Dear Macy’s, Please Bring Back FREE Shipping with ANY Beauty Purchase.

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Why change a good thing, Macy’s?

If you’ve been shopping on the Macy’s website, you may have noticed that they are no longer offering free shipping on your entire order with ANY beauty or fragrance purchase (no minimum). 😩 You must now make a purchase of $49 or more in order for your qualifying beauty or fragrance order to ship free.

While free store pick-up is still an option, this is sad news for all of us savvy Hip2Save shoppers as purchasing inexpensive beauty items was often a great way for us to have our entire order shipped for free.

macy's shopping tips — macy's gift cards in hand

NOTE, if you’re a regular Macy’s shopper and interested in getting free shipping on all of your future purchases, consider signing up for a Macy’s credit card. As a Gold or Platinum cardholder, you’ll receive free standard shipping when you shop with your store card at Macy’s and/or – no minimum purchase required!

And, Platinum members will get 5% back in rewards with no exclusions! Check out all of the perks on the Macy’s website.

Macy's Beauty Box items

Like beauty products? We love Macy’s Beauty Box AND it does ship FREE!

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Comments 56

  1. Allice

    Years ago, Macy’s used to be my favorite store and most of my clothes and household items were purchased there. They are becoming less and less customer friendly. I have found other places to spend my money and only shop at Macy’s very rarely.

    • Scruffybean718

      Totally agreed. I used to even have the Macy’s credit card. After my card number was stolen and used to make fraudulent purchases, it took me over 9 months to navigate their internal fraud investigation. I canceled my credit card and haven’t purchased from them since. Awful customer service.

    • 👍

      Agreed! The last three times I ordered online for store pick up, they items were damaged or wrong. Store tells you to call the number for customer service. That’s another hour project and the reps seem to all care less.

  2. errrrr

    Off topic, but does anyone have a referral code to I hate paying $8 for shipping AND paying tax on the shipping charge. I can’t think of any other retailer that charges tax on shipping fee.

    • Jamie46178

      I can send one to you, but need your email address.

      • errr

        A unique link is also generated. Would you be willing to post your unique link here? Thank you!

  3. Jennifer

    What? This is not good news at all. The Macy’s nearest me shut down so my choice is shopping online or driving two hours to the nearest location. I really loved nabbing a cheap beauty item to get free shipping. Cmon Macy’s reconsider please. One of us needs to start a petition.

  4. Ann

    Com’on Hip2Save! Use your influence to change their minds!! 😀 😀

  5. ecroston

    Welp, I haven’t had great luck at Macy’s lately either. Before Christmas, I ordered a Rachael Ray ceramic oval baker, RR 3-piece spatula set and a Dr. Bronner’s hand sanitizer to get free shipping. The oval baker came shattered (they used 1 PIECE OF BUBBLE WRAP and that’s it!!!!); the spatulas had the same TN as the baker but weren’t in the box, but the hand sanitizer did arrive. I live chatted CS who made me ship back the broken baker (even though I showed them pictures) and promised to ship me out a new one, and credit me for the spatulas. The spatulas showed up like 5 days later with a completely different TN and I got a refund for the oval baker. Then like 3 weeks later, I get a “Macy’s Happy Return” card in the mail with $5.53 on it…. No idea why though. They never exchanged the oval baker either.

    I was planning on waiting for a beauty deal to use by $5.53 return card on but I guess not anymore! Lame Macy’s; super lame.

    • Krisp

      I had a similar experience for an order placed mid December. They told me a replacement was requested and I would get a tracking number within a few days. Never did. Chatted 3 times with them same thing each time. Just 2 days ago I got an email saying my order was refunded and if I didn’t return it by the end of the month they were going to charge me for it at retail. I chatted (yet again) and the rep said vendor doesn’t have right item so either keep what I have or return it. Apparently no one was going to contact me besides the general email. I am done with them will never shop there again. They will be the next sears 10 years down the road.

      • ecroston

        It’s really frustrating. I don’t even understand why they would want the broken baker back when I provided about 6 pictures showing the crappy packing job and the broken pieces. When I didn’t get an exchange notification, I figured the return had to be shipped back first, so I did but then I got a refund for like $14 and now the baker is back up to $100. It also REALLY irked me when I saw the return reason – something about “broken upon arrival; sufficient packaging” – yea no, sorry Macy’s..

        On a side note, I also don’t understand my various refunds – I paid $16.61 after Macy’s cash ($10). I received a refund of $6.64 and $9.97 to my bank account, and a returns card with $5.53 on it, so $22.14. I also ordered hand sanitizer which was $4.47 with tax. So the returns card must be for the Macy’s cash difference.

    • Red Goldfish

      I’m pretty sure that if you call Macy’s, they would replace the Macy’s gift card with a Visa gift card. They once offered me that option.

  6. gege1804

    SMh I don’t like this at all. I believe Belk still has free shipping for beauty items.

