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10 Clever ALDI Hacks You’ll Regret Not Trying

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Aldi exterior

Updated July 19, 2019

Who wants to save more money!? 🙋‍♀️

ALDI, for those who aren’t familiar, is a grocery store in a league of its own. Thanks to its shorter hours, fewer product options, streamlined checkout, and exclusive brands, this grocer offers goods priced significantly lower than their competitors. That said, you’ll save even more money with these genius hacks to maximize your savings at ALDI.

Not sure if you have an ALDI nearby? CHECK HERE.

1. Pick up an empty box to stash under the cart.

box in Aldi cart

Forgot your own bags? In a hurry? Pick up empty corrugated boxes as you shop and place them under the cart. The cashiers don’t bag your groceries for you; they unload scanned items into an empty cart for you to bag yourself once you finish checking out. When they see that you have a box, they’ll usually put the box down in the cart first and unload the items directly into it. Then you can walk right out the door without having to bag your groceries at the side counter. The best part is they’re free! (We love free!)

2. Don’t bother with coupons unless they’re ALDI’s.

pork chops at Aldi

This tactic applies specifically to meat. While ALDI doesn’t take manufacturer coupons, they’ll slap their own discount stickers on meat when it’s getting close to expiration. Sure, the shelf life is near the end, but either cook the meat when you get home for weekly meal prep or pop it in the freezer!

Looking for other ways to save on meat? Check out these ideas!

3. Get baked goods at a discount.

hot dog buns at ALDI

ALDI is known to discount loaves of bread exactly 5 days before they expire (they also mark down other baked goods by 50% as they approach expiration). Keep your discounted bread fresh in a bread keeper or stash it away in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.

4. Shop on Wednesday mornings.

spareribs at Aldi

Not only will you take advantage of the Wednesday meat special, but the produce section during the morning hours is also at its best. Plan your recipes around what’s on sale that week!

5. Avoid purchasing personal care items.

personal care items at Aldi

Unfortunately, there’s no real discount here. You’re better off getting them at Amazon, big box retailers, or drugstores when sales and/or coupons are available.

6. Don’t overlook the special buys in Aldi Finds.

Aldi finds signage

This aisle may seem like a cheap trap, but you can find a hidden gem within this assortment of non-grocery products! Be sure to act on the Hot Deals FAST because those usually sell out before the week is through.

7. Always ask a manager if something is marked down.

Virtual reality headset at Aldi

According to an employee at ALDI, asking a manager if or when something will be marked down actually improves your chances of having the price lowered. Some managers will mark it down on the spot just to move the product.

8. Don’t forget to get cash back.

cash back app on iPhone

Grab cash back on groceries with apps such as Ibotta and Checkout51!

9. Don’t like something? Return it!

Aldi Twice as Nice guarantee

Not only will ALDI replace your product, but they’ll also refund you the money for that purchase! Take advantage of the double product guarantee on anything that doesn’t suit your taste.

10. Check Reddit for product reviews.

Aldi subreddit

Reddit is an amazing source of unsolicited opinions on just about anything. Check the Aldi subreddit for feedback on products, special buys, and shopping experiences!

Are you a new shopper at ALDI?

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1. Get your quarters ready!

Aldi quarter cart lock

If you’ve never been to an ALDI, you’ll probably be thrown off by the locked shopping carts. Simply pop in a quarter, and voila! – the lock is released. Just don’t forget to relock the cart when you’re done using it to get your quarter back.

2. Download the ALDI App.

Aldi app on iPhone

The app functions are very similar to the website, but they’re useful for viewing the weekly fliers and your shopping list while you’re out and about! The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

3. Check ALDI’s website for Weekly Specials.

Aldi weekly ad on website

You’ll want to check ALDI’s site not only for the weekly sales, but for any new low prices that may not have been included in the weekly ad. Check for the Red Hot Deals along with the mid-week meat specials in the ALDI Insider ads.

4. Preview the upcoming weekly ad.

Aldi flyer in-store

In addition to viewing this week’s ALDI ad, don’t skip viewing NEXT week’s ad so you can see what’s coming. Look for their ads on the website, app, or grab one when you’re there (they’re available near the exit), so you know what items to hold off on buying until the following week.

