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Pay 1958 Prices for LEGO Sets Starting February 3rd

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Starting February 3rd, will be celebrating LEGO’s 60th Anniversary by rolling back their prices – all the way to prices from the year 1958!

You will be able to purchase the LEGO Classic Creative Building Set AND Sand Baseplate for just $5.65 (over a $30 value!). WOW!

These exclusive LEGO 60th Anniversary Bundles will ONLY be released on February 3rd, 7th, and 11th in limited quantities, while supplies last.

Walmart will also release three Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Sets. The first one was released on February 1st and the next two will be released on February 5th and 9th. Each set will be unveiled on the day of its release and will only be available while supplies last.

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Comments 317

  1. Amanda

    I don’t know how anyone is ordering these at 8 am in went from saying not in stock to informatio unavailable

    • Ashlee

      Same error here. So frustrating. What, did they have 20 available?

  2. Bianca

    Boo! I’m getting “information unavailable”

  3. Ann

    Really ridiculous, what a runaround. Not helping Walmart reputation

    • Lori juarez

      Sites get glitches all the time from overactivity on a specific page… i don’t see how this is any reflection of Walmart itself. There’s billions of people who shop online, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s already sold out.
      But i snagged one at 7:01 am yay!

      • Rochelle

        Right? It’s not like this is the only place where this deal was posted. Retailer websites crash on deals like this all the time. The rage in these comments against Walmart are hysterical.

      • Txmama

        You’d be mad too if you didn’t get one.. instead you post blasting everyone else and brag you got it.

        • Lori juarez

          😂 this has happens to me all the time. This is the first time i actually snagged something that was limited lol. But yeah, when i don’t get one i get over it. It’s not a big deal. These are first world problems. It’s a lego set. Not a shortage of water or food 🤦🏻‍♀️

          • Sara

            Totally agree with your point of view, Lori: we are defintiely having a first world crisis of not getting a $5 Lego set, lol. I didn’t wake up in time to pick up one, but I AM happy for you that you were able to get one : )

          • Txmama

            When you don’t get one you get over it, when you finally get one you brag about it and tear everyone else down! Nice!!!

  4. naless

    Says information unavailable unable to order

  5. Jessica

    Got them in my cart (2). Sold out before I could finish checking out 🙁

    • jae6571

      i am myself am so livid , when u have an item in your cart , that should mean u are entitled to it !! i only ordered one, cause luckily my 3 grandsons love to share 🙂 but in under 3 minutes i couldnt get it. i am so depressed over it !! i guess i wait a week to try again, now later today we will see the dozen bots who bought them all selling them for regular retail on ebay and craigslist …. ugggh i stayed up all night checking every hour on the hour, now i failed, but i am going back to bed !

      • Aleshia Jones

        Depressed, over legos?

        • Erin

          My thoughts exactly! “Livid,” “depressed,” and “entitled” explain a lot. . . .

          • MaaMaaBear

            Hey, you never know what battle someone is fighting- don’t be so quick to judge others! And I have to agree, it’s frustrating when you have something in your cart and then BAM it’s gone! But be positive, kind, and open to the idea that we are all just people behind these screen names! ❤️

            • Aleshia Jones

              It is ok to be upset, frustrated, or even disappointed, but depressed and livid are extreme. There are so many people facing depression for real reasons, not because they missed out on a Lego sale. Shoot, I was disappointed, but I am not angry because I knew it was going to be first come first serve. I am not depressed over this because there are seriously bigger things in the world than missing out on a LIMITED edition and a limited sale. You know things like not getting a job you need, not being able to feed your family, living in constant pain, not being able to control your depression of anxiety. That is what I meant. I never judged her on what she may be going through, but if she were suffering she wouldn’t be crying over legos. I guarantee it.

        • ana

          Wondering the same. Hopefully that grandma will take a breath and teach them values.

