We’re Hacking Applebee’s! Here’s How To Score $15 Off Your Order…

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Want a night off from cooking dinner and have a hungry family? We’ve got a great deal for you…

Restaurant deals are some of our favorite deals to score here at Hip2Save because who doesn’t love a night off from cooking and cleaning?! Today we’re going to show you how to take a great promo and make it even better with a few simple hacks!

Here’s how to score $15 off your to-go order at Applebee’s in three easy steps…

1.) Buy a Discounted Gift Card Online

Head over to Raise.com where you can buy discounted gift cards for popular restaurants, retail stores and more! AND today, 3/15 only, get an additional 10% off your order when you use promo code LUCKY10 at checkout. If you want to take advantage of the gift card right away, be sure to order one that is emailed to you as a voucher rather than a physical gift card that will be sent in the mail. Note that it can take up to 24 hours to get your voucher, however mine came right away.

You can score a $50 Applebee’s gift card for as low as  just $44.94. Be sure to browse the discounted Applebee’s gift cards here.

2.)  Take Advantage of Restaurant Offers and Promos

Right now Applebee’s is offering up a 2 for $20 Meal Deal which includes an appetizer and TWO entrees. This is sweet deal and you can order more than one of these promos per order to feed a BIG family. SO awesome!

3.) Get $10 off a $30 Order at Applebee’s

Through April 28th, Applebee’s is offering $10 off your $30 online order via the website or mobile app when you use promo code 10OFF30. This offer is valid to one use per customer at participating locations and is not valid for dine in.

That means you’ll pay around $45 for $60 worth of food! 

Here are a few deal ideas to get ya thinkin’… but keep in mind that you can customize your order to your families preferences.

Feed a family of SIX for just under $40!

Order three 2 for $20 Meal Deal – Includes Appetizer and 2 Entrees $20 each – choose from burgers, pasta, salads, chicken & more
Total = $60
Use promo code 10OFF30 (save $10 off $30 online order)
Your order total will be $50
Use your $50 Applebee’s Gift Card to pay (that you possibly got for $44.94)
Final cost as low as only $44.94 for dinner for a family of SIX + THREE appetizers!*
*Prices may vary per area

Or, order dinner for four and lunch for the next day…

Order two 2 for $20 Meal Deal – Includes Appetizer and 2 Entrees $20 each – choose from burgers, pasta, salads, chicken & more
Order two Broccoli Cheese or Clam Chowder soups $5.29 each
Order Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (with dressing on the side) $10.99
Total = $61.57
Use promo code 10OFF30 (save $10 off $30 online order)
Your order total will be $51.57
Use your $50 Applebee’s Gift Card to pay (that you possibly got for $44.94)
Pay $1.57
Final cost only $46.51 for dinner for a family of four + appetizers AND lunch the next day!*
*Prices may vary per area

And the best part – they offer curbside pickup so you don’t even have to get out of your car!

Hip Tipping Rule: Remember to tip on the FULL amount of your order before any promos. Want more tipping guidelines? Head here!

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Comments 42

  1. Laura

    Would the tipping rule stil apply for pickup?? I

    • kerRI

      Tipping applies. While its not mandatory, its more of a moral compass thing i think. Im not a server but i think its still the same amt of work more or less. 😊

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      We think so!

    • MommySpendsLess

      I usually tip 10% when I pick up (before promos). My thought is that the server or hostess still has to package the food and give it to me or bring it out. Depending on the restaurant they may have to still “tip out” on that amount, which is often based on sales and not on actual tips.
      I don’t tip 20% though because in my mind it is easier than waiting on a table – they don’t have to bring drinks, check back to see if we’re ready to order, bring drink refills, clear plates, etc.
      On a sidenote – if it’s just me and my daughter going out to eat I’ll leave more than 20%. She’s the same amount of work as an adult but kids meals are 1/3 to 1/2 the price of adult meals. She’s (obviously) not going to drive up the bill with alcoholic drinks and if it’s just me and her I usually won’t get an adult beverage either. Our bill could easily be half that of 2 adults who each get 1 alcoholic drink.

      • Kitkat

        That is very thoughtful of you!

      • Amy

        Before becoming a server at Outback I worked take-out. Tips are expected but not required. We were happy with $3-$5 because we didn’t do as much as servers (we took orders, packaged food, made a few trips to the car for payment, delivering food, etc.) and we made minimum wage, not the $2.13 an hour they make. Really even if you can give $2 it’s a nice gesture.

        • cedenf

          Good to have that insight, Amy. I have often wondered about the tipping for pick up, especially since I usually go inside and pick up at the counter. I usually do a small tip similar to what you mentioned because I’m always thinking- they just handed me my food- how much of a tip should that really be? But I also don’t want to stiff someone if they are only making the low waiter salary. Thanks!

    • Lisa

      I worked at Applebee’s for years and while there is usually a dedicated curbside employee, it was only a few hours a night and they made the same $2.13 as I did. Normally what happens is whoever has a free moment (usually it’s the next server who walks into the kitchen), gets called upon to box it, bag it and run it. Which in turn pulls us away from our dine in guests. And if There is an issue with the order, then that server is stuck dealing with it while their dine in guests grow increasingly unhappy, which means little to no tip, even if that server started out strong. My suggestion is to tip the standard 15-20%. 2 more suggestions: if it’s during bad weather, tip a little heavy. Theres nothing like having to run an order curbside, in the rain at the beginning of your shift so you can spend the next 6 hours with sticky clothes on and hair and makeup ruined. 2nd suggestion? If you have a complaint or your order is incorrect, ask for a member of management and let the server off the hook …there is a 99% chance that they had nothing to do with it and they have other tables waiting as well 🙂

      • Amy

        Yes!! ^ The above post explains everything. I worked as a server there while in college years ago and this is exactly how it happens.

