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Our Team is Sharing Tried and True Beauty Products That We’ve Used for Years

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woman holding makeup in her hands smiling

It’s always exciting to learn another woman’s secret to looking so flawless. Whether you want to simplify your daily beauty routine or just find the perfect products for your hair, skin, nails, or face, this huge roundup of our team’s absolute favorites is what we just can’t live without!

1. Alana’s favorite facial soap gives her buttery smooth skin.

hand holding green tube of clinique foaming face soap

It’s no wonder Alana loves this creamy foaming face wash so much! It’s developed to gently remove stress and pollution from your skin and contains no oils, so your pores stay clean and clear. Pair it with the sonic cleansing brush, and you have a match made in heaven!

Here’s what Alana loves about her face wash:

“I love this soap! I use it with the sonic brush system, and my face has never been smoother or more clear! I have pretty normal skin – not too oily and not too dry – and I just have an occasional bad breakout around my jawline every once and a while. Even my other half started to use it because he loves the way it feels – it keeps his already perfect skin perfect – lucky guy!”

2. Michelle’s eyeliner actually stays on (& her favorite face wipes take it all off).

Michelle's favorite eyeliner art-ki-tekt

An eyeliner that stays on and cheap face towelettes that remove makeup?! I’m already sold! The slim tip on Michelle’s favorite eyeliner makes application flawless. Plus, she shared the perfect way to get it off when you’re ready for bed. The best part is they’re great for all skin types!

woman wiping eyelid with white facial towelette

Here’s what Michelle says about her favorite products:

LA Splash Eyeliner

“I discovered this eyeliner in my Allure beauty box and this stuff stays on all day! Even after a shower. I do have to take extra effort to get it off.”

Kirkland Facial Towelettes

“That said, that’s why I love my facial towelettes so much! They’re nice and thick, cheap, and do the job just as well as any other higher-end brands I’ve tried.”

3. Angela’s beauty tool works 7 times better than her fingers (& she can’t stop using it).

various beauty products sitting on countertop

If you love taking the best care of your skin possible, this dermatologist-approved tool is a great way to apply any product to your face! It’s proven to make products work seven times better – as opposed to application with your fingertips. Plus, it works for all skin types, so you can’t go wrong!

Here’s what Angela loves about her handy beauty tool:

“A friend recommended this tool to me, and I can’t stop touching my face because it’s so soft when I use it. It can be used with any creams, lotions, or serums you currently use in your skincare routine, and it works so great!”

4. Lina’s favorite makeup has been her go-to for years.

hand holding black eyelier

Lina has been using this eyeliner for years, but what you may not know is that even Joanna Gaines uses this $4 tried and true liner! I’m already sold! 😍

Here are some of Lina’s other favorite make up products:

three MAC eyeshadows and pink lipstick on granite counter

One of the greatest perks of shopping with MAC Cosmetics is not just the free shipping, but their Back-to-MAC program which can score you some pretty sweet freebies.

How does it work? All you do is shop at MAC, return empty, qualifying products, and once you reach six total returns, you can receive free lipstick! That’s an almost $20 value, just by returning trash! 😱

Here’s why Lina says about her favorite makeup: 

“I’ve been using Revlon ColorStay liner for about 10 years and it’s the only thing I use! It stays on until you take it off and looks great all day long! I also love my tried and true MAC products – I’m a huge fan of their eyeshadows and lipstick. They also stay on all day and have amazing pigment!”

5. Amber loves this product to help with thin hair.

bottle of vitamins with white cup and tube of primer

Beauty starts from the inside out, and that’s something we might not often think about for our daily routine! A good multi-vitamin is a great start to better health, but Amber didn’t stop there – she also loves these vitamins to help build stronger hair and nails.

Here’s what Amber says about her vitamins:

“My mom, sister, and I all take these hair, skin, and nails multivitamins. We all genetically have very thin and fine hair, so these help a TON and ultimately just make me feel so much better!”

6. Tiffany uses these products to clean and care for her sensitive skin.

woman with tube of beauty serum

Tiffany’s favorite new line at Target is totally killing the game in all-natural beauty products! It’s no wonder she’s so obsessed! To start, she loves waking up after using her facial peel. It’s a great way for you to safely and effectively resurface your skin.

Here’s what Tiffany has to say about this facial peel:

“I love this peel! It’s a really quick fix for when my skin is feeling dry or dull. I go to bed with this on and wake up with fresh, dewy skin that lasts all day long. It’s my go-to for the days when my skin needs a little extra love!”

