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Earn up to $15 Surprise Kohl’s Cash w/ ANY In-Store Purchase (Today Only)

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Today, December 8th only, head to Kohl’s to score surprise Kohl’s cash! You can earn $5, $10, or $15 Kohl’s cash with ANY in-store purchase; the amount will be randomly determined during checkout. Limit one surprise per customer.

Your Kohl’s cash will be redeemable from December 9th through 19th.

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Comments 97

  1. Sara

    Thanks for posting. Is there any minimum purchase required?

    • Bonny

      No. I got one just for picking up an online order. Didn’t even buy it today

      • EndLessLuv

        Lucky you. I went to do a store pick up and didn’t get one. I ask about it, they said I had to make a purchase in store :-\

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Sara!

    • Ashley

      I decided to test it for today’s deal and I had to get my subtotal over $20 to qualify and it gave me a $5 Kohl’s cash offer.

      • Ashley

        Additionally, I then added over $1,000 to my cart and it still only offered me $5, so it appears to randomly determine by person if you get $5, $10 or $15. It didn’t seem to correlate to the amount purchased.

        • Fiona

          Its in store only

          • Ashley

            Oops! 😂

  2. britt

    If you use Kohl’s cash for your purchase, will they still give you the $5, $10, or $15?

    • NorCalMomof3

      Wondering the same

    • Ashley

      I just used a $5 yes to you rewards with my $20 dollar purchase and they gave me one

    • Ashley

      Yes! I used Kohl’s cash and gift cards and spent $0 out of pocket, and I got one still! Mine was worth $10!

      • Cbeths

        Thank you for posting this!

        • Ashley

          Your welcome! Merry Christmas!

    • Jurgita Simkonyte

      Yes, I got it.

    • Kim

      YUP! I used $25 in rewards/Kohl’s cash today. Paid $10, got a $15 one. I got PAID to shop today.

  3. Erica

    I picked up and order and they didn’t offer it to me at that time but I found some toddler shorts on clearance for $1.20 and got a $15 back! Amazing!

    • Linz

      Oooh, love little joys like that!

  4. Dwilson19

    My store tried to place a 50 dollar min purchase on it at the register but i spoke to manager and then got it without having to spend that amount a little more hassle but still worth it since i got a 15 reward!

    • Jessica

      It always pays off to be nice & speak up when you think stores aren’t following their own rules. When in doubt be nice & just ask a manager or customer service.

  5. Jenna Anderson

    I got a $5 card at the register, then picked up an online order and they gave me a different scratch off; $10 that time. 😁

  6. Rebecca

    I picked up an order and they gave me one! ($10) Then they gave me another one when I used $10 Y2Y rewards to buy a $15 dress. That one is $5.

  7. Judy Trac

    Got $15. I just took it when I came to pick up my order

  8. Shelby

    Does this work if you are buying a gift card?

  9. JEnny

    Thanks I got my mom a purse for $39. Looking forward to seeing what I get when I pick it up in the store today!

  10. Tracy

    How soon can this Kohl’s cash be used and when does it expire?

    • Marc

      I’m wondering the same thing.

    • LaDonna

      It says good December 9 to the 19th in store or online

  11. Dana

    I purchased a .99 Hallmark card and got $15 Kohl’s cash. Thank you 😊

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  12. Kelly K

    Lines too long to try to take advantage of this. Picked up an item but wasn’t offered one

    • LRJ

      Check your kohl’s wallet. I picked up an online order and got the $5 kohls cash for picking up in store but there was another $10 kohl’s cash in my account! 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Cbeths

        Probably yes2rewards from November. Yay!

    • OwlB222

      I watched the cashier give the lady in front of me her Kohl’s cash but I had to ask for mine.

  13. JEBG

    Just pulled into my Kohls parking lot and turned right back around and left. It is chock full, and I can’t even imagine how long the lines are inside. Not worth my time for likely only five dollars. What a bummers.

  14. DSch

    FYI, these were being handed out until exhausted. But ranting here for a sec… went to my local Kohl’s at 7 a.m. No lines whatsoever, but they only had 1 of the 3 items we wanted. Ordered 2 at the kiosk, which an associate assisted us with, which I bought. My husband went to buy the other one from the same associate. We asked her for 2 of the Kohl’s cash. She said only 1 per customer. I was livid. Again, 2 separate people… 2 separate transactions (albeit one using their kiosk). Finally as I was on the phone cancelling my kiosk order, the associate saw the “light.” Rant over… sometimes I just do not know where people’s common sense is.

    • Trgs

      It’s people like you that make working retail suck, especially during the holidays. Just throw a hissy fit until you get your way. 🙄 For all the cashier knew you had already gotten one from the employee that helped you at the kiosk and you were trying to get another one, that is if you had even showed her that you did an actual transaction. She was just doing her job. And common sense should be not to be rude to other people.

    • Fiona

      This is why we associates HATE these promotions…glad the day is over

  15. Jillayne A Schuder

    I went in and bought items in the store and asked about it and they said they were not offering Kohls Cash today.