  7. Lee

    I agree! I purchased beauty items in store for Christmas and did not qualify for free gifts because I didn’t buy online. Customer service told me had I ordered online and picked up at the store I would have received the free gifts—bad customer service!!!! Returned the items bought the exact same thing at Dillards and received a free gift.

  8. P

    Off topic, but my posts on the share, request and trade forum are not getting updated, no matter how many times I post. Is anyone else facing this problem? Pls help hip2save!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! So sorry for the issues! I have just found a few of your comments and made sure they have been approved! Let us know if you have any further trouble commenting!

  9. Dealzgurl

    Aw man! I really hate hearing this although I benefited several times over the holidays. I ordered Rachel Ray and other items too over the holiday and the crazy part is the shipping form showed that I received the items but I didn’t. Go figure. This will definitely reduce my orders at Macys.

  10. Bianca

    Noooo! 🙁

  11. Lacey

    I am a CC holder and do get free shipping on all orders, which I enjoy.. however their customer service is definitely going downhill. I ordered some items around Christmas, which I received an email saying they had shipped. When I got the package, I was missing items which said on the packing slip that they were in the box, but weren’t. I called & even did a live chat where I was told they would as send out the item right away and it would be here in 2 days. Still, to this day, haven’t received the items. 🙄 Macy’s isn’t nearly as customer friendly as they use to be.

    • ecroston

      I had a similar experience (which I commented above) – the spatulas were on the packing list with the oval baker but not in the box. I live chatted and was told I’d get an exchange for the broken oval baker and a refund on the spatula set because they were sold out. The spatulas ending up arriving a few days (maybe a week) later (I think they shipped separately from the baker) but then about 3 weeks later, I received a “Happy Returns” card with the cost of the spatulas on it. So keep your eye on your mailbox; you may get a returns card like I did. I never did get a new oval baker though; that was refunded to my PayPal. No idea why I’d get a returns card for one item and a refund for the other.

  12. Tia in FL

    Yeah, this is sad news. Everything I seem to want from Macy’s isn’t available in store. On the other hand, I have a problem with their sizing and end up having to exchange too much. They list “you may want to consider sizing down” on so many of their items now that I have to rely on a customer review to order. It will probably save me the hassle of all the returns/exchanges. I did like finding new fragrances with the samples they would send with beauty though.

  13. J.H.509

    I really enjoyed the free shipping when purchasing an inexpensive beauty item. It’s a major hassle to go pickup an order at my local Macy’s. If the item is a really good deal I will but would prefer not to. I agree with the other hip2savers. Im confident hip2save has enough influence to try and make a change happen. Fingers crossed.

  14. Jessa

    Guess that’s the end of my Macy’s shopping. We move often (every 2 years or so) and never end up near a Macy’s so purchasing a couple dollar face mask was an easy way to score nice deals :-/

  15. BrBa

    All those $2 lip masks just to get free shipping finally did it to them lol

  16. Stickmayo

    Good deal while it lasted! 😢

  17. Lexy

    That’s terrible

  18. Judy Trac

    I just call back to get my shipping money back

    • simeon

      So ur willing to pay for shipping then u call and become “that customer” to demand the shipping back ?? For what reason..?..?

      • Ana

        Don’t they just say no? Weird.

    • coulter

      This qualifies as ‘fake news’
      Otherwise people would do it for everything. Dont believe ya..

  19. Janet

    Glad I purchased my Mac lipstick this past weekend and used the macy’s Cash I had earned. Guess that was officially my last Macy’s purchase. 😏

  20. Maria

    Thank you for the info! No free ship – no more shopping at Macys for me.

    • Jo28p

      That’s probably true for me too! We have no Macy’s around here and I enjoyed throwing in a beauty item to get free shipping. I’m glad I made my purchase the other day and didn’t wait!

  21. Jennifer B

    I already am leary after christmas fiasco these seals the deal no more Macys.

  22. Mella

    Quality of Macy’s products has gone down. They are still catering to an older generation that was used to shopping in store. If they don’t become more online friendly they will lose the $$ of everyone who hates walking into their huge overwhelming stores.

  23. Marie

    I suspect Macy’s is struggling. Many companies are. The holiday season must have been disappointing.

    • Melissa

      One of our Macy’s announced today it will be closing the doors soon so I suspect this may be true.

  24. Patty

    I love Macy’s
    Get a card and u receive FS
    Plus u can return up to 6 months
    Try that with Dillards😉

    • Ana

      The only thing is, which I am not 100% sure of, is I think you have to have one of the cards where you spend $2000 a year or you get downgraded, then you just have the normal red card and no free ship🤷‍♀️

      • Ana

        Sorry, It’s actually $500 a year you must put on your card to get free shipping

  25. Tiff

    Wwwhaaaatttt!!!???? 😔

  26. April

    I can’t get a Macy’s credit card to get free shipping. I wish they had a debit card like Target has with their debit RedCard.