Here are some of Tiffany’s other favorite products from the Target Versed line:

line of versed beauty products

Here’s what she had to say about these products:

Wash It Out Gel Cleanser

“This cleanser is really gentle on my sensitive skin. I tend to break out really easy and have tried numerous products that always broke out my skin. This one gets all my makeup off but doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.”

Versed Serum

“I’m a busy mama, and this serum is a quick facial routine you can do right at home. It makes my skin look and feels like I just spent hours at the spa, it’s so amazing! It leaves my skin looking so plump and soft that I don’t even wear foundation anymore – which is so great for our super hot Arizona days!”

Keep It Supple Body Oil

“This body oil is LEGIT!!! It goes on easy, smells great, and leaves your skin soft, supple, and NOT greasy! It’s like a little treat for your skin after a long day and leaves you glowing like a goddess. I add this to my nightly routine. And best of all, the bottle lasts a very long time, so it is very cost-effective for the budget-conscious shopper!”

7. Alyssa’s facial moisturizer is perfect for her naturally dry skin.

jar of blue neutrogena hydro boost on white towel

Many people rave about this affordable facial moisturizer, and it happens to be Alyssa’s favorite product! If you haven’t already heard of it and have dry skin, this may be just what you need in your daily routine!

Here’s what Alyssa has to say about her facial moisturizer: 

“I have very dry skin and always apply this moisturizer. I also don’t wear any makeup, so this is my go-to product! It leaves my skin very soft and refreshed. I love it!”

8. Our beauty pro Emily can’t live without these beauty product must-haves.

hand holding a bottle of aveeno face wash

When you find a great face wash, you just stick with it! This has been Emily’s go-to for perfect skin and easily removing her waterproof makeup.

Here’s what Emily had to say about her favorite face wash:

“Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming face wash is the best cleanser I’ve ever used. Without it, my skin will develop tiny bumps and an uneven tone. It also removes all my waterproof makeup without having to scrub it!”

Here are some of Emily’s other favorite beauty products she can’t live without:

various beauty products sitting on table

It’s definitely important to have a solid skincare routine throughout the day, and Emily has nailed hers down to a T! With these tried and true favorites, she’s able to have the skin she desires all while taking the best care of it possible!

Here’s what Emily had to say about her favorite products: 

Acure Face Scrub

“I’m obsessed with this face scrub by Acure for when I need a little bit of exfoliating! It’s so amazing that even my boyfriend uses it daily and continues to buy it for both of us when I get a little lazy with my shopping.”

Thayers Witch Hazel 

“I’m a big supporter of witch hazel and have religiously used Thayers. I use it as a toner and pour it into a spray bottle and spritz my face morning, afternoon, and night.”

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

“The Ordinary is a favorite brand of mine! Their Hyaluronic Acid & ‘Buffet’ serums have a permanent spot in my skincare routine. They’re ultra-hydrating and just smooth out my skin to be super soft.”

I’m Real Face Mask

“I’ve tried almost every mask under the sun, but if you want the most hydration and plumping effects, it’s TonyMoly hands down! You need to make sure you smooth them out because I had a line form on my cheek where the mask wasn’t touching and didn’t reap the moisturizing benefits…and it became clearly obvious. haha!”

Emily also shared bonus products for saving money on her own gel nails :

hand holding a bottle of gel nail polish

Ever wish you knew how to do salon nails right at home? Emily says she saves tons of money by doing her own gel nails at home with an LED lamp and Gellen polishes! People will be constantly asking who did your perfect nails!

Hip Tip: Check out this way to do a manicure at home in just one simple step!

9. Erica’s favorite spray to give her hair more volume.

paul mitchell hairspray sitting on countertop

Hair that could use a little extra volume will love this effortless texture spray! This salon-quality spray naturally enhances any head of hair.

Here’s what Erica has to say about her texture spray:

“Holy texture spray that actually works! I love this spray so much! And since I don’t get totally ‘out the door ready’ often, one bottle lasts me forever. It’s worth the beauty splurge to have some awesome hair when I need it.”

10. Paige keeps her skin clear and safe from the sun with these favorites.

kiehl's facial cleanser and tinted moisturizer sitting on countertop

Kiehl’s is probably the most underrated beauty product line ever! That said, I may be biased since it’s also my go-to line for face wash! This classic face wash is perfect for all skin types, so you really can’t go wrong!

Paige also uses this Kiehl’s tinted lip balm with SPF in her daily makeup routine:

kiehl's lipbalm tinted chapsticks

If protecting your skin from the sun is important, you’re going to love these recommendations! Not only at they all-natural products, but they work extremely well!

