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Up & Up Wipes Class Action Settlement: Get Up to $27 in Target Gift Cards (No Receipts Required)

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If you purchased Up & Up Flushable Wipes OR Toddler Wipes between 4/18/2010 and 10/31/2014, you may be entitled to receive a Target gift card and/or free product coupons.

This Up & Up Wipes Class Action Settlement is the result of a lawsuit that claims that certain Up & Up flushable toddler wipes manufactured by Nice-Pak were not flushable. Although Target and Nice-Pak deny these claims, and the court has not decided who is right or who is wrong, the parties have agreed to settle this case to resolve the matter.

No Proof of Purchase required for claims of 20 units or less:

If you file a valid claim without a proof of purchase and you opt to receive a gift card, you will be limited to a gift card for no more than 20 units ($1.35 X 20 = $27).

If you opt to receive coupons, you can receive up to 20 coupons for free units of current Up & Up wipes manufactured by Nice-Pak (double 48-count package or equivalent depending on wipes product).

Do you have proof of purchase?

If you opt to receive a gift card and you have proof of purchase, you are entitled to a gift card in the
amount $1.35 per unit purchased without limitation on the number of units.

Proof of purchase means an itemized retail sales receipt showing, at a minimum, the purchase of Up
& Up flushable toddler wipes, the purchase price, and the date and place of the purchase. If you opt to receive coupons, you will receive 20 coupons and a gift card for $1.35 for each unit above 20.

Submit your claim by September 2018:

If you believe you do qualify, be sure to read the instructions carefully, fill out the Claim Form, and submit the form online no later than September 7th, 2018.

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Comments 63

  1. SaraJ

    My plumber bill attests to these not being flushable. 🙁

    • Kristi

      These clogged my toilets too! I had to switch to the cottonelle ones and no issues.

      • Tara

        You may not have issues, but the city is! If you must use them, throw them in the bin, not the toilet.
        ^why “flushable” wipes aren’t flushable

  2. Joanne

    why does it say “WARNING!” at the top?

  3. Abby

    Thank you!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Abby!

  4. Diana

    Who has receipts from 2014?

    • Angela V.

      I do. I write off our state sales tax on our federal taxes, so I keep every receipt for 7 years in case of an audit. 🙂

      • Amber

        If u got any with these on there can u send me a picture? I… Um .. Lost my recipt!

        • Maggie

          Amber, claims are submitted under penalty of perjury. Perjury is a felony — a few district courts have recently referred people submitting bogus claims for prosecution.

    • Tia

      Even if you did, imagine looking thru a year’s worth of receipts? Or maybe I just “run” to the store way too many times and would have way too many receipts!

  5. Shan

    We had to pay a plumber over $500 to suck these out of our system!

  6. Tracee

    I had to switch to kandoo . These were horrible.

  7. Laurie

    We used these countless times and I was curious about how flushable they really were…

    • Tara

      They’re not! No flushable wipe is good for our sewer systems.. These stupid things are ruining the (sadly) best sanitation system in the world

    • Nifty

      Exactly. I don’t trust any of them anymore. Kids would flush more then one. Horrible. I just throw them in the can but also no longer but flushable. Why pay more for nothing.

    • Emily

      Was just going to say this. No wipe is flushable.

  8. Tara

    None of the “flushable” wipes should be flushed. They’re destroying city sewer systems… Please stop flushing them (even if you don’t think it effects your system; unless you have your own system separate from everyone else).

  9. nkis

    Lawsuit over wipes, that’s pathetic. What has this world come to.

    • Stephanie

      If you used an item as directed and in good faith and then had a $700 plumbing bill you would be upset too.

      • nkis

        So if toilet paper or tampons, maybe even toys got you’d sue the company…it may be off topic but what I am saying is people are too sue happy nowadays and sh*t happens. Agree or not with me it’s just sad.

        • Whaaat?

          Ummmmm……you also should NOT flush tampons. Basically, your toilet is NOT a trashcan. Only pee, poop, and used toilet paper should go in there.

          • Fran

            And goldfish and creepy bugs lol

    • NV

      Lawsuits over hot coffee? Stupid. Lawsuits over flushable wipes that are not flushable? Not stupid.

      • Aleshia Jones

        You need to research the coffee lawsuit. I thought it was so stupid too until I researched and read the entire store. What happened is an elderly lady spilled hot coffee on hersel. there is law that the coffee can not get over a certain temp and if I remember correctly it was 3 times over the limit. She ended up with burns. I dont want to say what degree because i can not remember. She then Contacted McDonalds and asked for them to pay for her hospital fees. She didnt want any money she just wanted her bill paid. McDonalds refused, so she got a lawyer. Still she didnt want anything, but her hospital bill paid. It was the jury with all of the facts and evidence found McDonalds in the wrong and had McDonalds pay her hospital bill. They also added on the million dollars for pain and suffering. It is a great read and will shed light on everything. I also agree about the flushable wipes, not stupid. If you trust a product because it claims to be flushable and end up with a 700+ plumbing bill than target should be responsible. I would take those flushable wipes receipts and the plumbing receipts to corporate. I believe they are responsible for more than the cost of the wipes. Also, flushable wipe and toys are totally different. People aren’t wiping their butts with toys and flushing them. If a product is supposed to work a certain way and it does not, and it causes damage and or harm than the company needs to fix it. Most people sue because they try contacting the company who gives them the cold shoulder and refuses to offer any help.

