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These Bath & Body Works Candle Knockoffs Start at UNDER $5 Each!

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The World’s Best Candle Guaranteed?

Have you noticed that the regular price of Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles is now up to $24.50 each?! 😳 Although there are often sales and coupons to lower these prices significantly, you usually won’t find them for under $11 each unless you head in-store during a sale and with coupons in tow, or wait for the once a year candle sale.

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs are often prices similarly to B&BW deals.

Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE Bath & Body Works candles and we fully stock up every December during their Annual $8.95 Candle Sale. 👆🏻BUT have you wondered if there are any other candles on the market that smell just as amazing, look just as pretty, and regularly sell for a fraction of the cost at other stores?

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs | Sugared Lemon Zest

We definitely were curious, especially since Bath & Body Works claims to have The World’s Best Candles Guaranteed. SO, we headed to a few stores and bought 3-wick candles to see how they measured up.

Here’s what we found…

1. Walmart: 719 Walnut Avenue Candles

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs include this one from Walmart in Mahogany Driftwood

Well hello, Walmart! Don’t these candles look SO similar to Bath & Body Works?

The 719 Walnut Avenue Scented 3-Wick 14oz Jar Candles are regularly priced at ONLY $4.93 at Walmart and have a similar look to Bath & Body Works candles. They have a cute label on the front of the jar and a pretty silver lid, so you could easily think they’re from Bath & Body Works! Plus, they smell amazing and are available in a variety of scents like Vanilla Bliss, Rustic Lakehouse, and more.

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs include Walmart's Walnut Avenue Line | Caribbean Village

Unfortunately, there may not be as many scents to choose from as Bath & Body Works and they will change by season, but you really can’t beat paying UNDER $5 all year long for a cute 3-wick candle that smells almost as good! Also, note that these candles will be found by the cleaning supplies/Glade, etc.

HIP TIP: Read the reviews here to see which scents customers love the most.

2. Kohl’s: SONOMA Goods for Life Candles

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs include this one from Kohl's in Summer Berry Lemonade

These SONOMA Goods for Life 3-Wick 14oz Jar Candles go on sale often for $7.99 – $9.99 (regularly $19.99) at Kohl’s and have fantastic reviews! Choose from scents like Sugared Vanilla, Mahogany & Cedar, Blooming Honeysuckle, Watermelon Sangria, Apple Orchard, Vanilla Teakwood, and more!

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs include the Sonoma brand from Kohl's in Pineapple

If shopping online, you can sweeten the deal further by signing up for Kohl’s mobile sale alerts. Just text SAVE24 to 56457 for a unique 15% off discount code, making these jar candles only $8.49 each! Or, if you’re a Kohl’s cardholder, save even more with these current codes.

3. Hobby Lobby: Chesapeake Bay Candles

The Hobby Lobby Chesapeake Bay Candle in Pineapple Verbena.

These larger Chesapeake Bay Candle 3-Wick 17oz Jar Candles are regularly priced at $16.99 at Hobby Lobby, but when you use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, you’ll pay just $10.19. Plus, there are a variety of yummy scents to choose from like Spice Rack, Gardenia Bouquet, Pineapple Verbena, and more!

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs include the Chesapeake Bay Candle from Hobby Lobby in Seaweed of Vitamin Sea

You can also find Chesapeake Bay Candles at other stores, including T.J. Maxx, Target, Amazon, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond – so keep your eyes peeled for sales and even clearance deals!

4. Walgreens: Market Square Candles

Candle knockoffs at Walgreens? Yep, Walgreens sells Market Square 14oz Jar Candles (in-store only) for just $9.99 each – regular price. But be sure to keep your eyes peeled as they often go on sale Buy One, Get One Free, which makes them just $5 each! If you spot them during a BOGO Free sale, stock up!

Watch for scents like Mandarin Berry, Eucalyptus Mint, Cherry Blossom, Ocean Mist, and more!

5. Other Retailers: Candle-Lite Candles

Bath & Body Works candle knockoffs include the Candle-Lite brand in Vanilla & Sandalwood

If you live by an H-E-B, Kroger, Walmart, Blain’s Farm & Fleet or other retailer found here, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Candle-Lite Essential Elements 3-Wick 14.75oz Jar Candles! They’re regularly priced at around $9.99–$11.99, but they go on sale for around $7.99 at select stores. You can also find them on Amazon, but please note that the prices are quite a bit higher.

