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$5 Off $20 Book Purchase + Extra 15% Off = Becoming by Michelle Obama Just $15 Shipped

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
3.7 / 3 ratings

Through December 1st, hop on over to and score $5 off a select book order of $20 or more! No promo code is needed as the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

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Becoming Hardcover Edition by Michelle Obama $22.75
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Comments 105

  1. Krisp

    Amazing book, highly recommend.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the review! I haven’t grabbed it yet!

    • Heather

      Oh, great I wanted to give this as a joke gift and now it is already marked down making it more affordable. What happened to Michelle’s law license?

      • pmason

        It was revoked!! LOL

        • Monica1

          Thank you for your response but why was Michelle’s law license revoked?

        • Dealzgurl

          You may not like President Barack Obama or former first lady Michelle Obama or their politics or anything about them but please don’t spread lies. Michelle Obama’s law license was not revoked. -Both she and her husband President Barack Obama still have active licenses according to the Illinois State Bar Association.

          • Monica1

            Dealzgurl, it was a question and not a lie. Second, I just looked up Michelle Obama under Illinois State Bar Association and it says under….. “Authorized to Practice”… “NO’. You can Google for the reasons why.

          • Monica1

            Per your suggestion I just looked up Michelle Obama under Illinois State Bar Association and it says under….. “Authorized to Practice”… “NO’. You can find out on your own way.

          • Monica1

            I just looked up Michelle Obama under Illinois State Bar Association and it states
            “Authorized to Practice”

          • Monica1

            I just looked her up per your suggestion and it states she is NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE LAW. And it is not a lie to ask a question.

            • Dealzgurl

              Monica1, she is licensed in the state of Illinois according to the bar association website. Her license may still be in inactive status but it has not been revoked as the earlier post said. That is the lie I’m referring to. Of course, it’s not a lie to ask a question. Why would it be? I hope your day is great!

          • shirley

            He is no longer our president. Why do people keep calling “President Barack Obama”?

            • Dealzgurl

              Personally, I have a great deal of respect for President Obama so I still call him president for that reason.

            • LauraG

              For the same reason they call Mr. Bush, President Bush, Mr. Carter, President Carter. It’s an earned title. Guess it’s also the same reason they still call doctors Dr. ____; colonels, Colonel ____; ministers, Reverend _____ after they retire.

      • Holly

        Lol. Good gag gift.

        • Monica1

          I am serious. Why did she get her law license revoked? Hmmmm.

          • irene

            Monica, please try not to feed the trolls! This thread has actually turned out to be quite entertaining.

          • SG

            It wasn’t revoked. Like most lawyers who aren’t practicing, she let her license go inactive because otherwise you have to take continuing law classes to keep it current. Sorry that doesn’t fit in with your hate narrative.

            • Monica1

              So there was no law suit settlement or judgment ruling regarding her law license?

        • ShellyShel

          Dang this Monica1 girl is on mission.. calm down I’m sure your feelings or opinion doesn’t matter not even slightly to her. Although Ill give you credit of how much down time you may have– amazing. lol.

          • Monica1

            I apologize for the repeated comment but it said that the comment was pending review, and in the past I thought it took a while for the review, but I guess was wrong. I tried rewording the comment but they all said pending, then all the comments at once were approved quickly. Is there a delete button?

    • Nicole

      I agree, great book!

  2. Crystal sapari

    I ordered this yesterday .chatted with cs and they applied the 15% to my order . thanks Collin and team.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You are SO welcome! Glad you could grab the savings!

  3. Cristen

    I love that this is the book you’re promoting for this discount. ❤️

  4. Paula Mason

    I’m offended.

    • Erica


    • SM

      Imagine being offended by a book…

      • pmason

        I know, right?!? It’s about as stupid as being offended by a comment.

        • SM

          Relax…I was amused by the comment, not offended. What’s stupid though is the amount of rage you need to have, in order to troll a post about a book this much. Hope your life gets better.

    • Paula Mason

      OMG! It’s supposed to be “I’m ORDERING!” Sorry!

      • PrincessMom

        LMAO this just became the best autocorrect ever!

    • Huh?

      Paula, boo.

  5. Katie

    Amazing book. Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Katie!

  6. Jessie

    Just purchased the book this morning. The price at the end varies a little bit depending on taxes. After all discounts, Mine came out to $15.59 total. Free shipping with Target RedCard.

