Want to Pay Off That Holiday Debt? VIPKID is Hiring Teachers and Pays Up to $22 Hourly

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VIPKid work from home

Earn money working from home!

Looking for a way to pay off the debt from all those Christmas gifts? 🎁 VIPKID.com is a great way to do that – and they’re hiring teachers who love working with kids and who want to work from home! 🏠

They’re looking for teachers who are passionate, enthusiastic, and who are motivated to work with a company growing at a fast pace in China. In fact, they currently employ over 60,000 teachers working in 35 countries and teach over 500,000 students… but they’re still growing and need more teachers!

Plus, did you know that VIPKID.com was ranked #1 by FlexJobs in Forbes‘ 2018 ‘Top 100 Remote Work Companies Report’?! Wow! 😱

VIP Kid Teacher

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID provides an international learning experience to children in China between the ages of 4-12. The company is headquartered in Beijing and offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by qualified teachers. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

A few perks of working for VIPKID:

  1. Flexible Schedule
    • You can work from home or anywhere else that you want – no commuter traffic! You’ll be able to set your own schedule and work as few or as many hours as you’d like. (It’s recommended that qualified teachers be available for at least 7.5 hours of teaching time per week.)

  2. No lesson plans OR grading
    • VIPKID provides the lesson plans for you to choose from. They even communicate with parents so you don’t have to! You just need a computer, passion, and skills for teaching.

  3. No education degree required
    • You don’t need a degree in education to be a VIPKID teacher! All you need is a bachelor’s degree in ANY field AND one school-year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.

  4. Earn up to $22/hour from home!
    • Qualified teachers will teach English to young students online and will make between $14-$22 per hour. Your minimum pay will be determined by your demo class performance and incentives by your monthly class participation and completion.

  5. No teaching HUGE classrooms
    • Do large classrooms intimidate you? No worries! All VIPKID classes are one-on-one to ensure they meet 100% of each student’s needs.

work from home vipkid teachers – VIPKid international teachers group shot

Check out what Hip2Save readers think…

“I have been with VIPKID for just over 100 days. It took what seemed like forever to start getting bookings, but once I hit about day 75, they started to trickle in. Now all of the time slots I open seem to get booked.

I love being able to set my schedule. I can teach for a few hours on the weekend before my kids get up, and then still enjoy the rest of the day. If you have kids and toys around, you likely have what you need to easily enhance your lessons.”

“I too am going to jump on the bandwagon and say that I LOVE teaching with VIPKID! The children are precious and it’s so exciting to see them learn and grow! I have formed a special bond with my regular students and even some of their parents! (Some of my regular students and I write letters, send packages, and keep each other updated on our lives! It’s so fun!) I never expected that from this job! The pay is great and I love the flexibility.”

VIPKID has been such a blessing to my family. I have been teaching since January. I actually signed up from one of these posts. It took me seeing this posted about three times & doing a ton of research before I decided that I was ready to give it a try (I’m not good at going outside of my comfort zone) & I so regret not doing it sooner.

We just recently bought my husband a brand new truck with the extra income! I teach about 150 classes a month & I am in the process of helping a couple teachers from our school district through the hiring process right now. It is something I 100% believe in or I wouldn’t be referring my friends, neighbors, & co-workers.”

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Comments 70

  1. Sara

    I got two emails for $2 CVS gift cards from Coke Rewards. Both emails came at 2:09pm CT today.

  2. Sarah

    Yay!!! I LOVE when you post about VIPKid! It truly is one of the best jobs! I adore the children and have formed such unexpected friendships with some of them and their families! I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have. I took my time deciding if this was right for me. I asked a ton of questions and my referral was so patient and helpful. I would love to pay that forward!! My email is teachersarahvipkid1@gmail.com


    • Kia

      What do you actually teach? Is there a certain grade or age group you can choose to teach or is the curriculum chosen for you? I’d really like to do this, even if it’s just $800 a month. Maybe weekends..

      • Sarah

        The curriculum is all pre planned. There are upper levels (fluent speaking, advanced elementary education) and lower levels (Beginners, standard elementary education) . When you are getting hired, you will be hired for the one that’s the best fit for you. However, you can always get certified to teach the other levels too! You are welcome to email me at teachersarahvipkid1@gmail.com with any other questions you may have!