5. Don’t forget your own shopping bag.

Aldi reusable shopping bags

ALDI charges for basic grocery bags at checkout ($0.07 for paper and $0.10 for plastic) and offers up a variety of insulated and reusable bags. Plan to purchase one there or come prepared with your own.

6. Look for discounts on name brands.

refrigerated juices at Aldi

ALDI doesn’t have the same name brand products in stock all the time, but when they do, you’ll save some money by purchasing them here over their competitors!

7. But go with the generic when available.

BBQ sauce at Aldi

Give the ALDI exclusive brands a shot! Not only will you save money, but you also won’t sacrifice any of the product quality. Some generics are even made by the same manufacturer as their name brand counterparts!

8. Connect with ALDI outside of the store.

Aldi social media on flyer

Follow ALDI online to get the latest deals and recipes when you signup for their email list, view the blog, or follow their social media accounts. These pages also respond quickly to customer feedback should you ever experience a problem at your store.

Don’t have an Aldi near you? Check out these grand openings to see if there’s a store opening in your neighborhood! 🎉

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Comments 210

  1. tmegee

    these are great tips! thanks!!!
    We have a newly built Aldi’s in my area and I was over-whelmed with the crowds on my one and only trip. I didn’t get much but armed with good info I think I should give it another try.

    • LuckyC

      Give it a few weeks and crowds will die down. I go about once a month and there are never any long lines

  2. Roxanna

    I agree about the ice cream…it used to be THE BEST – especially the mint chocolate chip – but the last few times we have bought it, it has been gritty/weird texture. Such a bummer as it was our all time fav.

    • DeAnna

      Hey Roxanna, Aldi has a double your money back guarantee so if you don’t like it or something is wrong with it just take it back. They will give you your money back and a new (in this case) ice cream. I have had a few things that I have had to return for various reasons and they have always been super nice about it. 🙂

  3. Beverly

    Thanks for the tip about Checkout 51. I LOVE Aldi and am excited to save even more. Another tip: keep an eye out for buy one, get one produce–stores sometimes mark down fruits and veggies when they need to move them.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Good to know, Beverly! BOGO fruit would be great for freezing for smoothies or desserts – I’ll have to keep my eye out next time I’m shopping!

  4. DJ

    Loved shopping at Aldi’s when I lived in 🇩🇪. I miss the Germain brands. There’s an Aldi within five miles of my location, I shall give it a try. Thanks for the tips!

    • MaymeV

      DJ, if you miss the creamy chocolate you had in Germany (like I do), stock up on it at Aldi’s. That’s my first stop when I shop there (the chocolate end-cap). Then my “regular” groceries — a.k.a. the other basic food groups fill up the remainder of my cart. LOL

      • Jean

        What is the name of the German chocolate sold at Aldi?

  5. Regina L. Hamilton

    I didn’t really care for them when the first got here many years ago. They have really moved up a long way. I love them now!

  6. Lee

    Aldi is good. Lidl, another German store is great. The prices are even better and there is a super bakery just as you walk into the store.

    • Lana

      Our Aldi is great and our Lidl is horrible. High prices and old produce.

  7. Susan J Attaway

    We need either a Lidi or Aldis built here in Mineola. This town is a hub for many ither small towns.

  8. Janet Duncan

    We used to shop regularly in Aldi when we lived in PA. We really missed it on Maryland’s Eastern shore. Now there is one in Easton. We love 1 1/2 hours from there, but frequent it whenever we can make it convenient for us. We have heard we we’re to get 2 Aldi’s in Salisbury are by the winter if 2918, but no signs of them yet .
    We have been telling all our friends about them as good groceries are just about non- existant here. Aldi, please hurry up, we need you at the shore!

    • *Angela-Miles*

      2918… LOLL that’s a hilarious typo 😉

  9. Amy

    I love Aldi’s! My kids love it as well. I stock up on all canned goods especially the mandarin oranges where they’re about half price from Publix. Our store is pretty new and it’s super clean and always well stocked. I love the produce, wine and the specialty aisle. I purchased a knockoff Dyson cordless vacuum a few weeks ago for $75.00 and was told I could return it if I didn’t like it. But I do!!!!!

