A Box of Trendy, Perfectly Sized and Styled Clothes on Your Doorstep?

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stitch fix box opened on table for my review

Give your closet some TLC!

There’s something about confidently stepping out in a new outfit that gives us the “I can take on anything” attitude that we love. 🤩 So why not treat yourself…

Hello, Stitch Fix! 👋


a few of our team members were a bit skeptical. 😬

How will they get the style right, or the size, or the preferred fit? 🤔 Plus, a service like this has to come at a cost, not to mention the cost of keeping the clothes on top of it. And even more concerning, what if we don’t like any of the clothes?!

Here’s what you need to know about Stitch Fix

Consider the website as your personal stylist who has all your measurements, understands your style, and, most importantly, knows your budget. Each month, you’ll receive a curated box of fresh finds from the Stitch Fix team delivered right to your door.

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:

stitch fix review - Collin on a laptop

First, you’ll start by filling out your style profile.

This is oh SO important as it really helps the stylists know what you like to wear and what type of clothes and accessories you’re looking for. You can even create a Pinterest board that you’ll be able to share with your stylist. You’ll also want to enter in your measurements so the items you receive are in your correct sizes.

Don’t skimp out on highlighting what you don’t like. For example, if you’re not a fan of shorts, you can specifically request to never receive shorts in any of your Fixes.

Also, make sure you check off what your desired spending budget is. It’s one thing to like the clothes in your box, but it’s another to actually want to purchase them after they arrive. There’s a range of budget options to choose from, and the types of clothes and accessories you receive will reflect the price range selected.

If there was a “hard part” of the process, this is it — but seriously, it’s so worth it! You can also check out these tips on how to get the best Fix ever!

stitch fix box opened with welcome information packet - wardrobe review

Next, you’ll request your Fix.

This means you’re ready for action and will be getting your Fix soon! 😍 You’ll receive an estimated delivery date, and your styling fee will be processed. The fee is $20 and will be applied to your purchase of whatever items you keep. If you don’t end up keeping any items in your box, you’ll be out the $20 fee, which reiterates just how important it is to be thorough on your style profile.

This is also where you should send your stylist notes. Have an event coming up that you’d love a new outfit for? Share this in your request along with any specifics you have in mind to help your stylist while picking the pieces for your fix.

One of the better selling points to Stitch Fix is that you don’t need to start a subscription in order to get a box. If you don’t like committing to subscriptions or you just want to check it out once, you can simply request one box and be done with it. The one time Fix is also great if you want to send the service to a friend as a fun and unique gift idea!

However, if you do end up loving the box you receive, you can totally sign on for a subscription to get Fixes regularly. Keep in mind that if you have a subscription and don’t keep any items from your current fix, the $20 styling fee will not roll over to the next month. 😟

collin's stitch fix clothes out of the box for this review

Finally, have an at-home fashion show! 💃

Once you receive your box, you have seven days to try on and decide which pieces from the box you want to keep and which ones aren’t for you. You can jot down any notes about the selection that was sent to help your stylist for future Fixes.

The BEST part!

If you keep the entire contents of your box, awesome! You’ll score 25% off your WHOLE box!

But it’s also fine if you need to send back some of the clothes, too — just note that you won’t get the 25% discount. The return shipping is super easy as the box comes with a pre-printed return shipping label attached to a large envelope ready to go. Simply fill the package up with whatever clothes and accessories you don’t want to keep, and drop it in the mail. Easy peasy!

Oh, and don’t forget that your $20 styling fee will be applied towards your purchase whether you keep one piece or the whole fix!

stitch fix box with clothes and accessories - wardrobe review

Why we  ❤️ Stitch Fix!

  1. It saves you time. When you fill out the style profile with your style, size, and budget, all the guesswork and hassle of shopping is done for you. You’ll have more time to enjoy wearing your clothes than spending hours shopping for them! It’s also a fun way to try out clothes you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself or even have access to without ordering through Stitch Fix.

  2. It’s a fun surprise! If your budget allows, this service makes for a great ‘surprise and delight’ moment anytime you receive a box. It’s exciting to open it up and see what the stylist has picked out. It’s also fun to treat yourself to these fixes every few months — it’s the little things!

