Our 8 Favorite Flip Flops That Won’t Flip Flop Your Budget

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Summer? Is that you?!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a pedicure lined up now that warm weather has finally arrived. And what goes hand-in-hand (er… foot-in-foot?) with pedis — flip flops! We asked the Hip2Save team and readers for their absolute FAVORITE pairs that’ll give you happy feet all summer long even on a budget.

As you likely know, not all flip-flops are created equal, so while you can score them for a buck at Old Navy and Dollar Tree, it was our goal to give you higher end options that’ll be much more comfy and long lasting than the cheapest options on the market!

Read on for our foot and wallet-friendly picks!

1.) Reeffavorite budget flip flops — reef

Reef Stargazer Flip Flops | $28
These flip flops hold up to anything! While they’ll cost a bit more than your average flip flop, they’re sure to last a couple years, saving you some cash in the long run.

Best place to find them on sale: Nordstrom Rack

“I bought a brand new pair for our week-long trip to Disneyland and they were amazing! Still have them 3 years later and they are still so comfy.” -Sabrina

“I live in FL & wear my sandals daily. I buy a new pair every year, though I could probably go every 2 years. They’re usually between $20-50 depending on your style, but they’re always comfy & give great arch support.” -Tracey

“They fit your feet & once they are broken in, I can walk for miles in them… Mine lasted 5 years before I literally wore a hole in them.” -Travis

“All day, every day… I have had mine last up to 3 years and are the absolute best! Living in Florida, you tend to know all about flip flops.” -Crystal

2.) Crocs

favorite budget flip flops — crocs

Crocs Kadee II Flip Flops | $25
Nope, not the clogs you already know, but flip flops! Made with the same cushiony material, Crocs flip flops give you all the comfort of the shoes you know and love but in a summer-ready silhouette!

Best place to find them on sale: Jet.com or Crocs.com

“I have the Crocs Sanrah sandals and wear them everywhere. Even as a plus-size gal, they look like they have barely any wear, and I’ve had them for years. The soles have a little bounce to them which makes them amazingly comfortable. Besides our four days of winter here in Texas, I pretty much wear them the other 361 days of the year.” -Stacy at Hip2Save

“I buy Crocs all the time. I can walk for miles and my feet never get tired.” -Maria

“I can wear Croc flip flops for full days at Disney, no prob!” -Nicole

3.) Sanuk

favorite budget flip flops - sanuk

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 | $38
Crafted from REAL yoga mats, Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals are as comfortable as they are cute! The flexible cushioned sole with stretch knit sling straps make your feet say “Namaste” alllllll day.

Best place to find them on sale: Amazon  or Sierra Trading Post 

“Sanuk all the way! It’s made with squishy yoga mat material – so comfy! More expensive but I get them on Zulily, Ross, TJMaxx.” -Lina at Hip2Save

“I just got a pair of Sanuk for $14.99 at Costco and I’m in love!” -Elizabeth

“Sanuk all the way. Get them on Amazon.” -Candy

4.) Nike

favorite budget flip flops — nike

Nike Ultra Comfort Flip Flops | $35
A Hip2Save team favorite, Nike Ultra Comfort flip flops feature memory foam soles and soft straps to ensure ultimate walking comfort.

Best place to find them on sale: JCPenney

“They’re great for people with neuropathy or foot issues!” -Angela at Hip2Save 

“Another vote for the Nike Ultra Comfort Sandals. I live in those things.” -Liza at Hip2Save

“I wear Nike, they are most comfortable for me.” -Jami at Hip2Save

5.) Havaianas

favorite budget flip flops — havaiana's

Havaianas Slim Sandal | $26
The classic flip flop. Havaianas are known for their bright prints and colors and comfortable rubber strap. They may not offer as much support as other brands, but they’re so easy to slip on for the beach and poolside!

