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Want to Work from Home? VIPKID Is Hiring Teachers and Pays Up to $22 Hourly

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Want to make money working from home?

If you said YES!, be sure to head on over to where they are hiring teachers who love working with kids, are passionate & enthusiastic, and are motivated to work with a company that is growing at a fast pace in China! In fact, they currently employ over 30,000 teachers working in 32 countries and teach over 200,000 students… but they’re continuing to grow and need more teachers!

AND, did you know that was ranked #1 on Forbes 2017 Top 100 Work from Home Companies!? 😱

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID provides an international learning experience to children in China between the ages 4-12. The company is headquartered in Beijing and offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by qualified teachers. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

A few perks of working for VIPKID:

  1. Flexible Schedule
    • You can work from home or anywhere else that you want! You’ll be able to set your own schedule and work as little or as many hours as you’d like. It is recommended that qualified teachers be available for at least 7.5 hours of teaching time per week.[/h2s_coupon]
  2. No lesson plans OR grading
    • VIPKID provides the lesson plans for you to choose from. They even do all the communicating with parents so you don’t have to! You just need a computer and passion and skills for teaching.[/h2s_coupon]
  3. No Education Degree Required
    • You don’t need a degree in education in order to be a VIPKID teacher! All you need is a bachelor’s degree in ANY field AND one school-year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.
  4. Earn up to $22/hour from home!
    • Qualified teachers will teach English to young students online and will make between $14-$22 per hour. Your minimum pay will be determined by your demo class performance, and incentives by your monthly class participation and completion.
  5. No teaching HUGE classrooms
    • Do large classrooms intimidate you? No worries! All VIPKID classes are one-on-one to ensure they meet 100% of each student’s needs.

Check out what Hip2Save readers think…

I have been teaching with VIPKID since December and really enjoy it. I can say the best thing has been the fact that I feel successful with the teaching. For the most part, the kids are great and the parents are very supportive. I am a full time teacher and currently teach 12-16 time slots per week (half hour time slots). The pay is great and it is always on time if not early.

The most frustrating part can be getting your time slots booked at first, but once you get going and start getting people to follow you, you shouldn’t have any issues getting your slots filled. I actually signed up after reading reviews on here.

I’ve been working for VIPKID for almost 2 years now and have taught over 1,800 classes. It has been a blessing for me to stay at home with my kids during the day and work evenings and mornings without paying for childcare. The hours can be hard, but the schedule is completely flexible. You open up times that you are available to teach and students book you. There are no minimum hours, so you can work as much or as little as you like. I have helped 3 Hip2Savers this past month get hired.

This is an incredible company to work for – flexible, fun, professional, and perfect work from home job! I have been working with VIPKID for a few months now. I started it on a whim and quickly fell in love with it! The kids are so cute and have so much respect for their teachers. I work full time and teach either before my kids wake up or after they go to sleep. It’s wonderful!

I love that I set my own hours, and you can make up to $22 an hour!!! If you would like to be a stay-at home parent or just make some extra cash in addition to your full time job, VIPKID is the job for you!

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Comments 77

  1. Natalienichole4

    I just signed my second contract with VIPKID. It has been the best job. I pick my own schedule and work when I want to! The curriculum is provided and the kids are so cute. I’d love to help out with any questions. Here is my referral link. I can guide you through the entire interview process!

    • Mariah Arnett

      I would love some interview tips. I have been aware of this company for some time now and thinking of applying. My email is riaharnett at gmail
      Would love you to contact me. Thank you!

    • T

      I have a degree in child development. I did practicum in the classroom in college. I have fourkids, but have not worked a teaching job since graduating. Do you think I would qualify?

      • T

        What supplies are required?

        • Natalie Taylor

          You need headphones/headset and reliable internet! I use flash cards that I make myself and a white board I got from the Dollar Tree!

      • Natalie Taylor

        Hi! You only need a four year degree and one year experience working with children. That could be teaching, practicum, babysitting, childcare etc. I am sure that you would be fine! I haven’t taught in the classroom for 6 years and I was fine!

        • T

          I still have one kiddo at home. What is the minimum amount of hours I could start with?

          • Sarah

            The great thing is, there are NO set hours!!

          • Kaley


            The beauty of VIPKID is that you your own boss when it comes to how much or how little you want to work! There are no minimum requirements. You choose to open up the time slots that you are available! There are obviously advantages of openings up more, but we are all in different time zones so it is different for everyone. I love teaching for VIPKID. I am a full time public school teacher and I teach for VIPKID part time. I was able to make over $1400 in April! I have recently helped 5 of my friends get hired. Let me know if I can help you! Apply here: or email

      • Kaley

        Yes! If you have a bachelors degree and some experience with children then YES you can do this job!

