Dear P&G, Could You PLEASE Make it Easier to Redeem Your Printable Coupons?

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p & g makes it tougher to redeem printable coupons – coupons and scissors

Print today. Use by tomorrow??

Last summer, Proctor & Gamble changed the restrictions on P&G insert coupons to a limit of two identical coupons per transaction and household per day. And, now it appears that they’re making it harder to redeem Tide, Dreft, and Gain printable coupons on the P&G Everyday site. 😩

p & g makes it tougher to redeem printable coupons – printing coupons

Now, select P&G printable coupons have an expiration of the following day after printing, which means if you print a popular Tide, Dreft or Gain coupon today, you’ll have until tomorrow to make use of it.

Plus, many of these printable coupons have a limit of ONE per household per day, and you can only print six P&G coupons per month. It doesn’t seem like P&G really wants us to use these coupons?? 🤨

Well, there may be a little glimmer of hope.

If you’re still hoping to redeem these high-value P&G coupons, one of the best ways to use them is to add P&G brandSAVER digital coupons to your store loyalty cards as they’re valid for several weeks. Just load them to your shopper card and then use your store card at checkout for instant savings.

p & g makes it tougher to redeem printable coupons – P&G digital coupons

To get started, just head on over here, click on ‘Digital brandSAVER Coupons’ at the top, and browse through the coupons. Add any coupons you want, and the savings will instantly come off at checkout. Note that for this month’s digital coupons, they’re valid 7/1-7/28 at participating stores.

Oh P&G, can you please honor coupons like…

p & g makes it tougher to redeem printable coupons – Dove clinical protection product

On the other hand, companies like Unilever haven’t made changes to their printable coupons for popular items like Dove, Degree, TRESemmé, Breyers, and Ben & Jerry’s – just to name a few. These coupons still have a limit of two identical coupons per shopping trip, and the expiration dates from the coupons we printed were 10 days to 8 weeks after the day it was printed, depending on the coupon.

p & g makes it tougher to redeem printable coupons – coins and coupons

So where can you find other coupons that won’t expire tomorrow?

  • Sunday newspaper – In Sunday newspapers, you’ll often find coupon inserts: RetailMeNot (formerly known as Red Plum) inserts (RMN), SmartSource inserts (SS), Proctor & Gamble inserts (PG), and occasionally bonus inserts depending on your area of the country (Parade Magazine, USA Weekly, General Mills, Target, etc).

  • Coupon mailers from unsolicited companies or from a manufacturer – To get these, be sure to sign up for your favorite brand’s newsletter and/or rewards program (if they have one). You can also contact companies that you love and see if they’d be willing to send you coupons!

  • In magazines – Lots of magazines often have hidden coupons inside. You can often find coupons in Weight Watchers, Family Circle, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Parents, and more!

  • Inside products or on the box of a product – Often you’ll find surprise coupons inside a product package or on the actual packaging, so be sure to always look.

  • Loaded to your store loyalty card or app – Many stores (such as Dollar General) now offer eCoupons that you can save to your store/rewards card. Plus, P&G Everyday also has digital coupons. And there are many apps that offer savings as well that you can actually stack with manufacturer’s coupons: Ibotta, Checkout51, SavingStar, and Target Cartwheel.

  • Store Weekly Circulars – Often stores like Target will have extra coupons available right in their weekly ads, which makes it very convenient for you to save!

  • In-Store Coupon Savings –
    • Blinkie or Tear Pad – coupon from a small blinkie machine or tear pad
    • Peelie – sticker type coupon on the product itself
    • Catalina/CAT – coupon on the back of a store receipt or which is printed after receipt

What are your thoughts on P&G’s change?

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  1. Dkp91576

    I stopped redeeming Tide coupons when they pulled some from the flyer and into online only. This is just going to make it worse. Coupons help businesses make sales. You don’t want sales? I don’t want your product. Persil and OxiClean are doing fine for me and my family.

    • Tia

      Sounds like they don’t want you getting their products for cheap. Lots of us print high value coupons to use for when a deal pops up. Nope! They don’t want you waiting. I’ll keep on using my Persil.

    • JC

      I am sure they’re aware of people getting their produc very cheap when on sale + coupons and they want to make it more difficult to keep it to a minimum for those willing to go through the extra hassle. It’s used as a deterrent, just like Walmart’s practices. Greedy companies that don’t want to you to get a killet deal. They only want you to save $0.25.

  2. Lex21

    Exactly my thoughts, plus a lot of stores have started not accepting printed coupons in my area.

