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SO HOT! Pay $6.42 for 3 Kitchen Appliances After Rebate AND Get $10 Kohl’s Cash

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These small appliance deals are HOT! 🔥

For a limited time only, head on over to where select Toastmaster Small Kitchen Appliances are on sale for $18.99 each (regularly $29.99).

Here’s where it gets REALLY sweet…

You can submit for a $14 Kohl’s Visa Prepaid Card Mail-in Rebate for EACH qualifying small appliance you purchase by September 30th – making them just $4.99 after rebate! Even better, there is a limit of FIVE rebates per product and per household. These rebates do come – see pic above of Visa cards from a prior Kohl’s rebate offer.

In addition, sign up for Kohl’s Mobile Sale Alerts by texting SAVE24 to 56457 and you’ll score a unique discount code valid for 15% off your online purchase. If you are already receiving Kohl’s text offers, you can try first texting STOP to 56457 and then text SAVE24 to 56457.

Earn Kohl’s Cash, Too!

Through September 30th, get $5 in Kohl’s Cash for every $25 you spend. Your Kohl’s Cash will then be redeemable from October 1st – 8th.

Choose from the following Toastmaster appliances:

Here’s the deal…

Toastmaster Small Kitchen Appliances $18.99 (regularly $29.99)
Use the unique 15% off code (text SAVE24 to 56457)

Choose FREE in-store pickup
Pay $16.14
Submit for $14 Mail-in-Rebate
Final Cost only $2.14!

Do this deal and get back Kohl’s Cash…

Buy three Toastmaster Small Kitchen Appliances $18.99 each (regularly $29.99)
Buy 3 = $56.97
Use the unique 15% off code (text SAVE24 to 56457)

Choose FREE in-store pickup
Pay $48.42
Submit for THREE $14 Mail-in-Rebates
Final Cost only $6.42 for ALL Three items AND get back $10 in Kohl’s Cash!

It’s like you’re making money on this deal after taking into account the Kohl’s cash! 😱

NOTE, if you make a purchase within $2 of the Kohl’s Cash threshold after all applicable discounts and before tax, you will still receive a Kohl’s Cash Reward! Even though it may not show up during the final stages of online checkout, once you complete your order you will see that you have received Kohl’s cash.

AND – you may also be able to score an additional $5 in Kohl’s cash if you choose free in-store pickup! This appears to only work on select accounts. Your $5 Kohl’s Cash will be sent in your pickup confirmation email AFTER you have physically picked your order up from the store and it can be used right away. For more information, go here.

It’s doesn’t stop there, here’s another way I was able to sweeten this already HOT promo even further…

Through September 29th, Walgreens is offering a Free $10 Walgreens Gift Card when you purchase two $25 Hulu, Spa Week, The Children’s Place or Kohl’s Gift Cards. Keep in mind that this offer is valid in-store only and it appears to be regional, so check your weekly ad to see if it’s advertised.

If you shop at any of these stores often (Hello, Kohl’s! 🙌), this deal is a no brainer! I used the $50 worth of Kohl’s gift cards purchased at Walgreens to take advantage of the deal idea above.

How did I make use of the free $10 Walgreens gift card?! I scored FREE candy AND laundry detergent!

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    Shipping is free on any order of $75+ and starts at $8.95 for orders less than $75. OR opt for free in-store or curbside pickup if available at a store near you.

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Comments 73

  1. Holly

    Great deal! It’s up to you if they are worth it but they all have pretty bad reviews☹️

    • Sandy

      Thanks for the heads up. Will pass on this deal. Rather pay a bit more for decent name brand stuff

  2. Emily

    Sweet! Is there a limit?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes! The limit listed is – “LIMIT: 5 per product per household”. Hope that helps!

    • Emily

      I see limit 5 per household!

  3. Sarah-Rene

    Great deal but they have bad reviews.

  4. Jennifer

    I got $5 more for choosing in store pickup woot! My son just bought his first house and needs this stuff. I cannot thank you enough!

    • Emily

      Same with my litter brother! He is gonna get a surprise package from big sis with a hand mixer and mini food processor 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You’re welcome, Jennifer! SO happy you could grab the additional savings! Congratulations to your son on his new home!

  5. Maddie

    Retail-me-not has $15 cash back for a $75+ purchase on Kohl’s! So I got 4 appliances, $15 (Kohl’s Cash) + $15 (Retail-Me-Not) + $56 (4 Rebates) = $86 back after spending $75, plus $2-something for Ebates!! Thank you!!

    • Melissa

      Wouldn’t you have to buy 5 items to hit the 75.00 amount after the 15%code

    • Kaonu

      U can use Ebates n Retail-me-not together on same purchase?

    • Cassandra

      How do you use Ebates & retail me not on the same purchase?

