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Free $15 Off Build-A-Bear Workshop Coupon

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Today, July 12th, Build-A-Bear Workshop is/was hosting a Pay Your Age Day in which, Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Members could score any Furry Friend for the price of just your kiddos age (minimum $1).

However, this promotion was so popular, Build-A-Bear was forced to close the lines in ALL U.S. Stores due to crowd and safety concerns. Check the Build-A-Bear Facebook page for more possible updates.

Head over here and log in or register for a free iBuild-A-Bear Rewards account and you’ll receive a one-time use coupon valid for $15 off a Make-Your-Own Furry Friend. This coupon is valid in-store only through August 31st. Note that you will need to log into your account by midnight on July 15th in order to receive your coupon.

Talk about an AWESOME way to make good on their promo! 
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Comments 131

  1. Mags

    Got one! Thank you! Glad I live on the west coast and decided to skip it based on others feedback

  2. Supermom159

    Got one thanks

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  3. Tonimarievac

    What happens if you have more then one child?

    • M

      Print it multiple times. The barcode is the same on all of them.

      • Rachelle Betow

        I’m wondering if that will work because it says one coupon per account… I have 4 kids that would like one. If someone goes and tries it, let us know! Thanks!

        • Heather

          If it says one coupon per account, then you should only use it one time. Please don’t be greedy and dishonest.

          • AZ

            I don’t understand why people w/ more than 1 child can’t just have their kids share the 1 stuffed animal- it’s the honest thing to do and it teaches them an important skill- sharing. BAB didn’t have to give this coupon out after all of this chaos, yet people still want to take advantage of this privilege and be greedy.

            • KR

              While I agree that sharing is an important skill, and that BAB did not have to give out this coupon, any parent that has multiple kids knows that asking kids to share something is not always possible. Imagine a 4 year old girl and a 10 year old boy – should they share a princess bear or a star trooper bear? It was a legitimate question and there’s no need to get judgemental.

            • AZ

              I have multiple kids and while they aren’t always happy to share, they don’t always have a choice b/c that’s life. You can’t always buy two of something. There’s no problem with boy and girl siblings sharing a bear either- teddy bears don’t have a gender or a specific age group assigned to them. My comment was a legitimate solution to the question asked- not sure why you feel so attacked by it.

            • NS

              Because not every child wants the same
              Build a bear. If you have two kids and one is 5 and the other is 2 they arent interested in
              the same stuff especially if its a boy and girl. 🙄

            • Jen

              Not me….I’ll go buy a dollar store bag of snacks they can share to teach that lesson.

            • Get Real

              Roll your eyes all you like, but at least try to read the coupon properly. It very clearly states “one per account” so whether or not all of your kids like the same thing is irrelevant- they’ll have to compromise, if you only have one of these coupons. But they’ll live and so will you, I promise.

            • Z

              Do you have kids? I agree about learning to share but this is more based on the experience of building the bear than the over priced stuffed animal. They can share that.

            • Catgirl

              Z- siblings can still share the experience of building a bear any time that they want…they just can’t both use one account to redeem this specific coupon, since it clearly says “one per membership account” and “duplicates prohibited” as others have pointed out. Each parent & any grandparents can use one coupon each too, but if you only have 1 coupon period and can’t have your kids simply share the toy then that’s just too bad. BAB didn’t have to offer this coupon in the first place.

            • Laura

              Lmao! AZ you must clearly NOT have kids! 😂😂😂😂🤣

            • 1stworldproblems

              Agreed! LOL at this angry mob of parents getting their pitchforks ready at the mere mention of asking their kids to share a simple toy. Such privileged behavior…forgetting that these bears are not a need for anyone. Don’t get angry at someone else b/c your kids refuse to share- teach them how to compromise instead of teaching them to act entitled.

          • M

            I don’t feel like it’s greedy because the people who waited in line for hours with more than have more than one child where that where able to get a bear got them for all their kids as per rules of the promotion.