      • Melissa

        I teach usually 8-14 year olds. I love VIPKID! I use it as my side hustle. I teach 8th grade science full time, too. If you would like to know more email me at scintillantscience@gmail.com. I help walk you through the hiring process. Ready to apply? Click or copy and paste the link below and it will link you to me. Then, I can help you practice for the interviews, etc. https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=014784ddf7e360b7db23fcd7dc32b4c4&refereeId=12764825

      • Tracy

        Most people teach students 5-12 years old. There is also a program called “Pre-Vipkid” for children younger than 5 but only those who “certify” for this and want to do this teach the very younger ones – it works great as the people who love that age can work with them. Curriculum is provided: you have powerpoint presentations (being phased out so they are all interactive) and you follow those. The students all have a complete program so there are additional at home study materials for them so this is reinforcing the one on one teaching/reviewing/practicing that you are doing. I teach weekday mornings but weekends are a great time to do it as well as there students are off from school and there is such a demand on the weekends. (vipkidtracy@gmail.com)

  3. kayti

    Can you teach at any time?

  4. Nicole

    It is the best gig out there! I am coming up on a year and love it. It lets me stay home with my kiddos, but still teach, while I take a break from brick and mortar schools. I can help answer any questions!

  5. rose

    Do you have to give them your SS number?

    • Victoria

      Yes. It is just like any other professional job that you would go to apply for. HTH:)

      • Jane

        If they don’t take out the tax from your salary, how come they need your SSN?

        • Tracy

          You fill out a 1099 form – this is standard for independent contractors. All 1099 forms (from the IRS) include your SS number.

  6. A

    Do they take out taxes or are you responsible for those yourself?
    Thank you.

    • Tracy

      You are responsible for that yourself – you are an independent contractor.

    • Anne

      No taxes taken out. You are responsible for paying them. Many people set aside about 30% of their pay to cover themselves come tax time.

    • M

      It is treated like self employment income. You will owe double social security. This is called self employment tax and is 15% income. Any other taxes correlate with federal and state tax brackets you fall into.

  7. Tracy

    I read a post on VIpkid last January and decided to apply – great decision and so thankful that Collin and her crew continue to post about these opportunities! It’s been a generous source of side income that allows me to run my other business, focus on my family, have so much flexibility with working and I’m done by 9 in the morning which is awesome…. AND, the students are really wonderful! I’m happy to answer any questions anyone might have who is potentially interested in going through the application process and to help you through this if you decide that you would like to apply. My email is: vipkidtracy@gmail.com and my referral link is: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=92759cdedddb9a9bddad30001569866b&refereeId=11823570

  8. Angela Cravens

    I’ve been with VIPKID for a year now & I love it at as well. For the most part it is just as good as it sounds. The pay is great, the kids are awesome, & it is very easy & rewarding. There are definite cons though as well…the hours some times stink (daylight savings time pushed teaching back an hour so getting up at 4:30 every morning through the week had been a big adjustment for me) & the hiring process can be a bit tedious. However it is 100% worth it. If I can help anyone with anyone questions, you can email me at angie_robfri@hotmail.com and I would be happy to help. For anyone who is ready to give it a try I will list a referral link you can use, and I will help you through the process as much as I cam. I signed up from a post just like this and I have not regretted it at all. Here is my referral link for anyone interested. https://t.vipkid.com.cn/?refereeId=11822912&partnerId=3724772

  9. Laura

    Can this provide enough hours for a full time job?

    • Angela Cravens

      I make $1600 a month & could make a lot more if I worked weekends. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who get bookings right off the bat though it’s hard to say if you could do enough to be full time. It usually takes most people a few months to get fully established. However you could do it part time (early mornings or weekends) & still do a normal job until you got established. I teach every morning then substitute teach at the local school when I get finished with my morning classes. Many VIPKID teachers are also regular teachers. The greatest part is you make your own hours and decide when and how much you want to work.

    • Victoria

      Yes! It would be early mornings and some late weekend nights to do so, but it’s definitely doable!

    • Tracy

      Yes – there are definitely people who make it a full time job BUT it often requires hours that are not for everyone. People who do it full time schedule their classes at different times but it’s important to remember that China/Asia is “opposite” in terms of hours. It is night in Beijing when early morning teachers are teaching (if you’re in N. America). Another thing to consider is the ebb/flow of bookings. I believe that the majority of teachers who teach full time stay fairly booked and keep their full schedules but there have also been periods where some veteran teachers have been dismayed that their bookings have dropped off – it’s always something to consider. (vipkidtracy@gmail.com)


    I just signed my 4th contract today!!!! am a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom. This job is so wonderful for our family. I get to still teach, make an income and stay home with my 3 boys. Mornings were a little tough at first, but I have adjusted and love VIPKID and my students! I work about 20 hours per week, and make $2000 a month!!! I also love helping people get hired! Please follow my link below. I also love making vipkid shirts, and send one to all my successful referrals! When you apply through my link, I get your email, and will reach out to you and be here to help you get hired! Here is my link: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=c8ab68cbfe1a46ed57b9fd26a0f91a6c&refereeId=5036148

    • Amy Lynn

      I have already started the application process but would love some help….when I click on your link though it won’t let me since I have already done step 1 of the process…is there a way around this for you to get the referral?

