Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps Only $2.40 (Regularly $6.50)

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Through November 30th only or while supplies last, hop on over to Bath & Body Works where you can score Hand Soaps for just $3 (regularly $6.50) – this sale is valid both in-store and online!

Even better, through November 30th, save 20% off your purchase when you use the code HOTCOCOA at checkout.

If shopping in-store, check your inbox for an email titled “$3 hand soaps! 👏 2 days only! 👏 EXTRA 20% off!” that should contain your unique coupon valid for 20% off your purchase.

Or save $10 off your $30 online purchase when you use the code TNTYCH2 at checkout. You can only use one promo code per order, so make sure to use the one that will save you the most.

And, be sure to check your coupon/mailer stash as you may have coupons valid for $5 off $20, $10 off $30 or $15 off $40 to save even more!

Heading in-store to shop? Score this deal…

Hand Soap $3 (regularly $6.50)
Use your 20% off coupon code (check your inbox)
Final cost $2.40!
*Check your coupon stash as you may have received a $5 off $20, $10 off $30 or $15 off $40 coupon in the mail that you can pair with this sale to save even more!

Shopping online? Here’s your deal…

Hand Soaps $3
Buy 10 = $30
Use promo code TNTYCH2 ($10 off $30)
Shipping adds $5.99
Final cost $25.99 shipped – just $2.60 each!

*If you are doing some additional shopping, you can score a Free Item (up to $13.50 value) with any $10+ purchase when you use promo code CH2FRTN at checkout.

  • Shipping & Terms

    Bath and Body Works

    Shipping is a flat rate of $6.99 for orders over $10. Otherwise, shipping is $10.99.

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Comments 89

  1. Liz

    So if i have a $10/$30 & a $15/$40 will the 20% be calculated 1st or the $$ off amt be reduced. Can someone do the math?

    • Heather

      Those coupons cannot be combined. The only way to combine coupons is if they are sent together (like when you get a set of 2 or 3 in the same mailer).

  2. Megs

    If there is anyone that will not be using their 20% coupon, I’d be happy to have it! I purchase these soaps for my mother in law every Christmas. Thank you!

    • lilkim00033

      What’s your email?

      • Megs

        meganripley at gmail Thank you so much!

        • lilkim

          Hope you get some great scents 😉

  3. KAy

    If any one has a extra please can you send me one? Kaleeshab at gmail .com

    • Jennifer

      Forwarded mine to you

  4. Megan

    I’m also looking for a 20% off coupon if anyone has one they aren’t going to use. I would really appreciate it! Please forward it to missmegan66 at gmail dot com. Thank you!

    • Jennifer

      Did you get 20% off email yet? I can forward mine to you.

      • Megan

        Yes I got one, thank you!

      • Jana Hart

        I’d love a 20% off if still available. Tyler and Jana @gmail

  5. Prem

    Anyone know how to get the emails back? I haven’t gotten one in months. TIA

    • PrincessMom

      I was just wondering the same about the regular mail, I get the emails but never any good coupons and my paper mail coupons have dried up completely. I must be on their “only shops during huge sales” list lmao

    • Lynn

      Mine disappeared, and then I found they had started being filtered into my junk inbox.

  6. hipsaver2

    Could I use the coupon for a small candle as my ‘Free’ item if I bought the minimum purchase with this deal or do they not let you buy candles at all with that ‘coupon’?

    • Heather

      It depends on which free item coupon you have. Some are for any item, but some are only for a body care item. That being said, if you have met the minimum purchase requirements and you have the one good for any item, you can use it on a small candle as long as the regular price is equal to or less than the amount listed on the coupon (usually $13.50).

  7. Sue Ann Prewitt

    I am also looking for a 20% off. Please email me at Thanks in advance!

  8. Angela

    What are Everyone’s favorite scents?

    Shopping for a gift and I can’t go into store.

    • Jennifer

      Toasted vanilla chai that is shown is my new favorite. Smells nice in our small bathroom but not too strong.

