These One-Step Gel Nails Take Minutes to Apply at Home

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woman with Impress Nails on

Want a gorgeous manicure that’s easy to do at home?!

My favorite frugal manicure may surprise you, and it doesn’t involve going to a salon! You see, I photograph and video my hands all day long creating recipes and DIY projects, so I consider having nice nails as a part of the gig. 🤗

holding a coffee cup with red Impress Nails on

Here’s why I especially love Kiss Impress nails!

  • They are easy to apply in just one step and there’s no nail glue needed.
  • No drying time is needed like with traditional nail polish. I can just stick these on and move on to other things, which is such a time saver!
  • After I am done wearing them, I can remove them without damaging my nails and there’s no drill damaging my real nails like in the salon applications. My actual nails feel perfectly healthy!
  • Impress Nails save me money. These are much less than a salon gel manicure which can cost up to $50-$60 dollars, and I don’t need to leave the house! 🙌

holding package of impress nails

My experience with Impress Nails has been great!

I’ve been wearing Impress Nails for about the last couple of years on and off and they work perfectly for what I need. I consider it my tried and true method for achieving a perfect manicure every time. And these are not your mom’s press-on nails from the ’80s, promise! LOL!

If there’s any drawback, the ridges can get stuck from time to time. If you run your fingers through your hair a lot, your strands can occasionally get stuck near the ridges by your nail beds, which is hard to get used to at first.

nails with Impress nail manicure in black

I love the modern short, square shape, and they look more natural to me compared to other longer glue-on nails. There’s a large selection of widths, so if you have wide or skinny nail beds, there are lots of options to fit any nail size.

It’s also worth noting if you want to skip the accent-colored nail designs, there are enough nails to keep them all the same color.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing my honest product review with you as I’m loving this cheap and quick way for me to get by nails lookin’ like I just got a manicure! 😍

hand with Impress Nails

How long do Impress Nails last?

Impress Nails typically stay on for about 5-7 days. After a week, I am ready to change colors and styles anyways so this works fine for me. You may have varying results depending on how hard you are on your nails. For some people I’ve noticed the length can be longer or shorter.

Make sure to still wash your hands well, getting underneath nails to avoid any germs and bacteria. Even though these nails aren’t super long, I still spend extra time washing around the sides and underneath.

applying press on nails to each finger

Here are my best tips for the Impress Nails application:

  • When picking a nail for each finger, pick a size that’s the exact width of your nail or slightly smaller. They will stay on longer if not touching your skin on the side of the nail.
  • Make sure to use the alcohol wipe that comes with the packet to clean nails before applying Impress Nails.
  • To get the most natural look, take the tab off, and press it right up to and under your cuticle.
  • For best adhesion, spend a few minutes just pressing the nails to your nails, going along each finger and pressing. I will sometimes apply mine while watching TV, and just keep pressing for awhile.
  • Apply them before bed! Then they will set up better while sleeping since you won’t be using your hands. I noticed that I’m more likely to have them stay on longer when I do that.
  • File the ends a bit if there are rough spots after application. There’s a small nail file that comes in the kit, but it’s good to have a bigger size on hand.
  • Be careful with your nails. I still take a hot bath every night and do lots of dishes, but I’m careful not to use my nails to open things.
  • If a nail pops off, keep some nail glue on hand, and apply a couple of drops to put it back on.
  • Removal is actually pretty easy. Peel them off starting at the sides, and the glue comes off pretty easily. I never use acetone or anything.

teen with press on Impress Nails

Great for young teens, too!

This is a fun at-home activity that my 12-year-old daughter and I like to do together. She’s hooked on Impress Nails too, and I love that she can easily apply them herself. She likes the fun accent nail designs also.

impress nails storage idea in a craft organizer

Check out the fun storage idea my sidekick Mary has for her Impress Nails!

You’ll always have leftover nails when buying a pack, so it’s a good idea to save them to possibly use later! Mary, my HIP team member, is storing hers in a Dollar Tree clear craft storage box! So smart, and organized!

3 packages of Impress Nails

Where’s the best place to buy Impress Nails?

You can find these great nails in most grocery, drugstores, and big-box retailers.

  • I usually pick them up at my local grocery store Fry’s (Kroger) for around $5-6.
  • Walgreens sells them, and sometimes you can catch a great BOGO 50% off sale.

applying no glue press on nails

Check out why my sidekick Emily prefers a manicure using Kiss Nails!

About the writer:

Lina has a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Arizona University with 11 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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Comments 53

  1. 3Peas

    This is such a simple but awesome idea (as always). I would never have known your nails weren’t professionally done if you hadn’t let me in on your secret! I also love the idea of keeping the extras in a craft organizer. Especially for the seasonal ones! Do they make ones for toes? Would be super cute for the summer!!

    • Stef81

      I have seen them for toes at my local Walmart!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh thaks so much! Yep I’ve seen the toes ones, but haven’t tried them.

    • Michelle

      What a great tip about putting on before bed!!

      • S Stephenson

        I love these too! My nails crack and split (whether or not from my psoriasis or from my hypothyroidism I’m not sure) but I use these kiss impress nails and they actually help my nails to grow and are surprisingly healthier than without them.