    • Gina kent

      Same here in indiana.

  16. Breanna

    Kohl’s is insane today! I waited over an hour in line to check out but I did get some Christmas shopping done and a $10 kohl’s cash!

  17. Ashley

    Mine wasn’t a bad wait even though the parking lot looked bad. I took hubs and the neighbor. I spent $3 hubs spent $4 Neighbor spent $1.60.
    Got 2x$15 and 1x$10 Kohl’s cash! So worth a trip!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Really glad it worked out for you, Ashley!

  18. Nicole

    My Kohl’s wasn’t bad at all! I waited less than 10 mins in line. They also had the Harry Potter 12 days of socks! I used my $10 yes 2 rewards and got a $10 Kohl’s cash back.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I want those socks! Great job on scoring them, Nicole.

  19. M

    Didn’t know about this so it was a nice surprise to buy a $4 shirt and get $10 Kohl’s cash!

  20. Tiara Draisey

    I went in store today, holy cow it was just as busy as Black Friday almost! It’s a darn good thing I bought something at the jewelry counter otherwise I would have been waiting in line for at least an hour. I got a $15 bonus Kohls cash though! The lady at the counter said I was the first one she has seen to get that.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Wow! That is awesome, Tiara Draisey!

  21. Autumn

    I went to my Kohl’s and line was long but moved fast. I wanted about 10-15mins in line with my son. We both got $10 buying two Shopkins for $3.99. Score!! 👏

  22. KR

    I have a $10 surprise Kohl’s cash I am looking to trade for the 20% off Target w/ online code that expires tonight. Email pumpkinbrain at mindless dot com. Thanks1

    • Bindu

      I can trade!

    • sam

      E mailed you

      • Amy Lorenz

        I’m looking to trade a $10 Kohl’s reward for a 20% target code if you still want! Lorenz family email at gmail

  23. Tammy

    I paid .80¢ for a card & got back $15 in Kohl’s mystery cash! What a nice surprise!

  24. Natalie

    Got $10! Was planning on going in anyways to use up my kohl’s cash. Woot!

  25. Shannon

    Kohls was very busy today but I grabbed a clearance dress for my daughter for $8 and got $10 in kohl’s cash yay ! Thanks!!

  26. Tracy

    My daughter and I just went. Each got $5. This is fine but can only use 1 per purchase after. So no combining 😩

    • Cbeths

      I added mine to my Kohl’s wallet just like any other Kohl’s cash. It doesn’t look any different.

  27. kate

    I wasn’t able to get Kohl’s Cash at my store. My total was $16 after Yes2You Rewards, and they said they were only offering it over $30. I guess it depends on your store whether they are honoring that email. 🙁

  28. riss

    I picked up my online order (which I spent $3.30 out of pocket for 2 pajama pants for men, a Christmas tree ornament and a thermal top for men’s using Kohl’s cash from black Friday) and they handed me the scratch off coupon- $10 🙂 I was gonna shop some more but the line was crazy long. Online shopping for me!

  29. Angela

    I got $10 picking up an order, yay!

  30. Jess

    My cashier wasn’t going to give me one. I asked about it and was trying to find the email that I got from Kohl’s to see if there was some barcode to scan in order to get one. She said they only gave one per person and lots of people were coming in multiple times to get more. She then asked me if I already got one – which I hadn’t, but sheesh, if she was already that honked that people were coming through so many times, then maybe they should’ve sent individual barcodes out in the email.
    She did give me one, but not after her rant lol.

  31. Renee

    I went at 7:15 this morning and spent $8 and got a $10 surprise cash. No one was there! Went back at 11am and found a $2 clearance shirt and got a $15 surprise!

  32. Judy Trac

    I came in this morning and asked for one after my purchase. The lady said there is no such thing as giving away kohl’s cash with purchase today. The manager came and asked me where did I get the memo about kohl’s giving away kohl’s cash with purchase today. I didn’t know where to tell her so I walked away. This is in Tennessee

    • Lisa

      It’s on their website

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Well darn! I’m sorry to hear about your experience, Judy Trac.

    • Jessica

      Exactly, it’s on their website. I would’ve told the manager that. Many times these managers try to intimidate customers sometimes because they’re the ones being dishonest & think we don’t know what’s really going on. I’ve had stuff like this happen to me & I’ve learned just to go shopping prepared to show proof of incredible deals like this, that way employees can’t deny it.

  33. Valerie

    Made a purchase, and was not offered a Kolhs cash. Won’t bother next time.

    • Me Myself & I

      I was afraid that this would have happened to me as well and that the associate would have said “I wasn’t told about that promotion”…, since I have a cold and can’t deal with hassles right now, I passed today. Wish I could have gotten the Kohls Cash, but sounds like it wasn’t a guaranteed thing. :o( Sorry that happened to you.