Best place to find them on sale: 6pm and Nordstrom Rack

“Soft flexible strap doesn’t cut my foot, comfortable, and comes in such cute styles.” -Lori

“Totally worth the price and sooo comfortable!” -Amanda

6.) Teva

favorite budget flip flops — tevas

Teva Olowahu Flip Flops | $25
Hip2Save team member, Paige, loves these – can ya tell 👆?! Teva Olowahu flip flops provide support through a thick sole and multi-strap upper that comes in a wide array of colors and designs!

Best place to find them on sale: Amazon

“I have about 20 pairs of Teva flip flops – I am NOT kidding! They are my favorite shoes 🙂” -Paige at Hip2Save

“I love my Tevas!” -Michelle at Hip2Save

7.) Knockoff Slides

favorite budget flip flops — knockoff slides

Don’t shell out $60-80 on Birkenstocks when you can get an identical pair for so much less! We love the Mad Love slides from Target and the Faded Glory sandals from Walmart, though you’ll have to check your local Walmart for similar ones since they’re currently out of stock online.

How cute is Erica in her knock-off Birkenstocks?! Check out all of the details on her “Walmart Wednesday” look here!

“I love my knock-off Birkenstocks from Walmart!” -Amber at Hip2Save

“I LOVE WALMART’S knock-off Birkenstocks! I wear them everyday!” -Erica at Hip2Save

8.) FitFlop

FitFlop iQushion Flip Flop | $32
Want to give your feet a well-deserved cushiony hug? Then check out these sandals that are ergonomically designed and have up to triple-density soles to ensure your feet stay comfortable as long as possible.

Best place to find them on sale: Amazon (or Hip2Save!)

“FitFlops are the best quality and are good for your feet. They’re pricey but they last and are worth every penny. I just watch Amazon for deals on them in the off-season.” -Justine

“These are my favorite brand of shoes!! I have been wearing FitFlops sandals for over 7 years now. I wore them every day until we moved away from HI. Then they introduced sneakers and a whole new line. I love them. I have walked through DC in these and never felt it in my back or hips. These really are worth the investment!” -MAG

Written by Emily for Hip2Save. Emily lives in Buffalo, NY where she spends her time drinking lots of coffee, scouring the internet for deals, and tackling DIY projects. She’s a big believer in self-care and living the fullest life possible, all while saving money of course.

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Comments 66

  1. Casey

    I love Crocs. They are comfortable and don’t rub between the toes. Most rub my toes.

  2. Catalina

    Reef!! That’s all I wear all summer! Highly recommend! I always look at Marshal’s and Ross. You might get lucky!

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tip, Catalina! The shoe section at Marshall’s can be a gold mine!

    • Mandyand1

      I purchased Reef flip flops at Kohl’s and was able to use 30% off coupon! I love them!!

      • stephanie Raley

        how is the fit. would they be good for wide foot

    • Mary

      I got mine at Ross a year ago and they are still like new. Been to the pool, beach, every where. Great fit and comfy. Great for wide feet as well.

  3. tctbtob

    This weekend Old Navy is having their $1 flip flop sale online & in store. Fun colors!

    • Casey

      I don’t like those because they rub between the toes.

    • Shannon

      I love old navy flip flops. They are Great for pool/beach and it’s ok if they get lost because you can just buy a new pair!

  4. HBee

    Love me my Crocs!:)

  5. 50ShadesofLipstick

    Those Nike flip flops and Havaiana’s are super cute and comfortable! Also the Adidas Adilette Cloudfoam pool slides are AMAZING- it’s exactly like walking on a cloud!

  6. micnic

    Hounds and Dawgs are amazingly comfy….

  7. Ashley

    I’m only 26, but have super flat feet. Crocs are the only flip flops I can wear that have enough cushion. I love the Kadee style. Plus they are super durable. The pair I had finally broke this past Sunday, after wearing them daily for years. I’m on my second pair now!

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Glad to hear they’re comfortable for you, Ashley! They seem to be a favorite among the Hip2Save community

  8. Lynndawson

    Kohls carries the Reef brand

  9. Amy

    Love my Sanuk flip flops!