  2. Denise C

    I love these and have been doing them for years. It’s always fun to mix and match sets too when you run low on a certain color because it seems like the crazier the look the more fun. So glad that you love these too!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks Denise!

  3. maddie123

    So are these just fake nails? I think I’m missing something 😂

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes they are! 👍👏

    • Vironika

      My thoughts too lol Apparently fake ‘press-on’ nails are back in style, and better than before. My daughter gets a new set every time she goes to her dad’s. I can’t get myself to try them… 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Tracy Mahoney

        I haven’t been sold on them yet afraid of damage to my nails or my nail bed. Thought they could stun nail growth

  4. tiffanyp

    I’ve been using Kiss gel nails for several years, especially now since all salons remain closed in PA. Have received numerous compliments, and everyone us shocked when I tell them they’re stick ons!!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s so great! I get compliments too which always leads me to telling more people about them ha!

  5. Ally

    Can you trim the nails if you want them shorter?

    • Amber

      Yes. I always do.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes, or use a nail file instead 👍

  6. Chloe

    I love the idea of storing extras and trimming them! I went through a phase where I always a French press-ons on hand for those times when I had a special occasion to go to and didn’t have enough time to schedule and sit through a manicure.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes, I love just doing them at your convenience!

  7. tab

    How to remove them ? Is it hard or sticky? Pls help

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      So for me after about 5-7 days they start lifting, so you can just lift up around the edges and peel them off easily.

  8. Know

    I LOVE Impress nails!! I’ve been wearing them for almost a year now. I love that my nails always look beautiful even if I’m a hot mess everywhere else🤪

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Haha yes! Lol agree.

  9. Joni

    For those of you that have these- I have trouble getting them off without messing up my nails. How do you get them off when they are stuck some. I wear them the recommended week and most are definitely ready to come off but sometimes I have one that won’t easily. I put finger nail polish remover on it but maybe I’m doing some thing wrong? I get so many compliments when I use these and people are shocked they are press ons but I don’t want to use them if they mess up my nails again.

    • adrien

      I always take mine off in the shower once they start to peel. The steam and hot water helps a lot for the really stuck ones.

      • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        That’s a great tip! Thanks 😊

      • Joni

        Thanks! I’ll try that!

  10. Denise

    A friend of mine uses these nails all the time but she gets these glue dots on Amazon and she puts them on with those glue dots and they’re much less damaging to her real nails

  11. Jill

    I love these. There awesome for an event u have to go to.

  12. jdkggk

    Do you just throw them away when they’re coming off or save them for more uses?

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I toss them.

  13. acgold

    My sister is a pediatric physical therapist. She has to keep her nails short and no polish because she works with babies. She has used these for years when she is going out or to an event. She only needs “nails” for a night! After Christmas Walgreens had the holiday sets at 90% off. There were enough “regular” nails to get complete sets, not using the accent nails if you bought 2 of the same sets. The cashier thought I was crazy buying 10 sets!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Lol that’s so smart! What a great deal. 😉

  14. hollyp1234

    I’m going to try these! Yay, thanks.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Cool let us know how you like them!

  15. Mary W

    I prefer the gel nail strips that are real nail polish and are so easy to apply. They last 2 weeks or more. Using these has helped my brittle real nails grow out stronger and longer. I use these: which are sold at Sally Beauty, Walgreens and other stores. I found several styles at Sallys for only $6 for 34 strips. You can apply your own nail polish over the strips to change up the color and it lasts much longer than on your own nails.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh neat – Thanks for sharing!

  16. seana

    I tried these for the first time yesterday. The tip and color on the tips didn’t hold up for me at all. I had to take them off because they bent and peeled. I’ve been using the kiss brand since covid and prefer the glue type. Your hair doesn’t get stuck at the nail bed.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh darn – thanks for sharing Seana!

  17. Kara Rotella

    Did you know the nails have a number underneath the tip to help you figure out which finger they should fit and find the match for the other hand? Only took me 5 sets to realize it! 😂 Impress nails have been my favorite quarantine self care treatment!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! Yes. Thanks for adding that! Lol it’s too tiny for me to see. Haha

  18. Nikki

    These are awesome! I can usually get them to last almost two weeks! Target has $5 gift card with $15 purchase right now and these are included!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Wow! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Jennifer D

    When my asthma prevented me from going to the salon I tried these. I LOVE them. I get more compliments on these than I do when I go to the salon. And they are stress free. Just change them whenever. I haven’t had any damage done to my nails from them either.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Paula Wilson

    I was going to a salon a few yrs back and getting my nails done…ever since then my nails have been so brittle and just won’t grow anymore, can’t seem to find anything to make them stronger. I miss getting my nails done, so this may be a nice alternative. Thank you!

  21. markwendy

    I LOVE THESE! After years of going to the salon for gel/dip nails, my quarantine nails were in awful shape….& my nail painting skills have never been very good. So when I saw this post, I popped on a mask & headed to Target. And I have received several compliments from people asking if I “did my own nails” (umm…sort of 😉 . Thank you for recommending these! I’m anxious to get back to my nail salon at some point, but plan to keep a pack or 2 of these just in case.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh yay!! That’s great news, and I agree a great alternative! Thanks for reporting back 👏

  22. Teri

    I love love love them, just started using. What kind of glue do I use if one pops off.? Not sure why some stay on so good and other fingers pop off? So much fun

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