  27. Rachel

    That’s a bummer! I also had issues with Macy’s shipping over Christmas.

  28. Ashley

    Well maybe if they didn’t ALWAYS ship the beauty item separately from my “real” order…they could have saved themselves money on shipping 😒

  29. Lee

    I just tried to buy a lipliner I wanted and didn’t get for Christmas. They tried to charge me $10 to ship the $18 item. Thought it was a temporary hiatus or something and planned to wait to buy. Guess I’m looking for it some place else now.

  30. Jamie46178

    I do get why it’t not possible for them to offer free shipping on any beauty order any more. Someone could buy a mug or something on clearance for $3 and a $5 beauty mask and get the order shipped for free for $8 total. Shipping probably costs $4-5, plus the cost of packing materials and paying someone to pack the order, not to mention a portion of their orders will be lost, stolen or damaged and they will have to refund for those. So yeah, while it stinks for buyers, I can’t blame them for not wanting to give away their merchandise, if I was Macy’s, I would do the same thing!

    • Dealzgurl

      LOL, I just shared the free shipping with beauty item trick with a friend and she was like, how can Macy’s afford to do that? Is this a real option? Is this public information? I was like, yeah.

      I’m sure I’ll hear an “I told you so” when I tell her about the update, lol. I guess in the end Macy’s couldn’t afford to keep the free shipping with beauty item policy going. Can’t really blame them either.

    • Baker's Wife

      Thank you, Jamie46178. I was going to ask if anyone commenting owns a business. I do and ship out daily. If I didn’t charge for shipping, I’d lose money. That’s not what I work so hard for.

      • Jamie46178

        Haha, I’m a small business owner as well and like you said, shipping things out every day. I do offer “free” shipping, but it’s built into the cost of my product, I’m not selling things for $5 or even $10 with “free” shipping. The other shipping bummer is how the cost is always going up. USPS is raising rates later this month.

      • RZ

        We all work hard for our $, which is free shipping is a thing. But the expectations that customers have from small business owners and corporations aren’t going to be the same. I buy from Etsy a lot and fully understand that shop small business owners can’t afford to just waive shipping costs.

        However, I do expect free shipping (or at least free ship-to-store) from nationwide retailers/corporations *whose competitors offer it w/ no minimum*. We all get why they changed their policy but Macy’s is just no longer going to be competitive w/ Nordstrom, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Belk, etc. who all ship for free. People will just take their business elsewhere and save $.

  31. Shell0216

    Another thing to mention. If anyone purchases furniture from there please dont let them talk you into buying the worry no more plan. Its sorry I just made a claim and read bad reviews on consumer affairs. com. I just feel they get you to buy the warranty and its all a scam. The guy came to repair my table and I got a letter stating the repairs werent covered. To me its a total scam and not buying any furniture from them anymore. Their stores off my list.

    • Angela V.

      Hi Shell0216, did you try escalating your problems to a manager? I ask as we had excellent experience when purchasing the warranty for leather couches we purchased. One of the couches leather split (there was a weak spot) after a couple years, and they ended up replacing the two couches and ottoman since it was a set that was discontinued. We’ve since purchased a leather sectional from them, had a motor give out on one of the recliners and they fixed it with no problems. Bummer they didn’t honor the warranty in your case. 🙁

  32. Bel

    They totally screwed up a large order I placed in November. Only one item showed up before Christmas. Horrible wait time for customer service before I was finally refunded. Too many coupon restrictions. They are probably going out like elder beerman, Bon-ton and soon to be Sears.

  33. Elizabeth

    I ordered beauty items on 1-5 and got free shipping. I was shocked to read this post! My orders arrived today but one item short and the item was sold out online. So I call CS and the rep was not helpful at all and refunded for the item not sent and said no way to get another one. She later asked if the one missing item fell out the bag as in if the bag was torn. I was like no everything is secure!!!! I wasn’t satisfied so I asked to speak with a manager and he was great! He said since they are sold out online he would search individual stores to see if they have it and found one! He gave it to me for the same sale price as online (he said prices differ online and in stores at times) and free 2 day shipping and apologized profusely for not fulfilling my order correctly. I couldn’t believe the rep didn’t offer this.

  34. Laura

    Oh gosh, I did not see this post, and was just trying to use my $30 in star money from Christmas purchases, and I could not figure out why i was still being charged over $10 in shippng- adding a face mask wasn’t working. Cant pick up in store, my store closed 2 years ago. Guess I won’t be shopping at Macy’s anymore.

  35. LoveTulips

    I was bummed to see that this shipping policy had changed. There’s been a few skincare and holiday kits marked down in the $20-$30 range that I was hoping would ship free, but nope! I wish they would at least offer free shipping at $25 all the time for beauty items instead of requiring $99 or whatever it is to get something shipped for free. I ended up buying some great discounted stuff at Nordstrom instead because they always have free shipping.

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