Did YOU Score a HOT Kohl’s Deal?! Please Share!

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Don’t miss these HOT Savings at Kohl’s!

Through tonight, November 12th only, Kohl’s is offering $10 off your $25 purchase when you use the code VETERANS at checkout. Or if shopping in-store, print your $10 off $25 purchase coupon here.

Plus, you can stack these codes to save even more…

In addition, through November 15th, get $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend! Your Kohl’s Cash will then be redeemable from November 16th – November 21st.

Because there are literally an endless amount of Kohl’s deals you can grab, we want to hear about YOUR favorite deals! Please share with us in the comments!

We’ve found lots of HOT buys by stacking codes. Some are better than Black Friday prices! Here are a few of our favs…

P.S. You can catch Collin live on Facebook dishing about some of her favorite Kohl’s deals!

(Thanks, Michele!)

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  1. Julie

    I can’t get the codes to work at all. I am trying to order sports t-shirts. Is there a restriction on anything with a sports team on it? Please help.

    • D

      Fan/ sport team merchandise is excluded

  2. Julie

    Thank you! I was going crazy trying to figure it out!

  3. Ginapooh

    I got the Crockpot Express Pot XL Pressure Cooker yesterday (Sun) for $52 after discounts. Tonight (Mon) I placed 3 orders, after discounts = #1: 2 St. Nicholas Square throws & a time teacher watch for $22; #2: 3 St. Nicholas Square throws & 1 Hallmark Ornament for $12; #3: Crane Cool Mist Elephant Humidifier for $22 (it was regular $75!).

  4. Jenn

    How do you get kohl’s cash if you made separate orders online? Do I email them? I don’t really want to go in the store. Has anyone gotten their kohl’s cash by emailing them?

    • DawnPuhalsky

      Yeah, they email them when the order is shipped…or confirmed, one of those. But they come to your in box

    • Shelah

      I have the same question, Jenn. I’m going to call and see if they can combine and issue it by email. I’m also wondering if bringing the online receipt printouts to customer service would work the same as when they combine in-store receipts? I guess the worst they can say is no, so maybe I’ll try that if calling has too long of a wait time.

      • Camille Brown

        I brought my email receipts to the store and they were combined with my in store receipts. I have done this several times over time. You must go during the time period for earning Kohl’s cash.

  5. Dealzgurl

    I got the Ninja food I for $93 with all the discounts and gift cards I had. It was regularly $279 and marked down to $249.

  6. DawnPuhalsky

    Well, to make a long story short. I got $674 (original price) Apt 9., Mark Anthony, and Haggar shirts, along with 2 pair of Haggar Cool 18 Pro pants, and a nice leather belt for $126 total after codes and a few clearance prices. I decided to break the purchases into $25 batches to make use of the $10 of $25 code rather than take the Kohl’s cash at a later date. I ended up with & transaction at a savings of $70 alone with the veterans code. Pretty stoked since I’m starting a new job and was in dyer need of some new clothes. Literaly, some of the Apt. 9 Premier Flex Collar shirts ($45 original, $21.99 sale) were $6 after all was said and done. Its hard to get a cotton T-shirt at Walmart for that price. It was a good day!!! Thanks for your hard work Hip2Save. It is sooo appreciated.

    • DawnPuhalsky

      This is Dawn’s husband actually…Brian. Thought it might sound odd f Dawn was wearing men’s clothing lines. lol

      • Stacy

        Lol, Brian! Sounds like you did really well!

  7. Elaine

    I just counted up my orders. 11 total! How am I going to explain this to my husband?!? 😆

    • Tina

      I’m with you on that!! 😳

    • marie


  8. Sarah C

    Fantastic Kohl’s deals! I got 4 Carter’s pj sets for $17, which breaks down to $4 per pajama. I noticed today Walmart was advertising similar sets for $10 each.

  9. Laura

    I love reading all the deals. I don’t have a Kolhs card and there isn’t one close to me. Seems awesome that you get free shipping if you have their store card.

    • Ginapooh

      The closest one to me is an hour away but I got tired of always seeing all the good deals everyone was getting so I finally got a Kohl’s card. I’m telling you with all the special sales (especially around the holidays), Kohl’s cash you earn, & being able to stack all the discounts (up to 4 at a time) & being able to use those discount codes MULTIPLE times…it’s definitely been worth it. Even if you don’t have one nearby you may want to think about getting a card to take advantage of all the money saving deals. 😉

    • Workaholic

      I got my card online.. You can do it too. If doesn’t matter if you have one close by altho it can be inconvenient for returns.

  10. Mamarenie

    I did! However, I received many emails last night that most of my orders were being canceled bc they were sold out.
    I have no clue how there were sold out bc I order items as soon as you list.

    • Mamarenie

      They, not there.
      My phone corrects me. 🙄

    • Ginapooh

      My orders still say in fulfillment but I went back and pulled up the items I ordered and they all still show in stock so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I know yesterday a lot of people were saying that they received cancellations & when they called customer service it was because their card had been suspended for possible fraudulent activity due to multiple orders placed. But after they called customer service was able to send their orders back through.