Here’s what Paige has to say about her favorite products:

“I have tried a million different facial cleansers, but I always come back to Kiehl’s! It is awesome! I also have the Melanoma Cancer gene mutation, so I have to be VERY careful about the sun. Kiehl’s has great SPF products that really work well for me. BB and CC creams with SPF are a must for me!”

11. Jessica has used this face cream for 15 years.

woman holding blue jar of NIVEA creme

This rich, moisturizing creme is great for all skin types! Another bonus is that it can be multi-purpose and used all over your body, making this a total budget-friendly and versatile beauty product to have on hand!

Here’s what Jessica has to say about her face creme:

“I’ve used this for over half my life, and I cannot go a day without it! I put it on my face right after I get out of the shower, and it instantly makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I’ve tried other face creams (they are either too thin and watery, or they burn my sensitive skin). Nivea is absolutely perfect! One of these jars lasts a really long time, too. Plus, it’s not expensive which is always a bonus!”

12. Now I’m sharing my minimal skincare routine.

two beauty products sitting on white bathroom countertop

Calling all minimalists! This skincare routine is perfect for all skin types! Like Paige already shared above, I love the Kiehl’s skincare products and this gentle exfoliant works wonders to smooth skin and clean it without drying it out. Add the Marula oil for perfect nourishment, and you’ll never have to worry about blocked pores again!

Here’s what I have to say about my favorite products:

Kiehl’s Face Cleanser

“I love this Kiehl’s facial cleanser! I actually bought it on a total whim once and ended up loving it so much that I’ve only bought it ever since. I love how it has really fine beads in it to give you a gentle exfoliation and really help get all my makeup off. My skin always feels so clean and perfectly moisturized. Plus, a little bit goes a long way, so it lasts forever!”

Marula Oil 

“I love this product! I have always struggled with finding the right moisturizer for my face (everything has always made me break out), and I also struggle with dry spots from time to time. I would have never thought to use a product that feels almost like water, but this stuff really works! I haven’t had a single dry spot since and my skin is so clear and soft! Given the price, I never would have bought this for myself, but I received it as a gift, and now I cannot even imagine using anything else! It’s also lasted me about 8+ months, so the cost is totally worth (I use it every day, too)!”  

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Comments 65

  1. Jessica

    Great article! I can’t go without Urban Decay’s eyeliner, it’s lasts all day and doesn’t run or smudge.

    • Maggie

      I agree — their black 24/7 glide-on pencil liner is like the classic, soft pencil that nobody can improve on. The $4 Revlon pales in comparison — I threw one in the trash recently because it was so disappointing after years of U/D eyeliner. The U/D original Primer Potion is must-own too — I won’t put on eyeshadow without it.

      • nickyB

        These 2 products are also my must haves from Urban Decay as well. I counted my Eyeliners and I have 23 of them and just ordered 2 more. Only have 1 eyeshadow primer though lol. Oh and I ordered 2 more eyeliners yesterday. 😬

        • Maggie

          Have you ladies who use the U/D 24/7 glide-on pencils found a sharpener you love for the U/D liner? I’ve tried 3 different ones, and I can never get a tip that’s quite as nice as when I buy a new one. I’m on the hunt for a sharpener that will give me a like-new feel each time. Any suggestions?

          • Andre

            Pat mcgrath has the sharpest sharpeners ever, cuts like butter and their eyeliner is so pigmented and blends easily.

          • Yolanda

            I use the Urban Decay sharpener.

  2. Tina

    Thank you for sharing! Always love learning about new products and hearing testimonials from real women!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome, Tina! Glad you enjoyed this list! 😊❤️

  3. Krissy

    I totally agree with Lina’s( and Jo’s ;)) pick for eyeliner. I too have been using it for years! Stays put, goes on smoothly, mistakes can easily be fixed using the smudger at the end. Great product at a great price!

  4. LG

    I agree, I loved reading this post! Maybe this can become a series – our favorite things! Keep up the great work!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a ton for the sweet feedback and request! 💕 🙌 I’ll be sure to pass that along to the team!