  6. taniyaah

    eddiebauer 10$ rewards code Q989975469150

    • sarah

      Used this. Thank you very much, Taniyaah!

  7. CherryBlossom

    Sorry for the (probably) stupid question, but the rebate Visa cards are only redeemable at Kohl’s, right? So it’s like getting Kohl’s store credit, correct?

    • Elizabeth

      No, they are visa cards so they can be used anywhere visa is accepted.

    • kharrington

      Can be used anywhere. I use them for my groceries or save them and use them to purchase Christmas presents. Less money out of my pocket.

  8. Stacy

    I was hoping these would be Hamilton Beach! Missing that deal we used to have!

  9. Cristine

    I know last time there were some issues with the rebates- can anyone speak to whether the rebates were too much of a hassle?

    • Dayna

      I had no problem with my rebates

    • SquirrelGirl

      I personally advise against the rebates. I did one once through Kohls, took me more than 3 months to get my rebate, and that’s only after hassling them nearly every week. It was a real pain.

  10. dhigc

    Hi, Can I use kohls cash and will still get the rebate? Please help, Thank you.

    • kharrington

      You should be able to.

  11. Dikki

    Here’s 15% off code:
    Use DLLNKJFV8W38V at CheckOut
    One time Use
    Ends 10/14/2018

    • Claudia

      Code was used and not posted.

  12. Dayna

    I had no problem with my rebates

  13. mamasweetpea08

    is it only one rebate per item or can one get multiple of the same item? little crock seems to be the only one with decent reviews.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      These have a limit of 5 per product per household!


        Hi Amber. I had 5 mini crocks shipped to store, but wondering how to submit rebates with the enclosed packing list? They bagged 3 into 1 bag and 2 into another, so I have only 2 packing lists to use for rebates. How did you combine them? Multiple rebates in each envelope?

  14. dary

    Eddie bauer code
    Expires 9/26/2018

    • Sarah

      Someone must have used this code already.

  15. CherryBlossom

    Thank you both for your helpful responses!

  16. Lucy

    I order 5 ( for dips at party)
    Pay 87.35
    -$15 khols cash
    -$5 pick up cash reward
    -$70 rebate
    =free plus $2.65

  17. Tiffany

    5 per item per household means u could get 5 of 5 diff items or 5 total?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That means you can get 5 of 5 different items. Hope that helps!

  18. Jai

    Can i purchase with Kohls cash. Still i get rebate or should i pay full price to get rebate

  19. Preet

    None of the links worked for me.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, are you using a mobile device? Sometimes that can cause issues. If not, be sure to try again in a different browser. Hoping that helps!

  20. Kristina

    For those of you who like to donate during the holidays, here is how to best take advantage of this deal.
    Order 5 of every item= 40 items total, after the 15% discount code total comes to around $685 after tax. You will get back $540 in gift cards and will get $125 in kohls cash. $540 GCs+ $125 in Kohls Cash= $665. Your out of pocket cost is $20 for all 40 appliances.
    PRO: You have lots of small appliances to donate to those in need. CON: You have to front the $685 up front and wait up to 3 months for your gift cards. You also have to spend $125 at Kohls(which I hate cuz everything in the store is overpriced and you never can get your money’s worth). You also have to be prepared to fill out 40 rebates, which can go quickly after the first few. I take advantage of the appliance rebates every year. Keep your eyes out for the large appliance rebate deals. Two years ago over Christmas I bought $4,000 in appliances and they all ended up being completely free after rebate. The women’s shelter up the street from me still talks about that donation!

    • Flgrl017

      I think it’s a great idea but I’d worry about all those rebates coming. Sometimes mine don’t come and it’s no big deal since it’s $5 or $10, but I’d hate to risk over $500 not showing up.

    • Momoftwo

      This is not going to work for there is a 5 item limit. But it was a good idea for charity. But this won’t work on this deal.

      • Kristina

        The limit is “5 rebates oer product per household” which means you can purchase 5 of each item. It does not limit you to 5 total, just 5 per item. This had also been my experience in the past, you will get rebates for up to 5 PER PRODUCT. For those concerned with not getting the rebate, follow the suggestion on the rebate form and make copies of all forms and scan all UPC codes so you are able to resubmit if needed. Hope this helps!

        • Tracy Peper

          “Fill out 40 rebates” – I’ve done these rebates for the last several years and I always submit one rebate form for the entire purchase and have never had a problem getting the rebate.

  21. acgold

    I have bought hundreds of small appliances in the past for charity for a homelessness prevention program that we support. These Toastmaster appliances are not worth the money. They only work for a short time, sometimes even once or twice. The Bella and Proctor Silex deals at Kohls and Macys before Black Friday are much more worth it. Keep copies of everything and follow the rules and you will not have a problem. Just keep tracking them! My sister and I submit the limit each.