        • Rachelle Betow

          I wasn’t implying doing anything dishonest. Geesh! People are so mean. I asked because I wasn’t sure what the rule was because the coupon said one per bonus membership account but my friend went and others have said that the store employees gave them IN LINE 3 of these same vouchers for her 3 kids standing in the line. So I was wondering because the promo also said for the pay your age day one per account but they said it was one per person (kids couldn’t have an account anyway). Really though, I am an honest person and would never intentionally break the rules and I just asked if someone went and used the coupon if it worked for multiple kids so I could be prepared. I wish people weren’t so rude and judgmental. 🙁

          • Subby

            You didn’t mention any of that in your original comment though, so what else would people conclude when the coupon clearly says “one per account” and you’re asking about how to use it on your 4 kids? Maybe your intentions are good, but more than one person here read it as someone trying to take advantage of a charitable thing that BAB did by being dishonest. These are questions to ask BAB directly as it sounds like their employees didn’t handle this very well and obviously nobody here knows the answer to your questions.

      • NOW

        Per coupon duplicates prohibited.

    • Nicole

      I was wondering the same thing because there’s no spot to enter children information on your account page. I’m hoping it’ll work for multiple children.

    • KLS

      My friend and I made it to the store today and got animals four our kids. Employees were handing out $15 off coupons to those that they were turning away. They said one coupon per family. People were not happy about it, but at least they offered something. They also said that they heard this event was huge in the UK as they open before US stores so they did more to prep before opening as BAB is bigger here than in the UK. We spent about 3 hrs total between waiting and in the store. Overall, it was fun and worth it for my family!

      • X

        Build a bear here gave one per person not per family.

    • melx484

      Thanks for this question, I am
      Also wanting to know this. I printed out 3, 1 for each of my children and I’m hoping to be able to use them.

    • Stacey

      Create an account for each child to get a coupon for each child … ☺️

  4. Janet

    sorry I am new here.. anyone know how much does it cost to build a bear? thanks!

    • Lisa

      Bears tend to start about $10, but they have Pokemon and Disney “characters” and the pricing goes up to about $30 for 1 stuffed animal.

    • Corinne baltazar

      Anywhere from $16 to $30 without outfits for the stuffed animals.

  5. Krissy

    What an awesome surprise! I have a little girl who would love a new friend!

  6. Marlene

    Can you use this coupon only on a bear or can it be clothing?

    • Elisha

      It says $15 toward one “Furry friend” so I’m assuming it only applies to the bear!

  7. Jessica

    I wasn’t a member, I made an account and still got a $15 coupon.

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      Oh wow! That’s awesome, Jessica! I just added that information to the post. Thank you for letting us know! <3

    • JES

      Thanks for the heads up. I created an account just now and it came up for me as well! Taking my daughter when we go back to school shopping in a few weeks.

  8. Rosa

    I was going to take my grandson and I have been trying to sign up for the club all morning. It is not working so I sent them an email. I hope to hear soon from them. Is anyone else having trouble signing up?

    • Amber

      I signed up on my phone today with no problems at all. It went right through. Maybe try a different browser or device.

  9. Matt

    I went and they gave me one of these vouchers, but the fine print is daunting that I don’t even know what is possible to buy with it since so much is excluded. Is anything $15 or less that is eligible?

  10. Amber

    I wasn’t a member either and I signed up today. As soon as you make an account a $15 coupon pops up on the page for you to print.

  11. Amy

    How do you receive the coupon? I set up an account, but didn’t receive a coupon. Will customer service help?

  12. Mommy2Bear

    thanks for sharing.

  13. Claudia

    I opened an account two days ago.i went today and attempted to get a bear for both my 4 and 2 year old. Lines went around the mall and I immediately went on to my other duties. Sign in and got the voucher. Thanks!

  14. Robyn

    Got mine thank you

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      SWEET! You’re welcome, Robyn!

  15. Melanie

    Awesome! Thanks! I had one sitting in my account too

  16. Michelle

    was bummed cause I had to work today. got the voucher so I can take my daughter to get a new friend. thanks

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  17. Denise

    got it! tx! I stayed in line for about an hour and went to the Disney store instead. 🙂

  18. Sarakershaw

    Doesn’t seem like it’ll work to do that – the fine print says one use per club member account. 😞

    • Anna

      Maybe have a grandparent or someone create an account today to get the discount for other children?

  19. Weber14

    I’m so glad they did this! We went early this morning and left because of the line, one of the employees said they would be sold out soon. The info also says to print or screen cap the coupon by July 15, but it’s valid through the end of Aug.

  20. Mmt721

    I stayed in line for about 30 min when it opened and was told they had to shut it down but are giving vouchers. They handed us the same coupon except they expire on 8/4

  21. Melanie

    Anyone know how to add children to your account for the pay your age Birthday bear in the month of their birthday?

