Sprint Unlimited Data, Talk AND Text Only $15 Per Line (New Customers Only)

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For a limited time, Sprint is offering new customers an Unlimited Kickstart Plan for just $15 per line – no annual contract required!

Simply bring in your own phone or purchase a new or pre-owned phone and you’ll be able to score Unlimited Data, Talk & Text for just $15/month!

In order to snag this offer, you must sign up online or via phone at 1-866-275-1411 and you must sign up for autopay.

Own Your Phone? Do this…
  • Head here and check if your phone will work on the Sprint Network
  • Enter your phones IMEI (not sure what IMEI is? Go Here)
  • Buy a Sprint SIM Kit or use your own Sprint SIM card
  • Once you have your SIM card, finish setting up your Sprint plan

If you are needing to purchase a phone, you can shop for New Phones Here or Pre-Owned Phones Here!

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  1. 3WonkyDogs

    Sounds like a really good deal! Is this too good to be true? I might be missing something here and so would appreciate input from others. Thank you in advance.

    • Mitch

      I did this 6 months ago when it was free to bring your own phone from a major carrier. My wife and I have unlimited everything for a year and all we pay is 8.00 a month for the state taxes. We came over from ATT. It’s legit and service is the same as ATT in our area with no signal loss. We had to pay off our att phones and then have them unlocked. Cost us a couple hundred bucks. But to not have 150.00 a month phone bill for a year has been totally worth it!

  2. Mamarenie

    I’ve been with verizon for 18 years. How is customer service and billing with this company?

    • Lisa

      Mamarenie, we too have been with Verizon probably just as long! I know we probably pay a bit more than other cellular providers, but just an example, I hiked the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim (26 miles) and when we got to a rest area, we tried our cell phones (we had about 8 miles to go). Low and behold, we had service — in the middle of the Grand Canyon — where others failed! I’ll keep the reliability of Verizon.

    • Sandy

      Awful. Have been with them a year and they still cannot get it right. I called because bill was wrong as is the norm, was supposed to be corrected in 24 hours and still not and it has been dayssssss. Took 3 months once to get corrected. Funny how all the good plans go to new customers, and current customers pay a lot more.

  3. Sarah

    I agree, it sounds way too good to be true. What is the catch? Has anybody tried this? It says no contract, so could you leave at any time if you wanted to? How is sprint coverage and customer service?

    • Mike

      The only catch is that you have to either bring your own phone or pay full price for one. I tried to use their monthly payment plan and it wouldn’t work.

    • Mell

      Sprint coverage is awful where I live, and the same for my mother in law. We both live in very populous cities in the state of New York. Hope this helps! You kinda get what you pay for in regards to coverage has been my experience. Good cheap deal though!

  4. Hazzle

    Be sure to read fine print, but for just a simple mobile line, not a bad deal! Does not included hotspot tethering , HD streaming, and you can’t lease a new phone with installments but as long as your not currently a sprint customer and have a sprint network compatible phone , you’re ready to rock and roll.

  5. ddallavalle

    I have been with them for a while. I like them. Their customer service is okay. They have a referral program that is pretty good. If you sign up we both get a $50 Visa card. My link is below. They also have a program with AAA, where it and a family locator is free.


    • ddallavalle

      I am in the Atlanta area. Service is good here. Their customer service has improved over the last couple of years.

  6. Mandy

    Also it’s that price for 1 year then it goes to 30 seems great hmmm

    • Mike

      Where did you read that? For 2 phones it stays at the $15 for as long as I can tell…

    • Caitlin

      It is $30 for the Unlimited Freedom plan for lines 3-5 after a year. I didn’t see the Unlimited Kickstart plan changing price after a year.

  7. Heather

    I use Tello. It is $14.94 (including taxes) a month for unlimited text/talk/data. They use Sprint. You can bring your own phone. I was skeptical at first but it has been amazing! My phone works on the Oregon coast when my friends and family’s Verizon and T-mobile dont have service.

    • Heather

      Tello stays @ 14.94/month with no contract.

      • Judy Vanlaanen

        Tello is unlimited 2G internet (SUPER SLOW). You have to pay for LTE. 10 GB is $40/line.

    • Mike

      The only downside is they throttle your data to 2G once you use up your data.

    • Tim

      Heather, what is your referral code? I’m interested in switching to Tello. Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Heather

    Tello also has a referal program but I feel like if I posted my code it would invalidate my review. 😉
    I do want people to know about it because it has saved my family so much money!