  10. tracy

    I had Nike flops that I wore for years. I got paint on them so they had to go. This year I’ve read a lot of reviews stating they weren’t as comfortable as previous years. I tried on a pair in the store and the strap between my toes was actually painful. I’m glad I didn’t order online. Try them on before you buy.

  11. Maple36

    I have havaina for the beach and fitflop for everyday. Very comfy.

  12. Tasha

    Thank you for this! I have had bunion removal surgery on both my feet and cannot find any flip flops comfortable enough. Just tried Fitflop and skechers. Will return both and try another brand.

    • Leah!

      I have the same issue as you do! I LOVE Sanuks. The yoga mat gives everywhere you need it to, super comfy all day!!

      • Tasha

        Thank you! I’ll check them out!

  13. Danielle

    I am not a brand name girl, that is, until I bought my first pair of Sanuks 6 years ago. I now say I am a flip flop snob, because when it comes to flip flops…I will not wear anything else. They are super comfy and well worth the price. I have 4 pair, but still tend to wear the pair I got 6 years ago. They are definitely worn in well and they are still comfortable. I will advise that the first time I wore each pair in the rain, they did suds up. I was shocked the first time it happened, but expected it with the additional pairs. No suds since then. : )

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Danielle! So glad to hear that they’re worth the investment 🙂Thank you for sharing the tip about wearing them in the rain too — that’s good to know to avoid the suds!

  14. Christina L Truelove

    I’m so excited to see that the Teva Olowahu sandals made this list!!! I just ordered a pair last week and am anxiously awaiting them!! I had a pair of older Tevas (different style) and they aren’t as supportive anymore. Love lots of straps!!

  15. kim

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Reef flip flops! They are the only flip flops I wear anymore. Absolutely hands down worth the $$

  16. Mommiemy3

    Crocs and Sanuks my faves. Both feel great on your feet and don’t rub between your toes! 😀

  17. VickiL

    To Crocs Kadee II wearers…do they have a ridge that run under the toes like the Crocs Capri? I can’t tell from the pictures on amazon. Thanks

  18. couponer

    For guys I used to would swear by Rainbows. As I’ve gotten older I wear slides. Air Jordan Superfly slides are indestructible. Same pair for 3 years and still going with near daily wear.

  19. Amygreg

    I have seen several of these brands at Ross for less than $20. I just bought the white Reef sandal in the above picture for$16.99.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! What a steal! Thanks for sharing

  20. Cari

    This post is great but from all of the birk wearers where is the best place to buy these for the best deals? Like points or just the best place. Thanks y’all

    • Liz Waskow

      Not really practica,l but if you or anyone you know travels to Germany I’ve heard they are much cheaper there!

      • Cari

        That would be great but so not practical right now lol.

    • Jeanette

      I bought a pair of Birks from DSW. They had free shipping and I earned a bunch of points.

      • Cari

        Thank you. I will look into it.

    • Marcie

      Sometimes 6pm.com has birkenstocks.

    • Birks for life!

      So I’ve had my birkenstocks for over 10 years. This year I decided to get a new pair just for a fun color (turquoise). My other pair I still wear. What shoe can you say that has lasted that long. I personally recommend the Arizona soft bed insole. All others hurt my feet personally. I’ve tried identical ones on in the store (same size) but they felt differently. My new ones, I took a left foot shoe from one box, and the right from another. Leather can be tough at first. Best to try on in person if you ask me.

  21. Elfy

    I love fit flops and reefs! I usually get them at DSW, since they have pretty good deals ($7-15 for fit flops, $20 for reefs last time I was there). I don’t like Sanuks. I only had one pair and they were comfy but wore down super quickly and the support just went away.

  22. Beverly

    I highly recommend Okabashi. Their flip-flops last for years, and they’re the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. They gently massage your feet and provide decent arch support. And, when they finally do wear out, they can be recycled. https://www.okabashi.com/ (I promise I don’t work for them–I just love them!)

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thank you for the tip, I’ll have to check them out!

