5 BRILLIANT Wedding Day Hacks Using Dollar Tree Items

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hula hoops at dollar tree

Weddings can be expensive, but these Dollar Tree wedding hacks mean you can pull off a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank! While you might not want to go the cheapest route for every detail when planning your special day, you can tackle a few wedding to-dos using $1 items from Dollar Tree.

1. Think outside the box (or circle 😉).

hoop hanging from ceiling with lights and greenery

(Photo Credit: Bridal Guide)

Having a rustic wedding or sprucing up an outdoor space? Grab a $1 Dollar Tree hula hoop and create a “chandelier” by painting it white and wrapping it with hanging lights and greenery. Then, suspend it with rope from the ceiling of your venue or even from a tree branch.

2. Use picture frames to make elegant décor and table centerpieces.

picture frames at the dollar tree

Having an outdoor or evening wedding? Dollar Tree sells large picture frames that are perfect for making these rustic DIY lanterns! What an affordable and elegant way to add extra lighting and ambience without breaking the bank, especially if you’re going for that rustic, farmhouse look.

diy dollar trame photo frame lanterns

Put a few lanterns down the aisle walkway, at the altar, or on the tables at the reception… no one will ever know those lanterns came from Dollar Tree picture frames! 😱

3. Make your own flower girl bouquet.

artificial flowers at dollar tree

If you’re looking to save on flower costs, consider making a bouquet for the flower girl OR a wedding rehearsal practice bouquet for the bride. Or, if you tend to have allergic reactions toward some flowers, you can even create a bridal bouquet for the big day using a paper towel tube for the handle, a foam craft ball, ribbon, and Dollar Tree artificial flowers (look for inspiration on Pinterest!).

diy wedding bouquet

(Photo Credit: Fox Hollow Cottage)

4. Decorate with trendy giant tissue paper flowers.

dollar tree hanging paper decorations

These tissue paper flowers are affordable and popular as reception decorations. Use them to decorate the tables, to place on the backs of chairs, or even to create a fun photo backdrop at the reception. If your Dollar Tree doesn’t carry the pre-made ones, you could easily make these paper flowers from Dollar Tree’s tissue paper.

bride and groom holding hands at wedding

(Photo Credit: Hello Creative Family)

5. Spruce up guest chair backs on the cheap.

pew bows at dollar tree

If your venue charges extra for chair covers, decorate the chair backs yourself! Just wrap some tulle around the chair a few times and tie it into a knot. Then attach a pew bow to the tulle! You can either decorate every chair at your reception or reserve this special touch for just the bride and groom.

bows on the back of wedding chairs

(Photo Credit: Dollar Tree Blog)

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Comments 49

  1. JES

    We made our daughters mobile out of a hula hoop and the tissue flowers. Wrapped the hoop with ribbon and then hung the tissue flowers from the hoop with fishing line.

    • Kyliejay!

      What a cute idea!

    • Jeaaica

      That’s such a cute idea! I never would have thought of that but I love how customizable it is. ~jessica (ourgloballove.com)

  2. luna

    Such cute and smart ideas for a party!

  3. Michelle

    I used dollar tree flowers to make bouquets for a wedding.. the only issues is that their floral are seasonal and make sure you get more than enough because once they sell out they won’t get more…

  4. Kiwi

    Some teachers used the hula hoop and put fabric strips on it. They hung it above their heads and said it’s their halos. They look really good!

  5. Kyliejay!

    These are such cute ideas!

  6. Elaine

    The hula hoops there are pretty crappy and likely could not hold the weight of the lights without bending or breaking.

    • Stell

      I just saw this comment and had to share. I decorated one of these and as a lifelong crafter I knew what I was doing but the sand hoop bent in half after we hung it up. It couldn’t handle the weight of the lights and some fresh flowers. We will use 2.50 hula hoops if we do it again.

      • cindyawarf

        I used some fairy lights I ordered off of wish(they are much lighter) & the fabric florals (also lighter than real flowers that don’t last long.at dollar tree. Wrapped the hoop with white duck tape & wala!!! . Every one commented on how beautiful it was😁

        • Janice

          Did you use battery operated fairy lights? Do you have picture of your chandeliers you could send me?

          • Ricky

            Did u use Battery operated lights?

        • Janice

          Wrong email

      • Crystal Hack

        You could use thin PVC pipe from Home Depot. I made the chandeliers with those and it is the perfect thickness and was cheaper than the hula hoops. And it’s already white so no painting. I made (3) chandeliers out of one 12 ft pipe. Much cheaper. Try it.