        • Aleshia Jones

          And you are not entitled to anything. It is frustrating, but you do not get entitled to something because it’s in your cart. I put things in my cart all of the time and never buy them, doesn’t mean I get to keep it. Even if it is something you 100% know you are getting within minutes. I am not angry at Wal-Mart for pulling another marketing scam as so many have called it. They warned people that it was limited quantities we all knew this. Hip2save generates hundreds of thousands of followers daily alone. I know this because I once asked the hip team. With this site alone advertising it, it already becomes a slim chance. Now imagine the other dozens of saving sites and online news articles. NES all over. Some say they should have more. How many more?hundreds of thousands? Millions? This is why a sale like this is limited. If they mass produced this sale they would lose tons of money. It was only meant for a limited amount of people. A chance. That is all it ever was. You should hope for the best, expect the worse. Don’t ever come into things like this feeling entitled, or owed. Some people on her blame Lego for not hosting it at other stores. This was never legos promotion. It was Wal-Mart’s. Pick and choose the things you want to get angry over. Get mad at the kid going to school hungry, get mad at veterans living on the street, get mad at the poor conditions in other countries. Do not get mad over legos.

        • Shelly

          Wow these comments are ridiculously dramatic. Let the person vent!! It’s a frustrating thing when you stay up all night for something and it doesn’t work out. Plus she’s probably sleep deprived which doesn’t help. 🙄

  6. Sarahm85

    I tried to buy at midnight central time & it was already out of stock

  7. MollyMi

    Ugh. I had 5 in my cart and then decided to go through ebates. In that short of a time, they went OOS. Oh well. My kid is still playing with duplos so still a little early anyways for the regular legos.

    • Joe

      Why order so many?

      • Molly Mi

        The additonal ones would make great gifts for the gift closet. Same reason I stock up when target has their toy clearance – having to buy toys for all those kid parties and family gift exchanges can get pricey.

        • Aleshia Jones

          Yes, but there are other parents like yourself that would be happy to score at least one for their child.

          • Marie

            Why is this always an issue? Lbs. It shouldn’t matter if a parent buys one or ten, if it is for personal gifts for people in their life, than be happy for what they were able to get. Yes, it’s okay to be disappointed that you missed out, but why get mad about someone catching a good deal that they very well may have needed. Not everyone has one or two kids to buy for, big families do still exist. Now if we were to talk about resellers, I would whole heartedly agree that parents have a reason to get mad for people buying the max in order to resell. But honestly, that’s always been the way of life, so why even get heated over that.

            • Aleshia Jones

              That is why I said why not save some for others. I do know that big familyies still exist. I am one of five siblings, my husband is 1 of 6, and we have 4 kids. I have 21 nieces and nephews with 4 siblings on both sides not even starting families yet. So yes I get the big family thing. My mom was one of 12. I get scoring a great deal. First come first serve. I am not angry about missing out. But why get 5 when you don’t need 5. You just want to hoard them away for a later date. Anywho, if she were to get 5 good for her, but there are others trying to get the limited deal. Things that are limited should always be first come first serve and one per household. It should also be treated like a chance not a guarantee.

          • Molly Mi

            Yes, and those kids that I did end up giving these to would be just as happy to have them too. Just because I don’t have someone specifically in mind when I buy something doesn’t mean it isn’t going to bring joy to the kid that eventually gets this. I am at a point in my life where there are lots of gift giving occasions for kids due to family and friends and my kids friends. Off the top of my head, I could definetly name more than 4 that would love to get this. Plus, I don’t know about you, but the reason I follow this blog is to try to score good deals when they appear so that when the need arises, I don’t have to pay full price or settle for a crappy substitute. Sorry if that offends you.