  22. Brandi

    They are offering free shipping on their website today only using code FREESHIP. Bears start at $12. You could order then stuffed or unstuffed and take the kids to the store to stuff them.

    • Brandi


  23. Keesh

    My family and I had a blast we got up right and early had breakfast and pack some snacks to stand in line which was not long at the time ..then it got so long they started turning people and children away because it was just to many people coming in late 😭😢. We were able to get 3 and we are so grateful and excited for this opportunity…thanks

  24. Keesh

    Got one thanks

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re welcome, Keesh!

  25. Amy

    The coupon says one coupon for transaction. I’m wondering if you can print 2 and then do 2 separate transactions? I’ll give it a few days to calm down and then call to ask. I’m sure the employees are going to need a vacation after today!

    • Laura

      Wondering the same, I have two children and we were going for two bears today with no luck. I wonder if they will honor my coupon twice; one got each of my children?

      • Heather

        It says one coupon per account. So I made an account under my husband and Mom since I have three kiddos.

    • Laura


  26. Julie Boyd

    My coupon was waiting for me ! Thanks so much and I didn’t even have to go out to the Mall and fight the crowd.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Perfect! You’re most welcome!

  27. Tracie

    Might be good to add to the info:

    Per the website: “Click to print or screenshot this voucher by July 15, 2018 at 11:59pm CDT. Valid through August 31, 2018.”

  28. Amy ^_^

    Help! I signed up last night and did not receive anything. does anyone have a code they are not using? I was going to go after my husband gets off work today. Thank you so much in advance.

    • Amy

      it seems like a lot of the stores have run out of stock on items. I would call your Build a Bear to check to see how their stock levels are before heading out. Also, try signing up again and see if the coupon pops up for you. That worked for me

    • K

      You should be able to the coupon now just try logging back on. The voucher cannot be redeemed until tomorrow through the end of august.

  29. Cat62

    Agreed. First thing many people do is try to figure out how to get more of something than was intended. So greedy.

    • Rachelle Betow

      People aren’t necessarally being greedy… I wondered because my friend was in line and was given by store employee 3 vouchers for her 3 kids. The exact same ones you can print. If it was a pay your price promo PER PERSON, why couldn’t any person who wanted go use it? Especially because minors can’t have their own accounts… so it’s not like you could sign them up on their own accounts.. I think the verbiage is so an adult doesn’t go in and use 10 of the coupons on their account. I don’t know why people need to assume the worst in other people. Maybe some people are trying to be dishonest but I am not and am wondering about it. If it’s really just one coupon per account and not per person than that’s what I will do but it is unclear because at the actual event they were advertising 1 per account (but said kids can get one on same account because like I said, they are too young to have their own accounts). Please don’t be so judgmental.

      • xyz

        They gave the coupons per each person out at build a bear here too. I don’t think your trying to be greedy.

      • A

        The self-righteous “everyone-is-so-greedy” “your kids should share” commenters are equally as obnoxious as the entitled people throwing tantrums that they didn’t get a bear. I knew what you were asking because I was aware they had handed out the same promotional coupons FOR EACH GUEST at the stores yesterday. Don’t worry about the concern trolls – lots of other people were wondering the same thing.

    • Hannah

      Yup. It’s greed, plain and simple. If someone thinks that it’s “self-righteous” to ask people not to abuse the terms and conditions of a coupon that they were given as a courtesy in the first place (which clearly says one per person & no copies), then you need to re-evaluate your moral compass. Sorry that some folks find honesty to be so irritating…:shrug:

      • XYZ

        So a lot of people are reporting that BAB is allowing duplicates and multiple coupons on the same account. Guess BAB doesn’t think it’s greedy *shrug* I just can’t figure out why it matters so much to you – it’s not coming out of your pocket and impacts you in now way whatsoever. I suspect you’re just mad that those who are willing to ask might get something that you won’t. Oh well.

        • Hannah

          My comments (which impact you in no way whatsoever) were obviously based on what the coupon itself said. Now if BAB wants to make exceptions, then that changes things…but nobody knew that when it was first given out. You took the time out to come back here and type all that out to me…guess it matters a whole lot to you too. And why would I be mad, when literally everyone in America has access to the same $15 discount- and now you can use multiples too? LOL. Time to let it go and move on already. Bye!