    • takingachance

      -or even if it breaks!—it probably has a good warranty on it for a $75 item—-we purchased a $20 cordless rechargeable sweeper from them and a piece connecting the base to the handle broke—they sent the piece right away after I used the warranty directions in the manual—my brother had to come by and separate 2 pieces for us but we got it reassembled easily and it’s working again—it broke unfortunately only 5 months into the 1 yr warranty—but it was a smooth process

  10. Katy

    Aldi is always my first stop for groceries. I am able to buy mostly organic and natural products for my family of five on a modest budget. I couldn’t afford to do that anywhere else. Aldi makes Wal-Mart look expensive! Our Aldi gets tons of great organic produce too for the price i’d pay for something not organic at any other store. Like other readers have said, the small size of the store is a huge plus for me too, I am in and out and on to the next errand!

  11. Karen

    Aldis Winking Owl brand wines are amazing. At under $3 a bottle, we’ve never been disappointed with the quality. We took a bottle of Merlot to a blind tasting and won $50 first prize! Their Chard and Merlot are our “go to” wines.

    • Anna

      My husband uses W.O. Chard when he makes porkchops. The wine makes it taste so good.

  12. DeAnna

    One of my favorite things about Aldi is the lack of choice. I don’t need 10 choices of mustard. I don’t need 7 choices for spaghetti. That save me a ton of time. Mustard, check. Pepper, check. Sour cream, check. They don’t take coupons so I don’t have to think “Do I have a coupon for this?” I am in and out within 15-20 minutes most trips with everything off my list!

    • Sue P

      The ONLY grocery store my hubby is willing to “run in and pick up a couple of things” for me because of the limited selection. That and the flower prices are AMAZING– Orchid plant and card for Valentine’s day was only $11!

    • Susanna

      I totally agree! And I am not tempted with seeing fifty million other items that weren’t on my list and buying a bunch of extra unnecessary stuff. In fact, I usually splurge on a few things that weren’t on my list, but I still have such a lower total cost than at any other store!

  13. J

    Aldi is great good food at discounted prices
    Vegetables are awesome everyday but real good on wednesday and thursday.
    Meat is great to.

  14. Maria Ramirez

    I am so thrilled that we have a grand opening on Thursday on West Road Houston Texas I can’t wait the store closest to me was pretty far but this one is so close and I love all your specials I can’t wait thank you for putting a store close to us good luck Maria.

  15. Karen

    I love our Aldi! We raise most of our own food, so I only mostly get dairy products & some fresh fruit. Great quality items, however, the constant price changes get frustrating. These can change daily not just weekly. At least with my regular grocery store I will know what the price will be on something I am buying. Not Aldi. Always changing.

  16. lovespring

    Anyone know how much diapers cost at Aldi?

    • Mia

      Yes! It costs about $4.35 for a pack here in MD and a box costs $10. For size 6, there are about 23 in a pack and 60 in a box.

  17. Nana Donna 2 6

    There are numerous items I get at Aldi, besides the meatball marinara pizza, we like the cheesy penguin crackers. Their version of Pepperidge Farm(?) cheese fish crackers. They are cheesier and have a baked, crispy crunch. In the fall they have a Harvest Snack Mix. Comes in a plastic container with a lid and handle. But comes once a year so when you see it, get it.

  18. *Angela-Miles*

    Haven’t been to Aldis in several months but I do love going during the holidays. They get some really neat gifts in!! I Love their frozen pizzas and cheeses. Also the chocolate they carry is amazing. I dont go to Aldi regularly but when I do stop in, I’ve been satisfied with my purchases. Sometimes in the Sunday paper they offer a coupon $5 off your aldi purchase.

    And sidenote, I did my shopping trip at Kroger this week and saved $47.75…I was hype Lol. Didn’t spend more than $35 out of pocket 🙂 . just wanted to share my ad and coupon combined savings 😉

  19. ds

    Love love Aldi!!!!! I can’t say enough good things about it! We do the majority of our shopping there. I don’t need to clip coupons because everything is already discounted well below our giant eagle and Marc’s

    • Chris

      Me too! Aldi has been my favorite grocery store for decades. And it continues to improve every year. If you were there years ago and didn’t like it, I highly recommend checking it out again.

