15 ALDI Deals to Get You Stocked Up on Diapers, Toilet Paper & More

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And I was like baby, baby, baby OH! 🎶

If you have an ALDI nearby and haven’t shopped there, you’re missing out on some fantastic deals – NO coupons required! Because of their shorter hours, fewer product options, streamlined checkout, and exclusive brands, ALDI offers items like toilet paper and diapers for significantly less than their competitors. Check out the following deals we spotted:

Little Journey Jumbo Pack Diapers Sizes 1-6 (23-50ct)
ONLY $4.29 – as low as 8.5¢ per diaper!

If you love Aldi, you'll love deals on toilet paper and these Little Journey diapers.

Little Journey Club Pack Diapers Sizes 3-6 (60-96ct)
ONLY $10.89 – as low as 11¢ per diaper!

Little Journey Training Pants for Boys or Girls Size 3T-4T (23ct)
ONLY $5.89 – just 26¢ per training pant!

Little Journey Thick Quilted Baby Wipes Bundle 216ct
↳ Comparable to Huggies Wipes!
ONLY $3.99 – just 1.8¢ per wipe!

Willow Strong & Plush Premium Toilet Paper 12ct Double Rolls
Comparable to Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue
ONLY $4.49 – just 37¢ per double roll!

Willow Soft & Strong Premium Toilet Paper 24ct Double Rolls
Comparable to Quilted Northern Soft & Strong Bath Tissue
ONLY $8.99 – just 37¢ per double roll!

Willow 1000 Sheets Essential Toilet Paper 4ct Rolls
Compares to Scott 1000 Sheets Bath Tissue
ONLY $1.99 – just 50¢ per 1000-sheet roll!

Willow Ultra Soft Ultra Premium 9ct MEGA Rolls
Comparable to Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue
ONLY $6.99 – just 78¢ per MEGA roll!

Soft & Strong 100% Recycled Bath Tissue 4ct Rolls
ONLY 59¢ – just 15¢ per roll!

Boulder Ultra SUPER Paper Towels 6ct
Comparable to Bounty paper towels!
ONLY $5.99 – just 99¢ per roll!
*Six SUPER rolls is equivalent to 11 regular rolls!

Boulder 75 sq. ft. Aluminum Foil
ONLY $1.99!

Boulder 200 sq. ft. BPA-Free Plastic Wrap
ONLY $1.49!

Lacura Face Care Hydrating Cleanser 8.45oz
Readers say this brand is comparable Mary Kay!
ONLY $2.79!

Lacura Q10 Day or Night Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream 1.7oz
Readers say this brand is comparable to Mary Kay!
ONLY $3.89!

Fresh Flower Bouquets
ONLY $3.99!

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Comments 66

  1. Missy

    I love Aldis paper towels! I always buy them from there.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback Missy! Good to know how much you have liked their paper towels! I will need to grab a pack the next time I head in! 😉

    • jennafrmi

      Me too , I buy them all the time , they are cheap but so the job lol

    • Sue

      How much do they cost for 18 rolls 2 ply willow brand?

  2. Charlotte's Mom

    Has anyone used the baby wipes? Are they comparable to Huggies brand or Costco’s Kirkland’s?

    • Rachael

      I like their wipes, the quality is good and the price is nice, however, it is one pull and you don’t know how many wipes you will end up with. I like Huggies because it is one pull, one wipe. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • LC

        We really like them! High quality for the price.

    • dee

      I actually like their baby wipes. They’re thick like Huggies not thin like Pampers brand.

    • Heather

      I love the baby wipes. I’d say they are thick like Huggies. I don’t think I’ve ever used Costco’s before, but I completely recommend the Aldi wipes to my mom friends.

    • Charlotte's Mom

      Thanks all!

    • Jenny

      Are costco’s wipes thick like huggies or thin like pampers?

      • maria

        I love the Costco wipes they are on sale this month. They are like Pampers but thinner. The Aldi kinds are good they are more thicker like a Huggies wipe. I like a thinner wipe so I switched from Pampers to Kirkland ones and never went back!