  30. Rad

    thanks I got 1 after registering

  31. Amy Brune

    I’ve seen where they offer the same Pay Your Age thing in the Count Your Candles program. I have an account, but I can’t figure out where the childs info goes. Surely I don’t create a new account for a 6 year old, right?

    • KLS

      If I’m not mistaken, that is only for the birthday bear so kids can’t choose any item from the store they want like they could today.

  32. Raquel

    Yay! Got my coupon, thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Glad to hear it! You’re SO welcome!

  33. Belle

    Anyone else having trouble resetting their password and logging in? I’ve reset it multiple times now, but it won’t accept my password at login 🙁


      It did that to me too. On the 3rd finally went through

  34. DJ

    Got my $15 off. Thanks

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, DJ!

  35. Sri

    Hi I have a doubt, I got 15$ off so if I order one unstuffed teddy, when I go to store then I need to pay?
    Please someone answer my question.

    • iamkris10

      once your get it unstuffed- you dont have to pay anything once in-store. Just bring the bear and your receipt and they should be able to stuff it then and there.

    • Geralyn

      The $15 off coupon is for instore only. You are not able to use it online.

  36. Charlene

    I wish they’d honor this online too since we don’t have a store anywhere near us.

  37. Jessica

    I’m thankful for something, and especially thankful for all the updates from hip2save. But I have a 1 and 4 year old, so it would still cost a lot more to get them each the bears they wanted (Spider-Man and Mickey). What this company should be doing is saying that for the next year any child can come in on their birthday (not the whole month, the actual day) and pay their age for any bear in the store. After a year, they could revert to this new thing they had planned where you pay your age but don’t have choice of what Bear.

  38. Lisaluvsstephen

    I just signed up a few minutes ago and received a coupon!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  39. KR

    sweet got one thanks

  40. Amy

    The Build-A-Bear we went to gave us two coupons, one for each of our children so I would think they would be per kid🤷

  41. jessica young

    i created 4 accounts one for me and my hubby and my mom and dad they are coming to visit, so we each have an account and can use the $15 coupon for each of my 4 kiddos. i have a special needs son and my other son is 1…hard to explain to either one of them they have to share…..we will make a day of it….if we were able to get in there today (they shut our lines down after one hour) all four would have been able to get them, so we will head back on not such a busy day, much better for my son with a brain infection.

    • Tiffany

      Are the barcode numbers on your coupons the same or are they different? My husband and I both have accounts but the coupons are identical so I’m confused

  42. Td

    Does anyone know how they look up your account? I can’t login to my account or reset my password for some reason. I can get the screenshot from my friend but don’t know what they would need to confirm my account.

  43. obler

    They gave us coupons for the same amount in line. If you had more than 1 kid you got more. Also, it expires Aug 4.

  44. Nicole

    Wonder when the stores will restock. Was considering stopping in this weekend.

  45. sann

    Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  46. Amy M. W.

    I don’t think it’s greedy for people to ask about their other kids. I’m sure many people shared this event with their children. Maybe there are families, that otherwise couldn’t have afforded build a bear, that were going to be able to today because of this deal and got their kids excited. Initially build a bear said this deal was one per person, so each child could participate. Now, not only do they not get to participate today when expecting to be able to, now they are being told one per family. That’s super disappointing to a child. Is it the end of the world? No! But children don’t get that.
    I don’t see anyone acting greedy. I see people asking questions here and looking out for their hurt kids. Let’s support one another, not tear each other down for asking a question!

    • Chandra

      Well said Amy!

  47. Momof3boys

    Can we say “bait-and-switch”? They offered one thing and reneged it to give everyone a crappier deal, so corporate can make a ton more money. Don’t give them your business! Save your money for a company that better respects its customers and holds to their promises.

  48. SaraJ

    The sharing question is a great one.

    However, if I had stood in line with our 7 young children for 2-3 hours and was turns away with just a $15 coupon, My reaction would have been one of extreme dismay.

  49. Lucy

    LOL if you click on the coupon to print it, the title is “Appeasement Coupon”.

    • Rockstar

      I pointed the same thing out to my husband about the PDF file name. Hysterical! 🤣 🤣

  50. Mommaoftwogirls

    We were turned away because the line was “at capacity” before the mall even opened. It was a madhouse!! So many people were upset about this. They gave us a $15 off coupon for each child and the manager of BAB said you can use one per child in the same transaction. Hopefully they will honor their word.

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