    • Taryn S.

      VERY well stated, the quality on these is horrific.

    • Love ❤️ Saving

      Thanks for pointing out the quality on these. I rather spend a little more if it means a better and longer lasting appliance. Not to mention less junk taking up landfill space.

  22. Emily

    If you use your kohls yes 2 you rewards card you get $5 kohls cash for every $100 you spend and right now they are doing 2x the points so if you did this deal spending $100 you’d get another $10 kohls cash at the end of the month

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You are a savvy shopper, Emily!

  23. Joni Pelland

    I did an online order at Kohls last week and got the $5.00 in Kohl’s cash to pick it up! What a great deal. And, I got the appliances about six months ago. The gift cards do come. I got two toasters for $2.12 each! Took one to work.

  24. Leslie Fahmy

    This is soooo tempting. I am a kohls employee and we get 35% off this weekend in addition to everything else. This makes it even more of a money maker. But the reviews are so bad on most of these items. What is the point in getting paid to collect junk to donate.

    To those of you who worry about waiting for a large rebate. It is stressful to wait, but they do come. I have done it before.

  25. Sherry

    Great deal for kids getting their first place and just starting out! Regardless of bad reviews you can’t beat the price even if they don’t last that long! I just my youngest daughter 1 of each!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I agree! Great idea for your daughter, Sherry!

  26. Jen eagar

    I have done this 2 or 3 times. I have always gotten rebate but it can be a hassle! However, I give these as wedding presents and once I sold them at my garage sell for $15 a piece, not these but the nicer bella and Hamilton Beach stuff. I made $200!

  27. Belle L

    Is it okay if we buy now but pick up next week (Oct 2nd onwards) if that’s the only available date range pick up is available at our store? I saw on the rebate form that the receipt needs to be from Sep 26-30 though??

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It looks like that should work as long as your receipt is dated 09/26/18–09/30/18 and you submit your rebate by 10/30. You could always contact customer service for additional details. Hope that helps!

  28. Karen

    Thank you so much for the heads up tthis a.m. I picked up all my orders today & mailing my rebates tomorrow. I needed everything! Such an awesome dealI love hip2save! I tell everyone it’s the best!! Thanks

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re SO very welcome! Thanks a bunch for the sweet comment, Karen! 😉

  29. sarah

    Sorry, I’m a late bloomer here and didn’t want to sift through all the posts.
    I’m wondering about the 15% off code. I don’t ever like to use my phone for receiving such texts…but would like to with this. Once I get the 15% code back I can use it in the store and for my whole purchase? Do I just show them my phone or give them a code at the register?

    • Sarah

      I don’t you have to cut out the UPC symbol off the box? How does that work for gifts.

  30. Linda Mayes

    If I use all 5 rebates do I send in 5 separate rebate forms and if so how do I get past the mandatory original receipt that is to accompany each one?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! I just chatted with customer service. They let me know that all eligible products can be submitted together. You could always give them a call for additional information. 888-976-8104 Hope that helps!

      • Sarah

        What about the upc label? Do you have to cut each one out too?

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          Yes, it appears each barcode label should be included from each product.

          • Sarah

            Thank you!
            I did the whole deal as described. I even used my $10 Walgreens gift card to buy 5 ALL packages and used 5 $1 off coupons for them.
            Does anyone think it odd if you were to get one of these as a gift and the barcode cut out from the box?

            • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

              You’re SO welcome! 😉

  31. Sue


    I order 2 slow cooker and 1 mini chopper. The 2 slow cooker can be pick up tomorrow but the mini chopper won’t be ready for pick up till 10/3 – 10/8. Does that mean I am out of luck for the rebate for the mini chopper???

  32. Tonya

    You can also get $15 cash back from by clicking their cash back link for Kohls.

    • Amy

      Darn. The cash back offer from retailmenot isn’t showing up for me. Is it done?

  33. tina

    the rebates don’t have to be mailed for each item, right? considering they don’t except copies of receipts and if shipped, they only put the packing slip

    • tina

      nvm i see the question above

  34. Sue

    I purchase 3 items for store pick up. When I pick up the item, I didn’t get any receipt. Should I just print out the email that I receive from Kohl for the rebate????

  35. Christine

    So many of you take so much time to help everyone, so 1st of all. THANK YOU!
    I do this every year for the holiday and very rare do I have a problem w my rebates. If I do, sometimes it’s me. lol
    You just have to track them & call if you don’t get them. Kohls is amazing at helping if the rebate didn’t come, macy’s also. Penny’s not so much lately. Not sure why? Ever since the change w the pricing & coupons I have seen a big difference w there customer service & not in a good way over the phone. I have never lost my money on Kohls rebates. Good luck everyone & thanks for all that you all give to us.

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