        • Courtney


        • Kishua

          Thank you for clarifying the McDonald’s “coffee” lawsuit. I also saw the documentary and McDonald’s lawyers paid a public relations company a large amount to put out the “suing over hot coffee” narrative to discredit the lawsuit and win public favor..the PR company did their job well as the false narrative is still believed today

          • Jamie

            I watched that documentary too, there were photos of her thighs, she got seriously burned and injured, this was not just some frivolous lawsuit.

        • Natasharaf

          Great reading!
          I agree with what you said! Really enlightening.

    • Lexibles

      It sheds a lot of light on “frivolous” lawsuits.

    • nkis

      Things happen, and in a society today mistakes are not allowed to happen without someone wanting to sue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Aleshia Jones

        You are absolutely right, things happen, but do not create a product and claim something it is not. A 700$ plumbing bill because of a false claim is not just something that happens. When people try to resolve something with the person or company, but neither will listen sometimes you have to settle in court. If you go based on that theory than everything “just happens”. It is not a big deal until it happens to you. You try to work it out and they refuse. Not everything just happens. The problem is that these companies do not like to take full responsibility of an issue they created. These companies have got to hold up to their claims on their products. It is called cutting corners and being negligent. Sometimes people go to court to get their issue resolved. The jury and judge have the right to add to the lawsuit. Most people try to resolve outside of court, but get the run around. Sometimes these companies negligence causes the loss of life, accidents, and injuries. Ford tried to make me responsible for paying the defect on my truck that was responsible for other car accidents. The break fluid was draining out into another area of the truck causing break failure. I was actually pulling out of my driveway to take my 4 kids to school when my breaks went out. Luckily, I didnt make it out of my driveway. It did not get resolved until I called the safety and recall line and heard that I was not the first and that they were building a case. Ford back tracked and paid for it and a few weeks later a mass recall was set. It was all because of cut corners and another company not wanting to be responsible for their defective product. It could have caused serious injury or death to my children. It I didn’t thankfully, but others did end up in car accidents. Can you imagine driving 60 mph and your breaks fails? Things just happen though….

    • nkis

      Yes things happen. I have 3 kids, hey and I have used wipes like this and they don’t dissolve well. I just throw them away. I have had lessons on the toilet clogging, I am not going to sue a company over it. If they claim to be flushable and “get backed up in the lines” it happens. Atleast they are trying to make it right.

      A homeowner could also have really shi*ty pipes and an old home. People are too quick to sue someone nowadays. People and companies are allowed to have mistakes. My point is sh*t happens, don’t use their products again…why be sue happy. I can debate all day on it, but that’s my opinion. Life’s too short for all of that.

      • Aleshia Jones

        You are right, we have to agree to disagree. That’s all right, but in the end these companies end up losing more than they gained when they cut corners. I also never flush any wipes. Flushable or not, but if you know it and I know it than these companies know and therefore shouldn’t advertise it. A lot of hip2save readers said that they spent so much to have a plumber remove the flushable wipes, not because they have “shitty pipes”. My whole point is people don’t want to spend the money on lawyers to sue a company ,. They dont want to go through years of headaches. Most of the time all they want is the company to fix the problem and find a solution. When said company continues to blame you and refuse to help and it doesn’t happen to 1 or 2 people, but thousands of people and the said company continues to sale said product than you gotta do what you gotta do. Seems to me judge (possibly jury) agreed or they wouldn’t have won the suit.

    • nkis

      I get it but again people are too quick to sue

  10. Casey

    Yep most definitely not flushable. Had to have drains snaked out twice what a nightmare

  11. Bonnie

    I am on a septic tank & was told by the septic tank service not to use these as they do not break down!!! I now have the trash cans with closeable lids in every bathroom to put them, out of sight.

  12. alex

    Whatever happened to that other class action suit for target over their data breech?

  13. Alaina

    Honestly I don’t think any wipe is truly flushable. Sooner or later it will catch up with you. I worked in health care and even those flushable wipes caused huge sewer issues for the hospital in the connecting pipes to the city sewer. Huge mess. Also if you don’t have city sewer is it worth risking thousands of $$$ to have to replace your sewer system. Nope.

  14. Mel

    My cousin is a plumber and he jokes that while there is no such thing as a flushable wipe, it’s great business for him! He probably has 1-2 calls a wk that are due to clogged pipes from those wipes. So we stopped flushing them a few years ago, even though we never had any plumbing issues (better safe than sorry!). I stopped flushing my tampons, those go in the trash too.

