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Starts SOON! Kohl’s Black Friday Deals Live Online at 12:01AM CT on November 19th

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Get Ready to do some Black Friday Deal Shopping Tonight!

Starting at 12:01AM CT on November 19th (that’s 11:01PM MST tonight!), hurry on over to where they will have select Black Friday deals LIVE online!

Kohl’s will be offering up TONS of hot buys on apparel, kitchen appliances, shoes, jewelry and more! Check out
15 of our Favorite Kohl’s Black Friday 2018 Deals HERE!

Even better, from November 19th through November 23rd, save 15% off your entire purchase with code CHEERFUL at checkout.

PLUS, from November 19th and running through November 23rd, you’ll earn a whopping $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend. You can then redeem your Kohl’s Cash November 24th through December 5th.

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Comments 118

  1. Laura

    This will have PS4 for $199 with $60 Kohl’s cash back

    • Kathleen Houston

      That’s what I am hoping for!

    • Linda

      I was really hoping for that but didnt see it in their BF ad or on the hip2save BF deal sheet. Fingers crossed still.

      • L

        PS4 is on my Kohl’s Black Friday ad!!!

    • Aimee

      Did you see that anywhere advertised? I only saw the XBox in the ad and need a PS4–ended up ordering the Spider-Man bundle on Amazon today for $199. If you’re looking for an extra controller, they’re $38.99 on Amazon today—$1 less than advertised BF deals.

      It just says “Black Friday Deals” starting tonight but all of the good stuff, including the XBox and extra controllers, are listed as Doorbusters. It specifically says that Doorbusters won’t be available until Thursday, so, we shall see.

    • Trisha

      The ad I received in the mail had a PS4 for 199 but said it would be available online Thursday at 12 Central. We shall see 🙂

    • Jess

      Careful all that your getting the right PS4 cause there is a PS4 and a PS4 PRO the Pro has better graphics and works on 4K where the PS4 has been out for like 5 years just in case that’s a factor for you

  2. Queenjen87

    Will the rebates work for the toaster over ect? :/ they say they start the 19th, but it’s still the 18th

    • Cbeths

      After midnight it will be the 19th.

  3. Jessie

    From my experience the past few years, if you shop tonight between midnight and 3am the 20% off coupon and $10 off $50 home coupon still work with the new sales and rebates! Score!

    • Christine

      Ooo I hope so!!! Where do I get those codes?

      • Christine

        NovHome10 and novfamily

      • Jessie

        I think it works because they have to allow the coupon codes to work for the west coast (until 3am EST) where it’s still the 18th, but the sale prices have to start at midnight EST for the east coast. I’m on the east coast. Don’t know how it works for the other time zones. I hope that makes sense!

        • sasha

          1 am EST is the cut off I thought

        • Indhu

          I am planning to buy an instant pot , got excited seeing this but it will not work for me at CA 🙁

          • meena

            same here why not in CA, I am from CA too same thing to buy

        • Briana

          I think Kohl’s everything is based on Central time.

          • Jess

            I’m on West coast and constantly my coupons are shut out after 9 or 10. Like my app won’t check out at 9 and my coupons disappear at 10. I hate it!

          • Amelia E Maples

            Kohl’s is CST, however the sales usually last past 12:01 am for me (I am also CST).

        • NicoleD

          I am so excited right now. Woke up at 2 a.m. to feed my baby, saw this comment and decided to give it a shot on the Ninja Coffeebar that is advertised for $99, regularly $200. The coupons worked! Paid $65, getting $20 Kohl’s Cash!!! (I’m in the midwest). Have been looking at this for months. One benefit to middle of the night wake-ups I guess. 🙂

    • Armon

      Really ?

  4. Denise

    Is kohl’s the best place to purchase apple AirPods?

    • RMM

      I don’t know how much Kohl’s has them for, but I just bought some at Best Buy and price matched Walmart’s price. I went to Walmart first, but they were out.

    • Laurie

      I have been trying to buy them every time they have the kohls cash. They are in stock the night before and once they have the kohls cash offer they aren’t in stock 🙁 Seems like they pull it – frustrating

      • Katie

        I’m not sure what Kohl’s offer is off the top of my head but Costco has had them in stock for 139.

  5. MeG

    If I redeem kohl’s cash for the Xbox will I still receive kohl’s cash for the purchase???

    • Crystal

      Kohl’s cash you are using comes off first. Then coupons are applied to the balance remaining. Once coupons are deducted, and before taxes, you can earn Kohl’s cash on that amount. Hope that helps you!

      • MeG

        Thank you. 🙂

      • JenB

        The flyer says it’s not eligible for coupons but you can redeem kohl’s cash and yes 2 you rewards

  6. Lina

    Hello RMM
    Would you please tell me how much you paid for apple AirPod at Best Buy? Thanks

    • RMM had them on sale last week for $144.98, so that’s what I price matched from Best Buy. I just brought it up on my phone and showed it to them. It was a bday gift for hubby, so I couldn’t wait for Black Friday deals. Hope that helps!