    • just me

      I 2nd Okabashi Ha! They are the best! I got Plantar fasciitis a few years back after walking miles and miles in cheap flip flops. I guess I finally reached that age where I needed better support. I found Okabashi and I’ve never gone back. They are very comfy and they give great arch support.

    • sona

      dead link

  23. Olgraygirl

    I do love Fit Flops and another to add to list: Sketchers, both memory foam and made from yoga mats–SO comfy!

  24. KAJT108

    Love L.L. Bean flip flops also!

    • moria


  25. Iluvh2s

    I know Birkenstocks are more expensive, but they really are wonderful and so comfortable for your feet!!!

  26. Tracy

    Ok, if I wear a 8.5 in regular shoes what size croc sandal do I buy? An 8 or 9? I hate when they only carry whole sizes. I have narrow slender feet.

    • Casey

      You would be an 8. I have tiny feet and if there isn’t a 1 1/2 I get the 1.

  27. AMFC

    I also love Yellow Box flip flops! I usually get them at Belk or Amazon…. So comfy!!!

  28. Julie

    OluKai Ohana are my all-time favorite flip flops. They cost a bit more (best sale I’ve found on them so far was around $40) but last for years. Best footbed on flip flops out there, I can walk miles in them with no discomfort whatsoever.

    • Asbfl329

      Yes! They are so comfortable. I’m looking to get a pair of Birks Gizeh but the soles seem very hard.

    • Valerie H

      I was going to recommend OluKai too! My husband got a pair last summer, they are spendy, but he loves them and they will hopefully last for many years. I have been wearing Reef flip flops for over a decade. When I lived in Arizona I would buy a new pair each year (I wore them A LOT!) but now that I’m in Colorado I’ve had the same pair for 6 years and they’re still going strong.

  29. ElizabethA

    I’ve been wearing Reefs for 20 years!!! DSW, Ross, Nordstrom Rack and surf shops are the best places. They are my tried and true!

  30. Jackie

    Try oka-b. Last for years, super comfortable and drop dead gorgeous. You will get compliments everywhere you go. My beauty salon carries them but I’ve also bought online at http://www.oka-b.com

  31. Jeanette Elliott

    I bought black Crocs flip flops about 4 years ago. I have worn them EVERYWHERE, and while they show some wear, they will simply not wear out!! They are still as comfortable as the first day I put them on! Big Crocs fan over here!!:)

  32. Ivette

    I love the Crocs Kadee. I suffer from plantar fasciitis & these flip flops are a god sent.

  33. Mama6

    Love my Sanuks 🙂

  34. Melissa

    THANK YOU SO.. MUCH FOR THIS POSTING! I “use” to buy the cheap flip flops and glass went through the bottom of my foot, that was painful and wedged in there for awhile before it came out as I couldn’t find the sliver of glass. I since have learned how important support is for your feet and support of your whole body. I have a hard time finding a good solid sole (so no glass or nails can cut through to my foot), but what is also comfortable but not too floppy. I will be checking these out . Thanks again!

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yikes Melissa! How scary! I’m glad this post was helpful in your search for a new pair of sandals!

  35. Yar

    This post is so helpful, I will rather spend in a good pair of sandals that will last long. I will definitely check Ross and Marshalls for reef. Thanks averyone

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Glad you enjoyed it, Yar! Happy shopping and hope you find a great deal!

  36. Amie

    Good to see this post.

  37. GTgrad

    I saw this last night then a friend was wearing the Target rose gold sandals today and said she loves them. I went and bought them in brown!

  38. Kristine

    I’d recommend Yellow Box flip flops! I’ve been wearing them for years, and am usually able to find them on eBay cheaper. Some of their styles are spendy (I opt for the cheapest I can find), but they last me two summers and they are SO comfy!

  39. Amyamplify17

    I love the Reef flip flops and the Havaianas, I buy them from Nordstromrack cause they’re usually always 50% and they carry thecurrent styles in other stores

  40. Maura

    My favorites are Spenco Yumi flip flops, they are about $50, so not cheap, but they have amazing support and last for many years. I am on year 7 and I think I am finally going to purchase another pair.

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