    • Melinda Vega

      Hi yes they are comparable to Huggies . I’ve been using them for awhile now and they are fantastic !

    • Kitty

      The aldi wipes are like Huggies: thick and wet. I end up using less wipes than pampers. My wipes were 94 cents per 72 pack. Awesome deal!

  3. GotItTogetherish

    Does anyone know how they are paper towels compared to Costco’s?

    • Brittney6374

      I have not tried their Willow brand but the Boulder brand is TERRIBLE!!

    • Robyn

      I’m not familiar with Costco paper towels but I highly recommend the Boulder brand!

  4. Silvana

    Does anyone know the quality of their diapers? Thanks

    • dee

      I absolutely did not like them. Very cheaply made. Had 2 messy accidents within the first 10 diapers. I did take them back and they refunded my money.

    • cristinimartini

      We used exclusively ALDI diapers for our third and wished we had used them for the first two!! They were awesome (better than brand name ones) for our kid. I gave other moms samples as much as I could because they were so cheap and absorbent. No issues with rashes or leaks. We also used the wipes and keep them around even though we’re “done” potty training.

    • Amybuss

      I’m not a big fan of the diapers. Got a pack as a shower gift and my one month old started to get a rash. No issues with pampers or huggies.

    • Katie

      We were a Huggies and Up & Up family, but recently tried Aldi and have switched. Our youngest still had diapers from Christmas, but for our older one who wears them only overnight it’s all we but now.

    • Anna

      We love them! They’re unscented, so they’re much easier on my son who is rash prone.

    • Lexie

      Their diapers are always my go to when I can’t find any better deal. Have never had any blowouts or rash from them. Whenever we travel and I know there’s an Aldi nearby I just stop and grab a pack. Easier than packing lots of diapers and wipes!

    • Kristie

      Their diapers are our favorite and we use them almost exclusively with our twin toddlers and newborn. Such a good price and no coupons needed.

    • yount_sm

      Diapers were horrible. Will not buy again.

    • Mamarenie

      I have eight kids, so I’ve used my fair share of diapers. I’m still currently using them for my youngest three.. These diapers are HORRIBLE! The rash cream, diapers, pull ups are bad!!! Don’t buy them! Wipes are just okay!

    • Cmlabadie

      We love them! We have a wild toddler and haven’t had any issues!

    • Dee

      The diapers caused my daughter to break out in hives! She was so miserable. It was awful. I took them back to the store and the manger refunded me my money. He said it causes his child he break out in hives too.

  5. JA

    I bought a bouquet of flowers for myself TWO AND A HALF weeks ago and it still looks great! I change the water often and googled a recipe for fresh cut flower “food” to keep it going. Best part? It was marked down to $1.99. Highly recommend their bouquets!

    • Amy

      I’ve been buying the fresh flower bouquets about every other month for years, and only one time did I get a bouquet that didn’t last more than a week. The quality is great and the price really makes it possible for me to keep up with this little habit of mine.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing JA! I will need to keep that in mind for my daughter’s upcoming recital! I like to grab a fresh bouquet of flowers for her! 😉

    • Lhampton

      My mother lives with me and I purchase the flowers every other week for her. I thought she needs to enjoy flowers now instead of when she passes. My plan is to place the pictures I take of her with her flowers by the casket and one red rose on the casket. May sound a little morbid but she loves flowers!

    • GotItTogetherish

      That’s awesome! Fresh cut flowers is by something I like to buy because the die. But I’ll spend a couple bucks for flowers that last!!!

  6. cristinimartini

    Aldi is where we shop every weekend (in addition to Walmart for the things Aldi doesn’t carry, but that list is getting smaller and smaller…as well as Sam’s Club for our bulk buys). I support this list completely!! I have found that the prices of some of their items have gone up recently. For example, we love their tissues with lotion. They used to be .99/box and now they are 1.19. Small, but significant increase.

  7. AngelaM

    The boulder trash bags are awesome too!