    • Amanda

      This happened to me as well, they told me it was a $50 minimum purchase. So I pulled up the Kohl’s app where it said no minimum purchase. Then the associate pulled one out for me from a hidden drawer.

    • DSch

      Valerie, I read I believe on the email that came out that it was until they were exhausted. I expected a line at our store today at 7 a.m., but maybe people hadn’t read the email yet as there was NO one outside at 7 a.m. We walked right in and out after we got what we wanted.

  34. Heartmade Crafts

    Made orders for candles. 3 times they arrived smashed and nearly hurt myself. CALLED today to get a replacement. ONE replacement arrived in an envelope…an envelope…these were large jar Yankee candkes. Today…that replacement arrived smashed. After 20 minutes on hold…was told I’d have to get a refund as they don’t replace a third time…even though it’s their packaging. I see that nowhere in their policies. And no…I can’t go to the store.

    • Jessica

      You should post your entire experience on social media like Twitter, I’ll bet you’ll get different results. Companies nowadays are quick to handle horrible experiences when publicize it on Twitter. Most companies have someone 24/7 handling their page.

  35. Amanda H.

    Made $5 purchases at two kohl’s stores and got a $10 and a $15 kohl’s cash!! It’s my lucky day!! 😁

  36. Sonya

    Is this for a select stores? They told me that was only for Black Friday.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It has been posted on their website as a national deal.

  37. Jen

    I’m so bummed! I picked up an online order today and she put one in my bag. But now that I got home I can’t find it 🙁 lets hope it was only $5!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Search the car! I lose things in mine all the time.

      • Jen

        Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. I searched my car for THIRD time and finally found it! 😂 $10 toward my baby boys Christmas present 🙂

  38. Sue

    I too had issues when I asked about the Kohl’s Cash giveaway. The cashier said it was a $30 minimum purchase after discounts and Kohl’s Cash was used. I mentioned that the flyer said otherwise, no minimum dollar amount. He asked to see it, but it was not on me. He didn’t argue, just said “Here, it’s not worth arguing over it.”. I am glad he didn’t, but it makes me feel like they are trying to get away without handing them out the way it was advertised, just to get people to spend more money. I looked at my app after leaving the store and it very clearly said no minimum. I did score $10 and found a cute toddler 3 piece set for around $12 after using the 25% discount and a $5 Yes rewards.

    • Jessica

      I completely agree that stores try to scam customers with deals like this. More & more employees try to act as if they own the store. Before going to stores for deals like this make sure you do your own homework & have the rules for any such deals ready to present on your phone. If in doubt, go straight to customer service, it’s never too late to ask.

  39. Sheila S

    Thank you! I needed to pick up a present so I got a cute kid’s outfit for $5.25 with my Yes2You rewears points and picked a $5 Kohl’s Cash scratch off coupon. I also got a $5 coupon in the mail for being a card member for 15 years so I’ll be able to get a few more gifts next week!

  40. nancyj

    Cashier told me “we don’t have those anymore….. “about the kohls cash.

  41. NorCalMomof3

    Purchased the LC scarf online and did In store pick up. Upon pick up I asked if we get the scratcher and she handed it over to those of us waiting to pick up. So it doesn’t seem limited to instore purchase. They had a whole stack but I can see how they forget to give them out as they can’t freely leave it on the counter. I asked because it can’t hurt and scored $10.

  42. Vivian

    Speedway, IN told me they were out. 🙁

  43. Lucinda

    I have a 20% cartwheel that expires tonight. I’d like to trade for the surprise kohls cash.

    • Amy

      Sent email! I’d like to trade!

  44. Amy

    Last minute attempt to get a 20% target code..I have $10 Kohl’s surprise cash to trade. Email Lorenz family email at gmail

    • jean

      Are you looking for a specific code…I see one for 20% off women’s clothing/coats, C9 champion clothes, kids/toddlers sweaters/dresses. Let me know which code you need.

  45. Amy Bailey

    At my store they were saying it was only for purchases over $50. They were not freely handing them out, even when my friend and I pointed out the email we got FROM Kohl’s said it was surprise cash on ANY purchase. I mean, that’s what the surprise part was about! We talked to a manager who gave us the ornament peel off things, and he was very kind, but it was odd that we had to go to that length to get the little card!

  46. Mary H

    My bf and I each bought a yankee candle votive for $1.49 ea and we both got $10 Kohl’s cash! Thanks!

  47. Jasmin

    My store said they ran out. Confused

    • Ashley

      They were while supplies lasted.

  48. jan

    I didnt know about this and was at my Kohls in the Woodlands TX, got something for my son. They as allowed me to use 3 coupons and I only spent $50 on a $225 jewelry item. Plus, got a bonus $10 kohls cash. I had no idea. I was so happy and the cashier was even excited for me!!! Super impressed with customer service!

    • jan

      Forgot to say, this was about 945 pm.

  49. EndLessLuv

    Have anyone did the Santa pictures at Kohl’s? What is the Fao toy they give for free? Thanks

    • Patty

      It’s not a toy it’s a letter

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