  3. Di

    P&G – Please start having Tide coupons in the newspaper inserts again! I used to buy Tide all the time for many, many years, but Kmart does not take printed coupons and one Walgreens near me does not take printed coupons. So I started using Persil it has coupons in the newspaper inserts. If there are a lot of other people like me, P&G may be losing lots of customers. (incidentally, the last time I loaded a Tide coupon to my digital Walgreens coupons on my card, it did not come off. So I ended up returning it.)

    Thank you for this post!

  4. Jessica

    I don’t necessarily blame them. Coupon fraud has gotten so bad. I tried to use 2 Excedrin coupons in one transaction (2 completely different, printed coupons) and was told by the cashier I could only use 1 per transaction. Both coupons scanned properly put it always prompts an associate after you scan. This was at Walmart. We got to talking and she was saying that a lady had a whole stack of coupons from that we obviously just photocopies, not all different ones with different barcode numbers, and she was trying to purchase a bunch of items. It sucks following coupons properly only to have the people who abuse the system and ruin it for everyone.

    • Maggie

      P&G’s products have always been over priced. I only purchase them when it’s a “stock up price” deal.
      They’re also way over rated in my humble opinion.

    • beth pitt

      I agree, scammers ruin it for everyone. But, the companies shouldn’t punish those of us who don’t. They should make it 4 per transaction, anything more not excepted.

      • beth pitt

        Oops, “accepted”.

    • juniper

      I’ve had cashiers suspiciously ask me if my coupons were photo copies simply because I print mine on a black and white laser printer. All the coupons have watermarks on them to prevent photocopying but the cashiers never seem to realize that. So it may have just been a lady with a lot of legit printed coupons.

  5. annie

    As someone who has some privy info on this. you can thank people who made copies of these coupons over and over again. (counterfeit). redeeming 100 coupons on pampers alone in one transaction.
    p&g has been hit with so much coupon fraud, they had to come up with a solution.
    recently I was on a site which I will not mention, a guy had over 400 pampers for sale, over 350 liquid tides and over 500 tide pods. plus other p&g products for sale.

    I can tell you this, all items this person had in a storage unit for sale, were procured with coupons not legitimitly. I have said from the very beginning on here a few years ago. coupons will be gone in the next few years, coupons will all go to downloading on your shoppers card and at best 2 per household. this cuts down on fraud.
    so enjoy getting your great deals with coupons now, while you can. coupons will be a thing of the past. in the 44 years of couponing myself, I have seen so much has changed in the world of couponing, and the EXTREME couponing show a few years back , is now the result on companies, drastically changing their coupon policies and how many you can print and redeem. etc.
    remember target had their own coupons that you can stack with a manufactures, well that’s gone now. once again too much coupon fraud and target was losing money.

    I have worked with managers of stores, teaching them, how to spot coupon fraud in every aspect. you be surprised, how much these stores were being ripped off.
    I can’t even go to Walmart with coupons, too much of a hassle. they will shut down the register, take my coupons and go in a office and spend 15 minutes going thru my coupons, making sure they are legit. and forget about a company sending you a free product coupon, Walmart won’t take it, and others, are right behind them. this is what it has become. 🙁

  6. Betty

    Ive stopped trying to use printable coupons because they never scan. The stores say if they dont scan they wont accept them. Too much aggravation on my part.

    • Sara

      Agree!! They almost never scan. I print them out, buy the right item and they almost never scan. Places won’t push them through any more and I’m tired of the hassle. I don’t print coupons anymore. One bad apple ruins it for everyone.

  7. Sunflower

    I absolutely agree that “some” people are abusing coupons, but there are far more people who do not. Those stores come across counterfeit money all the time, but they still accept cash. I think the overall problem is most cashiers and managers are not trained on how to read a coupon. For me, Walmart is the worst. Once a cashier told me that she can’t accept my coupon because it was photo copied. I asked how. She told me that it’s in black and white. I replied you do know that you can photo copy in color. She was embarrassed. She continued with my transaction. Another time I tried to redeem a coupon for any Gatorade. The cashier told me the picture does not match the product…. Needless to say, I haven’t shopped at Walmart in over 8 years.

    • riss

      Lol, happened to me, too at Walmart. The cashier said because “the picture on the coupon is not the same as the item you are buying.” Even though the coupon says “any Garnier hair product.” How idiotic is that?

    • JC

      yup here too. “Picture didn’t match product” when it said any item by that brand. Walmart has to be the stingiest company I have ever done business with.

