MoviePass One-Year Membership Only $89.95 (Watch a New Movie EVERY Day)

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Hurry over to where you can score a 1-Year MoviePass Membership for just $6.95 per month! Note that this is billed annually and there is a $6.55 processing fee bringing your total to $89.95!

Why does MoviePass Rock?!

Once you sign up, you will be sent a MoviePass Debit Card in the mail within 2 weeks. Then just browse theaters and showtimes on the MoviePass app and then use your MoviePass card to get your ticket at the box office or kiosk.

With MoviePass, you’ll have access to one movie ticket every day of the year for ANY movie in over 4,000 theaters on more than 36,000 screens – with no blackout dates! 😮 Note this excludes 3D and IMAX.

Here’s what Hip2Save Readers have to say…

I got one for my husband and myself for Christmas and already saw 5 movies. Works great. E-ticket through the app or use the debit card at the theater. 

I have had MoviePass since early November. I really like it. I’ve seen 8 movies since. Some that I would have never paid full price otherwise to see but ended up enjoying. I have racked up a ton of Regal rewards credits with movie pass. Sometimes I go alone when I feel the need to get away and hide out for two hours – it’s great.

Just got back from our 1st movie using MoviePass. It went great! I purchased 2 and am so glad I did. Definitely worth it if you have the time to go on date nights. This is an awesome deal. Think it comes out to be $7.50 a month and that doesn’t even pay for 1 ticket here in Northern California.

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  1. Stacy L Aldrich

    i love my moviepass. I bought it in January, received my card in 10 days, and I have been to the movies 7 times.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      How cool! Happy you have already been enjoying yours!!

    • Ashleigh

      Is it only valid on select movies? Are new releases included?

      • Marie

        New releases included. They won’t let existing users upgrade which is irritating, but it really is a great thing. I never really went to the movies, but since you still get regal points that makes this deal extra cool and I definitely go to the movies on my own now.

        • Jennifer

          Upgrade? What’s the “old” way vs. “new” way?

  2. Erica

    If I give my mom one of these, could she give it to me to use from time to time or is it tied to a specific person?

    • Jen Eagar

      It’s tied to a cell phone.

    • Elaine

      It’s for one person. If you give the ticket to someone else you’re technically breaking the law.

    • RAR

      If you game the system like this, MoviePass is going to go away. They are hemorrhaging cash and are probably not going to last the year.

      • Stephanie

        They also have a $25 fee if someone breaks the terms of conditions. It’s not worth it in my opinion because moviepass is affordable and not worth trying to cheat the system.

  3. Deeds715

    When does year start? Once you sign up? Or when you actually use it the first movie?? TIA

    • Tp47832

      You can get etickets. So the members starts when you sign up. I’ve been a member since the fall. There was a few kinks but we love it.

      • Priua

        How do we buy tickets online without going to movie theater with the card.

    • Kathy

      My year didn’t start until I saw my first movie

  4. Hope

    The second readers comment is mine 😁 I’m still enjoying it. I’d also like to add that I use the regal credits to get a free ticket for my son when I get enough points. Plus I see more Disney movies with this card and submit the tickets to Disney Movie Rewards. Saving up gift cards for next years Disney vacation. We will probably use them for snacks/food inside the parks.

    • Hope

      I pay 9.95 a month by the way.

    • Sisi

      Are you aware that if you link your account they credit the points automatically?

  5. Crystal

    This worked for 4 days then they shut my and my husbands account down. They said we watched two movies in one day, which we didn’t, and they could see that we didn’t on their end. But it still got shut down and had to be reversed by someone in upper management, which never happened after months of waiting. Now we can’t even sign in; it’s saying we aren’t registered. So they basically kicked us off permanently for not doing anything wrong. 🙄 Costco returned it with no problem though.

    • Belle

      That’s a bummer! Is it one movie every 24 hours? Or do they go by actual date timestamps?

  6. maria

    My husband and I got this deal when Costco offered it at Christmas time – $90 for the year. We love it. We go to the show every weekend. Definitely worth the money. Never had any issues .

  7. Annie

    Every time I see this I think “Where was this before I had kids?”. This seems like an amazing deal if you have the ability to go out to movies.

  8. debby

    Great deal! I have used movie pass with no issues! This is a GREAT deal!

  9. RAR

    I love my movie pass, but the fact that they keep lowering the price screams of a company desperate for cash.

  10. Jim

    Still wish they did a family membership or plus one for kids. Would happily pay a little more for that.

  11. Allison

    Husband and I both have it we use it about 4x per month either for us as date night or date night with the kids. We love it.

    • Sara

      Are you able to have one of the kids use one of the parent memberships or do you have to buy a separate child ticket?

      • mary

        usually we load it up on phone app at the theater and then they charge the moviepass swipecard you receive in mail; for 1 adult ticket and you can pay for your child separately. Got 1 each for my husband and myself – and used it in our hometown, and recently while traveling to san diego – love it! Cinemarks, AMC, B&B theatres, almost all area theaters accept it.

  12. EmilyM

    Love my moviepass!!! 9.95 a month and works perfectly every time

  13. Char

    I started using mine Dec 31st and have seen 16 movies to date. Got it thru Costco for the $89.95 after seeing it posted here. It paid for itself after about 9 movies. My husband and I each have one and we love it.

