Kohl’s No Longer Accepts Promo Codes on Toys, But Promises Competitive Pricing

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kohl's says no toy promo codes, but they promise competitive prices - shown here, Magofrmers Set

Heads up, Kohl’s shoppers!

If you’ve visited Kohl’s lately, you may have noticed they no longer accept promo codes and coupons on toys, so there are no discounts on toys outside of sales. 😳 Many readers have reached out to us to ask if Kohl’s will still be competitive in the toy category, and we wanted to get to the bottom of it for you! 😕 With the holidays just around the corner, this news initially came as a bit of a surprise to us, but it sounds like Kohl’s will still be running promotions on toys throughout the holiday season.

kohl's says no toy discounts, but they promise competitive prices - shown here, toys in a cart

So, while you’re no longer able to use coupons to save on toys at Kohl’s (see the full list of exclusions here), we’re told they’ll offer prices inline with their competition during the holiday season, and when they do we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the latest deals!  And hey – you can still redeem Kohl’s cash and rewards on toys! 🎁

What do you think about this change?

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Comments 116

  1. tracey

    Last time I was in the boys section I was shocked…hardly anything to use the coupon on except kohls’ generic brand (tek gear and jumping beans) and all the name brand clothes were priced really high. Even on the clearance rack it was all Nike and not that cheap and of course, no coupons! I was thinking…what am I missing here?!

  2. ali

    this makes me so sad. I used to buy most of my Christmas presents for the kids with the 30% off. kohls used to use coupons on everything…slowly taking them all away!

    • J

      Yup won’t be shopping there anymore

    • Colette  

      I got NINJA code from Dealhack. By redeeming this promo code, I got Buy 1 Get 1 offer on Christmas Sweater for Kids and adults along with free shipping. Once try this code.

  3. Emily

    I think we all heard that they said that but have our doubts that they will really drop them that much judging by their prices on other non coupon items like Nike and the dramatic difference in their prices to Amazon or targ t at present. it would have to be a huge drop on most of them. but it is good they will let you use Kohl’s cash on toys. at least that’s something. we will see on the prices though.

    • Emily

      oops that was in response to the lady who said no one understood what was written that the prices will decrease

    • Lily

      So far, every single toy I have looked at can be found cheper elsewhere. Their pricing is nowhere near competitive, especially with Christmas sales already starting this week.

    • Elizabeth

      Kohls has decided to eliminate the use of their store coupons on toys with the closing of Toys R Us. Kohls believes that the closing of Toys R Us has decreased the competition, so much so, that they no longer need to offer coupons on toy products to gain a sale. And, if I haven’t mistaken, Kohls said, “they would offer competitive prices,” not lower prices.

  4. Emily

    I should have said hopefully we are all wrong! I love kohls

  5. Emily

    if you order online and it comes broken I’ve always had excellent customer service and they will refund you without affecting your Kohl’s cash or send you a new item. maybe they’ve changed but I’ve always had great experiences with their online customer service

  6. Jen

    I don’t like how their promo codes and regular prices work in the first place. An item one day will be $17.99 with a 20% promo code then the next day, no promo code, and it’ll be on sale for $14.99. Just have regular sales and quit the daily markups and “promos”.

  7. Lauren

    I’ll believe it when I see it! Their customer service is atrocious, so I’ve been very careful about what I buy there lately. If there’s any chance I might have to return it, I look somewhere else. Especially their kids’ clothes which seem to have gone down in quality quite a bit. It’s so much easier to buy the store brand stuff at Target, where I’ve never had a problem returning anything!

  8. Sara

    Agree!! I always used to go to Kohl’s because there were never exclusions on their coupons (like Macy’s). I never go there now, it’s such a hassle!

  9. Nicole

    They are getting pickier and pickier about what you can use the discount on. That’s the whole point of shopping there. Having a “sale” but then gettin the extra discount. I get no coupons on LEGO, but the other toys? Like everyone has said, the toy prices are ridiculous.
    I pretty much just stick to buying kids clothes. So far I haven’t had an issue exchanging anything. But I’m going to be more mindful just in case.
    I almost hate earning Kohl’s cash because 1. it makes me want to go shop and 2. The stress of returning something and if it’ll be worth the refund.
    There are no good places to shop anymore. (I do loooove Target though) I can’t buy clothes online, I have to try on.

  10. Another Michele

    I honestly hope these stores close down. Just another bad business model.

    • amy111

      That’s a little harsh, don’t you think? We’ve all seen the changes in couponing over the years. Things charge in life and it’s us to just adjust to the new. Besides, if you think about it, kids really aren’t playing with toys very much these days anyway (except under 6 or so) because of technology. I think it’s the toy companies that are in trouble as a whole.

      • Elizabeth

        Amy calls it being harsh, I call it being a consumer. There are few things in life we have control over, and shopping at Kohls is one of them. And, maybe, more kids should start playing with toys again! It wouldn’t hurt, would it!

    • adam

      It isn’t like the whole company makes these decisions. It is a few higher-ups. I think the statement would be you “hope higher management changes their thinking, or change jobs.” As much as one may not like a particular business, hoping they close effects a lot more people that you realize.