    • Alpana


      I signed up using your referral code, please give tips for the interview process!

      • Natalie Taylor

        HI, I sent you an email! Let me know if you didn’t get it. I would love to answer any questions! For the interview I would use props and lots of expression and hand motions. They are looking for engaging and upbeat teachers! You will be given a lesson to prepare and then present during your interview. Make sure you know the material!

    • Maria

      What subjects do you teach?

      • Natalie Taylor

        You will be teaching all subjects. I teach reading, math, phonics, spelling, science, etc. You will focus on the english language while you teach all subjects. Thanks!

      • Kaley


        It is all subjects. The curriculum is made for you! It is really easy! You have time to look over it before class but many teachers only spend 5 minutes or less looking through the power point lessons before hand. I love teaching for VIPKID. I am a full time public school teacher and I teach for VIPKID part time. I was able to make over $1400 in April! I have recently helped 5 of my friends get hired. Let me know if I can help you! Apply here: or email

    • amy

      I am thinking of signing up. Do they ask for my social sec #? can they deposit to paypal? I don’t have a bank acct? thank you for any assistance.

      • Natalie Taylor

        They do direct deposit to your banking account. They do not pay through Paypal.

      • Kaley


        They use direct deposit. You do give them you SS# because you have to fill out a W-9 tax form. It seems scary to some people but I have found out that they actually use an American bank to pay their teachers. It really isnt bad! If it was, I wouldnt do it! I love teaching for VIPKID. I am a full time public school teacher and I teach for VIPKID part time. I was able to make over $1400 in April! I have recently helped 5 of my friends get hired. Let me know if I can help you! Apply here: or email

  2. Danielle

    Love VIPKID! I’ve been working with them since Jan 2017. It has blessed my family immensely! The early morning hours can be hard, but it’s perfect for me. I get the freedom to be with my kids all day! Please let me know if you have any questions or I can help you in any way! Email:

  3. Allison ZSP

    I have been with the company since July 2017. This job has been a blessing to my family. I can work in the mornings before my children wake up and still stay at home with them during the day. I can open as many or as little slots as I like. You are considered an independent contractor and make your own schedule! I am about to have my 3rd baby and I am still teaching a few students each day. The curriculum is provided and I supplement with materials (very little planning!!!). If you would like to give this company a try and have a bachelors degree please use my link! I can help you through the interview process!

  4. Tolu

    I’m so excited to start this soon. Bought my headset. Just need a laptop now

    • Barb

      You have to buy your own headset?

  5. Renae

    I have been teaching with VIPKID for the past several weeks. My first check was $500 and I now am on track to earn over $1000! I work early morning hours and it has had minimal impact on my family. I have been a stay at home mom/homeschooler for the past 11 years and this job feels like such a blessing! My referral code is If you would like to try VIPKID for yourself!

    • Ilene

      Hi I would like to give the teach from home program a try but I need your referral code

  6. carrie

    I’ve heard that because of the time difference you can only work very early in the morning…what time do you all work?

    • Mel

      So you can work evenings and mornings depending on time zone. I teach every evening from 9:30-11 then mornings from 6-8am. It is harder to get evening bookings because its day in china and most students are in school.

    • Jessica

      That is mostly true. But it depends highly on your time zone. You can use to compare your own time zone to Beijing. Now imagine when children in Beijing would be in school or sleeping- those times are unavailable. But after school, weekends, and sometimes week day mornings (when school is on a break ) are available. So for me in Central time zone I work from 6-9am daily, and 8-10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. I could work lots more or fewer hours if I chose to. This is what works for me!

      • Maria

        Thank you, Jessica, your feedback was very helpful. God bless!

  7. Jessica

    This job has been awesome! I am in my second contract. It is flexible, fun, and providing me the opportunity to work while still being a homeschooling mom. If you are interested in help with the application process, I would be glad to help! (Clicking this referral link will notify me with your email address and I will contact you. Thanks!)

  8. Alisa

    I love this job!! I work mornings before school and sub during the day. In the summer I plan on working 6am-10am. There are hours during the evening available and early mornings. I just hit my one year mark with VIP and looking forward to many more!! Please email me if you have question or click my link to apply! I will help you through the whole process

  9. Emily

    If you use, you can see what 6-10 Beijing time is for you. In Utah right now, it is 4-8 am. I teach at night too during the summertime (starting at 9am BJT). And you teach about a variety of topics…transportation, insects, landforms, family, etc. The lessons are already prepared for you, so it is super easy. I just look over them the night before for a little bit. And I did buy my own headseat after a couple months of teaching…it makes the sound so much better. It has been the perfect (legit) work from home job for me. Here’s my referral link if you’re interested:

  10. :)

    I too have been working for VIPKID for almost a year. It is wonderful. I’m very grateful for it. The only down side is hours you work which is mostly middle of the night or super early in the morning. You get used to it though 🙂

    I make $20 an hr 🙂

  11. Rose

    I love VIPKID and think it is a phenomenal program for students, and excellent way to make extra money. However, there have been way too many teachers hired, and many teachers are stuck without classes. I am no longer comfortable referring for this company as a result. I do teach with 2 other companies, which have kept me busy from the get go!

