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3-Month Spotify Premium Subscription + Google Home Mini ONLY 99¢ (New Customers Only)

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Through December 31st, new and existing Spotify Premium for Family Members can score a FREE Google Home Mini ($49 value!) as part of your subscription.

Even better, if you are a new subscriber, you can sign up for a 3-Month Spotify Premium Subscription for just 99¢ AND score the Free Google Home Mini! Note that this is a subscription and it can be cancelled at any time.

Here’s how to score this deal…
  • Head here and sign up for a 3-Month Spotify Premium Subscription
  • THEN, head here and upgrade your plan to the Spotify Premium Family Plan*
  • Head here and register for your Google Home Device
  • Check your inbox for the email containing the link to claim your FREE Google Home Mini

*Note that when upgrading, you will see a note that your monthly subscription is increasing to $14.99 per month instead of the $9.99 Premium Plan charge. You will not get charged the $14.99 until your 3-month trial membership has completed. 

Not familiar with Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium allows users to score access to the songs, artists and playlists you love. The family account allows up to six users to also enjoy the subscription!

Thank you for subscribing!
You are on your way to sweet savings!

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Comments 80

  1. Sierraseptemeber

    Does anyone know how this would work if you are on a student spotify plan?

  2. Cindy

    So, when I go to upgrade to Family it wants to charge me $14.99? I’m confused at how you get it for 99 cents?

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there, Cindy! Note that this offer is for new subscribers only so if you already had a subscription, you would not be eligible for the 99¢ offer. Hope that helps!

      • Meranda

        I don’t have Spotify and signed up for the $0.99 three month offer and it’s doing the same thing to me when I try and upgrade it to the family plan.

        • lenin1991

          I know it looks like that, but I did it myself, it converts the 3-month Individual trial to a 2-month Family trial. It won’t charge the 14.99 until the 2 months is up.

      • R Grispo

        Does it automatically send the mini when you subscribe?

    • Em

      It will not charge the $14.99 you just have to trust me I did this deal and I only got charged $1.06 with tax from Spotify. Follow the instructions, click yes for family plan and then keep going till you click link for google home mini.

      • Cindy

        Thank you, got it! There was only coral left by the time I got it ordered!😃

    • kenphilr

      It does charge $14.99, that’s what I was charged, contacted Spotify, with no help.

  3. Britt

    It’s trying to charge me $15 for the family one. What am I doing wrong

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi, Britt! It will not charge you $15 for the family plan until your renewal date occurs (after the 3 month trial). We have tested this deal and can assure you that you will have no extra charges after the initial 99¢ plus tax.

  4. Britt

    It’s trying to charge me 15 for the family. What am I doing wrong

    • sam

      It will not charge you the $15. I did this yesterday without an issue. It will only charge you once the trial period is over. Just make sure you cancel it.

  5. Britt

    Am I supposed to pay 15 for the family one? What am I doing wrong?

  6. sam

    It will not charge you the $15. I did this yesterday with no problem. It will only charge you after the trial is over. Just make sure to cancel it.

    • nancy

      Did you have to pay shipping for the google home?

      • Figmaup

        shipping charges may apply. Offer ends 12/31/18, devices must be redeemed by 1/15/19

        • Figmaup

          I just did it and it didn’t cost anything for shipping. $0 after discount applied. Only color left is coral for the Google home mini right now though (white and black appear to be out of stock)

  7. Ashley

    This promo isn’t working is still saying you have to pay the $14 even when making a new account.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi, Ashley! It will not charge you $15 for the family plan until your renewal date occurs (after the 3 month trial). We have tested this deal and can assure you that you will have no extra charges after the initial 99¢ plus tax.

      • CeeLee

        This isn’t quite accurate. The $0.99 offer gives you $30 in Spotify credit. Because you upgrade to a $15 plan, you have 2 months of Spotify Family available for your $0.99 credit. You’ll have to cancel before 2 months if you don’t want to pay $15 a month.

  8. Tay

    Its just telling you that your subscription is going from 10$ to 15$ if u did it corectly and continue it still shouldnt actually charge you on confirmation.(confused me too) There’s only coral left so will sell out soon.

  9. sara

    Does it cost more to upgrade to family? I would be a new user so, 99 cents for 3 months, if i chose to upgrade to family is there an additional cost?

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi, Sara! The monthly charge for the family plan is $14.99 as opposed to $9.99/mo for Premium Plan. Upgrading to the family plan during your trial does not add any extra charge. You will not see the $14.99 fee until your 3 month trial is up. You can cancel anytime.

  10. Kim

    I was able to get the 99 cents trial for 3 months, but when you go to upgrade to family it says $14.99 will be charged. Please Help

    • Colleen

      It doesn’t actually charge you until 1/18/19. It looks like it will but it won’t.

    • Britt

      I just did it. Doesn’t charge til after free trial

  11. pokz

    People tend to stop understanding the rest of the sentence after they read the word FREE.

  12. harlooey

    so here this may help: after i changed it to family premium it said i wouldn’t be charged 14.96 till January, and can cancel anytime, Im thinking right now they only charge the .99 cents,,, no ship charge when i checked out with the google home mini in google only coral is left said black color sold out .. So I think this would make a good Angel Tree gift

  13. Dice

    Thanks! I subscribed for $1.07 and got the google mini in coral only color available for free! Wish the other colors were still available. Still great deal!

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome, Dice! Glad you were able to score one!