  11. Catie

    I’ve worked for VIPKID for nearly a year and a half. I live the flexibility and the extra income. Feel free to email if you have any questions! Orngecat88@aol.com

  12. Julie

    I’ve looked at this before on here. I am curious why everyone also post they are happy to help and attach links and emails. Everyone saying how great it is adds their email, etc. Is there something if you refer someone?

    • Jessica

      You get a bonus for referrals.

    • Victoria

      Yes, you get a referral bonus if someone signs up with your link and becomes a teacher. The company relies on current teachers referring new teachers. They know it takes time and effort so they offer teachers who successfully refer new teachers a bonus for compensation/reward.

  13. Jessica

    How much lesson planning do you have to do? I would love to teach but the videos I see have people prepared with lots of their own words, letters and other simple teaching tools but do they plan for the lessons or are you told what to have prepared? Thanks for the help!

    • Sarah

      All of the lesson plans come pre planned. You just bring the lessons to life! For some teachers that involves lots of props, others it’s more their own animation with little to no props. You are the teacher so it’s all up to you on how to present the material! HTH!

    • Tracy

      For me – there was a learning curve in the beginning. I felt really tense without some form of planning – prop preparation. I also really over-did prop preparation in the beginning. Now, my planning consists of reviewing the student information (if it’s someone I have not taught before) and that’s about it. I have my props and things I use during the class all within reaching distance. After settling in w/ the teaching and getting over my initial nerves and newness with it all, I am much better at being present for the student and what they need during the lesson. That is definitely the most important part. Yes, there are people who really LOVE to use a lot of props and do a lot of preparation but I think the vast majority of teachers feel at ease and are really comfortable with 5 minutes or less of preparation. There is also “feedback” due after a 25 minute class. Many teachers can get it done between the end of one class and the beginning of the next one but I am not at that point to do it consistently yet. After a stretch of 6 classes (3 hours) – I typically spend an additional 10 minutes total writing/submitting feedback. I’m coming up on 1 year of teaching w/ Vipkid. (vipkidtracy@gmail.com)

  14. D

    Anyone successfully done this from Hawaii?! I’d love to get started with this as it’s right up my alley but we’ll be living here for another year and a half and the time-differences stink! I am available for Saturdays tho…does anyone do mostly just weekend stuff?

  15. Teresa

    Is it hard to get hired? Is the process difficult?

    • Tracy

      Though they have a lot of students and a need for teachers, like any job – not all applicants are accepted. They really are trying to pare down their application process so it’s as easy as possible to understand and go through the requirements in order to be hired. When I was hired last January, I did something that was called “fast pass” – but it was definitely NOT fast to get hired and I did have to jump through a lot of hoops. It definitely is getting better so they can insure they have the quality of teachers they are looking for but at the same time not having people get discouraged during the process of hiring. (vipkidtracy@gmail.com)

      • sarann27

        Agreed Tracy. The company literally gets tens of thousands of applications a month. Some people just see “make up to $22 an hour working from home” and apply. The hiring process is just that, a process. I think it’s that way so they can filter out those that want easy money. They are looking for sincere teachers who have a true desire to teach. At the same time, the process is not perfect. There have been amazing teachers who have applied and not gotten hired and people who have gotten hired that you question why they are teaching. They are continually fine tuning the process. That being said, the hiring process is the toughest part of the job. It’s so worth going through!

  16. Belle

    For those teaching, can you elaborate on the hiring process? What is it like and how long did it take you? And what is it like after you’ve been hired?

    • Mandy

      The first stage just checks out your experience/credentials. My degree is not in education, but I told them about my experience volunteering and working with kids (my own kids, church, subbing). Write down every little thing! When you pass that part, they want you to set up an interview and a mock class. I was really nervous about that part and spent a lot of time watching videos and preparing. This is when they determined what my pay would be if I got hired. Some people get hired after the first mock class, but most have to go on and set up another mock class. The hiring process was a little intimidating to me but it ended up being sooo worth it! I love my job.