  3. It’s more than just clothes. They have really cute accessories like earrings, purses, and shoes so you can have an entire outfit in one box — perfect for when you have a special occasion coming up but no time to shop!

  4. It teaches you about your own style. Getting the boxes and deciding what you like and don’t like helps you hone in on your own personal style. Even if you don’t solely shop with Stitch Fix, you’ll be more in tune with styles, colors, and fits that make you feel best next time you’re out shopping.

stitch fix earrings and small purse - wardrobe review

That said, there are some things we don’t love…
  1. You could potentially spend $20 for nothing. While the $20 styling fee goes toward any items you keep, you won’t be refunded if you send the entire box back. It takes some time and trust to make sure your stylist has a good sense of the pieces they should be picking for you.

  2. The service can get pricey. If you don’t specify your budget, or if you’re used to only shopping items on sale, the cost of the clothes can add up quickly. It’s a nice treat to receive fixes but it’s wise to be smart about how they will fit into your clothing budget.

We asked some of our team members and readers what they thought of StitchFix…

lina in stitch fix dress and shirt looking fabulous - wardrobe reviewHip2Save Lina says:

“I’ve personally been on the Stitch Fix fence for so long. I assumed they’d get my sizing or style wrong and thought it’d be a waste of time. I wear an L/XL and I’m always hesitant about ordering clothes thinking they won’t fit me.

But I loved my box and bought an outfit I actually want to wear every single day! 😄 It’s a little more than I normally spend, but my husband said I looked nice and told me I should keep it since it fits and looked great. ❤️

I feel great and have gotten lots of compliments. I can’t wait to get my next box! 🎉”

Hip2Save Amber says:

“I love Stitch Fix! I personally hate shopping in stores, so I just love that a box full of surprise goodies is shipped to my door! I also love that you can leave notes for your stylist and always get some fun stuff added that you may have never picked up while shopping in-store!

Plus, it was awesome when I was pregnant as cute maternity clothes are hard to come by!

Reader Tracy says:

“It’s funny because when I got my first package, I opened it up and thought I would send it all back. But I tried it on and turned out loving it! It’s stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself, but they ended up becoming some of my favorite things. I also really struggle with style and dressing myself, so it was nice to have someone do it for me.

They also have a size guide for you to help figure out sizes. Everything in my box fit with the exception of one pair of pants that were borderline tight — it’s easy to send stuff back though.”

Collin says:

“I’m a total Stitch Fix addict. There’s something pretty fantastic about getting a box of clothes on your doorstep tailored to you. 😍 I don’t do a lot of clothing shopping for myself because most of my shopping excursions are centered around items the kids need. So Stitch Fix is a non-guilty splurge of mine.

That said, I totally get it’s not for everyone. If you do have wiggle room in your budget and like fashion, I definitely suggest at least trying it out and getting one fix since NO subscription is required. I’ve gotten such cute pieces I normally wouldn’t pick out on my own. I get giddy when my box arrives, and excitedly show off my clothes to my uninterested kids and hubby. 😂 It’s totally the little things for me.”

Want to try it for yourself?

Head over to Stitch Fix to get FREE shipping on your box and 25% off your purchase when you keep your entire Fix! 🛍️

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Comments 48

  1. Angel

    Their quality of clothing has gone down but pricing has gone up. I had been a huge fan. I just ended my subscription last month. After many successful fixes they were missing the mark in the style department. I gave feedback and nothing changed. So I was feeling obligated to keep things I didn’t like just so I didn’t lose money but then items started to get so over priced. Sorry but I went back to Kohls, JCPenney, Old Navy and WalMart. 😉

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So sorry to hear that. 🙁 Such a bummer! However, we do appreciate the honest feedback.

