OH Rubbermaid Brilliance! Where Have You Been All My Life?

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Hello! It’s Jennifer – one of the Hip sidekicks!

Lately we have been posting deals for Rubbermaid Brilliance containers, and we get so many positive reviews, that I decided to buy a set last month. I bought a 10-piece set that includes two 1.3 cups with lids, two 3.2 cups with lids and one 9.6 cup with lid. The large 9.6 cup one is my favorite because it holds SO much!

Best containers ever!

First of all, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another kind of container for the rest of my life! They seal tightly and securely with an amazing suctioning seal that you can feel when you put the lid on.  And, when they say they are 100% leakproof, there really are absolutely no messes and leaks. You can shake the containers and they truly DO NOT leak.

And, if you’re wondering, these are BPA-free. I throw mine in the dishwasher and freezer and they are microwave-safe too. When you put them in the microwave, they have these cool vents so you can leave the lids on. Just pop the latches up and there are holes in them so you still get the venting, but no splatter.

These stay crystal clear every time you wash them, even with red sauces!  They stack in my fridge and I see right into them – no guessing what’s inside. Don’t let that large container make you hungry – it’s just homemade dog food! 🤢

You can usually score these at Walmart, Target, Amazon and more stores for around the same price. Or, just head into your local store where they sell individual ones that you can try out first without buying the whole set.

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Comments 57

  1. Manuela

    I got them too and love them you can also remove the clasps and wash underneath if food gets in those little small areas by the locks.
    Those are awesome and I also leak proof. 🙂

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tip, Manuela!

  2. Gail

    I love Rubbermaid too, but they are plastic and I have always read that in the microwave the plastic leeches into the food. What new scientific evidence has surfaced? I transfer my food into glass to microwave.

    • Angela

      I agree. I would not chance it. Just switch to glass to microwave.

    • Crafty Bargainista


      “The maximum allowable amount [per FDA requirements] is 100–1,000 times LESS per pound of body weight than the amount shown to harm laboratory animals over a lifetime of use. Only containers that pass this test can display a microwave-safe icon, the words “microwave safe,” or words to the effect that they’re approved for use in microwave ovens.”

    • Laura

      I agree! I could care less what the FDA says. Glass is always better. Got rid of all my plastic

    • Peavey

      I am another one who switched to all glass. Better to be safe, especially when easily done. Glass lasts longer anyway. Love my pyrex storage containers. 😀

    • PJ

      Ditto on using only glass containers in our home!

    • Amy

      I only use glass containers to microwave food for my kids, but I don’t worry about it when it comes to myself. I’ve been using plastic in the microwave for years and I’m not dead yet.

      • Meredith

        LOL Amy! I do the same thing!! You just put it into words for me 🙂

    • Ph

      The microwave isn’t safe no matter what you use it for. Causing you and family more harm than good.

      • Mirela

        That’s exactly what I think. We don’t have a microwave anymore, and it’s perfectly fine. I warm up the food on the stove, or in the convection oven or we use a lot our air fryer.

        • Jodi P

          I got rid of my microwave when it broke, and missed it for only the first two days. It’s been two years and I never needed it since.

          IMO, even leftovers taste better when they’re reheated slowly.

      • Amy

        The same can be said for a lot of things…

      • 50ShadesofLipstick

        Source? This has been debunked.

    • 50ShadesofLipstick

      We switched to glass a few years ago but a note of caution- Pyrex in recent times has been known to shatter when heated in the microwave. It used to be resistant to thermal shock when they used borosilicate glass in manufacturing it, but then they switched over to using soda lime glass to save $, and soda lime is notorious for shattering at high temperatures or when it goes from cold to heated quickly. Pyrex made outside of the US still uses borosilicate but you can also buy Arc brand glass containers (French). I got mine at bed bath and beyond and they are absolutely amazing. They can go from freezer to microwave with no problem.

      • Amanda

        Pyrex bakeware had a lot of the same issues. Anchor Hocking still makes their items here and doesn’t use the cheaper glass. I’ve had theirs for years and never had any issues.

        • 50ShadesofLipstick

          That’s not true. On the Oneida website FAQs, it says that their glass is made from soda lime (like all glass currently made in the US). It’s great that you haven’t had any problems, but they use the kind of glass that is less resistant to thermal shock.

    • Sarah Saville

      Rubbermaid Brilliance comes in both plastic and glass now! (of course the lids to both are plastic still)

  3. calay

    I got them as well when I saw the deal posted here on HIP2SAVE and I feel in love with those containers. I use them everyday for any leftover and I am so happy with my purchase!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! I’m so glad to hear that, calay!

  4. Bianca

    I love them too! I work 12 hours shifts and I pack my lunch, no worries about spilling! And no stains!! Thanks again, H2S!!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Bianca!

  5. Melissa

    I’ve used these for years, the older models without the clasps. Don’t put them in the bottom rack of the dishwasher, the heat eventually makes them crack.

  6. Angelica

    well, you’ve sold me !

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Let us know what you think, Angelica!

  7. Mick

    I bought these a few weeks ago on Amazon, they look really nice but less than 2 weeks after purchasing it looks like certain parts of the plastic are cracked (even though they still feel sort of air tight when sealed). I thought they would last a bit longer than that aesthetically. Only once did the bigger container seem to leak (not sure if it was because of the buffalo sauce being spread to the sealing rings or what? These are pretty cool but I am also disappointed that they already looked cracked & these were never dropped or even placed in a dishwasher.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I’m so sorry to hear that Mick! Did you know these have a lifetime warranty? It’s worth seeing if you can get replacements to see if a new set works better.