    • Tracy

      Mandy explained the hiring process well. After you are hired there often is a a period where you do not have bookings yet which can be discouraging. I’d guess that 80-90% of teachers do not have regular or sometimes any bookings during the first 30 days. Of course, there are some who get booked right away but I think that is the exception rather than the rule for sure. If you can be patient and keep on taking the right steps – bookings usually start to trickle in after some weeks (or months) and then the trickle becomes a flow of regular as well as new students. For me – my first month was February which is Chinese New Year and a time that many people in travel have vacation/reunions – a slow booking time. I didn’t have a booking until over 50 days in and though I had been warned and knew to expect that – toward the end, I definitely felt frustrated and wondered if I would ever get steadily booked. As soon as I got those first few students, then I started to get regular bookings and that was overwhelming in a different way as I got used to teaching classes back to back in a format that was new to me. After about a month? though of having regular bookings/classes – I felt really at ease w/ the online teaching platform and it’s been great! (vipkidtracy@gmail.com)

  17. Gina

    My mother is a retired elementary schoolteacher who happened to have made 8 trips to China to teach English to school age children already. This was perfect for her. She teaches, young children, between the ages of 4-10 and loves it! Sometimes, she has 7, 30 min sessions a day.

  18. Kat

    Do you need a teaching degree to apply?

    • Mandy

      You need a Bachelor’s degree, but it doesn’t have to be in education.

  19. Lauren Mobley

    Another current VIPKID teacher here! I also serve as a coach and mentor within the company. I absolutely LOVE the flexibility this wonderful job gives me and my family. I am able to continue staying home with my two young kiddos while still contributing to our family’s finances. I actually make as much now as I did as a classroom teacher here in North Carolina! I would love to chat with anyone who may be interested in also pursuing this amazing opportunity! My email address is laurenmac10@gmail.com or find more information herehttps://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=74b6531952c861536fb541d2ba4ee775&refereeId=6783306. Potential applicants who follow the process with a current teacher are more likely to be hired and I would love to help you through the process!

  20. Allison

    I have been teaching with VIPKID for 2 years! I love this job. I can work from home and take care of my three children. I am an independent contractor who can set my own hours. I work in the mornings (5:30 to 7:30 am) before my children wake up. The materials are provided for each lesson. I have very little prep work. You do need a bachelor’s degree and some educational experience. If you would like to sign up you can use my link. I can help you through the interview and mock process. I love that I get to teach eager, respectful students right from my house!


  21. D

    While I understand that this is a great opportunity and love the fact that everyone is so willing to share their “wonderful” experiences and offer their referral codes…it would be great if these same people would give a better “well rounded” opinion of their experiences with this company. We are all adults and realize this position must come with some negatives. So it would be great if you would share those, as well, when posting your referral links. If you check posts/reviews of VIPKIDS on other websites (where everyone isn’t giving their referral links), you get a more accurate review of the company, the hiring process and the position.

    • Evelyn

      I did not have a good experience with VIPKID. I wss with them for over 160 days and only taught one class. If your lucky, you get booked right away but there are many that don’t. The hiring process is also very grueling!!! I was disappointed that I went with another company and loving it!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

      • Jessica

        Who did you go with? Looking to find something part time from home.

        • Evelyn

          I’m with gogokid. I dont mind answering questions. Erv1216@hotmail.com

    • Melissa Campbell

      I have been employed with vipkid since 2016 and I honestly dont have anything negative to say except that the hours are hard. I get paid over 20 an hour and dont pay for babysitting. If i have an event, I don’t open classes. The schedule is only what you want to work. You open the times and students book you.
      The pay is better than most part time jobs I could get in the state of Idaho
      No boss, no stress, i make my schedule, good pay. Hours suck but I adjusted and my students book me on their lunch break ( a lot of schools in china get 2 hours and kids Come home) so I teach 9-11pm mst monday-friday and a few weekend classes if I am not busy. This is my opinion and I will work there as long as I can.

      And yes they pay teachers $100 for successful referrals so every teacher jumps at the chance to refer.

      You can email me with questions melissamcampbell@gmail.com

      And of course, gonna put my referral code in as well 😉 https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=6b8beda6683c75d4a2001bb56db6b545&refereeId=2403323

    • Victoria

      There’s not really a lot of negative (from my perspective) to share?? The hiring part was intimidating and very different from any other job I had. I’m an optimist so I just saw it as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t have a hard time booking classes (I was hired in Summer though when most students are out of school and trying to find teachers). The only negative I can think of is that for trial classes (those students looking to join VIPKid as a student get 3 free lessons to see if they like it) if a student doesn’t show up, you get half pay. At the same time you don’t have to stay in the classroom the whole time, just 15 minutes. So you still get paid to just sit there. It can be frustrating because it’s not my fault they didn’t show up ya know? But at least I get something!

