpful. I am saving it in my hiplist so I can use it when I go to the stores.

  15. Janet

    Love this article! A lot of time spent putting it together. I couldn’t get the link to BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pallet to take me there. Thanks for your daily posts!

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Janet! Thank you for the sweet words and the heads up about the link. I think our original eyeshadow palette has sold out, but I found a similar BHCosmetics palette — and it’s only $9! Hope that helps!

  16. Sue

    I had wet and wild coupons. I was at cvs. On a whim, I bought wet and wild (never used it before) mega cushion. It is face cream that is thinner than concealer, but thicker than liquid foundation. I never cover my entire face in foundation, just use concealer under my eyes and either side of my nose and blend it out. I like the mega cushion because it’s very light. I think it is a new product. I don’t use most of the products listed. I am not that sophisticated when it comes to makeup products. The older I get the more content I am to put on a little brown eye shadow and mascara without taking out an eye. A really good magnifying mirror is important to me. I have my husbands grandmother’s (a beautiful woman) mirror which she gave to me. When she did she said “hang on to this, I used this a lot and you will too.” She was right! Thanks Mom-mom.

  17. El

    Two make up products I could not live without: Cover Girl’s So Lashy Mascara (best cheap mascara I have ever used, I buy it for a few bucks at TJ Maxx) and Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer (I always keep a spare on hand).

  18. Angela

    Love this list the only one I really didn’t dig was the L’Oréal Mascara it’s great but as many reviewers say the tube dries out fast so the first week is great but it starts to crumble faster than any other I have bought. That said some great budget mascaras that get glossed over are Flower Beauty and Rimmel Scandaleyes. Also Flower beauty is really worth a try here. It’s top shelf quality at slower price point it’s animal cruelty free and not made in China. Many items stand out but the eye shadow pallets are $14 with a great sable brush that’s actually usable and these look great in any light. I wear them every day and even at work when I’m on camera and the colors are true without being glittery. Love the lip products too frangrace free and hard to find one that isn’t great. It’s available at Walmart or online
    The other product I think is amazing are the Physicians Formula Butter blushes and bronzers- creamy to powder and you can apply with a brush or fingers and you look great with a natural but finished look
    And where would anyone be without a good Rosebud Salve for lips and cuticles or on pulse points as quick perfume.

  19. Cassie Sue

    This is a great idea for an article, I love looking at the comparison to spend my money better.

    I don’t know if you watch @GlamLifeGuru Tati Westbrook on youtube but she does drugstore reviews all the time and has found dupes for a lot of luxury items. And even recommends drug store items like Coty Airspun powder, physicians formula butter bronzer, and Col-lab (sally’s beauty) mascara.

  20. Melissa

    Thanks Collin & staff for posting this again. I see that the original post was January 2018, but the reviews are still relevant. How about a quarterly feature with the same theme?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Melissa! Thanks a bunch for the great suggestion! I’ll be sure to pass that along to the team!

  21. Crystal

    Disappointed to see Hip2Save encourage and link to products from MLM companies like Arbonne and BeautyCounter, which employ predatory business practices that hurt 99% of all of their “consultants.”

    • Reader


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Crystal! We were trying to pick a variety of brands, but we will definitely keep this in mind going forward.

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