      • Neha

        I believe they were on sale for 130 at costco and some other place last week.

  7. HEather Haney

    Will this include electronics? The Nintendo Switch?

    • HEather Haney

      It’s in ad under Door Busters so maybe not Nov 19???

  8. Jennifer

    Is Khols the only one going live??

  9. Miurel

    Do you have to have a Kohl’s credit card in order to get the Kohl’s cash? Also if you order online do they mail the Kohl’s cash with the order?

    • JoAnna

      You do not need a kohl’s charge. If you order online, you’ll receive an email with the kohl’s cash.

    • katie

      The will email you the Kohls cash and you don’t have to have a kohl’s card to get the kohl’s cash

  10. Micala

    Is the Shark vacuum going on sale tonight? I’m sorry, I can’t quite figure out what’s going on sale tonight! Thank you!

  11. Tiffany

    I’m confused as to what’s going on sale tonight. All I want are some of the $4.99 appliances. I don’t want to wake up at midnight if they aren’t included.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You can click the link above that says “Black Friday Deals” to see the add which tells which dates are valid for each deal. The $4.99 appliances won’t be available until the 22nd. Hope that helps!

  12. Keri

    I believe everything EXCEPT Doorbusters will be on sale tonight at midnight.

  13. s

    Is there a free shipping code?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Not at the moment. Here are the current shipping details – “Shipping is free on any order of $50+, and starts at $8.95 for orders less than $50. OR opt for free in-store pickup if available at a store near you. In addition, shop via the Kohl’s App while you’re in-store, and you’ll score free shipping on ANY size order!” Hope that helps!

  14. Jen D.

    If the item is in your cart does that save one for you or do you have to check out totally?

    • Neha

      You have to check it our completely.

  15. Vickie S Jones

    so it went live here in AZ on the 18th, I was able to use the NOVHOME10 coupon and the friends and family 20% off coupon tonight on the luggage we wanted, since I canx my Kohl’s card to save money and pay off debit using the coupons and getting the LUgguage we needed without being tempted to get into the store was awesome for me.

    • Suzanne

      I’m not showing it live in AZ 🙁

      • Dreylawn

        I’m not either and I’m in Az

  16. konopabr

    Can I use the 15% coupon on fine jewelry?

    • Cbeths

      Yes. Usually.

  17. Joanna

    I’m interested in purchasing the KitchenAid mixer….is the best price at Kohl’s with promo code and Kohl’s cash, or should I try another time of year? Help, please!

    • Just passing through

      I think this is the best time and place to buy due to the Kohl’s cash. You can search hip2save kitchenaid stand mixer for past prices

  18. Grateful

    I’ m trying to buy something over $50 but there is no indication that I’ll get $15 Kohl’s cash.

    • Heather

      It goes live in about 90 minutes.

  19. Marie

    Are there any free shipping codes? Does anyone know?

    • Cbeths

      No. Not for the Black Friday sale. I can’t remember if it is free shipping at $50 or $75. But you do have to spend that amount.

    • neha

      you can get free shipping if you use Kohl’s wi-fi or use the kiosk.

  20. Christy

    If I use Yes to You rewards to pay, but my total is over $50 will I still get the $15 Kohls Cash? An example- total purchase is $60 tax included. I pay $40 with Y2U rewards and $20 cash. Will I get $15 Kohls Cash still?

    • Megan

      No, you won’t get the Kohl’s cash

  21. Jen

    prices are not changing for me

    • Cat

      Me neither

    • Heather

      There’s still 54 minutes to go.

      • Cat

        I just realized 12am Ct thanks!

  22. Jen

    I am Eastern time and its 12:06 a.m.

  23. Jen

    thought it was 12:01 Eastern time?

    • maingram

      Prices will not change until 1 am eastern 12 ct

  24. Neha

    if anyone sees changes in the price and still can apply coupons, please post here. Also post which zone you are in.

  25. Thinn

    Price haven’t been changed yet at 12:10

  26. Nikki

    Retailmenot. Com has $10 back on $60

  27. K

    Are there coupons to stack with BF pricing or is it just the deal solely in the price?

    • Christy

      CHEERFUL gets you 15% off at 12:01am

  28. Thinn

    Ebates 6% get back, every little help!

  29. Deb

    Ebates just changed to 6% cash back.

  30. Tish

    Best price/place for the 8 quart instant pot?

    • Just passing through

      Walmart but don’t know when their ad starts

  31. Gtlover

    3.2.1. Go

    • Moira

      It’s still showing $99 for the air fryer for me.

  32. Armon

    Coupon code not working

    • Armon

      I mean home coupon and 20% which are exp

    • Christen

      FYI- If you go through Ebates the “old” coupon codes for 10 off 50 and 20% off are still working .. if you just go through the Kohl’s website those codes aren’t working

  33. ker

    it’s live in Oregon right now. I was able to use the 20% and $10 off home purchase!

    • Armon

      Which $10 code you are using ?

    • Gtlover

      NOVFAMILY and NOVHOME10 Work for me

  34. Moira

    Anyone getting the correct price for the air fryer? I’m still getting $99.