  8. Sophia

    Let’s use another brands!! the ones have good coupons . forget about P&G they can keep all their products.


    i hate printing out coupons then it has a short expiration date so i always end up throwing away my coupons

  10. A

    I just can’t anymore with coupons. I used to be a big couponer and I couldn’t take the hostile cashiers, arguing policies, and general time commitment anymore. I shop exclusively at Aldi now and buy almost everything else used. It’s cheaper and sooo much less stress!

    • Sylvia

      Yes Aldi has great prices, with everything increasing in prices I hope manufacturers notice shoppers care about prices.

  11. Shaunn

    So tired of the people who coupon for the thrill of getting something for nothing. The folks who make a game of getting everything for free with cash back ruin it for those of us who really need the financial assistance that coupons provide. I have no problem with being limited to two identical online coupons. I’m grateful for whatever I can get. Would like to be brand loyal, but can’t afford it.

    Thanks to all the companies offering coupons. I really appreciate them!

  12. Jodi P

    Anymore, just about the only coupons I might bother with are the ones Kroger sends in the mail, which are based on my past purchases. They have a long expiration of a month or two. They also have coupons you can save to your card, but I don’t really trust those because they don’t always work.

    CVS is always emailing coupons for my store shoppers card, but they usually expire the next day!

    Overall, I really just look for coupons/sales for Seventh Generation products, and Charmin.

    • Shaunn

      I used to think like you, Jodi, about Kroger’s online coupons. Now I love them! I get Best Customer coupons, same as I got in the mail, and many other great deals. When I shop, I take a computer printout of coupons I loaded, and never get any argument if one fails to redeem. Merely bring it to the attention of the cashier before paying.

      My sister opted to continue getting her Best Customer coupons in the mail. She also downloads the regular coupons online. Kroger allows customers to choose a favorite store, check prices, make grocery lists, save BIG money on gas at Kroger stations, manage prescriptions, & tons more! They have a responsive customer feedback system — phone or online. I have nothing but praise for the online perks from Kroger’s!

      Been a Kroger’s customer over 50 years, It just gets better & better!

      • Melissa Reeder

        I completely agree with you about Kroger’s Shaunn! I love it! In my area when they do their buy 5 save 5 sale they allow you to load lots of P&G coupons to your card and you can use them up to 5 times, that’s way better than any other coupon these days. They have the best sales IMO 😊

  13. Susan Crawford

    Where I live, P&G coupons are available at my local grocery store digital coupon downloaded to my store card. They have the same expiration date as the ones in the coupon insert. I just don’t bother with them since they are expensive. I still coupon but not as much as I used to, since it’s just my husband and i. I use Walgreens digital coupons, cvs coupons,nd Kroger digital coupons. So I do spread it around. I cannot imagine buying more than we can use. But my local store does give away one free item to download a week, just like Krogers, and those I either use, give to my niece, or my local food bank. There will always be someone who tries to take advantage and really does screw it up for the rest of us who does the right thing.

  14. Laurie m Villotta

    I stopped using coupons long ago, but I agree with PP. When there is major fraud from those people that have created it others loose out who could really need the help to save money on very limited income. I like the $1.99 sales at Walgreens and CVS for The smaller bottles of All or Arm and hammer. Detergents are so concentrated you really have to use very little. I buy the limit when I see this and I am good to go for a few months. I have a small family of 3 so we only do 1-3 loads a week. Otherwise I belong to Sams club and buy their name brand Tide or Gain and this will last me almost a year. Couponing is not worth my time esp since I would have to print them all online.

  15. acgold

    I agree with almost all above. I hate that they make you print the coupons. My almost weekly circular pack has almost no coupon inserts, so I have no choice. I get a hassle at Walgreen’s and Target all the time with the printed coupons. They both never let me use their own and a manufacturer’s. It’s all driving consumers away.

  16. ann hummel

    If the deals are not good, I will not buy the product. I love oxyclean detergent now and only found out because of the deals on it. I am not married to a certain brand. Also with recently purchasing a new washer, I only need a small amount of detergent.

  17. Janis Doyle

    I tried contacting them when they started discontinuing them from the newspaper and they didn’t really give me a good answer. I don’t waste my time on printed coupons most stores don’t take them anymore. It’s a shame !

  18. Juju

    Agreed. There’s clearly a tipping point- where the company makes it too hard to print their coupon, or too hard to redeem it (like limit 1 per day (not even limit 2, which you need if there’s a buy one get one sale.)) I theoretically don’t mind printing coupons at home. And I am honest. But if I’m using my own ink and paper, and time, then don’t make it so inconvenient (if not impossible.) Frankly, I’m getting so annoyed that I’ve switched to Arm & Hammer and Persil detergent. I rarely buy anything from P & G. Also, it really angers me that P&G evidently can’t make a deal with the newspaper? Coupon insert printer? Whoever- and control the security of their coupon inserts, so they just eliminated the inserts in certain parts of the country. So inconvenient for honest consumers who get the newspaper delivered.

