Ferrara Candy Class Action Settlement: Get Up to $7.50 Cash

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ferrara candy class action settlement – Candy in a cart

Candy lovers!

If you’ve purchased a cardboard box of Jujyfruits, Jujubes, Now & Later, Lemonhead, Applehead, Cherryhead, Grapehead, RedHots, Trolli, Chuckles, Black Forest, Jawbuster, Jawbreaker, Brach’s, Boston Baked Beans, Super Bubble, Rainblo, or Atomic Fireball candy (ANY flavor or variety) between February 21st, 2013 and June 21st, 2018, you may be eligible to receive cash from a class action settlement.

ferrara candy class action settlement – lemon heads and trolli candy in boxes

Is proof of purchase required?

No! If you do not have a valid receipt or Proof of Purchase, you will be eligible to receive a refund of 50¢ per box – up to 15 boxes – for a total refund of up to $7.50.

But, if you DO have a copy of a receipt or receipts showing the purchase of these eligible candy products, you will receive a refund of 50¢ per box for each eligible product purchased up to the total amount of units purchased that are submitted with Proof of Purchase – no limit!

ferrara candy class action settlement – boxed candy

What’s the deadline to file?

This Claim form must be postmarked or electronically filed no later than September 20th, 2018.

What’s this lawsuit about?

On February 21st, 2017, the Plaintiff filed a legal action on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated, alleging that he relied on the allegedly oversized packaging of the above candy products and that as a direct result of such violations, the Plaintiff has been economically injured.

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  1. Rachel

    Although oversized packaging is annoying when the product doesn’t match, I live by their factory and I have to say they are always generous and give products and samples to the local schools and zoo for events.

  2. Jennifer in Oregon

    Wow, what a money grab! It’s not as if the weight isn’t listed on the product.

    • TheQueenBee

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Tia

      I’m slow on this….did someone sue saying the weight package on the box didn’t match the weight of the candy?

    • Lisa C

      Exactly!! And the plaintiff was “economically injured”?? Give me a break.

  3. Boyntwinmama

    This is ridiculous. :/

  4. Dkp91576

    I would love to sue potato chip companies for putting so much air in the bags. Once you open, poof, barely any chips. I want to, but I won’t. Because it is weight, volume, etc.

    • Laura

      As a former Ruffles brand manager, I can tell you that the air is to keep the product fresh and protect it from breakage while being handled on its way to you, the customer. The air is needed to avoid a bag of crumbs!

      • Dkp91576

        That makes a lot of sense but we are visual eaters. You open a bag, you want to see the product to the tippy top. Maybe they should make the bags shorter? When I buy cheesy ones like Doritos, the bags are fuller. I guess those have less breakage. Either way, thank you for explaining it – btw Ruffies Ridgies are yum. 🙂

      • mouni

        hmmm yeah and why are they making jars in weird shapes to make them look bigger? I get the air thing but packaging on all types of products is very deceiving and is designed to disguise how little product you’re getting. Portion are getting smaller and prices higher.

  5. Laura

    Was all set to go on this but realized it ONLY applied to the boxes. I have purchased a lot of bags during this time period but not so many boxes. I feel like this is a bogus lawsuit that only hurts the manufacturer. As others have pointed out, the weight matched the box, but the box made it look like there would be lots more candy inside. This should be corrected but I have not been harmed in any way (and neither has anyone else). Deceptive appearance, yes, harm, no. For that reason, I choose not to participate in this nuisance suit. How many workers will lose their jobs to pay for this nonsense? Just no.

    • Janelle


    • Susan

      very well said!

    • Rockstar

      I can’t believe the manufacturer was convinced enough that they couldn’t win this that they settled. Seems like this is a battle that was already fought before – after all, I assume that’s why there’s a disclaimer on almost all food packaging that “item is sold by weight, not volume.”

  6. Jennifer Pantoja

    What a ridiculous suit! Economically injured? Although I have purchased these boxes candies I will not be filing a claim. How petty.

  7. Gailio

    And of course the lawyers who promote these types of frivolous lawsuits are the biggest winners financially… All for $7.50 each? I don’t think so.

  8. josie

    If buying an amount candy causes you to become economically injured then you should probably just not buy candy! This is so sad.

  9. NV

    I’m really glad I’m not the only one that read this and thought it was absolutely outrageous. I understand laws and why they are in place, I really do. It wouldn’t be appropriate for 1/2 gallon of milk to be bottled in a one gallon container even if they did label it as a 1/2 gallon. However, this is just silly. We get these “theater” boxes often and it’s obvious that the box isn’t FULL. All lawsuits like this do is impact future costs of goods for everyone.

  10. countrygal

    Who has time to weigh a little box of candy?! This is silly, things are getting a little out of control. This candy isn’t even expensive.

  11. Mitch

    Man ….Doritos should owe like a million dollars then 😂. I buy a half a bag of air in every bag. How is this a lawsuit but that ain’t….lol.

  12. Mel

    Passing. Only person making out on this is the greedy lawyer. What a silly lawsuit. ‘economically injured’??!! Judge should have thrown the case out!

  13. Karin Jaros

    Couldn’t believe this when I read it! Thought I would check out the comments, hoping that Hip2Savers were not taking advantage of this ridiculous lawsuit. So pleased to read the similar opinions!!

  14. Lori

    Crazy world when companies are afraid to go to court for fear of what jurors will reward…also to avoid the high legal fees. I laughed at the small amount of product in these boxes..but feel it is unethical to take money from this company…stupid lawsuits!!!! They benefit the crooked lawyers!!!

  15. DealAddict


  16. Pat

    Just about EVERY corporation out there does this – the huge dent in the bottom of peanut butter jars, the jars of Olay where most of it is filler (not to mention the box it comes in), where does it end when someone files a lawsuit like this? Although, I must admit, if they did this with fish fillets, I might participate, such a huge waste of freezer space when the box is half full of fish!

  17. KAREN j

    My family buys this candy weekly for the movies. We go every week pretty much. And if we host we buy a scrap load of these candies. Who keep receipts for dollar store. I submitted claim but wow just never paid attention to it.

  18. Judy Trac

    what? just 7 dollars?

  19. Ryan Hennessy

    I buy these candys all the time, we stock up when going to the movies, I buy at least 10 around the different holiday for my boys and nieces for their Easter baskets, stocking, etc. Also Id stock up when they are on sale around my kids bdays and put them in the goodies/thank you bag’s! I’ve probably spent $100’s.. of course who’s going to save the receipt’s for candy that long?!?! Oh well, I guess $7 is better then nothing!

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