  11. Kris

    Kohl’s has been my go-to store since my daughter was born almost 5 years ago. However, this is a major blow to my Kohl’s shopping. I have bought most of my toys at Kohls, because with the discounts and great return policy, it often was a better place to shop than Target. In order for me to keep shopping there, their prices are going to have to match Target’s or be better on a daily basis, and I find it hard to believe they could maintain that when everyone KNOWs the Kohl’s “angle” is the additional discounts and always fluctuating prices. It also bothers me because their new motto is “YES, you can” which meant you could apply your discount to anything! Now they are nearly as bad as Herberger’s with coupon exclusions. (And Herberger’s is out of business.) In addition, while they say there is no time limit on returns, I’ve had things that are less than a year old be essentially “unreturnable” even WITH a receipt because they no longer have it in their system and so they literally don’t have a way to return it. I’ll be interested to see how this plays out, but I can’t imagine it will turn out well.

  12. Ellen Yousey

    Done looking at Kohls then for toy shopping. Taking advantage of Toys R Us being gone.

  13. christine seitz

    This is the end of my love affair with Kohls. I did ALL of my Christmas shopping with Kohls previously, and got some great deals. Amazon has consistently good prices, and I bet Kohls will feel it this year.

  14. Laura

    Definitely why I RARELY shop Kohl’s. I find my Target card and Amazon Prime get me way better deals. 🙄 I’m not a Kohl’s card holder (often thought of joining) but I’m just seeing less and less reasons. Just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Michele

    Kohl’s used to get all my business at Christmas shopping for 7 grandchildren.. very disappointed!

  16. Teresa Eiler

    Kohls used to be my favorite store but it is quickly becoming my least favorite with all the exclusions that you can’t use coupons on.

  17. Jenna

    This is awful. I did probably 80% of my Christmas toy shopping during their Veteran’s Day sale last year. They got a bunch of my money and I got some amazing deals… win-win. Hopefully they’ll rethink this decision after taking a look at their plummeting toy sales this holday season.

  18. Karen

    Kohl’s has always been my go-to store..just got something in the mail saying I’ve had my Kohl’s credit card for 7 years. Being able to stack coupons with discounts was almost like”high” for me. I got a thrill of seeing how I could combined codes. (One of the last few locations/stores you could coupon and WIN).

    I can understand why they had to make that business decision.. Probably because of Thrifty Shoppers like ourselves.

    Unfortunately this year I’ll probably have to take my business elsewhere. There normal everyday prices are just too expensive for my wallet. I would rather stick to outlet stores and Amazon.

    Adios Kohl’s.. I will think of you and miss you

  19. Coleen

    Not happy at all. I have always done a large part of my Christmas shopping at Kohls, especially toys for the grandkids. Now I will be shopping elsewhere, their toy prices are NOT competitive and I can always find cheaper elsewhere, now that we can’t use Kohl’s promo codes on toys. Elder Beerman was really bad about coupon exclusions and we all know what happened to them.

  20. SueCee

    I contacted Kohls (via CHAT) regarding this and was told it was due to these items (toys) are sent directly from the toy company’s and they will not allow Kohls to give us percentages off the price. Sorry, not sure I really believe that!!

    I too did most of my Christmas shopping and Birthday shopping for toys for my grandkids, but I will no longer be buying them from Kohls. Their prices are almost 3xs more than other stores (at regular price) and the only time they were comparable was when you could use the coupons off. I also used to buy baby shower gifts from Kohls (strollers, pack n plays, etc…) but they stopped allowing using coupons for them about 3 years ago. I contacted them at that time and was told they would pass my message on to their management group. Obviously.. it really doesn’t matter because they keep excluding more and more of what you can use them on.

    Sorry Kohls…… You may regret this decision after this Christmas season!!

  21. Kim

    I’ve been buying 95% of my Christmas gifts with Kohls with the other 5% is gift cards I buy at the grocery store. The only way that their toy prices are comparable is by giving the discounts. Looked at the Black Friday sale and the toy prices aren’t cheaper than Walmart. I have 3 kids and 2 grandkids that I buy along with another 3 older kids and spend probably over $1300 after discounts. I understand that also meant a lot of discounts, but you were getting the sales. I can’t even use the discounts on the brands that my 3 older children like, such as Nike, Addidas and Under Armour. I guess I won’t be buying as much because I only have so much set aside per person and can’t buy as much for the price. I even buy all birthday presents, baby showers and other gifts here too. Always the first place to go, but I’m not sure if it’s so worth it.

  22. Adriene

    It would be a shorter list us Kohl’s just published a list on what we CAN use coupons o not vs what is excluded.
    I truly hope they change this policy after they see no one is doing Thierry Christmas shopping there.

    • Dawn

      I too am finding the same thing. Finding same items elsewhere for cheaper. Always did my toy shopping with my coupons from kohls.. Guess won’t make use of there store or credit card this holiday season.