  11. Chris

    I didn’t spend a cent! Great savings! Kohls manipulates their pries, percentages, etc. I can’t imagine going through what some of you have described in order to “get a deal”.

    • Michele

      I couldn’t find anything worth it either.

    • Workaholic

      Not sure what you mean.. 5 yankee candles for $27. 3 pants, 1 bra, and one hoodie for $12. Gibson dinnerware Set $25 regularly $60 EVERYWHERE else! I know I saved alot of money and didn’t have to jump thru hoops either. Just put the promo codes in.

  12. Kay

    I spent about $100 and got at least 15 pieces of toddler clothing, a thick warm hoodie for me, shorts for my husband, cute pajama set for my mother, a candle, a hand mixer, and yankee candle vent clips (lol) .. I think that’s it! I forgot to get a wearable blanket for my toddler, I could have gotten a halo sleep sack for about $10, but oh well! I really wanted to get a Cuddl Duds blanket but i have enough blankets. Thanks Collin and the team, I’m so excited to visit this site during the holiday season. I’ve been reading this site since I was 23, so about 6 years now!

  13. Lindsay

    I got the Ninja coffee bar! My husband and I have been wanting a coffee system like this, but I told him no way we could swing it this Christmas due to some unexpected expenses. I’m going to surprise him with it! I also love that it doesn’t use pods.

  14. Nichole

    Oh my gosh. I’m so upset. I have like $60 in Kohl’s cash and I did t use it yesterday. Are there any other deals today?

  15. Bunny

    I went into the store and got a five pack of pretty kitchen towels for free (retail $24.99 marked down to $4.99) with my Kohl’s $5 coupon. Woot!

  16. Ashley

    A pair of sketchers light up shoes and a pair of croc sandals for my daughter for $14 shipped. Great Christmas present as my kindergartener is hard on shoes!

  17. Ashley

    3 insulated travel mugs for teacher gifts for $12 shipped

  18. Jenna

    I got the right length curtains we have been looking for, for 3 months! We have a 100 inch long window in our bedroom, and barely any stores carry that.
    I got the pair of curtains, baseball cleats, and 3 big towels (needed to get my total over $50!) for $54 shipped. Plus $10 Kohl’s cash. The curtains alone were on clearance for $67!

  19. Dee

    I did a bunch of orders last night – one says complete the rest say in fulfillment so hopefully it will all ship. i’m going to have a lot of boxes to break down next week 🙂
    I spent just under $250 and got…
    a throw blanket, 2 pair of men’s jeans, 2 men’s button downs, a jar candle, a loaf pan, 2 9” pie pans, a cast iron skillet, 3 kitchen towels, a cake decorating set (11 yr old xmas gift), a snow suit set – jacket and pants (for 6 year old), plaid christmas pjs for family of 6, leggings for 11 yo, tshirt for 11 yo, mittens, 2 fleece hats (the kind that cover your head and face and 10 of the yankee candle car fresheners (which i plan to wrap up in cute wrapping and use as add on xmas gifts for teachers (4 kids so lots of teachers)

  20. Marissa

    I have a question, I got a great deal on the Black & Deck toaster and air fryer that is normally $99 for $49 with all the discounts, which is cheaper than what it will be on Black Friday. I added on a votive candle to bring it to $50 to get the $10 Kohls Cash. I got an email with my Kohls Cash last night. Now this morning I received an alert that Kohls is unable to fill the order for the votive candle. This now brings my order back to under $50. Do they cancel out my Kohls Cash that they already sent me?

    • Stephanie

      I may be wrong but I don’t believe they do. This has happened to me before where they cancel something in my order and my Kohls cash still worked.

      • Sam

        Last year during black friday some items from my order were cancelled and total came around $35 but I was able to use kohls cash $15 that I earned with that order

      • Marissa

        Thank You!

    • Brenda

      You will get the Kohl’s cash if your order is within 2.00 of 50.00, so 48.00 will get you the 10.00 Kohl’s cash

      • Marissa


  21. Suzanne H

    I placed many, many orders! I always use this sale to get new socks, underwear, shoes, etc. for my family. I also buy for charity and this year my goddaughter and her husband are adopting 2 little ones so I got to buy for them too! My best deals were probably the Soda Stream I bought my husband for Xmas – was on sale for $149, paid $90 after all of the coupons. Also, my eldest moved out this year and he loves giraffes. I bought him a funky, large canvas painting of a giraffe. Kohl’s art tends to be overpriced but I price checked and Kohl’s was definitely the best deal. Regular price was listed as $139.99, on sale for $69.99, paid $35 after I used all 4 codes. He’s really difficult to shop for now so this is a great find for me! I know some people think this is a lot of work for deals but I enjoy the hunt. Also, if you write down the item #s ahead of time and put together your items in $25ish groups, it really makes it so much easier. The coupons are loaded into your wallet so you just have to click on them. I have my spreadsheet with my item #’s and groups, log into Ebates, click Kohls, type in my item #’s, apply the coupons and checkout (with my saved Kohl’s card #). It goes super quick and the $ saved is so worth it. Hands down my favorite sale of the year!