    Putting all politics aside I’m glad I ordered it. I’m curious to read about her background and how she grew up in the rough side of Chicago, IL and went off to elite universities for law school. Truly comes to show anything is possible despite the hard circumstances one can face in life. I’m looking forward in reading her book.
    Thanks for sharing the deal!

    • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)

      Hi Jessie! I have it and it’s a great book, I think you will enjoy it! Glad you were able to grab a great deal on it.

  7. ayparks

    Thanks for this. I just ordered a copy for my mom. She was hooked reading mine over the holiday.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aww, SO glad you could grab her one of her own! You’re very welcome!

  8. Amy

    Amazing book and an amazing Woman!
    Will get a couple copies for Christmas gifts.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great gift idea, Amy!

  9. Savvysaver

    Wow the negativity! If you’re not a fan, then just don’t buy it 😡

    • Lyn

      Don’t worry. I’m not going to buy.

      • Nicole__

        No one asked or cares.

      • ShellyShel

        What’s the point of writing this then… ?

    • AshE

      That’s my point too! Smh…this app is not for politics! Atleast a few people have some common sense.

      • Lynn

        Then why are the moderators approving the trolling? What is this Reddit now? Smh

    • Nicole

      Right! Some people just look for any opportunity to be negative to get attention. Smh

  10. TW

    Thank you so much purchased my copy and one for my mom for Christmas.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, TW!

  11. Rica

    Are people serious about being offended by this book? If you don’t like it keep scrolling, no need to make an announcement or say that you are offended. Just WOW.

  12. Nicole__

    FYI–although it’ll be 60 cents more… with the CYBER20 coupon at Barnes & Noble, this will be $15.60. I’m just going that route to buy the book since I have so many Barnes & Noble gift cards that my students gave me as end of the year gifts last year. Just wanted to share in case others have gift cards they want to burn through.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for mentioning that, Nicole!

    • Christine Blaylock

      I just got hacked on my Barnes and Noble account this morning. Someone ordered 12 of these books, ugh!! They were generally helpful but it was such a pain going through the process with them. They cannot just refund will take days to get the $ back. So thankful I saw it as soon as I did.

  13. Karen

    Ordered a copy. Thank you for this deal!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Karen! Glad you could grab the savings!

  14. gege1804

    Thank you. I wanted Michelle book and thats the best deal i’ve seen thus far.

  15. Blessed7

    Thank you 😊 just grabbed my copy! Was bummed I wasn’t able to attend her event. Wish those who aren’t interested or”dislike” the former First Lady would have enough common sense to simply bypass a great deal post! Like who cares if you not going to buy it? I’m sure “you” not buying this book will not affect her in any shape or form 🙄

    • Mary L

      I would never make a negative comment and I do expect that Hip2save will also promote deals if/when a book written by Melania Trump becomes available in the future.

  16. Brittany

    I’m just here for the comments lol. For real though…it’s sad that some of you are grown women. Either buy the book or keep it movin’….its not that hard.

    • Jen

      From what I’ve seen across social media, the gown people can be the most childish lol (or outright hateful)

      • jc

        Just wanted to second this. It’s sad but I knew there would be plenty of hate comments before I even opened the post.

  17. denise jones

    Thanks, I’m ordering three books for family members.

    • Jack

      Wish her and her husband would fade away like former presidents and first ladies usually do.

      • Elena Delgado

        I agree

      • Courtney

        They’ll delete your comment soon.

      • ShellyShel

        wish your comment would fade away 🙂

      • Breezy

        Jack is Whack

  18. suzanne

    thanks for posting about this book. excited to read! (peace to everyeone!) 🙂

  19. Julie

    Thank you so much. This is a great deal on Michelle’s book. I have been wanting to read it.

  20. bunns

    The mean things peple say “online”…I doubt they would ever say “face to face”. So, why say mean things at all.

  21. DSch

    Great deal with the added 15% off the entire Target website. Looking forward to curling up on my couch with a good read. Thank you, Collin (and Co.).

  22. Tina

    Thanks for this post. I wanted to get a copy and now I can at a good price. You guys are so helpful! I really appreciate all that you do!

  23. lizee

    Thank you for sharing the discount H2S! Michelle’s book was on my nephew’s wishlist, Im going to purchase it. Also thank you for promoting ALL books.