    • Laura

      What other sites do you teach through?

    • Kim

      Rose- which company would you recommend?

    • Tp47832

      Who do you teach for? I’m thinking about applying at another place.

    • Kris

      Another company that does ESL is Magic Ears. I don’t think they require a bachelors degree but I think they require more teaching experience than VIPKID.

  12. A

    I would love to help anyone who is considering applying! You never know if you’ll succeed unless you try! So I’d love to help you give it a shot! VIPKID has been the best experience for me to be able to stay home and earn $. I love it. I wasn’t sure I would qualify or if I could do it, but I gave it a try and I am now happily on my 3rd contract and fully booked, I’ve also helped others successfully get hired! Feel free to sign up with my link and I can answer any questions you have, give you tips and help through the interview process! Code: 01WTBR

  13. Shannon

    If you have half a bachelors degree you can apply to be a sub. In my area it pays $100/day

  14. lynn

    There is a referral bonus, I would be happy to split it with the new hire. VIPKID is great.

  15. Tonia P

    OMG! HIP2SAVE POSTED MY REVIEW! I’m the third one!

    If you would like to be a stay-at home parent or just make some extra cash in addition to your full time job, VIPKID is the job for you! Feel free to contact me with further questions. I can answer any questions you may have and guide you through the hiring process.
    Copy this Link:
    Referral Code: 05WU23

  16. B

    How long did it take to get a good amount of bookings after you get hired? I read that some people have been hired for a month or so with no bookings. The hiring process is time consuming so it would be a bummer to get hired but not get any bookings.

    • Sarah

      I was hired last June and got instant bookings. It was Summer so the students were out. Students in China have begun End of year exams so bookings are not overflowing, but definitely still available. 3 of my recent referrals in April got bookings within the first week! HTH! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at (those are zeros) 🙂

      To avoid overposting referral links, anyone that has any questions can email at the above email! I’m happy to answer questions and help you through the process if you decide to proceed! I’ll include my referral link in my reply email. My referral was invaluable to me and I would love to pay that forward!!

    • Kris

      I have been with VIPKID for a month. I started out with bookings right away (5-6 per week) and now get 8+. I would like more but it is slow starting out. However I think I am more the exception than the rule. I have heard of people who have been with them for a couple months and only had 1-2 bookings total or even 0! I think they hired a lot of new teachers when I started so it has been slow for all the new teachers. Summer is coming though and I’ve heard it is very busy as the kids are on break from school. I am willing to stick it out as it seems things will pick up. Also I started at $21/hr.


    What are the drawbacks? How tough is the interview /hiring process? I’ve read that primarily white people get bookings. I’m Asian American. Would that be an issue?

    • Kaley Morrow

      The interview process can seem tough, but it really just prepares you to teach with the company. In retrospect, it isn’t bad! You fill out a basic application online. Then you can do a live interview & demo or send in a recorded interview and demo. After that you will have a mock class and possibly a 2nd mock class. Then you fill out your contract documents and are considered hired and are able to start opening slots to teach! I love working for VIPKID! I am a full time teacher and I do VIPKID part time. I made over $1400 in April! I have also recently helped 5 friends get hired. I honestly don’t think you ethnicity matters. I have seen every ethnicity teacher and it seems many are successful! Definitely not just Caucasians! Feel free to email me if you have any more specific questions! or apply here:

  18. Kmorrow

    I am a VIPKID Teacher and I love it! I am a full time public school teacher and do this part time. I made over $1400 in the month of April! I can’t wait until summer so I can work even more for VIPKID! For all my school teacher friends looking for a part time summer job, apply now! You want to get started ASAP with VIPKID because it can take a little bit to get hired and start getting booked. Do you have to be a teacher to do VIPKID? No! You just have to have a bachelors degree and some experience with children! I recently helped 5 of my friends get hired and I can help you, too! Apply here:

  19. Dana Myers

    I am enrolled in a Bachelor’s / Licensure program through East Carolina University. Don’t have my degree/license yet but I have been teaching full time in the classroom as a practicum student for over a year. Are they firm on already having the degree or are student teachers encouraged at all? I will be Middle Grades SS and ELA certified. Otherwise I think I’ll get my 6th grade ELA teaching husband signed up!