Candles stacked on a store shelf

You’ll find scents like Vanilla & Sandalwood, Oakmoss & Bergamot, Lemongrass & Coriander, Eucalyptus & Cucumber, Juniper & Rosewood, and more! You may also find Candle-Lite Royal Classics 3-Wick 11.5oz Candles in different scents like Exotic Vanilla, Golden Woods, and Love Paris, among others.

HIP TIP: Rumor has it that these candles are possibly made in the same factory as Bath & Body Works! The Candle-Lite Company manufacturing facility is located in Leesburg, OH and Bath & Body Works also has a couple distribution centers located in New Albany and Reynoldsburg, OH. Could it be? 🤔

Have you tried any of these candles? What do YOU think?

Written by Mary for Hip2Save. Mary is a proud mom to 3 kids in Austin, TX, who thrives off Jesus, running long distance, bargain shopping, warm Texas weather, a yummy latte…and a little Candy Crush from time to time. She also loves quality time with family & friends and sharing great deals with others.

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Comments 39

  1. Mirela

    I loooove Sonoma good candles! Hands down it’s as good as BBW! So many scents to choose from, last long and smell is wonderful and intense. I used to go with BBW all the time but after discovering Sonoma goods for life – not anymore. I never looked back either!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! They’re great candles! 🙂

  2. Sushi

    My mom LOVES Yankee candles and gets coupons emailed to her regularly!! She gets such good deals that our family uses them too!!

    • LC

      I’m a Yankee Candle girl myself! I always get great deals there and they have sales often

  3. jj

    Thanks so much for this post!!! I mindlessly am a BBW devotee and always wait until they are on sale, but often run out of candles and feel I have to “go without” until the next great sale comes around. I’m definitely open to these other options and can’t wait to hear feedback on which ones to try!!! This site is my go-to for trusted opinions. Thanks for all you do!

    • Amy

      I could have said the exact same thing! Ditto to this whole reply!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! Enjoy!

  4. Angela

    Aldi also has BBW knock offs around Christmas for 3.99 I think, I know under 5 dollars for sure. I bought a campfire one and a warmed vanilla- both burned well and long and smelt strong and amazing! My problem with candles is that they burn up quickly or not properly and there is no wick but a bunch of wax left. Just my 2 cents! Plus I don’t feel guilty buying them on such a tight budget at such a great price.

    • Jen

      Here’s how to ensure not much wax gets left behind:
      1. Before relighting a candle, simply break the used up burned wick. It should easily come off with your fingers. Keeping the wick close to the candle surface is key to allow the surround wax to melt evenly.
      2. Burn candles for 2-3 hrs max. Blow out, then let them reharden for a few minutes. Light them back up.

      • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

        Great tips – thanks Jen!

    • renee

      Cut up the leftover wax and put it in a tart warmer. I do it all the time with mine.

    • Pamala

      I was also happy with my Aldi candle purchase. I loved both the smell (White Gardenia) and how evenly it burned. I was disappointed that they are seasonal, since I planned on purchasing more. That’s a disadvantage of falling in love with an Aldi product. Here today, gone tomorrow.

    • Rockstar

      The most important part to avoid candle tunneling is to always burn the candle long enough that the wax melts across the entire surface before blowing it out.

  5. Amy

    I have tried the Chesapeake ones. I used to get them at Marshall’s. I really like the scents.

  6. Brenda

    I’ve tried the Sonoma candles and wasn’t very happy with them, I thought the pineapple and the strawberry lemonade smelt waxy.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Oh bummer 🙁 Thanks for the honest feedback Brenda!

  7. Mrs.W

    Thank you so much for this post! I LOVE BBW candles but I also love Sonoma and I’m eager to try Wal-Mart and a few of the other places you recommended! Thanks!😊

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! Come back and let us know if you try them and what you think! 🙂

      • Donna H

        If you have large wax warmer like sentcy
        and you have just about used up your 3 wicks put them on wax warmer. Linger lasting and no mess.

  8. Tia

    Wait? What was the verdict? Lina, if you bought them all which brand did you think smelled the best? Was there a clear winner? This post kept me hanging!

    • Kim

      I agree! I wanted reviews of the candles. Honestly, this post does me no good without reviews. I don’t care if they look like BBW if they don’t smell as good or for as long.