    • Tim

      Heather, what is your referral code for Tello? I am interested in signing up

  9. Sandy

    I’m confused. How do they get you on the data if it’s unlimited? TIA! Trying to figure out a cheap way to get my son a cellphone and plan.

    • hip2trade

      They call data unlimited but usually after you use a certain amount you get throttled. Just downgrades the speed of the data yet you still have it.

  10. jaringwood

    I’m near Syracuse. May I ask where you are? Thanks!!!

    • Mell

      I live 15 mins from Syracuse, in Liverpool!

  11. hip2trade

    I have $35 Total Wireless, unlimited talk text and 5 Gb data. It’s decent coverage in my area. I’m tempted by the Sprint deal but years ago the coverage here was awful. Maybe it’s improved now but not too sure of it.

    • hip2trade

      If you get the 2 person sharing plan it’s $60 unlimited talk text and 15 gb shared data. I buy my Total Wireless cards from Target now no taxes no fees.

      • Angie

        My kids have Total Wireless. Thank you for the tip. I will look into getting this at Target.

    • hip2trade

      You can buy add on data card for $10 5 gb. Add on data never expires.

  12. Julie

    I had Sprint for years until they burned bridges with me. They have the WORST customer service, IMO, and they couldn’t care any less about their customers. I’ve been with Verizon ever since and they have awesome service, whether I call them or go into the store.

  13. Jen

    I have sprint and I hate it. Coverage isn’t great. You also can’t talk on the phone and use internet at the same time. They don’t tell you that. Can’t wait until my contract is up. Customer service is terrible. We had tons of issues with service when we first set up our lines and things weren’t straight for months. Months!

    • Mel

      Totally agree with you about the service BUT my plan does allow me to surf while my phone is on speaker….

    • Robyn

      I was a sprint customer for 10+ years last year we got rid of them after they refused to fix my mom new iPhone or even give her a new one. They kept coming up with excuses I even told them why should we pay for service if the phone isn’t going to work. We didn’t have a contract with them but yet supposedly they tacked on 350 dollars per device to cancel this so called contract

  14. caroline ling

    I joined sprint last year when they have free one year bring your phone promo. The customer service is ok, has to call multiple months to fix problem, but they are willing to help. I don’t mind calling customer service as long as they fix the problem at the last.
    but this free plan is about to expire, I guess that’s why they have this new promo, but I can’t join because I’m existing customer.
    about the coverage, it’s ok, not too shabby like AT&T, but I have free text in Bahama when I took vacation last week.
    please feel free to provide any cheap cell phone plan, I need to choose one when the current one is about to expire soon.


  15. Cindy

    I called Sprint this morning. Both calls (was disconnected from 1st call) had me waiting over 5 minutes before they were answered. Unfortunately, I could not understand the representative so I had to ask for clarification and the representative was not happy….it was obvious that he was reading from a script and did not want to be interrupted. In the end I declined. Just wanted to give my input. This was a reminder to me as to why I cancelled Sprint several years ago.

    • Cindy

      I want to thank you for all of the posts. Some deals work for me, others don’t….but having the info is always helpful. I know that work goes into preparing and posting. So, thanks again Hip2Save!!

      • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Thank you so much for the really sweet comment Cindy! It is so much appreciated! 🙂

      • Melissa

        Its a real simple issue here. You’re calling their customer service about an online only deal. They don’t have information about it. I too called them and was told them. But when I went through the proper channel via online live chat I was able to easily get the information I needed. It isn’t their fault that they don’t have information about an online only deal which is a department they don’t cover. Just contact the right department.

  16. Sandy

    Well that’s sneaky! Thanks for the information!

  17. Norma

    I use Cricket Wireless that runs off ATT network. We pay $100 for 4 lines unlimited data text and talk. However after 4gb data slows. I paid $200 for the iPhone 6 at Cricket or you can use an att compatible phone. Also if you have ATT you can buy a cricket phone and switch the sim.

    • Emily

      Does cricket have a contract? We live overseas but are visiting our family for the next 7 months and don’t want to have to worry about getting out of a contract.

      • Norma

        No contract but there is a $20 activation fee , it was waived for being a new customer in 2016 but when we got the family plan we did pay $20.

  18. yenti

    They throttle the data speed once you hit the threshold.
    Unlimited video in standard definition (SD). This means you cannot watch High Def using this data plan.
    Streaming video (up to 480p)
    Streaming gaming (up to 2mbps)
    Streaming music (500kbps)

    • hip2trade

      Reminds me of TMobile binge on. It seemed like everything we tried to watch was high streaming data. So all our data went kaput. We switched since binge on was useless to us…I’m referring to the hotspot plan only.