    • Jessica

      They are firm on the Bachelors Degree. It doesn’t have to be in education but you do need it to apply. When you finish your degree then you can apply. Best of luck!

  20. LibraryLady

    I have been working for VIPkid for about a year now and it’s the best job ever! I have helped 4 other people get hired through Hip2Save and I would love to help you too! The referral link to get started and submit your resume – I’ll get you through the interviews and hiring process. This job will change your life! 😊

    • Marissa

      I have a bachelors degree, but I don’t have any experience with teaching. Do I really need teaching experience?

      • Kaley


        Not necessarily teaching experience. It could be experience with children that you babysat, or taught in bible class, or just your own personal children. There’s a lot of ways you could have the experience with children! I am a VIPKID teacher and I LOVE THIS JOB! I recently helped 5 friends get hired. Let me know if I can help you!

      • Meg

        Teaching experience can be volunteer too. I ‘home preschooled’ my son and taught the youth at my church for years. That totally counts! It can be professional/business/volunteer.

  21. retireewannabe

    Is anyone but me concerned about the fact that you are helping open the door to a future takeover of our country by the Chinese? Many years ago Mao said they won’t have to conquer us, we will do it for them. With China holding much of our debt and us teaching them our language and culture he might be right. Not trying to start a verbal war here on H2S or be negative about people earning extra money for their families, just food for thought. If you don’t believe me, check out Mao Tse Tungs writings.

    • LOL

      I’m not concerned. If these dear little children end up taking over the world, at least they will be able to speak proper English!

  22. Sarah

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with VIPKid! Next month I will be signing my 3rd contract. I have truly enjoyed watching my regular students grow! It’s so wonderful to have a relationship with these little cuties (and in some instances, their families!) clear across the world! My referral was invaluable to me. She walked me through each step and prepared me as much as possible. I would love the opportunity to pay that forward! I am a stay at home mom with 2 children. It has been so nice to work my own hours, around our schedules and various activities and contribute financially. I work very part time and my contribution is making a big difference to our financial plan and goals! I would love to answer any questions you may have and if you so desire, get hired! My email is sarah (dot) slatter (at) hotmail (dot) com. My referral link is

  23. Catie

    I have worked with VIPKid for almost a year now and really enjoy it! It is incredibly flexible as the post says, and you can work as little or as much as you want. It can take a little time to get established but it is well worth it! I also teach science at a local public school and am looking forward to working more over the summer with VIPKid!

    If anyone is interested in signing up using my referral link, I would appreciate it! Feel free to email me with any questions or help with the whole process! orngecat88 at aol dot com.

  24. Melissa

    I just started working for VIPKID in February. I am a full time middle school teacher, a grade student, and a VIPKID employee. This is my “side hustle”. I make my own schedule and enjoy the flexibility it brings. I usually teach three classes every morning, Monday – Friday. Then on the weekend I teach a few more. If you have any questions email me I would love to help you! Oh did I also mention that I am a wife, and mom of two girls. If I can do this, so can you!

    If you are ready to apply use my link to get linked to me for help! (just copy and paste into your URL)

  25. Jamie

    So I signed up. Got to the demo interview. Do I need props like the ones the sample videos show? Also, those folks are way too chipper. Do I have to be that animated? TIA.

    • K

      Yes and yes. Props are used to get the kid to understand what you are saying. I use props all the time in class. Most kids are visual learners. The peppier you are the better. This is your first impression to VIPKID so make it a good one. They want to see happy and lots of energy. If you pass the interview you will have to do at least 1 mock class, which is a longer version of the demo. My suggestion is watch lots of YouTube videos. There are lots of vids with good tips. Good luck!

      • Kaley

        My referrals are getting booked right away! I do not think this is the case for everyone!

  26. Meg

    I’ve heard that because they’ve recently hired so many teachers, it can take a very long time to get work.
    Can anyone comment on whether this is the case? Thanks!

    • Kaley

      My referrals are getting booked right away! I do not think this is the case for everyone!

    • K

      I started a month ago and got bookings right away. I’m still not fully booked but teach 8-12 classes per week. This is not the case for a lot of teachers though. I’ve seen some say they are just now getting their first booking after 90-100 days.

  27. Yasuko J

    Is there anyone originally from overseas teaching on VIPKID? I’m just curious. Thank you!!

  28. Nicole

    I am former special ed. teacher in WI. I learned about vipkid on here actually (shout out to hip2save!). I currently stay home with my children. This is seriously great gig. If you are interested inl learning more, I’m hosting a meet-up WI. Eel free to email me with your questions. It would be my pleasure to help you through the hiring process! Below is my vipkid referral link. Talk to you soon!!

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