10% Off Target Gift Cards (December 2nd Only)

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Target Shoppers – Mark Your Calendars! 🎯

This Sunday, December 2nd only, Target will be offering up 10% off Target Gift Cards both in stores and online – up to a maximum of $300 in Target Gift Card purchases per customer (so a maximum of a $30 discount)! Keep in mind that the minimum Target Gift Card purchase will be $10.

And the best part – Target Gift Cards never expire!

This 10% off gift card offer will not include Target VISA Gift Cards, Target Mastercard Gift Cards and Target American Express Gift Cards. Note that any Target Gift Cards purchased during this promotion may be redeemed beginning Monday, December 3rd at 10AM Central time.

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  1. Ann

    thanks for the info

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome, Ann!

  2. Heather

    Disney Disney 😁

    • Shoppy McSaver

      I thought you could no longer pay for gift cards with target gift cards?

      • Svh

        You can’t!

    • Pam

      You can’t but Disney cards with Target cards. They stopped that over a year ago.

      • Jason

        So can but target gift card and use to buy disney gift cards later? Essentially 10% off

        • Nicole

          I bought Disney gift cards with this deal last December…..unless it’s changes since then.

          • Brittany

            It changed this summer – it no longer works at any of their stores to use a target gift card to buy a 3rd party gift card.

      • Ay

        It wasn’t over a year ago, because I bought $1500 worth of Disney gift cards using only Target gift cards about a month after this deal last year. I’m going to test it at my store today (buying Disney gift card with Target gift card) just to see if it works. I think it varies by store…

        • Alyssa

          A lot of stores stopped over the summertime allowing this, in many areas according to a forum I follow. Such a bummer.

    • getyourholidayon

      That’s exactly what I’m using it for! 🙌 🎉

      • Brittany

        No longer works for Disney 🙁

    • Sarah

      Sams Club has discounts on Disney Gift Cards. We are saving up for a cruise and this is where I have been purchasing them at. I have done the math and the smaller increment gift cards are the better deal ($150 for $142.98). It will be tedious to pay with so many $50 gift cards, but well worth the savings in the end (for our size family it will be over $500 savings doing it this way!) HTH!

      • Mindy

        Plus if you use a credit card with rewards to buy the sams club discounted disney cards, that could be an additional 1 percent back you get.

      • Kelly

        Quick tip: you can actually combine gift cards on disneygiftcard.com. They actually won’t let you pay with more than two gift cards, so you’ll definitely want to combine them!

        • Sara

          I don’t know about their cruise line, but the Disney World reservations center will take multiple gift cards over the phone.

          I only book room only reservations now. You can’t pay for room only reservations online. I used as many as nine $50 cards before the rep told me I could combine them.

          • Enza

            You absolutely CAN pay for room only using gift cards online. I’ve done it twice with Disney World, and with Disneyland. Currently doing it with the cruise line, and 2 different room only reservations.

            • Sara

              My assertion is based on three room only/annual pass trips to Disney World. I have never been able to pay for room only reservations online. The link to the payment page has never shown up. I have always had to call. The reps always tell me that room only reservations can’t be paid for online.

              9/6/17 – 9/16/17
              •originally booked from resort room phone on 9/24/16 as a bounceback package
              •bought annual pass voucher 12/2/16
              •rebooked as room only from cell phone at home on 4/19/17
              •changed resort from cell phone at home on 4/24/17

              11/12/17 – 11/15/17
              •booked from cell phone at home on 9/20/17

              9/4/18 – 9/15/18
              •originally booked from cell phone at a resort gift shop on 11/14/17 as bounceback room only for 9/6/18 – 9/15/18
              •added 9/4 and 9/5 from cell phone at mom’s house on 5/30/18
              •switched to passholder rate from cell phone at mom’s house on 6/26/18

  3. Megan

    Is this just on Target gift cards or can you purchase other cards as well, such as Disney?

  4. Tara

    Can you get an extra 5% with a Red card or does the 5% not apply to gift card purchases?

    • Kb

      Unfortunately, the discount doesn’t apply to gift cards. 🙁

  5. Sarah

    Does this have any restrictions? Want to give some to my son’s teachers..

    • Heather

      Nope you can buy any denomination as long as your total is less than the max. 🙂

      • Heather

        Actually I think there is a $10 minimum per card

        • JA

          I bought several $5 gift cards in one transaction last year with no problem

  6. Lauren

    Awesome, I look forward to this deal every year!! Thank you, H2S!