  22. Schuwoman

    I made 13 orders… can you combine the orders to receive Kohl’s cash? Can this only be done in-store?

    • Heather T.

      The last time I tried to combine orders to receive KC, I was told in store that one 2 orders could be combined. Just thought I’d share what I was told.

      • Schuwoman

        Thanks Heather. That is what I was told also. Bummer they changed it.

  23. Heather T.

    The last time I tried to combine orders to receive KC, I was told in store that one 2 orders could be combined. Just thought I’d share what I was told.

  24. Darcy

    So, I know this is lengthy, but the challenge was fun! I first went to Walgreens and bought two $25 Kohl’s gift cards twice, and got two $10 Walgeens gift cards to be used later for stocking stuffers, etc. Then I went onto ebates for 3% back, and then ordered the Instant Pot that was on sale for $109.99. I used the 10/50, 10/25, the 30% and Free shipping codes. The total came to under $68 with tax and I received $10 in Kohl’s cash as well! I am thankful to H2S for all of the deals you put together, as this was an affordable gift for Christmas!!!

  25. Jess

    I got clothes for the nieces, a new umbrella, socks n underwear for my family, throw pillows for my new couch, pyrex, sealing rings for my IP, new sheets, and only large thing was a ninja blender and extra smoothie cups for it. We all make smoothies and our blender is from the 70’s and our smoothie maker was a $20 walmart one so we needed a better one badly! Sheets were the best deal om clearence at my local store plus the 3 codes they were about 20 for king size sheets!

  26. Karen M

    2 Fiesta Place Settings for a total of $29.74 shipped!!! Amazing deal!!! As always, thank you Collin and team!!!

  27. Emily

    I was able to get a Serta memory foam mattress topper (2.5 inch) for my queen sized bed for only about $50!

  28. Julie A

    I went to the store and took my DH along — we shopped men’s clearance and found two pairs of cargo shorts and two polo shirts, then went and grabbed two of the $3.99 pillows. He’s been complaining that he needed new pillows, so perfect! I used the $10 off $25 and the 30%, and I also had a random $5 off coupon that they just sent in the mail. Grand total was $10.xx! Goodwill store is right across the street, and their clothes are not that cheap there!

    Gotta love Kohls!

  29. TeddyD

    My best deal was 2 Lego sets and a Fancy Nancy Boa All FREE because I had Kohls cash! Last night I purchased a Waterpic paying $25! I also picked up a pair of cuddle dud gloves for a Great price. Last week i got 2 cuddle dud blankets for $15 each and an electric blanket for $28.

    While you can’t beat FREE Legos, my favorite deal of the weekend was actually from Target! The Hearth and Hand kitchen and fridge retailed for $210 After the sale, the military coupon code, free gift cards, and a Free credit on a credit card (I got the credit for signing up for the card!!!) I paid around $50!!!!

  30. Kelsey

    This is a bit off topic, but has anyone needed to reach out to Kohl’s corporate and have the number? I bought a $50 gift card a few years ago, which I just found. The gift card says it never expires. I tried to use it online and through a customer representative but it’s giving the error message that they do not have record of the gift card. I called customer service and they aren’t able to help me replace the gift card, even though my gift card somehow disappeared from their system. Thankfully, before the gift card stopped working, I went to Kohl’s store and got a printed receipt of the balance on my gift card, otherwise there would be no evidence of the card having a balance. Has anyone had something similar happen? I’m really fed up at this point, Kohl’s customer service is HORRIBLE and I want to get this problem resolved! Sorry for the rant, I was a huge Kohl’s shopper before this whole incident.

    • Elaine

      I’ll bet if you post this question on their public Facebook page, which is being monitored, you’ll get a favorable resolution. They won’t want the bad press!

      • Kelsey

        Yes, I’ve noticed that it usually gets their attention when you post about it. It also helps keeps them accountable. Unfortunately, I don’t have social media accounts. I’ll try their corporate number and hope for a quick resolution. I used to have blind faith in Kohl’s customer service but all faith is lost after the reps I spoke with.

  31. Karen

    I bought a Shark Rocket Ultra-Light TruePet Deluxe Vacuum! Saved $174!! Can’t wait to use it

  32. Abby

    I got some earrings and a pair of shoes for my husband but didn’t buy as much as normal since they excluded toys now 🙁

  33. Joan

    I ended up with 4 orders. Every time I thought I was done, you’d post another deal scenerio. I saved a ton, made money on 2 items and have $50 in Kohl’s cash to spend. I also got cash back from Ebates. Still have to submit 3 rebates. All said, a very successful shopping day at Kohl’s! Thanks H2S:-)

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That sounds awesome! Congrats on your scores!

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