    • Liz

      I’ve used them at Christmas time to make a wreath to go around the horses neck. I used the Christmas tree garland lights and bulbs. It worked perfectly. Lights aren’t that heavy so it should work fine. IMO

  7. Chris

    I love the chair bows! Looks easy enough for me 💚

  8. Terri

    I used the vases, water beads, and butterfly things (I forgot what they are called) for the centerpieces for my wedding.

  9. Amy

    More frugal wedding ideas and deal posts please! Getting married in June and keep scouring H2S for ideas on realistic items. Taking advantage of all the Shutterfly promos and Walgreens deals to get photos of us enlarged to use as part of our decor…would love to see more! Thank you for all you do!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I will for sure pass this request on to the team. Thank you for the sweet comment! 🙂

      • Stephanie G.

        Same here! I always use H2S for wedding deals!

    • candace

      I made things. It was before I had kids when there was time! The best one I made was I found a 90% off mirror at hobby lobby with a big metal frame on it that the mirror had broke out. Was $19. Bought a screw to fix, painted the wood back that held the mirror in chalkboard paint, and used a chalkboard marker to do a cutesy wedding menu with our names. I looked at Pinterest for a layout.

    • Carrie S

      IKEA is the best for wedding decor!! A set of four votices with candles only averaged out to a couple of dollars, plus there are so many frames and little nick nacks. If you have one close, it’s worth a trip!

      • Melissa

        Not only a good place for wedding decor, but also to pick up one of their IKEA bags for protecting ones wedding dress when needing to use the restroom on one’s wedding day. Do a search for this to get the specifics, but essentially one cuts the bottom out of the bag and steps into it with the straps over the shoulders. The dress is gathered up from the bottom in the bag, thus making it much easier to deal with nature calls.

    • Brittany

      Amy, here are some ways that I saved money on my wedding this February. One thing that helped me save a lot of money was I did my invitations, Save the Dates, and RSVPs (for older relatives who aren’t tech savvy) all on Vista Print. For the RSVPs for the tech savy/younger crowd I just did it electronically on our wedding webpage. I was able to order 50 postcard magnets (for close family and friends) and 100 regular flat paper Save the Dates for $60 and 150 invitations + 50 Postcard RSVPs for $68.50. I made sure that I waited until they did their semi-annual sale to order them so I would get 50% off, but they also regularly have them 40% off.

      I am pretty crafty and love working with flowers so I made all of my own centerpieces and bouquets from flowers from Sam’s and the vases I got from the Dollar Store and then spray-painted Gold. The boutonniere & corsages were made by my mother who had more experience at that than I do. All in all I had a reception FULL of flowers (so much that we weren’t able to use them all) as well as we had a rather large bridal party and I spent less than $400 for everything

      I also knew that I wanted lanterns for part of the decor at my wedding so I kept searching the internet until I found some great prices. I was able to get them at Sears when they had them 90% off, but also I found lots of good deals on the buy sale trade pages on Facebook.

      We made sure we chose a naturally pretty venue that didn’t need much decor and allowed us to bring & choose our own vendors (with the exception of bartenders and security although we could bring in our own alcohol) and that in the long run saved us a lot of money. For example, we LOVE BBQ and where I live it’s not uncommon to have it served at weddings so we had this yummy restaurant near us who is famous for their BBQ cater and it was only $9/person which included 2 meats, 3 sides, salad, and bread. We got so many compliments on it. We were also able to make use of family friends/acquaintances who have their own side businesses for our cake and our DJ. By using them instead of one of the suggested vendors we were able to save over $1000.

      • Dee

        We did barbecue at our wedding as well. People told us it was the only wedding they’d gone to that summer where they enjoyed the food. I had one bridesmaid worried about getting barbecue on her dress and I told her not to worry about it, but then passed out bibs to all the wedding party and we took a hilarious photo with them on.

    • leila

      I got wooden pallets from Michael’s, stained them with wood stain (also from Michael’s) and then strung some twine across it. I then took small cut outs of people’s names (that I had printed) and attached it with small wooden clothespins I got from walmart. Or you could purchase a large mirror that is framed and write the names on the mirror, for the listing of wedding guests. Depends on how many people are coming and budget!

  10. Teah

    My cousin had an outdoor wedding on what felt like, the hottest day of the summer. They purchased little spritzer bottles at the DT and had one on every chair for during the ceremony. EVERYONE was super grateful, and they were cute.