  14. Mom of Boys

    Got mine and shared the deal to a friend. He was already a Spotify member so it only cost him $10 to do the deal. It will say you’re being charged the $14.99 for family, but it only charges you the $1 for the trial.

  15. Carla

    I just contacted Spotify did the steps in order and it charged me $16.21 and offered google mini. They said because I chose the premium family option with the google mini it’s not the $.99. So just be aware…. Maybe they changed this.

  16. Nat

    Thanks!! Got one in Coral for $1.07!

  17. Kelly

    WOW!!! Thank you…you have made this family very happy 🙂

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Kelly!

  18. Regina

    Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  19. Susie

    I got a coral one for $ .99 + tax. Thank you! Does anyone know if you can cancel the subscription early and still be able to use it until the time runs out? I thought it would be nice to go ahead and cancel it so I don’t have to remember to in 3 months 😊

    • NW

      I am curious to know this as well. I woukd like to cancel asap but i think i will wait until i actually receive the item.

  20. Michelle

    Worked perfect! Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re welcome, Michelle!

  21. Regina

    It worked, followed all the steps, got the .99 trial then upgraded to family and then immidiately got the coral google mini! I was only charged .99, no shipping, nothing else! So now we have a family account for .99, and in my billing it says “Your plan will automatically renew on 1/18/19 and you’ll be charged $14.99 + tax”. So, just trust the steps, click on each link above that says here, then here, then here and I PROMISE you it works.

    • Raquel

      Is your family actually able to use the family function? I followed all the steps and my account says it is a family account and lists all my family members but we cannot listen to different things on different devices! Wondering if the “family” part doesn’t kick in until the trial is over

      • Regina

        That I am not sure about because we have not actually set it up yet, so I have not linked any other family members I only did the upgrade for the mini.

  22. Mel

    Got it, but too bad there’s no other color option. Better than nothing.

  23. Mios3

    It’s showing me 3 months for $9.99

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, are you a New Subscriber? That offer is for New subscribers. Hope that helps!

  24. Lramirez08

    Got one for $1.06, Thank you!!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  25. LCap510

    Awesome deal!! Everyone in the family is doing it! (4 separate households) Thank you so much for the breakdown in the steps!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome!

  26. Paula Gribbin

    Help! I did everything and clicked the link in my email but my mini is still showing $49. What am I missing?

    • Ana

      The discount is applied at checkout

  27. Alyssa

    got to the step to get the mini and getting the error:
    500. That’s an error.

    There was an error. Please try again later. That’s all we know.

    Hoping its not sold out!

    • alyssa

      nvm!!! it just came up! yay!!!

  28. Gigi

    Thanks so much. Got one.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome!

  29. jenn

    I’m curious, if before 3 months I will cancel, will they charge me the google mini? if most people will cancel, that means spotify is just really almost giving away the google mini for free or at least a buck? No catch?!

  30. Chloe

    Still working as of 1:50 AM EST. Thanks so so much!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re so welcome, Chloe!

  31. Chloe

    Still working as of 1:50 AM EST. Thanks so so much Hip2Save!


    It says they are all out of stock : ( Wonder if they will get more


      After i typed that i tried again and charcoal was available! Got one : )

      • CeeLee

        They came back into stock a little while after this was posted. Official word is that they’ll continue to be restocked until the end of the promotional period (mid Jan I believe), but not too consistently, so you might find one color one day, one color another day, entirely out of stock another day.

  33. CeeLee

    Hip2Save- please point out that the $14.99 will be charged after 2 months, not after 3! If you do this offer and check your account, you’ll see that you’ll be charged $14.99 at 60 days. The promo code is “worth” $30, so 2 months of $15 family, or 3 months of regular plan.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for your feedback!! So odd, as we are still finding the offer to be valid for 3 full months when reading through the details.

      • CeeLee

        If you did this offer, log in to Spotify’s website and look at the date when it’ll charge you for next payment. I subscribed today, and my next payment is due 1/19- 2 months. I just don’t want to see all your subscribers mad when they owe $15 a month earlier than they expected!

  34. Jenn

    Thanks for the deal H2S!
    Coral is now sold out, but black and chalk are restocked.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  35. Mae

    What email i will get the free google mini code?it’s says $49 on mine.. i don’t see the email for the code

  36. Figmaup

    I ordered the google mini on 11/18 but to the best of my knowledge didn’t get a confirmation email and the mini hasn’t arrived yet. I’m not sure how to confirm it is even on the way. Did anyone receive an email with the details of the google mini order?

    • CeeLee

      You should have gotten a confirmation email as well as a shipping email. I got both the day I ordered mine. You did order through the link in the email sent by Spotify, right?

      • Figmaup

        I did do it through the link but no confirmation. I will go back and investigate.

  37. Couponer

    I want to change the color of my google home mini from coral to charcoal, would I have luck in doing so? My order has not shipped yet….

  38. Ange

    My bank account got charged the $.99 AND $14.99. I’m a new customer. What did I do wrong?

  39. CeeLee

    Mine arrived 2 days ago! Anyone else receive their Home Mini yet?

  40. Joe

    I was charged 52.06 at the google store for the mini, so i cancelled. No problem getting the spotify deals though

  41. Amy

    I didn’t do this right away hoping that I could do it now and still get the Home Mini. I got in on the .99 but the link for the Mini just takes me to a page that says the deal isn’t available. Am I too late? Or is there another way to access the deal?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh darn! You’re right. It appears this offer has ended. 🙁

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