New Amazon Day Shipping Option for Select Prime Members

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Amazon is rolling out Amazon Day shipping exclusively for select Prime Members! This will allow for scheduled delivery days. This option is currently available by invitation only, but we expect it might be available to all Prime Members as we get closer to the holidays. If you’re part of the test market, you should see the offer on your Amazon home page.

Head here for more information.

This new feature will allow Prime Members to set any day of the week as their “Amazon Day”, including weekends! For example, if you select Saturday as your designated “Amazon Day”, all your Amazon purchases from the week will arrive weekly on Saturdays.

Your “Amazon Day” will become your new default shipping option, but you’ll still have the option to choose from the normal 1-day, 2-day, or no-rush shipping options depending on your needs.

What a great way to reduce waste!

Opting to receive your packages on one specific day every week has some awesome benefits – less waste, less chance of porch-theft, plus it might even lower overall shipping costs by bundling deliveries by day.

Even sweeter, by choosing an “Amazon Day”, you’ll no longer be required to meet the $25 minimum for add-on items. That means you can score all those Add-On deals at those hot low prices without having to add extras to your cart!  Awesome!

What do you think of this new shipping option?
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  1. Casey

    I think this is amazing. I would much rather have everything deliver once a week!

  2. Lexie

    I feel like this is just their way of not having to do 2 day shipping anymore.

    • Mary

      Same. They sure have lots of different ways of getting out of 2-day shipping. Now that it’s the holidays I don’t even get an option of 2 day shipping on Prime stuff. Regular prime shipping is apparently 4 days now 🙄

      • lexie

        I was told the 2 day shipping guarantee doesn’t count until it has left their facility. They also won’t extend prime anymore either.

    • Susan H

      Same. Half the reason I pay for Prime is to get my stuff in 2 days shipping time. Saves me a trip to the store knowing patience brings it to my doorstep in short order.

    • Nancy

      You don’t have to use this option. It is a courtesy.

  3. LeeAnn

    I have this as an option. You have to look under the regular shipping options. It will say Your Amazon Day- New. I haven’t tried it yet.

    • Michelle

      I have this option too!

  4. Sarah Stunkel

    I have constant problems in the last few months with them cramming everything into one box. Yesterday i got a case of Izze along with makeup and a shirt. Not only did the Izze crush the eye shadow and powder, a can got punctured and leaked all over the box. I feel that by selecting a day, it gives them the liberty to throw everything into one box and waste my time by reordering things and risk out of stock issues.

    • Jessica

      I completely agree. I’ve received orders with items crushed & having to take extra time to report it.

  5. Kat

    Amazon is ridiculous with their boxes. I got this huge box and I’m thinking what did I order? Turns out to be a toddler shirt and a pack of Uno cards in a box big enough for me to sit in…

  6. Ashley

    Finally getting add on items without filling my cart with junk!
    Ha. I sure miss the days I could get the add on items with Alexa (the whole reason I got one and they took that away!)

    • Kalynn

      I know!! I was so disappointed when they fixed that little “glitch” and it wouldn’t work anymore! I had no idea that wasn’t a legit perk in the first place!

  7. Susan

    Love this!

  8. Kasey

    Woohoo!! No more packages showing up on husband’s day off!! Hahaha

    • Meg

      😂 lol

  9. Aleshia Jones

    Oh my gosh the ads are getting worse by the day. Today I clicked on this link and it forced me into an ad. There was no avoiding it. Your site is truly over run by ads now.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh no! SO sorry to hear that! We do not want that on our site. If this happens again, please send us an email with any details you are seeing, including screenshots or ad links so that we can get them blocked! Thanks so much!

  10. Scott

    If they consolidate your shipments to one day, they save a TON of money on shipping costs. That’s the reason they are doing this. Prime members aren’t getting any real benefit or savings that I can tell. Makes me wonder if there is new management at the top who is tasked with cutting costs.