    • snpy496

      Obviously, you both didn’t read the post correctly. She said she went to a few stores and 3 wick candles. She didn’t say she bought all the candles. Come on, you really thought she was going to buy ALL the 3 wick candles and review them for us. That’s why at the end of the post she asked for anyone with their opinions to post.

    • michelle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      We actually did test out all of these candles to see how they burned and how strong the scent was. We wanted to make sure we were making good recommendations. And although it’s too hard to pick a clear winner, we can say these are all really great options that burn well and filled up our houses with scent. Candle scent is kind of a personal opinion, so it’s hard to give specific scent recommendations, but we think if you grab one of these candles in your favorite scent, you’ll be pleased with it!!

  9. Julianna

    I also like to check my local Big Lots to see what kind of candles they have in stock. The scents are usually not as strong as the BBW candles, but I’ve found some really good ones for $5 or less.

  10. LChapman

    I love BBW too! But, in an effort to cut back on my candle addiction 🙋🏻‍♀️ and my budget I have tried the Walmart, and just bought one from Walgreens and have been very pleased.

  11. Casey

    My mom used to love candles especially Bath and Body Works. Most now give her a headache and she want use them unless they have soy wax. Like this post said B&BW is to expensive unless on huge discount.

  12. Sheila Kuhfahl

    I don’t care for the Sonoma candles I don’t think they have a great scent either, and I love Kohl I’m a Kohl shopper

  13. Mo

    Personally I went through so many candle trials that I won’t stray from BBW again. I tried a Walmart cheap candle and the wick let soot settle over the whole room, it was disgusting! It took me burning it a few times to put two and two together that the candle was leaving my house a dirty mess. This past weekend at BBW I snagged 4 candles for $30 after sale and coupon – but it’s worth the extra cost to me for them. The cheap candles just don’t cut it for me based on past experiences.

    • Mb Meek

      Good to know! Scary about the spot around your house. You’re breathing that as well!

      • Mb Meek

        Good to know! Scary about the soot around your house. You’re breathing that as well!

  14. Hope Mullins

    I agree every other candle I try just dont cut it BBW is the best hands down they are getting out radious with the prices

  15. Eunique Riley

    Bath and body works are the BEST!!. Right now I have about 30 candles all different seasons and I just keep buying more. I just love them so much. I have tried different brands but nothing is like my bath and body candles.

    • Rockstar

      I need to show your post to my husband to show him that I don’t have the candle obsession he thinks I have! 😉😂

  16. Loretta

    I love all the candles listed above. Also the jar candles from Michaels are great! They have some wonderful seasonal scents, burn a long time and are very affordable. Sometimes on sale for 3 or even 4 for $10 and you can us a 25% off coupon. I try to stock up at the start of the seasons.

    • Kim

      What’s the name of the candles at Michaels?

      Marshall’s have some very good smelling candles also. I am a B&BW Candle Freak. My home shelves are stocked but with one scent…”Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity”. This is their only scent that comes “high intensity”. I buy every time they go on sale for $12.50 and use $10 off coupon. Still expensive though. My home is about 2700 sqft and 1 candle does the trick. Marshall’s candles are the only other that comes close.
      TIP: once my candles burn down to just wax. I but the jar in a pot of boiling water to melt. Remove the burned down wicks and pour the wax into a storage container. I wash/keep the B&BW Jars and Lids. I have a big storage container full of wax that smells amazing. JUST NEED THE WICKS. WHERE CAN I BUY SOME???

      • Debra

        That is a great idea! You can buy wicks at Michaels or order them on amazon

  17. Debra

    I love BBW candles and Sonoma candles!! Although theses other places have Amazing prices, the scents in the candles don’t last as long as BBW candles.. BBW candles have the scented oil that is mixed throughout which is why you wil always have that delicious scent, while the other ones have the scented oil on the top layer, giving you that awesome scent only for a shorter period.

  18. Carol

    Walmart mainstays brand is amazing. It has a scent that covers the most area in my house. Sometimes for certain scents there are gift packs with 2 large jar and 2 smaller candles for 9.99. My personal fav is mulled cider!

  19. Donna Bielecki

    This is a great START,but it doesntt tell us anything:( Ive been a fan of bbw but just cant seem to spend that kind of money anymore on them. Yankee is also expensive even with the coupons. I want a good smelling candle that will last. help people!

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