  20. Denise

    The breadkeeper link just takes me back to the post. Think it’s because I’m using the updated app?

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Denise! We’re actually working on this issue in the app so the links will work properly – in the meantime, if you click the link a second time through the new post, it should bring you to the intended link page. To save you some time from going back through the post, here’s the link to the bread keeper -> – My apologies for the inconvenience!

  21. Kelly

    We have loved shopping at aldi! It saves us a ton and they have been so easy to take back produce for the refund

  22. Allison

    I love Aldi! I have tons of reusable bags, so i keep a stash in each of our cars. The empty boxes are good in a pinch though. So many of the Aldi brand items are as good as (if not better than!) their name brand competitors!

  23. beth

    Love Aldi’s , return policy is the best if not totally satisfied with item purchased !!!

  24. Debbie

    My husband bought several camping items for a trip last summer. They were great and we didn’t have to buy them at the more expensive stores.

  25. Shannon

    As far as the return policy, do you have to have the original package? I purchased blueberries there last week, and they were not good, but I threw away the original package. Since they’re out of season, I paid quite a bit for them!

    • Stephanie

      I usually bring it back in… maybe call your store and ask them what they would prefer?!

  26. Linda

    I just got 50% off ground sirloin (usually $4 a lb). Bought 2 big containers of it. Had never thought of stalking the meat aisle for almost to date meat. Will have to do this in the future. Thanks!!

  27. Sherry Lazdinsh

    I like Aldi’s for a few things but I don’t have luck with their produce and meat here. We have several Aldi’s stores in our area. I however do most of my shopping with Krogers Click List and pick up Curb side. I have 4 small kiddos and taking them into the store is SO stressful. So I will order food from my phone and hubby will pick up on his way home. It works out awesome and I don’t have to step foot into as store with kids. If Aldi’s Delivered or had curb side pick up that would be awesome! I can get Aldi’s prices at Kroger by only shopping sales and stocking with coupons. I bought a deep freezer and stock up on sales and right now I can feed my family of 6 for about 100 dollars a week or so.

  28. Matina

    Thanks this is helpful!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome! So glad we could help!

  29. Melanie

    I love aldis special buys

  30. Megan

    So don’t know if anyone shared but my friend had cookies out and said have one, thought was some trick the way he offered I was especially skeptical because they were the Semoa Girl Scout Cookies which lets face it at $4 a box I hide from everyone if I get them lol Turns out they weren’t! They were Aldi’s!!! Say WHAT! I am now scared to go in, now afraid I will buy, I run past them hoping I can have self control lol But he said yeah they have a couple that are just about identical to what you get from GS now of course you are not getting that guilt feeling to buy from cute lil girl outside a store on a 40 degree day and don’t get to over pay for something that you will regret eating and don’t get to donate that 25 cents a box ( not sure how much the actual troop gets ) to the troop but hey you can buy ALLLL Year!

  31. Heather

    Looove aldi!!! A newer store near me didn’t honor their return system with me though 🙁
    I bought some chicken and there was a frozen black hair in it- I talked to the manager- they replaced it- but didn’t refund me :/ but they still replaced it so that was nice!! 🙂

    • MAB

      Our store did not honor their advertised promise either the one time I returned the package of frozen fish that I had baked, and was terrible to the point of not being consumed and thrown away after taking a few bites.
      They offered to replace the package, which I did not want to try another as I never wanted another like that. So they offered to give me my money back. I asked them why they advertise their double back guarantee when that is not what they offer and was told I got my money back. False advertising.

      • Rebecca J

        Happen to me too. They refunded my money, but didn’t offer the free product. I emailed cooperate and they sent me a $5 gift certificate.

        • Rebecca J


  32. Aubrey

    Love Aldi! Ours was just remodeled and has a Whole Foods feel. Also saves us SO much money!

  33. levin2016

    I absolutely LOVE Aldi. We live in a very rural area. Our nearest Aldi is a hour drive and its worth the drive. The same amount of groceries at our local store are over $400, if I go to Aldi I spend $230 at most. We are a family of three. My husband is a Paramedic and a Firefigther and the only one working and we struggle each month. So I am glad theirs stores like this.