  24. PrincessMom

    If you don’t like/want this book, this was just the EXAMPLE of what you could buy with the discount. (There’s also another example up there that isn’t being mentioned…) You can use the $5 off on any other book (or combination of books) that you want. Personally, I’m using it to buy a couple new board books for my toddler and the new Janet Evanovich for myself. 🙂

  25. Marley

    I grabbed this in audiobook form for free with a trial of audible and am about halfway through. Such an amazing book, with many beautiful stories and messages.

  26. Michelle

    I love the Hip2Save team! I’m so sorry you have to deal with people making ugly comments when you’re just trying to help folks save money. Hopefully, in the future people can have the maturity to scroll on by if they don’t like or want a deal. Not every item is for everyone, that isn’t the point. And I appreciate the work your team does to help people save money!

  27. Martha

    Thank you . I have been wanting to order Michelle Obama’s book.

  28. Jackie

    Nothing to do with this post but I honestly don’t see that many amazing cyber Monday deals. I’m I the only one? The prices are not that low and the selection of things is not that wide. I was hoping to score some great deals today ☹️. We have a snow day today so we are all home and this mama has been searching the internet for deals but nothing 🤷‍♀️

  29. DS

    I’ll wait until it hits the Dollar Store next month. Then buy one to fix a wobbly table leg.

    • Rebecca

      You’re delusional and it’s sad. Please go look how many books have been sold…

  30. 💩


  31. Amy

    Thanks again for another great deal. I just ordered mine. I really appreciate it when there’s something I’ve been hoping for! And if you ever post a deal of a book written by anyone in the Trump family I support that as well. I won’t be buying it, but I won’t get all bent out of shape over a deal of a book! Keep up the good work & ignore any childish response.

  32. Stacy

    Book question: Is $18.46 shipped a good deal for the Harry Potter illustrated Book 1? I think I remember getting the illustrated book 3 for under $10 last year on Amazon. Should I wait?

    • melanie

      It is good. I think you may be thinking of something else. These never go below $10.

  33. Jodi

    Thanks so much for posting. I just bought it yesterday online without the 15%.
    PS: Don’t feed the trolls!

    • LauraG

      Maybe they’ll refund the 15%, since you just bought it yesterday. It’s worth asking the question.

  34. Meg

    DS, I wouldn’t even pay a $1 for this book. People on here moaning about negative comments, but in reality who cares what any filthy rich millionaire politician has to say. I don’t read People Mags or any celebrity mags either. Save your money and spend it on something that will really make a difference in your life, start with the bible or any book on Christ. 🙂 Why waist your precious time on earth reading about others success, make your own success!

    • jc

      Meg, that’s great and all but you do not get to choose what people are interested in reading. There are plenty of politicians who have written and sold books. There are even religious speakers who are millionaires that have also written and sold books. If you aren’t interested in something they post, you can always keep scrolling.

    • Delilah

      It’s not very Christ-like to tell people what to do or what to read yet here you are doing both.

    • M


  35. Rebecca

    I already can barely read the news, and now I can’t read comments on a deal site?? Seriously what is happening to people? How have we reverted to this?

    • E

      I know! I clicked on this post because I saw there were so many comments and was expecting to see people post other book deals. Did not expect to see all the negative political comments.

      • Missy

        I was expecting lots of other book deal recommendations in the comments as well. Imagine my surprise when I saw what was really going on in the comments section! Well, at least we can all agree that H2S posts some great deals that save us all money regardless of our political persuasion.

  36. LauraG

    The site is now saying Shipping Not Available for this particular book.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It looks like it’s back, LauraG!

  37. Liz

    Leave it to Trump supporters to post ugly bullying comments on a book deal….#bebest

    • Lisa


  38. Towna

    Thanks. I got the Michelle Obama book as a gift for a friend. I will pick it up tomorrow.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Towna!

  39. Elena Delgado


  40. Ashley

    I got Chrissy Teigan’s second cookbook that I’ve been eyeing 💜🙌🏻

    • Dealzgurl

      Thanks for posting…I forgot that I wanted Chrissy’s cookbook. I already have Michelle’s book and couldn’t think of anything else I wanted that Target would carry…

  41. Heddie

    Why so much division over a discount?

    • Mary L

      I think this would also happen if Hip2Save was promoting a book by Melania Trump.

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