    • Krissy

      I found that the kitchen ones broke often. I’m back to name brand for those.

    • Susan H

      I exclusively buy the black 30 gallon garbage bags and have NEVER had them break. They are tough and chrap. Totally worth buying.

    • takingachance

      I love them too—can’t beat the price except for the sam’s club member’s mark trash bags, I stocked up for the year from jet dot com, but the boulder ones remind me of glad bags—we’re a household of 5 and occasionally have a rip or leak from a rip but nothing unusual——–glad to finally see a post on the plastic wrap and foil that I boast about and post on here so often—our foil is even lower at 1.79——-it’s like it’s always on sale and with a coupon without the sale or the coupon, lol—-I stock up—–AND the plastic cups are the best deal around too, 50ct for 2.29-2.59—–and I find that they are the exact ones that boxed dot com sells for a couple of dollars more and just 50cents or so more than sams but I read some bad reviews on the sams cup remake

  8. Jennifer L.

    Pretty much exclusively shop at Aldi here in FL and we love all these product- have bought and used most. Their diapers and wipes aren’t high end feeling, but they totally do the job. I am happy with them! Same with all the paper products- I love not having to track down sales and coupons. Mom of 3, don’t have time for that!

  9. Rasha

    I love Aldi! We’ve used diapers, baby formula, toilet paper, paper towels and much more! Their Moscato wine is awesome too 😉

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      YUM! I love Moscato wine! My Aldi does not sell wine but I sure wish they did! 😉 Thanks for sharing Rasha!

    • Susan

      I loved their wine too but it gave me the WORST hangovers. I had to give it up 🙁

  10. sarah

    I used to use coupon ALOT until Aldi became my go to store for almost everything that I need. With coupons I would save a significant amount of money but I found it would take sooo long to match my coupons up with 2 or 3 local stores deals and then go out shopping with 2 little kids (1 and 3). Many of times I would end up buying things that I didn’t need just because I had a coupon, hoping someone in my house would like it. It would be like an all day affair to go out. Now I just make my normal grocery list and I’m in and out of there within an hour because I know where everything is and never have to worry about the prices since nearly everything is priced lower than other stores. I’m spending about the same amount as I did when I couponed hard core but have way more time and don’t stress nearly as much. I can also give my kids more choices for their weekly snacks & treats instead of trying to save with coupons and being stuck with certain products. I love the diapers and the wipes are so great at that price since my kids love to help me “clean” up around the house with the wipes. I always have a good experience with the flowers as well. My husband isn’t much of a shopper but if he wants to get me a little package of flowers he knows I prefer the Aldi ones instead of spending $20 something at a floral shop.

  11. Laurie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi diapers and wipes. My kids dont have sensitivity issues and Ive never had problems with the leaks. I love Aldi in general, such great prices. Similar to Sarah, i used to coupon so much, now I just go in and out of the Aldis 5 aisles with my 3 and 1 year old (and one on the way!) and i can be in and out at a great price without having to run all around a huge store with 2 kids. In and out in less than a half hour, everything we need and great prices! Love it! We use their toilet paper and paper towels as well!

  12. Mia

    I have used both the wipes and diapers. They are not very good quality or comparable to Pampers/Huggies. However, I think it is acceptable for daycare use or if you need something in a pinch but don’t have the coupons/deals available to score some great diapers. The wipes esp. are very thin.

  13. Beth

    LOVE the diapers and wipes!!!

  14. Susan

    I tried the Lacura night cream and facewash after another reader recommended it. I was actually disappointed though – the scent of both products is really weird – like a strong plastic smell. I no longer have the receipts or packaging – any chance Aldi’s would take them back?

    • kelly

      I just bought Lacura face wash & love the light, fresh scent…perhaps you got a bad batch?? (I can’t imagine how something like that goes bad, but ) perhaps take a sniff of a couple other containers in-store!