  34. Keri

    I’ve been enjoying my trips to Aldi’s. You can definitely cut your grocery bill. And our produce is very good.

  35. Jacob

    I always get empty boxes, saves a lot of hassle

  36. Jen

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi for years. Today, for the first time, I scored some discounted meat (salmon). Was super excited! Thx for the tip!

  37. VB Vee

    I love shopping at Aldi’s. I grab a few packages of the chocolate covered peanut butter cookies. I buy the 12 piece pack of cooked bacon for $1.99. Works well on the frozen cheeseburgers I buy from Dollar Tree. Love that their the pork chops are truly thin. The store I use to buy my chops from not only chopped them but butchered them….not in a good way. Lop sided and different thickness….all mismatched. Frying them was a nightmare.
    We like the bottle Italian Dressing (the regular one). Haven’t tried the zesty variety yet. The boxed frozen fried chicken isn’t bad either.
    One tip I’d like to pass along….never, ever, ever take an old valuable quarter with you…even if it’s the only one you can find in the house. I did and darn near had a heart attack when the cashier started putting my groceries into a “standby” cart at the checkout register. Almost burst a blood vessel trying to take all those groceries out and transferred back into the cart I had gone into the store with. The stares I got from those in line behind me. Grandma left me that quarter along with a few other coins. I’ll never do that again, for sure.

  38. Jeff

    I’m not a fan of Aldi. The quality is not there. I can find better stuff at a dollar store. I got strawberry’s from there and they just didn’t taste right. I got some nacho cheese and the cheese didn’t look like something I should eat.
    I did get eggs from there and they seemed ok.

    • Meagan

      I agree it freaks me out

  39. Jen

    Instead of downloading the app for all the stores for the weekly ads, there this app called Flipp that shows ads for EVERY store with one app, and also lets you ‘clip’ items to add to a shopping list etc.

  40. Katherine

    I like to shop my local Aldi on Tuesday because they push out the new deal of the week products a day early and I get first dibs.

  41. Jill

    Omg this is my favorite store but they don’t have any in north west FL ugh.

  42. Jen

    I was very upset when our Aldis changed the peanut butter pretzels and got rid of Landshut Reisling. The wine being the major disappointment!!!

  43. Crystal

    Too bad there isn’t an ALDI near me!

  44. Imran

    Don’t forget most ALDI stores are remodeling the stores and having a modern grocery shopping experience. The stores in Charlotte got a new look and it doesn’t look like the old store anymore. the aisles are wider and you can cut through if you forgot to get something in the previous aisle. Produce can now be weigh at the register. Once the stores open after 1 1/ 2 month they will have a re grand opening ceremony and 100 people will get a gift card varies from $10-$100 (1 winner will get the golden ticket worth $100 & 1 produce giveaway winner). ALDI has also made changes in accepting contact less cards. I like ALDI if I live close by I would like to see markdown meats & bread. I would get close to $0.05-$0.25 for a bread. My store rarely does it and everything goes quickly at checkout.

  45. Casey

    Just started shopping at Aldi’s not to long ago. While they have great prices cheaper than Walmart, I still feel like I need to go to Walmart and get some things they don’t carry.

  46. Imran

    has anyone went to ALDI competitor LiDL?! its much better than ALDI but only one store close by

  47. Sara

    I can take it or leave it. Chips and crackers are good, but then you like their sunchips and they never have them again. The eggs are small and more expensive than anyone else. Produce is small and not appealing to the eye. The center “special ” isle is nice if you catch it before it is sold out. The quarter and bag thing drives me nuts…… so I usually limit myself only to what I can carry just for principle. It is not a one stop many items on yourlistyou will have to go to a 2nd store anyway because they do not carry it.

  48. Tina

    I stop at Aldi and get most of my shopping done there before heading to Walmart every Sunday. Great food and the prices are amazing. I think I paid $1.58 for a gallon of milk.

  49. Jean

    Any Aldi I have been to does not mark down their bread, at least not the type I buy. I’ve seen expiration dates a day before. I just don’t bother until I see fresh stuff.

  50. Amie

    love aldi, thanks for the tips

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