      • Marie

        Do you have multiple kids?? I was planning on buying that many as well just so there’d be no arguments lbvvs. And yes my kids know how to share, but like any average kid, they’d rather not if they don’t have to. And at 6 dollars a box, heck, why wouldn’t I allow them that small pleasure <3

        • Aleshia Jones

          Yes, I actually have 4 kids. Each have birthdays directly after Christmas with one month between each. So Feb, March, April, may. My husband is also in april, so I know budgets get tight. I also have 21 nieces and nephews all under the age of 10. I have 7 siblings, my husband has 5. Our family continues to grow. So I know the whole sharing, not sharing, have a piece of your own pie, large families, etc. But for something like this….one is plenty to share.

          • Marie

            Lmbo.. one Lego set is not enough for kids who are actually into building full on Lego sets. Sorry, but I’d buy the max if I could, and I wouldn’t once feel bad about it.

    • Kate

      Your order probably would have been canceled anyway. The fine print said it was limit 2 per order and orders over 2 would be canceled.

      • Marie

        They limited it to 5 in the shopping cart, so either way I hope no one who got a confirmation gets there’s cancelled.

  8. Carolyn

    8:10 am est, no information available on this product. It is not just out of stock, there is no longer a way to sign up for notifications.

  9. Lisa

    was store pick up an option?

    • Nicole

      Yes in store pick up was an available option. That’s what I selected and it says it’ll be available for pick up this Wednesday. We’ll see.

  10. Tracy

    Wal-Mart is the worst!

  11. GK

    It says not available now ☹️

  12. Tracy

    I wonder where my in stock email is?

  13. Kellie

    Had it in my cart, went to submit order and it was out of stock ☹️

  14. Kellie

    Had it in my cart. Went to submit order and it said item unavailable 😡

  15. Janette

    It was out of stock yesterday 2/02/18, and the sale started today 2/03/18. They had a , enter your email to be notified when back in stock, but personally when I have done that , I haven’t received any notices. Pretty crappy business practice for Walmart…. Looked so forward to purchasing this deal….

  16. Andrea Smoorenburg

    I was able to get 2 checked out and can see order processing hope I get them. However I clicked on it again a sec after check out and not available anymore

  17. Alaina

    Walmart is so frustrating with deals like this. They always seem to have technical problems. Often over sell and item. So they cancel it or worse keep pending it for weeks saying they are trying to find inventory but can’t give you any time frame for when they would decided to be done trying to FIND that item. Basically they made me cancel my order the week before Christmas because of there issue and couldn’t even apologize just say these things happen.

  18. AshKC

    At 7:00 am central I had the bundle in my cart (it showed in stock for a brief second), had my credit card information in and when I hit submit it went to out of stock, GRRR!

  19. Cat

    I hate these games retailers play. I didn’t even bother trying. Too much work. I just came to see what what was up. Exactly what I thought.

    • ana

      It reminds me of that thing olive garden did a while back. I actually got my hopes up and thought I could go visit someone I’m close with, but I should’ve known😔

  20. Alina

    Are they selling any of these in store at this price? Or are they only available online?

    • Jen

      Said online only

  21. pokz

    Lets face it..its a hyped scam to get hits at …. did anyone really got any?

    • Rochelle

      Yes, if you read through the comments you’d see that there were people that did snag them. You all realize you’re not the only people shopping online, right? This deal has been posted a million places besides Hip2Save, so much so I expected it to be like the NES fiasco…and it was. Sold out in 2 mins.

      • pokz

        Yea well howcome doesnt have this?

  22. Janet Crutcher

    Walmart is always such a disappointment-online and in store.

  23. Teresa Swango

    I waited last night. Nothing. Signed up to be notified by email. No email. Checked again at 6:30 this morning. Nothing. Still didn’t receive an email but now it says information unavailable. Walmart did the same thing with the classic Nintendos. My son even paid for his, got the notification that he got it but THEN Walmart sent everyone an email saying they had to reorder because of a problem (Walmarts) & took the Nintendos out of everyone’s order……after their credit card info was accepted! Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Rochelle

      Amazon did the same thing. I had a preorder and they kept moving the date on fulfillment. Then I find out that they’re selling units out of those Treasure Trucks to any Joe who could walk up and buy one, even though thousands of preorders were still outstanding…all because they’re desperately trying to promote their stupid “Treasure Trucks.” I know ragging on Walmart is in vogue right now, but all of these retailers are dirty when it comes to hot items.