    • kidsallgone

      My husband has a plumbing company and when one of the plumbers unclog a toilet due to flushing tampons, they say they pulled out the “white mice!” Lol!

  15. shop4mybabies

    flush-able wipes are a misnomer and do not exist. Please do not flush anything but toilet paper and bodily waste down your toilet. It clogs the city sewer systems and raises all of our bills for the maintenance. I spent over 2700$ on plumbers before a kind smart one finally told me to avoid any and all wipes, the toilets backed up into our tubs and sinks HORRIFIC, luckily our system has been free and clear in the two years since

  16. Susan Crawford

    I have always had a septic systems. You never put any type of “flushable” wipes down the toilet. All they do is clog your system. I realize that people are going to do this, and you will be paying dearly for it. Other than bodily waste, a rid x pod once a month is all that goes down the toilet.

    • Emily

      Not sure where you live or who recommended rid x, but in my neck of the woods it’s generally thought most septic systems don’t need any help (other than routine pumping every 3 or so years). The natural bacteria in the tank does everything it needs to do. Might save you a few bucks to not have to buy the tablets! 😉

  17. 50ShadesofLipstick

    Having to pay hundreds to a plumber because people don’t want to move beyond using wipes and toilet paper, to using water instead…that’s just sad. A $35 bidet will change your life and actually keep you clean.

  18. Maggie

    GET A BIDET FOR YOUR TOILET SEAT!!! If you like the clean feel of a wet wipe but don’t want a big plumbing bill, just install an inexpensive bidet attachment to your toilet seat. It’s a little jet of water that washes your backside while you sit on the toilet, controlled by a small knob or dial on the side of the toilet. It’s SO much cleaner: after rinsing yourself, you pat yourself down with a little regular TP and are just-showered fresh. I got my mom using one, and she now thinks it’s uncivilized to live without one — the notion of smearing poop in your butt crack with dry TP quickly becomes so primitive that you’ll wonder why people think it’s normal. You’ll never see “skid marks” when washing men’s underwear again! (Bidets are also GREAT for people who get hemerrhoids too or have other issues that make them sensitive to dry-wiping.)

    Ours cost under $30 on Amazon, my DH installed it with common tools (and he’s NOT a plumber or even all that handy–it’s truly easy). With a bidet, you’ll also use a lot less TP in your household, and you’ll never spend another cent on wipes.

    • Judy

      Omg, I love the skid marks comment; I have to deal with this all the time. Gave me a good laugh, thank you. Also seriously considering getting one 🙂

  19. staci

    This is a legit concern. No matter what the packaging says, do not flush them.

  20. LM

    Well…the comments on here sure made for a funny read! I bet all those who are complaining about this lawsuit are still quite happy to go request their gift card or coupon! 😉
    I’ve never purchased these so I won’t, and hopefully others are honest as well and don’t take advantage of this sort of thing.

    • Aleshia Jones

      This happened with the telemarking cruise thing she posted. I got a letter in the mail wanting me to show proof. Of course it is on my credit history. It just shows how many falsely claimed the 300$

      • momof4spoiled1s

        Proof of what? That you had the telephone number during that time or that you got the unsolicited telephone calls?


    I had a 700$ plumbing bill too but I mainly use cottonelle wipes. The plumber told me same thing,no wipe is really flushable.

  22. ella

    A couple years ago, we had to call in a plumber to come unclog our pipes and flushable wipes were the cause. My young kids liked to use them but we used a variety of brands depending on price. Up&up was one of the brands, but I also used cottonelle and Kandoo. Ultimately that’s when I learned from our plumber that no wipe is truly flushable- they don’t break down and if they don’t cause your pipes harm, they are definitely casing problems further down the line. We quit flushing wipes immediately after that.

  23. Kandyce

    This is exactly why we stopping using these “flushable” wipes a long time ago.

  24. *Angela-Miles*

    I’ve never flushed any wipes. I’ve used target brand a few times, but never flushed any so I’m not going to file this claim. Feel bad for the people that did though and got clogs, that stinks about the plumbing bills and all. Back when I lived in an apartment one of the females that lived in my breezeway apparently flushed her tampons down the toliet. Well it ended up clogging up her unit and several of the pipes in the neighboring units. That’s crazy she would do that, I was taught when I first started my period you don’t flush tampons. They are not toliet paper Lol. The property manager started posting PSA notes to all the females. I told her don’t come for me because I have not flushed a single one Lol. I use a garbage can.

  25. Andrea

    I used to buy these when I was a teenager and our apartment complex’s sewer backed up once, it was terrifying! I didn’t realize back then flushable wipes really aren’t flushable. 🤔

  26. Emily Marino

    Got my 20 coupons today!

  27. Allison

    I had totally forgotten about this! I got one coupon emailed to me ( although I had purchase quite bit over the years) guess one is better than none.

  28. Sally

    I just received an email saying that the product not subject to the settlement was selected. How can that be? It was on the form. I’ve used them and have had plumbing issues.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hmm, maybe try contacting them. Hope that helps!

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