    • Amy

      I do not tip for counter service. I think it is pretty common not to. I usually only order out pizza and Chinese food though, never from a primarily dine-in restaurant. I think it is fine not to.

  2. coby

    is the promo $10 off $30 available for dine in customers? or is it only for take out?

    • Dkp91576

      The above post says it.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It’s $10 off your $30 online order via the website or mobile app.

  3. coolrocks

    If anyone saw the news today you now have 30 days to use your gift cards at toys r us before they close .. so bummed

  4. JES

    Our nearest Applebee’s has gone down hill over the past few months. Someone else mentioned theirs had too, has anyone else notice a decline lately?

    • gary

      Yes, very badly. Be cautious with car side to go. Or any takeout there for that matter. We ordered steak and chicken fingers dinners. Im convinced they gave us scraps. No way in the world a server would bring what they served to a table. i was stuck since i wasnt going back. Sometimes u cut ur losses and just tell everyone with in earshot of the sub par food they serve now. Disappointed too cuz (waaaay) back in my high school days we used to go there all the time !!

      • ana

        that’s too bad 🙁 I think Red Robin might do the same. I don’t think they would bring us the mess to our table that we get in that red box. But yeah, sometime cut your losses and spread the word 🙂

    • kl

      Ours have too, especially car pick up. I do this more now with kids. Never know how my food will be like. So I tip minimal.

    • Amy

      Yes, I agree. We have not visited an Applebee’s in years. In my early 2000’s high school and college years, it was the cool place to be but now it appears many locations are showing their age and the fact that their sales are tanking.

  5. Kim

    Ebates has 1% cash back for Raise.com.

  6. jaejae

    When buying card from raise it says in store only. Will it work on line order?

    • Michelle Price

      Raise.com listings can vary from card to card. If it says in-store only I would steer clear of that one. However, if it states that it can be printed for in-store use, that likely means you can both use the gift card number online, or print to use in-store.

  7. Just passing through

    2nd scenario would be better if you split it up into 2 $30 orders for a total of $40 spent.
    Also believe this is a hostess job which gets paid at a minimum wage rate not waitress wage. You don’t tip at McDonald’s or Wendy’s same concept.

    • Laura

      I agree on this. They just have to bag up food. How difficult can that be?? The People at mcdonalds and Wendy’s don’t get 20% tip for doing their job.. I mean I get a buck or 2 for taking up 5 minutes of their time, but 20% for TAKEOUT??!! C’mon!

      • SKwk

        Clearly u have never worked fast food or as a server

    • ka22t

      Not all restaurants have the hostess doing this. A lot of time it is the waitress and they are making the smaller wage and taking time away from their tables. But when you are talking about the larger restaurants and even if it is the hostess it is above and beyond their normal job duties to run food out to your car. It is a convenience to you that you do not have to get out of your car. So yes a tip should still be given. Also for dine in I believe 20% is the lower end. That is what you give for just ok service. If they do a great job it should be more.

      • ka22t

        Actually as i think about it I don’t know of any that it is the hostess. It is normally the waitress or as with Olive Garden the bartender.

        • coulter

          The applebees near me has the bartender do it as well. I only know cuz my bf was making small talk with a server and she told us. The food was terrible unfortunately so i wont go back but each applebees is different so who knows. I live in tourist capital Orlando FL too so…..

  8. jaejae

    I used ebates 1% for raise and paid $39.70 for Applebee’s 50.00 gift card. Made 2 orders and had a little left on gift card. Thanks so much for the heads up. Food for a few days.

  9. Opie

    Hack Applebee’s by not going to Applebee’s. Mcdonalds is better any day of the week.

    • coulter

      Sadly (and slightly hanging my head in shame) I AGREE !! LOL

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Hahaha 🙂

  10. Mommy365

    I don’t have an Applebees anymore, but I just found a coupon for 20 dollars off my purchase they sent me to compensate for bad food or service (a long time ago.) It has no expiration but it does have an issued date on it… I’m willing to mail it to someone if you wanna try it? Maybe you could share a coupon of yours for it. My email is hbaisdon@gmail.com

  11. Jenn Adair

    Ebates 1% cash back and a 10% off coupon code! Thanks for sharing this great deal!

  12. DJ

    I would not eat at Applebee’s. I ordered a few meals some years back. When I got home, I noticed some meals were missing. Called the store as I did not want to go back out. Manager took my email to email me a gift card that never came. Food wasn’t good. Never went back. And after seeing the viral video of the restaurant discriminating against the African American young adults, I made the choice to permanently eliminate them from my list.

  13. Nora

    The only chain restaurant I eat at is Olive Garden and do so about once a month. I only order takeout and always the same thing, shrimp Alfredo. Here is how I tip, I always ask for freshly grated cheese vs the packets of cheese. If the server denies the request no tip, if they give me the cheese I give them a $5 bill which is about a 28% tip.

  14. Lynn

    We love Applebee’s and have always had good/great service at ours.

    • Lynn

      Oh and good/great food too! Lol

  15. DubComer

    I ordered from here tonight. I bought my gift cards from cardcash.com for 12% off. Used them right on the online order easy peasy 🙂

  16. Karen

    I took advantage of this one, too. I also had several “old” Applebees gift cards that added up to $15, so it was cheap eats tonight!

  17. Kyliejay!

    That chicken looks so good!

  18. CaseyB

    I tried Applebee’s again last week and it was a disaster. That’s what I get for thinking it would somehow improve since the last time I got food there. No fries with our meals, over cooked ribs, old brown lettuce in the salads. Not worth the money I wasted.

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