  24. suzanne weston

    shame on lego for not offering it at other retailers like toys r us, target, etc… that is why Walmart sucks, period… there is no value , customer service, selection or low prices anymore…. I will not be stupid ans wait up all night again for the next go round but I will ley lego and Walmart know how disappointed I am….lego is not the product it once was with production coming out of mexico now….

  25. Amelia

    Darn! I carted one, and had something in my cart that wouldn’t ship to store…it was party napkins…lol…$8.99 shipping. I had no idea how they got there. Once I got them removed, it was gone of course. I cried!!! Will the same set be available each sale day? I’m so confused about that.

  26. LIZ

    Lego’s are made all over the world and the product quality has not changed. Most of the products we get deals on through this site are made somewhere else. But hey, blame Mexico, seeing how they force you personally to buy the products that are made there.

  27. suzanne weston

    saw on facebook people got multiple sets at 7 am, I didn’t so I don’t believe them and will be letting lego know how unhappy I am at their excluding other retailers in this sham of a deal. Walmart f=does not care about the customer, just the $, that is why they lost my business years ago….

    • Marie

      It was in stock at exactly 7am central tz. It was gone within minutes. I got all the way to the final checkout page when I got the out of stock message 🙁

  28. Julie

    I was on at 10:30 pm central time and it showed them out of stock already. I also checked multiple times throughout the night and also this morning around 6am and still showed out of stock. Wonder what time zone they started it in?

  29. lee Watts

    My daughter wants Legos ans her birthday is in four weeks. I was watching at mimidnight eastern time until 1am. Just listed out of stock. This promo price makes it affordable when I might not otherwise consider a $40 gift. It’s rough financially when your kids are born 1 I apart in the shortest month of the year.

  30. Roli

    Check yesterday and the item was available to purchase but none available (this was on 2/2). I called and they mentioned they haven’t loaded inventory. I waited at 9pm pst (figured the deal would trigger) nothing. Waited every hour on the hour nothing at 4am pst now 2/3 the website changed to product unavailable. Called at 6am pst when they open I got the round around spoke to a supervisor again round around. I’m beyond annoyed. When did it release?

    • Marie

      7am central time. Was gone within two minutes!

  31. Elaine

    Checked all night for this, then had to go to work and missed it. What a disappointment!

  32. katie

    I’m in California. It’s nice to know that there was a two minute window at 5 am on a Saturday that these were available. Yeesh. My son was really excited about this. I guess I’ll have to set an alarm for just before 5 am on the next day this is supposed to be available.

  33. Joni

    terrible way of doing things should have also been available in stores so there would have been more of a chance wonder how many they had in stock 100 for the whole country?

  34. Dawn

    Just did online chat, they said they are totally out of stock. More in stock on the 7th and 11th, and that they would be available online at midnight central time. They said they were only available for seconds this morning.

  35. GG

    I’m very disappointed on how Walmart did this promotion… I barely got any sleep for nothing… 🙁

  36. Laurie

    I agree, I had 2 online chats. One last night stating that they would be posting it at 9:00AM Central Time and they knew the demand was high and they would be doing their best to make sure everyone’s order was fulfilled. The next chat I had was this morning stating that they were having technical difficulties and they would be posting it within 24 hours. It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information. Good Luck Everyone:)

  37. Jessica

    Just says information unavailable on my end-not sold out. Maybe they’ll RE-open sporadically throughout the day?😬

  38. Dorothy

    I think it would be a better idea if Walmart had a limit on how many one person could purchase, seeing as this is such a limited item.