    • Marie


    • Alese

      I did the same thing. I got a box monthly for about 2yrs by recently canceled it after 6-7 horrible boxes. Thing s came obviously already worn with stains on them, some with holes, and just didn’t fit my style at all even though I always left notes and have a ton of things on my Pinterest board. Rumor has it (stitch fix groups) they’ve been decreasing the time stylists have to put things together which means they don’t have much time to go through and check notes, pins, etc

    • Katie s

      I loved about 2 of my boxes and thought it was great. Then they started sending me stuff that was so awful and worst was they didn’t seem to be even looking at my notes (no jewelry) etc.
      it became so frustrating. Especially when you get a large amount off if you buy everything, and it contained stuff i never would use!

  2. Bunny

    Collin and Lina your outfits are just beautiful! <3

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awwww… thanks so much! 😃

    • Lina

      Thanks so much Bunny! <3

  3. BergenD

    Thredup also does this. It is secondhand clothes but it is only $10 that will be credited to anything that you keep. And they send you two to three times as much as stitch fix. The prices are much more reasonable since it is secondhand. Free shipping and returns

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hey there!

      That’s definitely a more affordable suggestion! We actually wrote up a post on the ThredUp boxes here – https://hip2save.com/2018/05/15/introducing-the-thredup-goody-box-like-getting-a-gently-used-stitchfix-box/

      To be honest, I was not impressed with the box I received and the items they picked out for me. You can check out this Facebook live video where I actually open up my ThredUp box and share my thoughts – https://business.facebook.com/hip2save/videos/10160542241920343/

    • Lee ann

      Thanks for the thredup suggestion! Love this idea. I’m all good with resale. And so many times clothes can be barely worn or even new!

    • Lee ann

      I’m on my 7th delivery from stitch fix. Ive enjoyed learning how to shop for clothes for me and my body. Clothes they sent were things I probably wouldn’t have been tried. But loved them! I just don’t Love the cost! I guess I’m too THRIFTY! Clothes don’t hold much value to me so why spend $60-$80 on jeans!?! BUT I WILL SAY THE CLOTHES FIT LIKE THEY ARE MADE FOR YOUR BODY! I think it’s jusy time to try new route. Think I’d like to try thredup

  4. Erin Underwood

    I have found that with Stitch Fix the quality of the fix is highly dependent on the stylist you get. I went through several bad fixes before I got Lisa as my stylist and I have been using her for 6 months and her picks are usually spot on. The trick is finding a stylist that works for you.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great feedback, and that’s awesome that you now have an awesome stylist! 🙌

  5. smithjohnson16

    I quit using stitch fix. I was really disappointed after the last few boxes. I was really detailed in what I wanted and did not get what I was wanting. I will from time to time get a box when the styling fee has been waived but 90 percent of the time I just send everything back!

    • Amber R. (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh no, smithjohnson16! So sorry to hear that! But thank you for being so honest with us, we ALWAYS appreciate it!

  6. Krissy

    Can we post our referral link? LOOOVE stitchfix!

  7. Heidi

    I tried this service once and thought it was awful! The quality of the fabric was very low and some of the styles I was sent were so tacky. 😜 I’m glad others are having better luck with it!

  8. Marie

    My first box was phenomenal. I kept quite a bit of it. Even at the full prices, they were things I wouldn’t have chosen for myself in colors I wouldn’t have thought would look good on me, and I was getting compliments left and right. It was all a disaster after that. The next box was full of things I specifically said I didn’t want in the wrong sizes! They apologized and waived my styling fee for the next box, and the same thing happened. They sent me a size I specifically said doesn’t fit me along with sending me a cheap (think Claire’s quality) necklace and a cute shirt with a huge hole in it. I canceled my subscription and went back to shopping at tjmaxx.com and Banana Republic. I liked the idea, but they weren’t consistent, so no thanks. At full price, they should be listening hard to their consumer. It may sound like I’m being really hard on them, but I specifically said I only want clothes I can wear to my executive position (they sent me $70(!!) yoga pants), I said no florals (got a floral top) and I gave them my size and they sent me something two sizes smaller. Once I can say is a fluke, but the second time is a no-go. This is just my experience, but I won’t be using them again.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh gosh… such a bummer! 🙁 And I completely understand you not wanting to get Stitch Fix boxes again based on the experience you’ve had. I’m so sorry to hear about all of the issues.