  19. Rosamunde

    After 1 year, your rate goes up to $30. It’s in the fine print. Also, neither of my less than 1 yr old smart phones will transfer. You can check by entering a number on their website. I have a Verizon LG G6 & Galaxy S7, btw. They had no “pre-owned” phones available for purchase under $300. Those offered are my exact same models, but my trade-in value for each phone was only $45?! I’m in a rural area so I wouldn’t receive their best coverage. Too many negatives to chance it. “If it sounds too good to be true….” is what I’m thinking.

    • LIndsey

      It says that it goes up to $30 for lines 3-5. If you have 2 lines or less, the price stays the same. And you can buy a phone off Ebay or if you have another provider who is CDMA you can usually bring your device. We currently have Verizon but they are just so expensive so we may be switching! We had Sprint when we were first married and I had no problems with them but that was 7 years ago…

    • Shawna

      Looks like it only goes up to 30 if you choose their Freedom plan, instead of the $15 kickstarter

  20. epm

    I am I’m the middle of settling our account after being with them for 2+. It has been nothing less than Hell. Their business ethics are shady and I would discourage anyone from using them as your carrier.

  21. Laurie m Villotta

    My daughter and I are on Cricket and we pay $65/mos for unlimited talk, text with 5gb data for each line. That is plenty of data for us. Great coverage all over the US. Customer service is amazing. We have been with them for about 15mos and we have been very happy. No contract either.

    • hip2trade

      Total Wireless is similar. Except $60 for 2 lines and 15gb shared data. Total Wireless runs on the Verizon network and no contract. Just thought I would mention it but Cricket sounds decent as well.

  22. Just passing through

    Customer service is pretty awful. We find sprint chat is the best way to communicate because there’s a record of your conversation emailed to you. My fil would spend up to an hour with cs on the phone. Cs would promise the problem was fixed and it was annotated on the account but it never was and of course there was no record of such conversations in the notes.
    Phone service is ok for me. Calls drop but I just call back.

    • Shawna

      I do the same thing, only issuing chat when I speak with Sprint, in order to have proof of our conversation. I had a problem after we signed up where our bill was double what I was told it would be and our phone was dropping calls every single time. It took two days and over a dozen phone calls to finally get everything sorted out. Every time i called i had to start over at the beginning because not a single person left a note in my account about what was going on.

  23. Barbara P

    I have xfinity mobile and I pay $16 per month for 2 lines and it uses Verizon’s network. I’ll stick with Xfinity!

  24. SuperDawn

    I was with Sprint for 11 years before I dropped them in 2013 because of their poor customer service, many drop calls, spotty service, and raising of rates. I’m now with T-mobile on the $30 prepaid Walmart plan which I love – I stock up on prepaid cards with Target.

    • hip2trade

      May I ask what $30 covers on your plan (TMobile)I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Thanks!

  25. Vivian

    Don’t forget Kroger has the 4x fuel points on gift cards. They have Aerie e-gift card. Just need to log into Kroger account and clip the 4x point gift card digital coupon.

    • Vivian

      Sorry…posted under wrong savings category.

  26. Jen L

    We love cricket! And no contract! We pay $90 for 3 phones & 5 gb each, which is plenty for us.

  27. Megan

    Sprint is the worst for customer service

  28. Erin W

    Just a heads up: despite being a “no contract” plan, they still do a credit check. And my credit is far from perfect, but it’s average at the least. It still would not allow me to sign up, and instead directed me to call customer service. I will update if I get a different answer over the phone than online.


    only for new customers?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes. That is correct.

  30. Roeseeohh

    Don’t do it! We just left sprint. We switched over when they had the deal for the unlimited data not even a year ago & then they said the 3rd phone line was free, we just had to pay for the phone…. ummm yeah, 2 months ago my bill went up. I called & they said it was because the promotion was over and we now had to pay for the 3rd line. No thank you!

  31. madie

    omg I totally agree with now we are paying 450.00 a month for 5 lines so wish we can lower it at least 100… I’m so jealous of the great deal new customers get and I’ve been with sprint in 07 did have a 2 year plan with Verizon at on point but was paying way more

  32. Heather

    FYI you can only get this deal if you bring a phone number from another carrier. They will not let you sign up as a new customer with a new phone number and get this deal. I just tried.

  33. Eric

    Tello is a great Alternative, highly recommended, Get $10 off on your first order with my referall code: P34S934J applied at checkout

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