  39. Jodi

    Let’s be honest, every store that does these kinds of promotions and fails miserably knows exactly what they are doing. A $30 plus lego bundle being sold in limited quantities for $5.65. It has been hyped for days on many sites including national news outlets. Limited quantities means they knew from the beginning they were not going to be able to meet demand. Plus they are allowing multiple sets to be purchased. There is no way they did not know this would cause an uproar. But this uproar is going to cause so much free publicity for them and even though it realistically should cause lost sales everyone is talking about Walmart. They will get so many hits and website traffic from everyone wanting to know what is going on. Blogs and facebook are blowing up right now. Generally a good experience does not spread as well as a bad experience, sad but true. They know what they are doing.

  40. Helen in Meridian

    Sure we are disappointed but we get so many good deals. Walmart never did advertise this, like in their ad that arrived yesterday’s paper or on TV. We all would have loved to get this, but for some reason it was not to be. Thanks H2S for the possibility, but Walmart never would have had enough to satisfy everyone. Yea for those who got the deal. When my boy was little Lego and Playmobile were only available at the exclusive toy store, and never never on sale.


    I chatted with them. They are having a site error, are working on it and aren’t expecting it to be fixed fro 24 hours. I was told they won’t be available now until the next date, 7th. What the heck??

  42. pokz

    Ever wonder why doesnt have this deal?

    • LizZam

      Yes! I checked their site to see if there was any mention at least. You’d thnkntheyd be hitting this sales oppurtunity from all angles.

  43. Amy

    Anyone said they checked out with the item is being untrue. No one was able to get the bundle. The IT dept is currently having issues with several products. Hopefully the are able to quickly fix the issue.

    • Tracie

      Not true, I ordered 2 sets for instore pickup and I received a confirmation email that my order was placed. I should be able to pick up wed, unless they cancel my order.

      • britt2.0

        Can I ask what time you ordered at?

        • Aresha

          Went on sale at 7am CST and sold out within 5 minutes

        • Tracie

          It was right at 7am cst

      • Heather

        Me too

    • Aresha

      False. Sets were available for a short time and we checked out successfully.

      • Debbie

        Ok, take a picture of the item with the reciept.

        • Alex

          Why would you ask some for a copy of their receipt- you’re basically calling them a liar and there is NO need for that for something everyone wants- of course there weren’t a lot available- it specifically says limited time- with as many sale sites as there are- there were probably thousands of people trying to snag some- y’all being rude to others is not needed- we can not all grab all the deals – that would make it too easy- that being said- congrats to those whose got it and good luck on the next two sales for others

          • Technology

            None of the orders tracked properly. Their was an error that occured when going live. It is being addressed. Many of the orders will not really go through.

            • Lori

              I got an email saying mine is ready for pick up. My obviously went through.

        • Tracie

          Since it was online only, no one would have the items yet. I have an email confirming my order, which I’d be happy to show but I don’t think I can post screenshots here. There is way too much drama around these LEGO’s!

  44. Jane

    I’m so confused. I checked after midnight, not available and now at 10 am “info unavailable”. Doesn’t seem like an actual sale at all.

    • Sarah

      It went live at 7am CST for like 2minutes. So frustrating coz I’ve been watching this since 12am Til 4am EST time.

  45. Lin

    Saying out of stock

  46. JoAnn

    So disappointed in Walmart! Out of stock already?!?

  47. Angel

    It says information unavailable 🙄
    Any idea if other legos goes on sale too ?

  48. terry

    I placed 3 in my shopping cart at 8 am, went to check out immediately and it said sold out. Doesn’t make sense that it would sell out so fast.

  49. Mary

    What a joke…..not even going to bother on the other days…..

  50. Marley

    I was at Walmart when they opened, none on he shelf & they had NO clue what I was asking for. They claimed to loo in the back & said they didn’t have any! I loathe Walmart! Target would’ve done a better job!

    • Tricka

      Because it was online only

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