  23. Lola T

    I was trying to get a jump on holiday gifts for my 8 grandchildren and noticed EVERYTHING in toys was excluded from promos (I have 30% off and $10 off 25). Decided to google and came upon this so now I know it’s ALL toys. Kohls used to be great for coupons but they have definitely lost my business. In the past I would get REPLICA team jerseys (not even authentic ones) for my grandsons at great prices–then they excluded that!!! Excluded many other brand names from coupons. Kohls orig. prices are ridiculous–will be doing toy shopping at Walmart, Target and Costco.

  24. Diane obrien

    So disappointed that Kohl’s has changed its policy on using coupons and % off.
    Kohl’s was always reliable and you did not have to search for coupons items.
    I left stores because you search for an item only to be told coupons not applied.
    I hope they change it back or they will lose lots of loyal customers

  25. chrisitna kovalevich

    I will no longer buy any toys from Kohl’s …I always used my 30% off coupon to buy Christmas toy for my grandchildren, just seems kind of funny….Kohl’s stop honoring your % off coupon the first Christmas Toys R Us is out of business.

    • Patricia

      Good luck Kohl’s now that you can’t use coupons on toys. I am not shopping target and getting great deals!! I was a huge Kohl’s shopper but not any more. So many exclusions why even bother and there prices are so high. Why would I want to do anprice match I will go to the store that offers the coupons!! Target!! All my shopping last year was at Kohl’s as I have a lot of grandkids! It’s all being done at Target!!

  26. Sher

    I worked at Kohl’s, years ago. I really liked it then… Now, I rarely go. All the exclusions on coupons make it not worth the time and trouble. Kohl’s has never been competitive with prices, until you use your coupons and deals. They should notice their yearly sales going down, especially in the toy department. This is not the year (without toys r us) to make this exception, this is the year to get customers to come to them. Bad move Kohl’s. Guess Target and Walmart will have my toy shopping.

  27. Annon

    Not impressed. Will never shop Kohl’s black Friday AGAIN. We did this year, Every year the check out line takes AN HOUR to get through,( Figure it out Kohl’s if Walmart who has million more shoppers can, then so can you!!) and to find out no toys allowed on coupons. Along with any frangrances, name brands, like what can you even use coupons for now?? And they DID NOT have competitive pricing. I saved nothing and could have gotten ALL my stuff at Target, but thought I could save using my 15% coupon, my 10 off 50, plus I had “anniversary cash” which you can’t use on toys either!!

  28. Ellen Viscel

    Kohl’s always jacked up the prices, but the coupons made it a place to shop. Not this year! They’re already overpriced! I went there for a Conair makeup mirror… no coupons allowed,,, I went to WalMart and got it for 1/2 the price. I would have gotten it at Kohls… ( overpriced) if they hadn’t refused my coupon!

  29. LB

    No discount on toys means there is no reason to go near a Kohl’s store this season. The toys are NOT competitively priced and the selection is too small. The stores are a mess, no one sorts the clothing by size and every time I look another brand is excluded from discounts. The Kohl’s house brands are about as nasty as the old Sears house branded clothes. If Kohl’s keep it up they will disappear just like the Mervyn’s stores did

  30. Patricia

    Good luck Kohl’s now that you can’t use coupons on toys. I am not shopping target and getting great deals!! I was a huge Kohl’s shopper but not any more. So many exclusions why even bother and there prices are so high. Why would I want to do anprice match I will go to the store that offers the coupons!! Target!! All my shopping last year was at Kohl’s as I have a lot of grandkids! It’s all being done at Target!!

  31. Fran Gleeson

    I sent a complaint about the coupons about a month ago. I received a message back they received the compliant and I would hear back shortly . Never did hear from Kohl’s . I too did all my toy shopping for my 5 grandchildren at Kohl’s with coupons. This year I did not buy one Christmas present at Kohls. .

  32. Kathy Gilligan

    I have been a loyal Kohl’s customer for many years & not happy about coupon policy changes. I think they will loose some of my business & others with this policy change. Has always been a favorite part of my shopping eith Kohls . I may have to start shopping online with other companies.

  33. Kathy Gilligan

    I have been a loyal Kohl’s customer for many years & not happy about coupon policy changes. I think they will loose some of my business & others with this policy change. Has always been a favorite part of my shopping with Kohls . I may have to start shopping online with other companies.

  34. G stone

    I have been disenchanted with Kohl’s for sometime now and I have been a loyal customer for years. There was a time when prices were competitive, sales were good and even better when you had a coupon.. I loved it. Now prices are ridiculous, sales are buy one get one half off and your coupon and Kohl’s Cash can never be used together…not to mention the store is a mess. Today I went to purchase a mattress topper..saw the “on sale” signs from afar..my happiness turn to anger as they were all buy one get one half off..I don’t need two! Going to Walmart andseriously thinking about shredding my card! Bring back the old Kohl’s!

  35. Debbie Oliveira

    I used a 25% coupon today, not knowing that children’s books or toys were not discounted. I did not realize this until I got home. I checked Amazon, assuming it would be cheaper and that I would return the book and toy. I was surprised that Amazon was the same price as Kohl’s.

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