  19. Lauren G.

    I stopped using all P&G products after the changed their Always and Tampex products. I’m now severely allergic to them. They use cheaper ingredients to save money. I use other brands that are much better.

  20. DeeC

    The problem for me is I print the coupon…the item is out of stock at the store…my coupon can’t be used days later…frustrating…ugh

  21. Tom Collins

    I don’t even bother. There are plenty of competitors’ products that have better deals, so I vote with my feet.

  22. Tina9222

    I go to job lot with 2 cover girl coupons I had just printed and was told by the cashier that I copied them because they were plain on the back???
    I said they’re different numbers they’re on white paper duh???
    I called corporate because I was left feeling like I was a fraud, never mind the people behind me looking on… corporate said they would handle it but really nothing was done. So tired of everything getting ruined by “THOSE COUPONERS” 🙁

  23. Teresa

    This is getting ridiculous…I thought they made coupons to motivate you to purchase their product! There are plenty of good detergents out there at better prices, whose coupons aren’t hard to use…moving on P&G.

  24. Brenda Goss

    I am a huge couponer to save money on groceries with out limited income. I emailed P&G awhile back when the Tide coupons stopped being in my newspaper insert and got no response. None of their coupons seem to scan anymore, even when you have the product pictured, This creates problems in stores that will not accept coupons that will not scan. I rarely buy P&G because it is too much hassle. I have switched also.

  25. Andrew Criswell

    Or just stop buying their toxic crap that is tested on animals. There are reasonable alternatives to everything P and G, Unilever, and Dial Corp makes in the form of cruelty free ethical products. They cost less, I don’t have to fight with coupons, AND they work just as well.

    • JC

      Agreed. There are plenty of other brands that don’t test on animals and don’t have questionable toxic ingredients.

  26. Lindsers8

    I don’t like this new change at all. I’d rather just buy a different brand/product. Also, I tried to do the online coupon loaded to your shoppers card and they don’t have any of the stores I use so that doesn’t work either.

  27. Bunny

    Move over p and g. Persil has taken over!!! The heck with tide and your other overpriced products!!!!

  28. LEMADU

    My local grocery store does not offer a loyalty card, so I miss out on all of the deals for those. If coupons stop, I will be very upset.

  29. hip2trade

    Printable coupons are very helpful but it’s getting ridiculous trying to legitimately put them to use, especially at certain stores.

  30. Denise

    Frequently, my P&G newspaper coupons are beepers. The local CVS said they will no longer take coupons that beep so I quit trying.

  31. Benecya Jackson

    If this fraud is happening because the security measures on the coupons are being ignored by cashiers the issue is not with consumers or the Redemption or suspected abuse. Just like with age verification, $100 bills, & checks cashiers are trained to understand how to spot a fake. They’re paid an extra $0. 08 to accept coupons in accordance with policy terms and conditions. How could crooks redeem more than they were permitted if the cashier had used the e-verification features embedded in the offer? I’m sick of the stigma associated with coupons. It is just like credit card or cash or anything else it can be abused it can be Counterfeit it can fund more nefarious acts so why is it being treated any different in terms of training and education?

  32. Shaunn

    I used to demo things in Walmart. When we had Persil, I thought the deal was good, loved the fragrances, and bought a bottle. WOW! Whenever I can, I use Persil. I was able to truthfully tell customers what a super product it is (did several Persil demos). It was supposed to put P&G on notice that there was something to compete with Tide. Do hope it did that!

    I have no issues with the quality of Tide products, but never was thrilled with the miniscule discounts of the P&G coupons.

    P&G carries some of the most expensive products and the coupons are often only half or less off what the competition offers. No contest.

  33. ANNE

    Funny thing about this. When brands and stores make things difficult I just stop shopping with them.

  34. Brooke

    Wish we had a Kroger in Florida☹

  35. Betsy

    P&G coupons have been difficult to redeem for a while. A few years ago, Albertson’s had a deal on P&G products, so I bought several products to receive the reward. Of course, some of my coupons beeped. My receipt listed a Dawn coupon for $2 and a Tide coupon for $0.25, which was the opposite of their values. This meant that the coupons were coded improperly and attached to the wrong products. Also explains why some coupons beep–the system does not think the correct product or quantity of products was purchased. Recently tried to purchase Head & Shoulders using a digital coupon at Walgreens. Coupon did not come off, so I called Customer Service and they credited me with points for the coupon value. But this frustrating problem with P&G coupons continues without a resolution.
    Also annoyed with their $0.10 (not as common anymore) or $0.25 insert coupons–not worth my time to cut, sort, and redeem or theirs to print.