  5. A

    Steer as far away from ordinary products as possible. The last time you dedicated an entire article to the brand I was instantly sold. I purchased 100$ worth of products which goes a very long way on this site. I made sure to take advantage of the consultations, so that I got what I needed. I broke out so bad and they reassured me that is was just purging. I stuck with it until what is supposed to be the end of the 6 week purging. I am now still battling acne. I hardly had anything before. I just wanted to work on my dry skin and fine lines. I followed the regimen to a t. It still destroyed my skin. I used it on my chest and arms and same thing. I deal with breakouts constantly now in those areas. Like this stuff got so deep in my skin that my skin is still trying to rid itself of it 2 years later. I also now have some series scarring and deep acne that resurfaces over and over again. The eye cream caused cysts, dry patches, and eye irritation. I know everyone reacts differently to products, but every single one of their products messed me up. I went through the hundreds of amazing reviews for each product and had no issue disregarding the negative ones. I wish I hadn’t, because what happened to them happened to me. Many say they have to now take strong dermatologist skin care products. I wish I had never saw that article posted.

    • Aliese

      Which products?

      • Aliese

        Nvm, I just realized you are referring to the actual The Ordinary products.

    • Michelle

      I’ve been using The Ordinary products almost exclusively for 2 months and I love them all! And sooo affordable! I bought 7 so far, going back for more!

      • Kristine Massey

        I’ve been using The Ordinary Products for over 18 months with no adverse side effects (other than I found out I’m allergic to silicone by using one of their primers). My favorite products are Glycolic Acid 7% Toner, the Marine Hyaluronics (imo so much better than the Hyaluronic Acid), the Lactic Acid 5% and 10% (gets rid of acne scarring and discoloration), and the Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squaline. For lightening pigmented skin (freckles and acne scarring), Alpha Arbutin 2% +HA and Azelaic Acid worked great for me. Other items Ive tried are the Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C Suspension in Silicone (works as a great exfoliating mask for me, but burns b/c of Silicone allergy), Salicylic Acid (boring, like ever other acne spot treatment out there), Resveratrol + Ferulic Acid (sticky sweet and no noticable results), Caffeine Solution (ok, but can mess up concealer if you use too much, I prefer eye cream), Niacinamide (it did NOTHING for me), Silicone Primer (I was allergic), Buffet (nothing noticable to report).

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear that The Ordinary’s products did not work for you and your skin, A. 🙁

    • Linds

      I had the same thing happen with some other facewash and moisturizer I used from Peach Lily. It had really good reviews so I gave it a try. I’m only two months later, but I still have acne I cannot get rid of. I hardly had anything before. I guess we all just react to things differently. I also tried The Ordinary products and I really liked them.

    • Keepin’ It Green

      My daughter and I both use Ordinary products, and have had no problems. In fact, our skin has never looked better!

    • BrBa

      It sucks that you’ve had such a bad experience, but I’ve been using several of The Ordinary’s skincare products for a few years now, with absolutely zero problems. My skin has never been clearer, smoother, or more even in tone than it has since beginning my regimen with their products. With skincare items though, it’s always a YMMV sort of thing. There are always going to be people that react badly to certain things no matter what 🤷‍♀️

    • Meredith

      It sounds like you went overboard and used WAY too many products at once, probably doing severe damage to your moisture barrier. I almost exclusively use The Ordinary products and they have changed my life for the better. ALWAYS do a patch test on the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours to check for adverse effects. NEVER start using more than one product at once so that you can tell if a certain product isn’t working/isn’t good for you. Rotate acids and don’t use them every day. If you’re responsible, these products work, and they’ve done amazing things for skincare consumers. If they don’t work for you that’s fine, but it sounds like you went all in and didn’t do proper research before committing to a very new and very diversified regimen. They also have an amazing return policy that you should look into.

      • A

        I absolutely did not. I purchased 100$ worth of products, but I did not use them all. Many were never opened. As I said before I spoke with several different Ordinary consultants and I used exactly what they recommended for my face. I used 3 or 4 products intermittently as they suggested. I used only 1 moisturizer and it was the ordinary product she recommended. As I also stated that there were glowing reviews, but this was horrible for me. I am 33 and I have used several different products from expensive to cheap brands and I was really excited about this product. I did not have an allergic reaction it just caused my skin to go into full breakout mode and it has never cleared up. I do realize what works for me may not work for the next but I have never reacted so badly to any product. The eye cream alone caused me to get eczema on my lid.

        • A

          Meredith you are assuming that I jumped in plastered my face full of products. Just to be clear I used a max of 3 to 4 products recommended to me by 3 different Ordinary consultants. I printed out the information labels they had available online that advised what could mix and what couldn’t. What to do at night and in the day, what to year sun screen with so you do not have an adverse reaction in the sun. I did my research. I read through hundreds of reviews and ignored the few negative, but I certainly didn’t go crazy and throw a bunch of crap on my face. Please read my orginal text. Just because I spent over 100 doesn’t mean that I used every single one all at once. Much of my items were never opened. I also did not have an allergic reaction. It caused horrible acne that I never had before and it still has not gone away. I am glad that it works wonders for many of you, but it did the opposite for me. Stop assuming I didn’t know what I was doing to begin with.