  11. apwade21

    Awesome ideas 🙂

  12. LC

    gret ideas!!

  13. Becky

    We purchased the small tissue paper garland and and cut them individually. I opened them half way to replicate a flower/water lily and
    placed on the middle of the plate for a colorful yet inexpensive place setting. Everyone commented how personalized and
    stunning it looked….no one knew it was a purchase from the dollar store.

    • Dee

      For showers of all kinds, if you are using balloons and need weights (which are surprisingly expensive at 2 to 3 bucks a pop), we used canned sodas wrapped in shiny foil paper and curling ribbon in the chosen shower colors. Depending on the size you need for the balloons, you could go with the mini cans. At the end of the day, you unwrap and enjoy your drinks at the after party.

  14. Becky

    I forgot to mention this was for our daughter’s wedding shower.

  15. Kimberly

    Great ideas!

  16. Amber

    I found clearanced diy invitation kits at Walmart, to which I added some ribbon from Michael’s and my Vista print postcard RSVPs. Postcard stamps are cheaper and you don’t have to open all those envelopes! We also got woven fans from Oriental Trading since it was outside in June. My husband and his best man purchased suits from men’s Warehouse that were approximately $200 since the rentals in the area are at least $150.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Wow Amber! You did great! It was nice to buy the suits because they can use them again!

  17. Melissa

    Dollar a tree has saved me over and over while we are putting together out DIY wedding! I got shepherds hooks and tulle ribbon to fence off the pond area of our outdoor reception. It needed another touch though so clear cocktail cups with the battery operated tea lights will hand from the hooks.
    I am using hula hoops to hang inside the tent – a smaller hoop suspended from a larger hoop. String balls, tissue paper balls, paper flowers, etc hang at varying heights from the hula hoops and dress up the tent poles. The test run of this looked so good and held up nicely!
    Tulle for the chairbacks and those are done – spools are available at the Dollar Tree. For larger pieces of tulle, I ordered window panels from Ikea (around $5 for 2 panels) to dress up the ceremony arch.
    I made my own save the date cards and invitation packages using Illustrator but there are other ways for people who aren’t familiar with the program. (I wasn’t but have wanted to work with it.) They are my biggest accomplishment so far! They are beautiful and I saved a FORTUNE doing them myself. Friends had no idea they weren’t professionally done!
    So far, we are on track to pulling off a beautiful day on a very low budget.

  18. Beth

    I purchased small paper flowers that some 6 in a pack to make soccer ball arrangements for a banquet! I used a piece of styrofoam to attach the flowers to for a round shape! They worked perfect.

  19. Selena Gasbarro

    So many good ideas!

  20. Kell6580

    OMG!!! I’m so using the “lantern” idea for some citronella outdoor lanterns for my patio. No wedding needed. Lol.

  21. Anna

    I do a lot of things from the Dollar Tree these were great ideas

  22. Heather

    My fiance and I are getting married in November, and are using the glass bottles (corks removed) and artificial fall leaves (…to accent what we’d already bought at Michael’s.) for table bouquet decorations.

  23. Marian Romano

    How do you make the top part of the lantern from picture frames?

  24. cindyawarf

    I used some fairy lights I ordered off of wish(they are much lighter) & the fabric florals (also lighter than real flowers that don’t last long.at dollar tree. Wrapped the hoop with white duck tape & wala!!! . Every one commented on how beautiful it was😁

  25. Bettie

    I have used these hula hoops for giant dream catchers for my own wedding, after the wedding guests could take one home with them. I went and got dowl rods and took the hoops apart and cut them so they were various sizes then the smaller pieces I pieced together using glue and dowl rods so I got multiple sizes, I see colored duct tape, white in this case and went over them once then put fabric, they held up nicely and were beautiful in the wind.

  26. Dava blevins

    The hula hoop chandelier is fun and cheap and easy we loved it, at my daughters wedding. We also did firefly lights in wine bottles!

  27. Becky

    Hobby Lobby when using their coupon allows different things to be cheaper than dollar tree. For instance I needed some vases for a craft project I was doing. I used my virtual coupon on HL she and CB purchased the vases for less than a dollar.
    Also Hobby Lobby puts sand stuff on sale every2 weeks.

  28. Kerilyn


  29. Dawn

    To make the bridal table floral arrangement, I used a pool noodle from DT, tule, flowers, bows battery operated lights and ribbons!
    It looked fabulous, and each one was less than $40 total!

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