      Anyway, I’ve been with the company 1 1/2 years and that’s the only thing I can think of. There are kinks to work out sometimes and growing pains of growing so rapidly. But it is no different than any other company. Plus, your working by yourself so you don’t have the day to day drama that comes with working with a bunch of people. I just do my job, actually enjoy it and than it’s done!!

    • Tracy

      I love the flexibility and the students a lot. Since I teach early morning (EST), I also like being done by 9 am. I’d say the biggest “negative” for me is that I did not anticipate how much energy it would take – especially if I have a day where I just happen to have a string of younger, lower level students. They are very cute but do take a lot of energy. Most days, I have a range of ages and proficiency levels and I like that. I know a lot of people teach before their full time job but I would be REALLY tired if I did that. I do have other work/commitments after Vipkid but some days I am quite tired after teaching even a shorter span of hours (3-4 hours). (vipkidtracy@gmail.com)

  22. Stacie Frost

    Can someone explain more about the hiring process? Or email me? staciefrost22 @hotmail.com

  23. Lisa

    I failed the interview twice. I was going to ask for help. I got hired by dadaabc, but they said I need a tefl or a teacher recommendation letter from a school. I was working on my tefl. I was thinking of giving vipkids a go one more time, they tell me I make 21.00, then I make it up to the mock 2 and the mock 2 teacher tells me I am super great and then I don’t pass. Then they email a week later and tell me I can do my mock 2 again and I don’t do it because I get annoyed by then.

  24. Lisa

    I’ve gotten rejected after the mock 2 twice. They said $21 an hour. I was going to try to work with a mentor to get better. I have an accounting degree, but they don’t care. They offered me to take a mock 2 again just last week even though it’s been 2 months. I may give it a go. Dadaabc hired, but said I can start once I pass a tefl or have a letter of reference from a school. Qkids hired me, but it is only $16, I make that at my call center job from home so what’s the point?

  25. Mari

    Just a thought, there’s always a post for vipkid, is it possible to have a few recommendations for similar work at home jobs for those without degrees or those who don’t like vipkids? It be nice to see a variety😁

    • Melissa Campbell

      I heard Alaskan airlines has great opportunities to work from home and the pay is good

    • sarann27

      Amazon too!

      • Liz

        How? Doing what? How do you apply?

    • M

      I tutor online using Wyzant. I have a degree in a science fieldd and tutor high school and college. I work on average 12 hr per week but can be up to 25 if it is the week before midterms or finals.

      There are several companies like this local in US if you are skilled in a certain topic. My rate is higher than VIPKIDS because of the level of my degree. There is no lesson planning because I am usually helping with homework or understanding concepts. No interview.

  26. Melissa

    Yes! I love VIPKID! I use it as my side hustle. I teach 8th grade science full time, too. If you would like to know more email me at scintillantscience@gmail.com. I help walk you through the hiring process. Ready to apply? Click or copy and paste the link below and it will link you to me. Then, I can help you practice for the interviews, etc. https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=014784ddf7e360b7db23fcd7dc32b4c4&refereeId=12764825

  27. Beth

    I am a teacher, so trying VIPKID when I was looking to earn more money was an easy choice. I didn’t find the hiring process to be grueling. That is likely because as Kindergarten teacher some of the things they look for come as second nature (TPR, synthetic phonics, vocabulary development, etc.). It took me about 80 days to really start getting bookings. Now I am able to teach as much (or little) as I want. It has been great not having to do lesson plans. I grab a few props from my work station and go. I get to work while my kids are still sleeping.

    I also work for another company, gogokid. It just started this summer. Material is presented in a similar fashion. They seem to be experiencing an influx of students right now.


  28. Belle

    Do they prepare props and lesson materials to be delivered to your door for you to use during lessons? Or do you have to make and get your own materials?

    • Beth

      You have to get your own props. I just take toys from my kids!! You can also just print things. There are groups that have props organized by lesson.

  29. M

    I tutor online using Wyzant. I have a degree in a science fieldd and tutor high school and college. I work on average 12 hr per week but can be up to 25 if it is the week before midterms or finals.

    There are several companies like this local in US if you are skilled in a certain topic. My rate is higher than VIPKIDS because of the level of my degree. There is no lesson planning because I am usually helping with high school or college homework or understanding concepts. No interview.

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