      My boxes have been the complete opposite. The sizes have been right for all the clothing sent (I’m always surprised by how well the jeans fit!), and I have loved many of the styles. I guess I’ve gotten lucky with the right stylists.

      Thank for taking the time to comment and share your honest feedback.

    • Katie s

      Same experience!

  9. Kingc

    I Wasn’t impressed with the quality of the product for the price point. Cute clothes, but definitely can do better in both areas buying clothes for myself.
    You guys look fantastic, though!

  10. AZinOZ

    I’ve had probably 3 dozen fixes over the last 1.5 years. It’s hit or miss but that’s what I like. This isn’t for someone that knows exactly what they want, but rather to help expand their wardrobe. If you know you need a yellow shirt with short sleeves and a V-neck- go look for it yourself. If you know you need more shirts for a business casual work environment then this is great. Of if you want to expand your weekend wear, or casual clothes…. it’s great. But you can’t go into it expecting to get exactly what you ask for. I keep my notes general: “I’m looking for some new fall shirts to wear at work. I typically wear black work pants but am open to trying some with color.” or something like “More tops to wear to work. I already have plenty of shirts that are blue and green so please send other colors”.
    And be sure to link out to a Pinterest board you create specifically for Stitch Fix. This can let you stylist get a better understanding of what you like. Plus then you can be specific if you would like an item. My last fix I pinned a purse I liked (it was from Stitch Fix) and I specifically asked for it (in any color). My stylist was able to send it to me- however I wouldn’t be upset if she didn’t as I know they don’t always have items in inventory.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Such a HELPFUL comment! 🙌 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such awesome tips, and I agree about creating a Pinterest board to really help the stylist get a sense of what you like.

  11. Shazia

    I love Stitch Fix!!! 29 fixes and counting! I have had the same stylist for most of these fixes and a large part of my closet is SF.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! So happy to hear you’ve been pleased with your fixes! 😃

  12. Julie

    I’ve had probably 5-6 boxes in the last couple of years. It’s hit or miss. Most of the time the clothes are sized too small (a L/XL really isn’t – and size 12/14 pants are more like a 10 or 8 even!). I’d LOVE for it to work but I’ve just decided to give into the fact I’m too big for fun mail order boxes. Probably a fun thing for XS/S sized women.

  13. Lee ann

    I’m on my 7th delivery from stitch fix. Ive enjoyed learning how to shop for clothes for me and my body. Clothes they sent were things I probably wouldn’t have been tried. But loved them! I just don’t Love the cost! I guess I’m too THRIFTY! Clothes don’t hold much value to me so why spend $60-$80 on jeans!?! BUT I WILL SAY THE CLOTHES FIT LIKE THEY ARE MADE FOR YOUR BODY! I think it’s jusy time to try new route. Think I’d like to try thredup

    • Amber R. (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I totally agree, Lee Ann! StitchFix is for sure my guilty pleasure! I carve out money each month so I feel okay about spending a little bit more on clothing that fits like a glove! It’s worth it in my opinion as I have so much trouble finding clothes that fit me just right!

  14. Jana

    I canceled mine a couple months ago. At first it was great, yes the prices are high but if they’re pieces you are going to wear numerous times then the value is there. The first box I actually kept everything, then I noticed after a while I was only keeping the cheapest item so I didn’t have to pay the $20 styling fee and get nothing. I gave great feedback on what exactly I liked/didn’t like and they kept getting worse. I have a family member who has had great results and she loves it so I’m guessing its just hit or miss. On the plus, canceling was super easy. Not like some sub boxes where they make you call and listen to a hard sales pitch.

  15. Ihearthip

    I have been using them for a couple of years and it has gotten better and better. My favorite is the blouses that are spot on for me and I can dress up or down. I only get a box around special occasions but it is worth it. I recommend!!! If you are looking to try and would use my link, I’d be so grateful.

      • Michelle

        Hi I have a few quick questions- Is shipping free both ways? I signed up under you and I see I have a $25 credit but it is still asking me to pay the $20 by credit card…is that correct?