    • Moira

      The blanket shows $8.99, but the instant pot and air fryer are both $99. Dang it!!

    • Gtlover

      I think that price starts on the 22nd

  35. Bindu

    It’s live in Maryland too and I was able to use both $10 off and 20% coupon too and also got additional $5 for store pickup. Great deal!

    • Armon

      Why i can use either or coupon ?

  36. Joanna

    Great deal! Snagged a kitchenaid mixer for $230 with tax…used 20 percent off and $10 off promo code pulse earned $60 in Kohl’s CASH!!!

    • Joanna


    • Tay

      Cuz of this post I went back and got the kitchen aid 600stand mixer and the 20$ juice attachment. I had 35 Kohls dollars to use so 320$ total 90 back Kohls cash- mixer was suppose to be a gift from my husband so ill only charge him 250 🙂 thus 320-90-250=I’m up 20$!

      • Tay

        And I used ebates

        • Joanna

          Great job! I used ebates as well and hoping to use my Kohl’s cash for a juice attachment too!

  37. Jess

    Not seeing the PS4/ Spiderman bundle. Safe to assume that’s not until Thursday then?

  38. Mom Of 5

    My codes worked but had to do it from the Ebates app. The Kohl’s app would no pull them up. They did say expired but still applied when logging into my kohls account from Ebates app. Good luck!

    • Armon

      Kohl’s app wasn’t letting me too

      • Bindu

        Try on computer

  39. mary

    anyone confirm instant pot reduced price yet?

  40. Bindu

    The $10 off home coupon and 20% coupon is supposed to be valid until 3 am EST. I just saw on some other website. Hurry before they expire.

  41. Denise

    do any of these codes work for apple airpods?

    • Princess

      No, but you can redeem and earn Kohl’s cash. I got my daughter a pair (a must have on her list). I went through Retail me not and will get $10.00 back off of a $60.00 or more purchase. I used my $10.00 in Kohl’s cash I earned from the air fryer deal last week. I added my son a pair of jeans for $9.99 with 20% off and earned $5.00 Kohl’s cash for store pickup; which help me earn $45.00 Kohl’s cash and $5.00 in Yes2you points. When I factor everything in it’s like getting them for $99.00 without counting the $10.00 Kohl’s cash earned last week, or $89.00 with it factored in. I think I’m going to get me a pair once I can redeem the Kohl’s cash I just earned. It’ll be $159.00 minus $10.00 Retail me not, $45.00 current Kohl’s cash, $5.00 yes2you cash, and I’ll earn another $10.00 in Kohl’s cash. I wasn’t able to get them from Sam’s for $117.00. Thank you H2S…I love shopping in between my rounds (making money while spending money).

  42. debbie

    Fitbit price is not changed online. Are doorbusters not active online?

    • Nikki

      Not until Thursday

    • Felicia

      Hip2save has been saying fitbits would go on sale today. I stayed up for this.

  43. Michelle

    Anyone see the $139.99 price for Ring Vidoe Doorbell 2 yet? It’s still showing $199.99 for me.

  44. Vanne

    When will the nest thermostat goes on sale?

  45. Thinn

    NutriBullet 600W Blender Should be $49.99 before bf started it’s $59.99 now $69.99. What????

  46. Kat123

    The Big One throws are a great deal right now. I bought 9 @ 8.99 and then used NOVHOME10 and NOVFAMILY. Got $15 Kohl’s Cash and another $5 for in store pick up. $40 after Kohl’s cash…$4.50ish each. Great for neighbors, teachers, etc.

    • barbie

      Thanks for the idea, I just copied – that’s a great gift for a great price!!

  47. Veronica

    Go through ebates for additional kohls coupons.

  48. doris

    I just used the code NOVHOME10 and it works. But when i receive the receipt thru email it did not deduct the 10 dollars.

    • Rebecca

      Yes I placed 3 orders before codes expired, everything was correct when confirmed order, then they changed it on email and what I was charged. Sick to my stomach about it, a big price difference (I ordered a vacuum) and now I have to call in the morning….

      • Just passing through

        Happened to me once. Luckily I had a screen shot of the total before I paid. I did email. Good luck!

  49. Just passing through

    Stayed up for the air fryer but then realized it was a door buster 😭. I did get my big one throws tho. Like another poster said buy 8 and used codes ($10off $50, 20%) get $15 k cash about$53 w/tax

    • Just passing through

      Instant pot not air fryer…. 2:30am 🤪

  50. barbie

    Well that was fun while it lasted, all the codes on my end for the home $10 and 20% just expired!! Placed 4 orders but all my emails reflect the correct prices. I will check again in the morning, the above posters comment makes me worried, I hope they will be able to get it corrected. I have $70 in kohls cash to spend, woohoo! Thanks H2S for all the great deals, it’s always fun to stay up late with you, it’s a tradition because I’ve been doing it for so many year 7-9??? I lost track!!! Can’t wait for more black friday deals, keep them coming!!

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