    • Sarah E

      I agree!! The smell is not unpleasant but yet it IS unpleasant! Every day I put it on and think oh that’s not too bad but then like an aftertaste it sneaks up on you. I like the day cream if the smell could be different…

  15. LittleRunnerGirlTX

    If you compare the number of sheets or the square feet on the toilet paper you will find that even though the Aldi (Willow) brand and a name brand say they are both 12 or 24 or whatever number of rolls, the Aldi brand has more sheets/square feet per package.
    The 12 count package of Willow Soft and Strong has 242 sheets per roll making it approx. 323 sq. ft. per package and Northern Soft and Strong has 190 sheets per roll for approx. 254 sq. ft. per package. That’s about 69 square feet of difference!
    I find the Willow Soft and Strong to be slightly less soft than Northern, but it is still soft and sturdy…no ripping through or falling apart when using.

  16. ashley

    I have really sensitive skin, but I’m curious about the Lacura wrinkle cream. Does anyone with sensitive skin have any experience?

    • marcica

      I just bought it, it is great but I wouldn’t use it if I were you because the fragrance is strong. Also if I put it near my eye I wake up with swollen eyes.

    • Christina

      The fragrance is strong, but it does not cause my skin to breakout. I have been using both the day cream and the night cream for several years.

  17. susan

    Every time I go to ALDI lately there is a guy collecting the carts to get the quarters. The first time I let him have the cart but subsequently I have told him no. I feel bad telling him no, but at the same time I think he should not be doing this. He does not even take the cart back for you, he stands where the carts are and after you have brought it back he asks for the cart. What do you all think? Should I give him the cart? What would you do?

    • Mari

      no one should make you feel obligated to give your aldis savings away… he’s begging, if you don’t want to give a donation don’t

    • Amy

      This was a big problem at my Aldi when I used to lived in Baltimore. Giving away your money is a personal choice. If you are not comfortable, first notify a store employee. You can also look for a customer heading into the store and exchange your cart for their quarter to avoid the encounter. I always had my kids with and would just say, “sorry, they like to put the cart away.”

      • Michelle

        I always try to offer to exchange “cart for quarter” to help other customers save the trip back. I also do this at other shopping locations – I am headed that way anyway and it makes someone smile and that in turn gives me a good feeling knowing I did something nice for someone – without really doing anything special but it helped them! — As far as the man “begging” and YES in my opinion he is begging…I would just smile, say sorry I keep my “Aldi Buggy Quarter” so I always have it! Wish him a wonderful day, put my quarter in my little Tupperware Bowl Keychain and on my way I would go! Never feel obligated to give your hard earned money to someone who BEGS FOR IT….if you choose to give it to them because YOU want to give it that is your choice! But, you are saving those quarters at this awesome place…use them to PAMPER YOU! Best of PAMPERING to you!,

        • Jennifer

          I had to smile because I have the same tiny Tupperware Bowl Keychain that is only for my Aldi quarters! : )

        • susan

          Thank you to everyone for the advice. It is really helpful.

  18. Joy

    I would never give my cart away to someone who asks for it! But, I always give my cart away to someone who is on the way in to shop. They offer the quarter and I always say no, but I do ask that they pass it along to the next person. I do keep my eye out for a mom with kids and especially the elderly.

  19. kiley

    Not on the list, but if you are gluten-free or know somebody who is, they have some great products. The G-free line. The chocolate baking mix makes awesome brownies! The only thing that I am not a fan of in their gluten-free spaghetti noodles. Everything else seems great, and better prices then other stores.

  20. Lindsay

    My go to household items at Aldi are
    Storage baggies
    Paper plates (better than Walmart brand)
    Box of tissues (not great if you have a cold, but for everyday general use they are great!)
    Disinfectant wipes (love these so much better than clorox or Lysol brand!)

  21. Miriam

    We don’t have Aldis here, but I always buy their diapers when we travel. Both the diapers and pull-ups worked well for us!

  22. jennafrmi

    I buy the cheap 59 cent toilet paper, it’s not the softness brand but it’s not really rough either, it works and it’s cheap lol

  23. Karena

    I like the toilet paper, moscato and pizza at Aldi’s. I would like to try their wipes and diapers for my newborn.

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