  14. Jennifer

    How does this work at theaters where you have to buy online to choose your seat ahead of time? Are you able to pick seats through the app?

    • Mimi

      There are only a handful of theaters around the U.S. that you are able to get e-tickets from the app to select seats ahead of time. If you’re going to a theater with assigned seating you have to go to the theater and choose from there. There isn’t much of preordering process for moivepass at this point.

    • RAR

      So you have to be in the theater, the day of the show to buy your ticket. From your app, you select what movie you want to see and then go to your theater’s kiosk and buy your ticket.

  15. sandra nahas

    Does anybody know if it is usable at Regal Cinemas

    • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)

      Hi Sandra! I am obsessed with my Movie Pass – and Regal theaters accept it my area as well as AMC, Movie Tavern, NCG and more, however you might want to check their website to be sure the theaters in your area are participating. Even better – I use it with the Regal Crown Club Rewards and get points too.

  16. Kimberly

    We go to the AMC with pre-assigned seats. If I am understanding correctly, we would use the moviepass app to buy tickets without assigned seats, and then go to the theater and select whatever seats are available when we get there? Cananyone tell me if this is correct? I have a 12 year old and this is our newest fun activity. This would be wonderful if it works.

    • Bryant

      Hi Kimberly, I go to AMCs but the assigned seating in my area only applies to IMAX/3D showings. Anyway, the way the app works is you’d select the movie time you want and check-in once you’re within a certain distance to the theater. When you get to the box office and pay you’ll select from the available seating, so you won’t reserve them in advance. This is my understanding. Sidenote: I hate theaters with all reserve seating, ugh. I hope this help.

  17. Nikki

    If you purchase – be very careful you enter the email correctly! I bought one as a gift for Christmas, typed the wrong email and MoviePass has yet to correct it. There’s no customer service number to call – only online request for help!

    • Jennifer

      I emailed customer service in November and got a response last week!!!

  18. Kyliejay!

    Crazy, this sounds awesome!

  19. Moni B.

    I’ve been trying to decide if I should go with the Costco deal or directly with Moviepass with their in-house deal they had before. And now Moviepass has this one! But this deal doesn’t include that bonus with the online movie streaming service. And both Moviepass offerings charged a service fee whereas Costco does not. Help!

  20. sherry

    Thank you so much. My husband and I just retired and it’s going to be so much fun going to the movies anytime we want. And for such a cheap price.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aww, enjoy the movies Sherry! You’re SO welcome!

  21. jjshrs

    Does anyone know how long this special pricing is going on?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! I am not finding an end date listed. It appears to be available for a limited time. Hope that helps!

      • Kay

        I just tried to purchase another as a gift. 9.95/month now. Anyone else have a suggestion? A code we are supposed to use? Thanks

  22. lkdrms

    Has anyone with a large family bought one of these to share as a family? My husband and I rarely go to the movies together but sometimes take one or two kids solo. This could really cut down on our cost. I realize it’s tied to one phone; if we just swapped phones during the movie and whoever was going to the movie took the phone and the card, would that work? Obviously it would only cover the cost of one ticket but buying two memberships up front would be cost prohibitive for us. They really should offer a family membership.

  23. Aloha

    I have 2 small children. How do I go about purchasing 4 memberships for the whole family?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Here is what the details list – “You must be 18 years of age or older with a supported iPhone or Android phone with data service in order to use MoviePass.” Hope that helps!

  24. Aloha

    Do I have this right… your meme era hip is linked to your phone? My two small children do not have a phone to link their membership to. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks.

  25. Jennifer

    I’m interested, but it looks like it’s auto draft every year unless you cancel? I wanted to do this for Christmas as gifts, but I don’t want them to auto renew. I contacted their customer service in November and they returned my email last week!!! And they still didn’t answer my question ☹️

  26. Jennifer

    I just read in the terms of agreement that you have to be 18. I would’ve loved to get one for my kids for summer 😕

  27. Kailani

    This seems too good to be true, I wish it would be a reputable company. I was moments away from clicking to purchase my yearly membership before I decided to hop on to their Facebook page. I was appalled at the vast negative comments they have for their poor customer service. Many have been waiting MONTHS to receive their cards and have turned into headaches to get refunds. I went to the Better Business Bureau, which clearly state MoviePass is not BBB accredited due to a whopping 83% of negative reviews! WOW! My advice, if you still want to risk it, at least do so by taking precautions, such as pay for it with a CREDIT card and not your debit card, which will make it harder to file disputes with your bank. The yearly price is attracting, but only if I am certain I will not get ripped off. I may look back at this deal in the next few months to see if they’ve become a company I can trust. I’ve gotten so many great deals here on this site, and we love Collin and her team for their hard work. But I think it would be wise to put a warning on this post for readers to be aware before they go and immediately sign up. Just sayin’

    • Kay

      I haven’t had any problems with mine. I think it is wise to do our own indepth research, which you did. My experience with BBB hasn’t been bad, but also not completely accurate. Most people complain, rarely do we send in glowing interactions. Hopefully I will continue with mine, and the one for my son I purchased. Good feedback.

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