  7. Ashley

    It’s not coming off for me? Trying to purchase 3 target $20 gift cards for teachers gifts

    • Amanda

      It says 12/2 only. 😉

    • Katrina

      It’s not Dec 2nd yet!

    • patty

      not valid until 12/2/2018

    • Ashley

      Ha thanks! Missed that!

  8. Lorrie

    Yes! Thanks H2S! I wait for this deal but never know when. Love all your info on all these deals!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are SO very welcome, Lorrie! Thanks for the kind comment! It sure means a lot!

  9. Sami

    Thank you!!! My husband and I did this last year and used the cards throughout the year.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How cool! You’re very welcome!

  10. anderk

    I could buy a $100 gift card for $90 on 12/2. Then I could go stock up on Target items on 12/3 and use the 20% off total purchase coupon I got on Black Friday and pay with my gift card – essentially saving 30% on that $100. Is this correct?

    • KP

      I’m wondering the same because we all know diapers and formula are expensive! This would help a lot!

      • KP

        So if my math is right that’s $300 of stuff for $195 with red card??? And the 20% coupon?

        And maybe a gift card back offer on baby products?
        I wonder if there is fine print…. seems way too good to be true!

        • Donna

          If you bought $300 in gift cards, you’d pay $270. Hope I understood your question!

          • Jac

            Then if you bought $375 worth of merchandise and used your 20% c/o, your total would be $300 plus tax. You could pay w/ the g/c that you bought for $270, so your total savings would be $105 before tax, or 28%.

            If you spent exactly those amounts (or less) you’d pay 80% of 90% (72%), so a 28% discount.

      • Rochelle

        I think your math is a little off: $300 in GC x .9 [ie 10% off] = $270 in actual cost to you. Using your coupon, $270 x .8 [ie 20% off] = $337.50 in total product you could buy with your original $270 expenditure. It’s a $67.50 savings, nothing to sneeze at, but not as high as your calculation 🙂 Red Card 5% off only applies to what you charge to the card, so if you don’t go over $270 you spent in gift cards, you don’t get any additional discount and it would only apply to the difference, not the total amount. Hope that helps.

        • Carol

          Since the giftcards are worth $300, if she spent the full amount on things that she could use the 20% coupon on, she would get $375 worth of merchandise for the original $270 (not including tax). If you do this be sure to check that the things you want to buy are eligible for the coupon because there are a lot of restrictions.

          • Rochelle

            Yes, you’re right! There’s a reason I was a liberal arts major 😉

        • Jane

          Yes, Math is correct!

          • Ryan

            It is a 28% discount if stacking 10% discount and 20% coupon. Spend 270 for $375 of stuff

            • Yvonne

              I don’t think you can stack a 10% with a 20% coupon

  11. Andrea

    Will this work?
    If I buy a bunch of gift cards in different increments on 12/2. Then shop with my 20% coupon, use the gift cards for right under the total amount of purchase then use red card for remaining balance.
    So 10%, 20% and 5% off ?

    • Jen

      You only get 5% off of the amount you put on the red card, not the amount you pay for with gift cards.

    • Ashley

      Andrea, I was wondering the same thing. It would be a fantastic discount but the first restriction on the 20%off coupon is “*Excludes gift cards…”

      • Ashley

        I’m sorry I misread your original comment, Andrea. I think it would work by paying with the discounted gift card and using the 20% off coupon. Jen is right, the 5% off with your Red card only applies to the portion put on your Red card.

  12. lindak

    My favorite deal of the year!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      SAME HERE! Love this offer!

  13. Adam

    If you live by a Meijer (or know some I suppose), they have 10% back in in-store rewards (money to spend after earning), on most GC until 12/15. You can buy Target GC’s there. Sounds like some nice stacking potential.

    $5 off your next total purchase for every $50 you spend on Select Gift Cards.
    (Exclusions: Meijer Gift Cards, iTunes, Gaming, Sling TV, Google Play, HBO Now, Hulu, CBS All Access, Spotify, Amazon, Prepaid Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Phone Cards)

    Achievable thru 12/15/18. Limit 10 per mPerks account.

  14. Jessica

    I buy my kid’s teachers gift cards for Christmas on this deal every year. Thanks!

    • jen


  15. LuvtoSave

    Sorry off topic but does anyone know when the Bath and Body Works big candle sale is…?! So ready for it!!!

    • Mary

      I saw somewhere on here that it is this Saturday, Dec. 1st

    • Natasha

      Saturday 12/1

      • Alicia Holman

        Do they do the hand soaps on this day too Natasha?