    • SG

      I use several Ordinary products (the AHA BHA peel and the Niacinimide are my favorites) and have not had any problems. So one’s mileage may vary.

    • Andre

      I’ve known so many people having reactions to skin care products, a close friend had his face swollen to twice its size from applying sun screen, I think we use so many chemicals on it over the years that are bodies are just reacting to it and becoming allergic to them. I try to avoid anything with any form of ethyl/alcohol/laureths/sulfites/bht which 98% of products have, try Egyptian Magic for face moisturizer, it has 6 ingredients and no chemicals and avoid anything with oxybenzone, so many people are developing an allergy to it.

  6. anna

    Such an awesome post!👍

  7. Kaur

    Please suggest something for hair fall. I’m struggling with it for months now😞

    • K

      Have your thyroid and iron and ferritin tested.

      • Kaur

        Yes everything is perfectly normal !

        • JD

          From personal experience thyroid can come back perfectly normal and than just a couple of months later be massively abnormal. I went to the doctor for my annual checkup, complained of how tired and how terrible I felt and thyroid was normal. Two months later I was tested for everything else under the sun except thyroid because I had just been tested and it was normal. Turned out to be Graves Disease. Thyroid testing is not that precise. Rerun it in a couple of months. Also doctors may tell you that your iron is great but may not have run a CBC with differential as well as an iron panel. Have they checked biotin, b vitamin levels, B12, vitamin D levels? Any or a combination of these are noted for hair falling out. Press your doctor to test more.

    • laurajt1225

      Go talk to your dermatologist. I lost a lot of hair after a bad reaction to the birth control pill and a whole bunch more after my ablation. He gave me a solution to use on my scalp everyday and I go every few weeks to get needles in my scalp to help promote hair growth. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt at all. I also use Rogaine everyday and have seen a tremendous difference all over my head. Even though it’s been a couple of years I had some recent hair growth again. My hairdresser was laughing at me the other day saying it looks like I got a crew cut that was growing in because I have a whole bunch of hairs coming in that are sticking up. Using Rogaine was a big decision to me but ultimately I figured it’s better than being bald.

    • Laura

      Have your iron checked as another poster recommended. I had good luck with Viviscal. My hair was falling out like crazy and I noticed it stopped after a few months of using Viviscal. It has a good amount of iron in it which I think is why it works so well.

  8. Lesli

    I love this post too. I’ve never wore much make up but now that I’m in my 40s I need a little color sometimes. My face tends to get oily in the summer humidity, even my eyelids so eyeliner and mascara tend to come off and make me look like I have dark skin under my eyes. Ugh. I’ll try anything the recommended eyeliner!

    • Maggie

      Lesli, you need eyeshadow primer! Use a coupon and buy a tube of Urban Decay Primer Potion at Ulta. I’m your age and wear the “original” (no sheen or shimmer — it’s just a creamy matte base for other shadow). Your eyeshadow will stick all day and look more vibrant. Also try a small bottle of Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Setting Spray if you wear foundation in the humidity, to keep it from sliding off. The smell is off-putting, but it works–even in Louisiana heat.

    • nickyB

      Try Urban Decay eyeliner! Does not budge. I posted above and I have 23 of them. (2 more on the way) I am 52 and have super droopy eyelids so no one can see my eyeshadow unless I close my eyes lol. Their eyeliner is the pop of color I need for my eyes. And Urban decays primer for eyeshadow is the best. It doesn’t crease at all

      • LT

        I am the same way…. I love Urban decays eyeshadows!!! I thought I never find some perfect eyeshadow set for me!😍😍😍 I will try their eyeliner too… if they went on sale. I have been using ELF eyeliners for me. And it stays the whole day on my eyes. I love trying on some make up products as well as to see what works for my skin. Thank you so much and to the HIP2SAVE team!!!😘😘😘

      • Yolanda Young

        I’m 57 and Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner is the only liner I wear. I’ve tried every brand and nothing compares to it.

  9. Jenn

    Thank you for your feedback! 🙂
    I love The Ordinary products, was recommended by several Naturopathic clinicians that use them. Their clean & lab based company, and work so well !