  36. prussell0910

    I wish we had store cards in our area (and/or a Kroger). Would make it so much easier. I find that the printed coupons are hit or miss if they scan. I really need to coupon to save money on our limited budget, but it’s so difficult these days. Now we just go without if we can and I buy the minimum of essential products.

  37. JaimeD

    👍 I agree. They’ll switch it up when they see the loss in sales!

  38. Annette

    Off topic, but does someone have the email address for Catalina coupons. I used to have it but can’t find it. Thanks!

  39. Cindy

    I was reading this so, I thought I would add my 2cents lol…1, P&G I was a coupon’er, before it was “cool”! Fell out of it, just getting back to it, went to my P&G account but, NONE, NOT 1 of the Grocery stores in my area are listed in their “P&G brandSAVER digital coupons, store loyalty cards”. Yes, CVS, Walgreens but, I don’t buy groceries there (commonly). What can I do to get stores added?
    2, I noticed several posting about “Laundry Stain Remover” type items. Noticed on another site about a wk ago, too. Just wanted to spread the word about “BIZ”, it’s an AMAZING product!! (Long story short) You MUST mix it w/HOT water to dissolve!! I’m a big bust lady, $100’s in bras a yr that would turn yellow looking after washing. I had several that I honestly had in zip bags, refusing to trash! Yr after yr using any & every Stain Remove products as well as, hacks, etc ALL which failed! UNTIL, I grabbed a bx of Biz sometime ago…I was stocked, called everyone I know, tell people in the store isle,etc. Many would say, it gets hard…the box says, dissolve in hot water!! I have since learned to mix in my sink, soak EVERYTHING w/any stain, overnight…BRIGHT WHITE but, doesn’t remove color as well!! I didn’t like the tabs at all, only the bx powder is the GOLD!! I’ve saved $1000’s worth of items, I LOVE IT!! And no, I don’t make 1 cent from spreading this, just hoping to save a great product! Everytime I find a great product, be it nmakeup, etc., they seem to stop selling it!! Grrr lol

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tips on BIZ! I remember that being around for a long time – since I was little!

    • Kristine

      I’ve never heard of this product, sounds like a good one. If you ever run into trouble finding the product bc it’s out of stock, etc, put vinegar and lukewarm water in your tub, and whatever it is be it bras, clothes, anything like that, put them in to soak. You will literally see the stains rise to the top of the water, then you can take them out and wash and dry them. When my son was younger, I wanted to find a way to clean his pack n play. I looked online and read about this. I was hesitant thinking it wouldn’t work, but needless to say I was extremely happy with the results. I hope you continue to receive good results from what you use, just wanted to put that out there, especially bc vinegar is so cheap.

  40. Barbara A. Custer

    I wish we could back to straight paper coupons, like what you get in your newspaper. To print digital, I had to set up an account, but they give you a password, which letters I couldn’t read. What’s more, to print them out, they want to text a confirmation number to phone, but then they don’t do it. Not user-friendly at all. What will happen is, folks who aren’t computer-savvy won’t be able to afford their products, that’s all.

  41. Elsa G

    Does anyone know if the Tide and Gain coupons printed from the Brandsaver website that have an expiration date on the next day really cannot be used after that date? Are these coupons different from other manufacturer coupons used at CVS or Kroger that do not beep on the register until so many days have passed since the expiration printed on the coupon? It is very difficult sometimes to use the coupons in one day. I was wondering if anyone tried to use these coupons a few days after the expiration and was able to do so.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! They cannot be used after their expiration date. Maybe wait to print them until you know for sure you are heading out to the store within the next day. Hoping that helps!

      • Elsa G

        Thanks for your response. I will try to do it like you said but sometimes plans change and I cannot go when I think I will. I wish P&G would change this policy. No other coupon that I have ever used only gave one day to use.

  42. Jen

    I bought several products from cvs to get the proctor and gamble refund I knew they would subtract the coupons and accounted for them. But they also counted my cvs extra bucks as coupons which they are not it is cash we earned back from the purchase of other items. P&G are scamming the consumer out of money it is not a proctor and gamble coupon so they are not loosing money it is a cvs extra dollar we the consumer earned from cvs for buying products from cvs.
    Shame on you P&G I hope you get sued and loose millions for scamming consumers.

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