        • Ihearthip

          Thanks for using my link! 🙂 I’m not sure how the free $25 works. You may want to contact Customer Service. When I order a box, I pay $20 upfront when they begin working on my fix, which is deducted if I buy anything. It’s free to send any items back.

          • Ihearthip

            From what I can see on their website, it looks like the $25 is applied to your purchase if you choose to keep something. So it looks like you still have to pay for the box to be sent to you.

            • Michelle

              Thanks for getting back to me… is shipping free to have it sent to you? So if I understand correctly I would still pay the $20 but get $45 off anything I keep them? Just let me know😊

            • Ihearthip

              I talked to customer service and they told me your $25 credit went toward the $20 styling fee. So the styling fee/shipping of box was free. If you decide to purchase any clothes, a $25 credit will go toward your purchase. Thanks again!!

        • Kristen

          Hi! I signed up under someone’s link and I have my first stitch fix coming! I did provide them with my credit card but it looks like $20 of the $25 goes to the styling fee and now my account says that I have $5.00 credit. Does that make sense/help? 🙂


  16. Kathy

    I only tried it out because I got a $25 credit, and it was SO fun. Right now, if you are new and use my referral link, you’d get a $25 credit (and so would I). (I honestly don’t know if this is for all referrals, but I would assume so.) That would cover the risk of the risk of the $20 styling fee. I get so excited to share when there isn’t the risk of being out that $20.

  17. Jill

    I tried them and I didn’t like what they sent and it was to expensive for me.

  18. Michelle

    Ok Girls I signed up! I have 2 trips coming up (one to meet family in Germany I have never met before) so I’m really hoping for some super cute items! I’m guessing this is going to be way above my usual clothing budget (pretty much non existent) but we will see. As a mom I’m usually the last to get new clothing, so hoping this splurge is worth it. I made very detailed notes and made my first Pinterest board to show exactly what I’m looking for. I’m kinda concerned letting someone else “shop” for me, but I’m hoping they can find items I wouldn’t normally find. Fingers-crossed!!!!!!

  19. Elisa Barton

    I love stitch fix, their quality of clothing is great, it can get pricey but I love the outfits they put together

  20. Amanda

    It took them a few boxes but, they are now hitting the mark. I have learned a lot about myself (style) and tried some things I wouldn’t normally and have loved them. You can also request a specific stylist if you find one that really gets you. I found that keeping my Pintrest board up to date and playing their styling game has really helped produce results with items I like. Here’s my referral if you would like $25 off your first box: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/amandawatts2?som=&sod=w&g=w

  21. gabi

    Curious, has anyone tried Nadine West? I just saw an add for it and am intrigued!

  22. CapricornOne

    Interesting concept. But, I’m real cheap when it comes to buying clothes, and I’m not really a fashion-forward guy, but I have found some really good buys on Hip2Save. Perhaps if my fortunes change, I’ll give it a try–the men’s clothes look good. I like reading about the deals when they appear in my email or when I visit Hip2Save, but this is the first time I’ve seen Mrs Hip’s sexy spin and wiggle fashion show GIF. This was the best thing I’ve seen this week. I can’t get over how gorgeous she looks, and I can’t think of a better way to promote Stitch Fix.

  23. Beth

    I’ve been using Stitch Fix for almost 2 years, and love it! I hate shopping, the overwhelming options and pushy sales people. Plus, I just don’t have the time. Sure, there have been months when I’ve sent everything back, but in my experience their customer service has been great. Twice I received damaged items but loved the rest, and when an exchange wasn’t available they gave me the 25% discount on the remaining 4 items. The prices are more than I would normally spend, so if I’m not taking advantage of the buy 5 discount I limit myself to one or two items I really love. They also have a “Style Pass” they offer to regular subscribers, where you pay $49 up front, it turns into a credit on your account, and you get unlimited Fixes for a full year without the $20 per box “Styling Fee”. So no obligation to keep anything you don’t LOVE. I don’t use it personally, but I understand there are also Facebook groups where people will sell SF items they didn’t really want, but bought to get the discount. I always get compliments when I wear the clothes I get from Stitch Fix. It’s become a bit of a joke around the office – I like your top, it must be from Stitch Fix!

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