  10. Jenn

    Sorry to hear some of you had negative experiences with their products 😞

  11. justme

    I swear by ponds cold cream for both a makeup remover and moisturizer. It’s cheap, tried and true. With clean hands you rub it into your skin and around your eyes. It melts makeup away immediately. Wipe off with a warm wash cloth. You can rinse if you like but I don’t anymore. I never break out anymore and my skin is always soft. I get compliments on my skin all the time.

  12. Nita

    Yes, that’s the thing, skin care and skin regimens are so unique and personal to each individual. What works for 1 person may not work for another, as obviously each person has a different skin type. I’d never go out n buy $100 worth of product etc. Better to test out 1 product 1st..this goes for make up as well. I love Acure skin care, they’re organic and good for my sensitive skin.

  13. Clarizel

    Nice topic! I also love Mac lipsticks, I’ve been using Clinique’s “All about eyes” to help with the dark circles under my eyes, and Clinique “Even better” foundation–NYX photo HD is a nice under eye concealer (I found it here , I think) for moisturizer I use Lorea’l revitalift, and for my hair I can’t do without my Moroccan oil. 🙂

  14. babymair

    Thx Collin and team for this great post, and all the hard work that went into it . It is so interesting to me to see other womans make up and face products that they use . I could always use some help in that department.. Some times when I go to Macys, Ulta,and Sephora ,I leave there even more confused as to what I need . This type of post is perfect for me.. Can’t thank you guys enough. Keep up the good work and God bless.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are SO very welcome, babymair! Thanks a bunch for the kind comment! ❤️🙌 Super glad this post was helpful!

  15. SG

    I love posts like this because I am a beauty product junkie. Although…does anyone actually like how Joanna Gaines does her eyeliner? LOL. To me, the dark rings she draws around her eyes make her look like a panda.

  16. Melindaly

    Thanks for the tips! Any thoughts on a good eyelash curler?

  17. laurajt1225

    I absolutely love Jergens skin cream. It’s a jar with a pink lid and a bunch of white ladies on it 😂.
    You can use it to remove makeup, as a facial or body moisturizer, and as a mask. It’s under $4 for a huge jar. It’s absolutely wonderful

    • Christina

      I had to google to see what you were talking about. 😂 Oh my! Those hairstyles, their overwhelming whiteness, their garish make-up. Someone should tell Jergens they need an update. Glad it works for you though!

      • laurajt1225

        I pray they never update. I don’t want the formula to change and the cost is perfect.

  18. Laura villotta

    No makeup for this gal. Dove bar wash face and Olay moisturizer every morning. No wrinkles, acne or lines at 47.

  19. Olgraygirl

    Thank you, thank you for this post. There is nothing like the recommendations from actual users. You are all such lovely ladies, your secrets are appreciated!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! You are so welcome!

  20. Bethy

    Picked up some Versed stuff today. Looking forward to trying it out!

  21. Jn

    I LIVE FOR TONY MOLY FACE MASKS!!!!!!!! They’re amazing!

  22. Haley

    What can you do if you just have terrible skin? I haven’t had good skin since before puberty. As a teen/young adult it was oily and I broke out often and now approaching 30 and after 3 babies my skin is dry and pore-y and I still break out.

    • JD

      If you possibly can go to an excellent aesthetician for a regimen prescribed just for you. I have rosacea and I swear mine helped me more than my dermatologist. My favorite line and worth every penny is Phytomer. The Phytomer soothing cream is my go to for flare ups.

    • Olgraygirl

      I have had similar problems–always had oily skin and breakouts and sensitive skin to boot! I have never been able to use a “moisturizer” without breaking out. I finally started using serums–my go-tos are Olay regenerist and No 7 by Boots. I am now 65, skin looks maybe 50-ish! Either is inexpensive enough for you to try without a big investment. Good luck!

  23. Monica

    Any recommendations for a fabulous under eye concealer for dark circles? Thank you for this post!

  24. Hilary B

    Great post! I always love learning how to simplify my routine (in all aspects of live). My favorite beauty product I have for this is “The Multiple” by Nars. It’s blush, eyeshadow, and lip color in one. Also creates a completely pulled together look—and it’s so easy!! <3

  25. Rena

    Thank you for putting this together! I’m not a fashionista, NOR skincare”ista”. And these posts help tremendously.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Rena!

  26. Laura

    Thank you so much for all this helpful info! I just use soap on my face because I’ve never really known what I need to use.

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Become a Hip2Save Insider

Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your cookbook! What are ya waiting for?!

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