    • stampinfraulein

      This Saturday. My store is opening at 6:00 am so you might want to call your store and see if they are opening early that day.

  16. Lorraine

    I am new to the US. What is a good amount for a teacher gift card?

    • Ashley

      I think they appreciate anything they get but I typically go with between $20-$50

      • Donna

        I wish I was one of your kids’ teachers! Lol! 🙂

      • Cbeths

        Wow. You’re awesome!

    • Amanda

      Even $10 is very much appreciated.

    • DSch

      Lorraine, it’s the thought that counts and not the amount. I like to give giftcards because then whoever is the receiver does not get something they do not want.

    • Kim

      I always do a $20-$25 gift card, a card with a special note from my child, and something special to pair with it (candle, lotions, chocolates, coffee mug, flowers, gloves, etc).

    • Jennifer Vee

      For middle schoolers or high schoolers, since it’s multiple teachers, Ive done $10 GCs. Wish I could do more but it’s what my budget allows.☺

    • shop4mybabies

      they will appreciate any kindness you bestow.
      My kids have lots of teachers, I never spend above 10$…4 kids, multiple classes, multiple teachers. It’s expensive 🙂

  17. Lizk

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a target gift card to pay for the 20% discounted gift card?

    • Yvonne

      You cannot use a gift card to buy a gift card and it is 10% off not 20%

      • Kelley

        I think she is referencing the 20% off coupon received Black Friday. 🙂

  18. Evan

    Hey can someone remind me about this deal on 12/2… I have the memory of a squirrel.

    • Mita

      I put a reminder on my phone on the day of.

    • Mel

      If it’s like previous years, Hip team will post the day of and I’m sure a few ‘bumps’ throughout the day! Or just set a reminder on your phone!!

  19. Christina

    Just to clarify. If you use your red card you do not get 5% off on top of the 10% discount correct?

    • Ryan

      You get no discount when buy target gift cards so correct

  20. Erin

    Be careful with the 10% off gift card promotion at Target – I’ve done it for years, but last year they had a security breach, and I had $300 in gift cards with a $0 balance when I went to use them the following day (just like last year, you can’t use them until the next day). There were hundreds of people who reported the same issue, but Target was very hesitant to investigate – according to the transaction history, my card (that was in my wallet the entire time!) was used in one exact $300 transaction within an hour of a store’s opening in California (I was teaching in Dacula at the time!). It took hours on the phone and several visits to the store to talk with the loss prevention staff, but they finally replaced my cards after Christmas. I can’t imagine how many people bought gift cards as presents and had no idea that they had no value on them when given. I love Target and free money at Target, but this was not worth the hassle. I am fortunate that waiting out the return of my money didn’t ruin my family’s Christmas, but I’m sure this could be devastating to some.

    • Mia

      I am just wandering…got a few store gift cards in the past (black ones from return stuff without receipt, not able to use them online, just at the store). I am almost pretty sure, I never used a full amount, but every time I checked with the cashier the balance was zero…You can’t check the balance on those black cards online, so…:-(

    • MimiH

      Did you get the gift cards in the store or online?

      • Erin

        I purchased them in store – were actual gift cards!

  21. Grete

    You are all smart…. and pretty. LOL

    • Kristen Pia

      Last year I was able to buy Christmas target gift cards in store with gift cards I already had, and I got the 10% off. Did this change this year?

  22. stl

    Can you use them to buy other gift cards? This would save 10%on ot disney trip.

    • Stephanie

      That’s what I did. I bought a whole bunch of Disney gift cards to save that 10 percent.

  23. Sara

    Hip2Save, please whitelist another word: a**ertion. Your comment filters think I am using inappropriate language again. Please whitelist every appropriate word that starts with ‘a’ and has ‘ss’ after the ‘a’.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Sara! I will be sure to pass that along!

  24. maria

    10% is better than 5% (using RED card)
    I bought on-line card last year and found it difficult for me to “keep tabs” on it especially if I ended up returning items. This year I will purchased a physical card instead.

  25. maria

    10% is better than 5% (using RED card)
    I bought on-line card last year and found it difficult for me to “keep tabs” on it especially if I ended up returning items. This year I will purchased a physical card instead. Thanks for the heads-up !!

  26. Mia

    Just wondering if anyone has a 20% target coupon they are not using? Hoping to buy a crib mattress.

  27. SB

    Rumor has it this year it will be online only so as to curb the heavy hitters

    • Raj

      Its going to be both online and in stores.

  28. Raj

    Can the target red card be used to get the additional 5% on the discounted price ?

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