    • PrincessMom

      I love the kitchen lemon and keep that next to my kitchen sink all the time–it helps get cooking smells off my hands. I usually get something with a light floral or fruity smell for the bathroom. In the winter, I like to use things like the apple and peach scents because it reminds me that the cold, dark winter won’t be here forever! lol

  9. Emmy

    Check the Retailmenot App. The 20% coupon is on there. Just show on your phone when you pay.

    • Juma

      Awesome tip love Retailmenot thanks for the reminder. Happy holidays

    • fran

      My store doesn’t take retailmenot

  10. Debbie

    My favorite hand soaps are Merry Cookie and warm vanilla sugar.

  11. Alma

    If you download the bath and bodyworks app there’s always coupons, plus you can scan your rewards card and get points for a free item when you buy $75.

  12. Me

    Would someone forward me a Bath and Body 20% that doesn’t expire until December? Thank you! raquel_knobloch at

    • suebee

      The 20% code is on the site

  13. Jessica

    The 20 percent off that is emailed is valid until Friday. The 3 day grace period only applies to mailer coupons not email coupons. The candle sale is on Saturday. Hope this answers some questions.

  14. Julia

    Love me some Spiced Ginger Bread Swirl for the Holidays!

  15. Maria G

    As Alma stated above, if you download the Bath & Bodywork App, you can get coupons and offers easily here.

    • Jennifer

      What zip code do you use? Any that I put in say it isn’t available in that area.

      • Kristen

        92508 works

        • Kristen

          But the APP is only available in certain areas so if you aren’t in an area covered by it then it won’t work for you YET … I heard it’s still in the test phases

  16. Kendra

    I hadn’t shopped at Bath and Body works in months and happened to look at my emails before I checked out and got an email for 25% off and free shipping! Came out to $2.30 for each soap after tax and I didn’t even have to leave my house! Thanks HIP2SAVE!

    • Debbie

      Kendra thanks just checked my e mails and i had a 25% off and free shipping too

      • Autumn

        Have you placed an order online before?

    • Mona

      Is that 25% code reusable? I have a 20 but no free shipping? Can you send it to meto try? Thanks

  17. Steph

    Here are 2 different coupons to use online if anyone wants them. Free gift with any $10 purchase up to $13.50 in value Code: CH2FRTN and also free gift up to $5 value no purchase necessary code: TBFRCH2 . Both good until 12/24

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Steph!

  18. M

    I got Kohls $20 off in app expires Dec 1. Anyone got this and was able to use it in store?

  19. Erin

    thank you so much for posting this! I just went to the store and use a $15 off $50 coupon I received in the mail and paid $1.88 for each of 11 hand soap’s and $.75 for each of six min hand sanitizers. Coworker’s gIfts are done…plus a few stocking stuffers! If you go to the store, don’t forget to get the free clear bags, ribbon, and get tags

    • Erin

      Ugh, sorry for the typos. Voice texting in parking lot. Lol

      • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        LOL! No worries, Erin! You are SO very welcome! Glad you could snag some great items for cheap!

  20. Tabitha

    My B&BW had the round Christmas scent hand soaps like shown above priced at $2 on Black Friday. I got 15 and used a $10/$30 so they came to $1.33 each before tax.

    • Sam

      Wow what a deal

  21. Rosie

    Does anyone know if they will go down lower I don’t want to waste my coupon and then in the next couple of weeks they will have them lower.

    • Shop624

      I got them for 1.67 when they were 2.50 each and used the 10/30 coupon .

      • Alexis

        When was this?

        • riss

          That was the one that I missed, ugh! I think that was 2 Sundays ago.

  22. Christen

    I have a 25% off AND free shipping code that is good until tomorrow…I’m not going to use It. I can email it to someone 🙂

    • Sarah

      I would love it! Sarahat19 at gmail

      • Christen

        Sending it to Sarah

    • Ursu

      Christen.. i can use that if you still have that… saanu2000 at Thank you

    • DEb

      I would love it! Can multiple people use the same code?
      please email me.

    • Mona

      I’d love to try and see if the code works for multiple uses. If you could send to me. Thanks.

  23. Jenny

    You can use HOTCOCOA for 20% off online

  24. switi13

    Does anyone have a 20% off they’re not using? Please and thanks. 🙂

  25. Sol

    $10 off $30 online: TNTYCH2

  26. Sheila

    Just bought 10 handsoaps. Used my $10 off $30 coupon. Got each handsoap $2!