    • Jessica


  11. Jenny

    Love this option! Its better to open everything in one day rather than bring boxes in everyday, this is a great option for people who live in crappy neighborhood where packages got stolen and have to keep track of when the packages were delivered! Besides that, I feel not that many people actually need to get most of the stuffs right away anyway, so why not try to save the company money so they can give us better deals or keeping prime membership affordable rather than spending money on shipping cost!!!

  12. Whitney Lett

    Dumb because I like getting $1 credits for delay shipping. So unless they give me a credit I think this is all benefits for them.

    • Karen

      I SO agree. Given that there have been $5 off a book offer recently, I’m good with that too.

  13. Alese

    I guess I’m part of the text group because I have the option now. I hate it. I haven’t been able to choose 2 day shipping with it on all of my orders – it has only given me the option of having items delivered in my prime day. Stinks when my prime day was set to several days after when 2day shipping would be delivered

  14. Ivan

    I don’t see any benefit to this unless they offer you some type of credit to participate. It saves them a lot of money on shipping though. And fat chance they lower their prices…lol.

  15. Chris

    How is everyone’s package being delivered? As of November 1, amazon has been delivering my packages and it’s been nothing but issues. One package was randomly left in the yard. Then other was delayed do to weather yesterday. I live in Florida and it didn’t even rain then the same package was return because of an access code to my building. Yet I live in a rural farm area in a house that doesn’t require an access code to enter the driveway or building. When I talked to an amazon rep, she pulled up an image of my house and could see no issue with needing an access code.

    • lexie

      I’ve had that happen when they knew it was going to be late. It makes it look like it was my fault and not theirs. One time it said business was closed and couldn’t be delivered… My house on a Saturday afternoon in a neighborhood…

    • Mary

      The people who deliver the packages can be questionable. The last time I saw someone delivering a package to my house, I was arriving home and had to wait in the street because this Einstein had parked on the street blocking my driveway. After seeing me waiting, waving to me, he proceeded to dig around in his trunk for a full 3 minutes before walzing up the driveway *dropping* my package in front of the closed garage door, …here’s the kicker…, and then throwing his empty Wendy’s bag from lunch in my trash can. Whatever that guy was on, it must’ve been good.

      • Mzsarah10

        i have had this issue before too. it was an actual amazon person so i reported them to the actual warehouse in my area. i also told them that i don’t think they should be parking in my driveway the other day.

  16. Jessie

    This is so amazing! I always order everything one item at a time to stack up the no rush credits, so this will help because no matter how many single items I order they will all arrive on a Saturday when I am off work! No more stolen pacakges yay! This is great.

    • lexie

      You don’t get the no rush credits though I don’t think.

  17. Stef

    I think they are rolling this out right now because people will start ordering more for the holidays. Its unfortunate but there are a lot of package thefts starting now until the end of the year. I would be grateful to have everything delivered on my day off instead of having to worry whether my package will be there when i get off work.

  18. Rebecca

    I think for people who work throughout the week and worry about package theft, this could be helpful, if the weekends were an option. I did see this under my shipping methods but have no need for it. The no threshold for add-on items would be nice but, my concern would be getting my items that I ordered days after they sell out?

  19. KR

    I think this is great.
    1..No more packages being sign stolen.
    2. Imagine the amount is gas v that can be saved with less trips. Yay for less pollution and better environment.
    So what if they are saving money, is that so bad?

  20. Robert

    So many items now do not show 2 day delivery even though it shows prime shipping. Every time it happens I order elsewhere. Keep it up Amazon and I’ll be ordering everything elsewhere and I order a LOT from you, but its going down recently. I’m not paying you for prime shipping and you changing the rules and also going up. I know you have to please the corrupt wall street quarterly earnings mess, but that isn’t my problem. Also your video and other prime offerings isn’t worth very much really. But you did that not me.

    I really love it when corps do something just to save money and worse for people, but say how great it is with fake people saying how great it also. I know Amazon thinks they are to big to fail but so was many other companies in the past.

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