  8. CeeLee

    I’m still in love with my Glasslock containers I bought about 4 years ago, which is basically the glass version of these! Plus, you don’t have to worry about plastic leaching into your food, or possibly melting your container if you add super hot, just cooked food into it. They’re freezer, microwave safe, and the newer versions are also oven safe. The only downside is that they’re heavy, and of course breakable, but mine have taken a few drops and are still intact.

    • websaver

      Do they still make the glass version? I’d be interested in getting some.

    • Lynn Riddle

      I agree. I have containers very similar to this in glass – not sure what the name brand is. I love them & I prefer to heat things in glass in the microwave as opposed to plastic

  9. KP

    Thank you so much for posting this! I actually spent this morning looking at different containers (before coming across this post) after having one spill all in my lunch bag yesterday. I work in an environment where I cannot have glass and finding a leak proof plastic container has not been easy. I am looking forward to trying these!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! Sorry to hear about the spill. Let us know what you think, KP!

  10. jd

    I also love these! They are fantastic!

  11. catkittkitty

    Care to share the dog food recipe?! What kind of dog do you have?

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I have a 16 year old Corgi/Basingi mix. She needs a low fat diet due to pancreatis. We mix sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, carrots, beef broth, pumpkin and low fat meat. We give her turkey necks and uncooked bones for calcium.

  12. Maria

    Can you please share your dog food recipe. I have 2 Labradoodles Bella 20 months and Lola 13 months !!!!

    • DogFoodNerd

      Just a word of caution: a homemade dog food recipe needs to be run through the NRC nutrition guidelines. Monica Segal will do it for you for a consulting fee, or you can find the guidelines in the back of her K9 Kitchen book and do a spreadsheet yourself. BalanceIt.com also does it, selling a supplement for missing micronutrients. The VAST majority of homemade recipes are deficient in micronutrients (like choline), when an analysis is run. I’m all for home cooking for dogs (and even feed raw), but it has to be done safely and with care. If you want a safe hybrid approach, look into the Honest Kitchen’s base mix (add cooked or raw meat to it, and it creates a nutritionally complete meal). A deficient homemade diet can lead to severe health problems, so if you go this route, do it right!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      We feed our dog a mix of sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, carrots, beef broth, pumpkin and low fat meat. We give her turkey necks and uncooked bones for calcium. We feed a variety of raw organ meats for nutrients. She also gets fish once a week for Omegas. I recommend doing research on your dog’s nutritional needs and talk to your vet. Our dog loves this and is thriving. I’m sorry we didn’t switch sooner.

  13. kd

    I’m just happy to know I’m not the only one with homemade dog food in their fridge. LOL!!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I am happy to know I am not either! LOL

  14. Kate

    Thank you so much! Ready to try it for myself!


    I had these and my food tasted like plastic when I put them in the microwave, I ended up throwing them away and getting glass Pyrex containers. Dont risk it with these containers, they cant be good for your health. I will never use plastic containers again.

  16. Lee

    I only feed our dogs raw dog food, but I get the Easy Raw from Only Natural Pet. They have sales all the time, and quarterly cash back, and most times you can also get a double cash back on Ebates for as low as 3% but as high as 14% or more. They always seem to be a double cash back store or holiday store when ebates runs those promos. I have 3 rescue dogs, one being a german shepherd and they love this stuff. The company also stands by their products too. I had an issue and no questions asked, they reshipped 2 8# bags that make 80 # of dog food for free. And all you have to do is mix their formula with water.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I’ll take a look at the site. Our dog is a rescue, too!

  17. Jessica

    I was skeptical when I purchased these plastic containers since I’ve just been using glass storage, and I must say they are up to same greatness as using glass storage even better!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Jessica!

  18. Amber

    I make homemade dog food as well. Last time my sister-in-law was in town, she took a big ol bite out of my dog food container. She had no clue it was for the dog, and we had a good laugh about it afterward. The dog eats better than I do!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s hilarious!

  19. Helen in Meridian

    I got a small set of 3 at TJ Maxx in early August and took it in our motor home camping. I knew how expensive they were and these were just $5.99 for 2 small and 1 medium. Loved them so much I bought 4 more sets on the way home. Thanks to H2S I got 2 of this set a month ago for the larger piece especially. Love them. I think they may be triton material. Now they are advertising larger pieces for sugar, flour and beans.

  20. cindy b

    I have these and I love them. Works for lunches very nicely. We don’t microwave them. I like that I can see the contents and pack portions nicely.

  21. Jae Lynne

    While they have been slightly changed on the lids in recent years, I bought a large set of these over 20 years ago. They advertised that they were microwave and dishwasher safe, won’t stain. These suckers are the best! They are still just as strong and functional as they were over 20 years ago. I use them for storing dry goods sometimes, and constantly in the refrigerator and freezer. They are indestructible.

  22. marie

    Check your Ibotta account…I have a $2.00 cash back Ibotta rebate for these!

  23. moria

    I bought 1 small container months ago to try out, and this made me realize that I still haven’t ever used it!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh no! Go use it, moria!

  24. Stephanie

    I have these containers and I have to say they are pretty awesome!! My family loves them! They are the only plastic containers we use and so worth the money. Highly recommend 👍🏼👍🏼

  25. KHINMN

    I’ve had these for a couple of years. Loved them at first but after several years (with fairly gentle use) they are cracking. I still prefer my old “no stain” rubbermaid with the red lids, wish they still made them.

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