    • Autumn

      This doesn’t make sense.

      • riss

        Sure it does. $30 total for 10 soap minus the $10 coupon= $20 ÷10 hand soap = $2 not including tax.

  27. Edy

    I went to store bought 13 hand soaps and a dashund light plug for my daughter used 15 off coupon plus a free item coupon 13.50 value bought the plug buttterfly as coupon stated any free item some especify body wash or body item – my store will open at 6 am houston tx almeda and the cashier is giving away coupon for to be use dec 20 for a free item up to 16.50 with a $10 dlr purchase got me my free ribbon and cellophane bags

  28. Kay

    If you have a free shipping code, please email me at Would appreciate it so much. Have many other coupons to trade too. I just hate going to the store in cold weather with 2 small girls.

  29. Terri Palmer

    I would love a 20% off code if anyone has one they arent going to use….

  30. Alexis

    Is anyone having trouble using the $10 off $30 with the 20% off? Or, are they not allowed to be used together?

  31. Edy

    Cashier said couldn’t use the 20% along with the 15 off coupon that I had even if it was a mailer only got my free item – I had a 20% email and a 20% from mail also

    • Ash

      The cashier is right. You cannot stack coupons unless they came together. The only time you can stack is on Black Friday. The coupon tells you the rules (no combining).

  32. Jackie

    scentsgsalore on instagram always has he coupon links in her bio. If you need the 20% and didn’t get the email go there to get it.

  33. Rmvn

    Does anyone have a 20%
    Off coupon to share. Please send it to
    Thanks & Happy Holidays.

  34. Edy

    Ash, mine was a mailer I had got several coupons in mail – I get 2 pamphlets at my house from them and my emails – I was just stating as someone had asked if both could be used ! And that was ok if cashier didn’t allow me to use- was very happy with my purchase

  35. Traci

    If anyone is not going to use their 20 % off coupon, I would absolutely love to use yours and would be so grateful :). My email address is traci (dot) Thanks!!

  36. Leslie

    If anyone happens to have the email for 25% off online with free shipping and you’re not going to use it I would greatly appreciate it! I’m on a 24hr shift at the hospital so can’t get in the store. My email is -Happy Holidays!

  37. Stormy

    Hey y’all – I would appreciate an email coupon if someone has one they won’t be using. Thank you.

  38. Donna

    Does anyone have the $5/$10/$15 off coupon they r willing to share? please

  39. Haseena

    I have a $10 off $50 Target coupon that I would love to Trade for the $15 off $40 Bath and Body Works coupon. My email is
    Haseena211 at

  40. Steph

    I just left bath and body works, bought 10 hand soaps and one wall plug in , used a $10 off $30 coupon and used a free item coupon for the plug…. total came to 14.98…. turns out the cashier also gave me 20% off as well!! My soaps ended up being $1.40 each!! Cha Ching !! 🤪

  41. Sarah

    The sale is over! It’s only 9pm MST. I was just going to jump on before the sale ended and shop online. Grrrrr.

    • Cruz

      Yes, I feel your frustration! I went on at 10:00 because the sales are over at 12:00 but after I waited 1 hr and 45 min on hold the customer service rep said that they ended it early online because of the candle sale that started early. I asked if she could place my order and honor the sale price snd she said, yes that it wasn’t a prob. She asked how many soaps was I ordering and I responded, 16 and that was that. She gave a huge stressful Uhhhhhh and hung up. I called back and Customer Service was closed for the night. I’ll be calling bright and early in the morn and hoping that they record/track customer calls. I bet she was already stressed about the early hours of candle sale, but that is not my fault. I’m a customer and deserved to be helped. WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOD, KIND CUSTOMER SERVICE? I barely get it anywhere anymore; no matter how cheap or expensive a store/restaurant is!!! It’s too bad that I try and avoid this altogether by shopping exclusively online.

  42. Sierra Rosemons

    Does anyone have a mail coupon they wouldn’t mind sharing ? Or are they one use only ?

  43. Muna Hussein

    Anyone have a bath and body works $15 off $40 code they are not using for online? Thanks in advance

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