Up to 25% Off Select Disney Cruises

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For a limited time, Disney Cruise Lines is offering up to 25% off select sailings – note that the discounts are reflected in the prices shown!

HIP TIP: You might be able to get a double dip discount by working with a Disney travel agent! You’ll still get the discounted rate and they might be able to give you onboard credits or other incentives.

You can choose from select 4 and 7 night sailings from various ports including Florida, San Juan and California.

Disney Cruise Lines include free entertainment such as nightly shows and a movie theater, swimming pools, splash areas and more!

Plus, every aspect of the cruise has Disney magic added in such as your kiddo being referred to as Prince or Princess, special meet and greet events with characters and so much more!

Never been on a Disney Cruise? Check out these reader comments…

We went on a Disney Cruise a few years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. My kids were 7 and 11 at the time and they absolutely loved it. Highly, highly recommend! We met many people that didn’t even have kids bc they said it is by far the best cruise line!

Going on our 3rd Disney Cruise this Fall!!! We absolutely LOVE them, even if you don’t have kids Disney Cruises are by far the best I’ve ever been on. I know they are pricier than others, but they are worth every penny! Also Pro Tip, you can pay for your whole cruise with discounted gift cards! Now go book yourself a cruise!!!

Best trip we ever took!!! We went 4 years ago during Halloween on the High Seas and celebrated my son’s 4th birthday on the Dream! He still talks about to this day! We’re saving up for another now!

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  1. Vannie

    How do you book it with discounted GC, And where to buy discounted GC, please help

    • Heather

      We went to WDW a year ago and bought discounted gift cards at BJs warehouse. I also bought them with my Discover card during the quarter that gave me 5% cash back on warehouse clubs (Discover says it excludes gift cards, but it worked to get the cash back at BJs, just not Sams).

    • Heather M

      I haven’t done this but hear that you can purchase disney gc at Target and use your Target card and get 5% discount on the gc purchased

      • CW

        You can but you have to condense all the gift cards to two $1,000 gift cards on the Disney Giftcard website. I suggest buying the Disney Giftcard at Target gradually, because there have been many guests who had their Red Cards (debit and credit) shut down for buying over $500 at once. (Target claims it looks fraudulent).

        I’ve paid for 9 Disney Cruises with gift cards. It’s saved us several hundred dollars. I used a travel agent once and it just made things more complicated, we did the other 8 ourselves. It’s just easier to deal with DCL yourself. Their customer service is phenomenal so no need for a middle person.

        • Shar Rundio

          That’s not entirely accurate about the 2 $1000 gift cards. I’m a Disney Travel agent and I’ve paid for many Disney cruises for myself and my clients with discounted gift cards. I’m sorry to hear that using a TA wasn’t helpful for you, it should be the opposite! 🙂

          • CW

            The new maximum per Disney Gift Card to combine on their gift card site is $1,000, which is better than the previous $500 limit and it’s far easier than the other option of paying in $25/50/$100 increments on the website.

            You might want to check your sources because this is what I did for this past weekend.

            Whenever you involve a TA it’s anothet hoop to jump through when dealing with Disney Cruise Line itself is super easy and there are no “you have to go through your TA because you booked with a TA” garbage.

          • SarahG

            How much will you generally spend for a cruise for a family of 4? We want to plan one for next year.

            • Sara

              It will depend on length of cruise, time of year, excursions, etc. We took a 7 day last October, and I’d say between 6k-10k for a family of 4.

              • SarahG

                Wow. Nevermind 😬

                • Jenn

                  It can definitely be less. We went last January on a four night with family of four, and stayed in a veranda room. It was about $3,200.

            • Emily

              We went on a cruise two years ago (not Disney) and it was $2400 for 4 people, 7 days 6 nights

    • Sarah

      I buy discounted gift cards at Sams Club. For our family of 5, buying the lower price ones (3 pack of $50 gc is the better deal) it saved us hundreds of dollars!! It’s tedious to type in all the numbers when making payments, but sooo worth it! I think it’s $150 for $142. I would have to double check. But the savings adds up quickly!

  2. daisyrios

    I’ve been on 13 cruise. My two most expensive ones was to Alaska and a Disney Cruise. I am not going to lie. Disney Cruise is expensive. But it was worth every penny. The ship is out of this world, Service like no other ship that I’ve been on, so many characters walking around the ship, the kids club is so ridiculous that your kids will not want to leave. It’s not only for kids, there is an adults only side where to your amazement you would not believe that you are on a ship with thousands on kids on it. You will not hear a peep. Also, on their private island they have an adults only side too. Fireworks at night! What? Yes, incredible. They even had a Pirates in the Carribean night when I went. You’d think not many people would dress up. Well let me tell you that if you don’t dress up you are the one that looks weird. Almost EVERYONE was dressed up. Event the characters. Love the turkey legs at the park. No need to worry, they have them on board too. Do I need to say more? Also, take advantage of their picture package where you get all the pictures you take on board for one single price. Disney quality pictures are the best. They also had a Alice in Wonderland tea party but as soon as you get on the ship you must request it. It is free but fills up quick. Bon Voyage!

    • CW

      Daisyrios, we are one trip from Platinum. True story: my husband got a violinist to play for us at Palo for our anniversary. The next day we were in the adult cabanas on the adult beach. A golf cart pulls up to our cabana and Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp look alike) looks me in the eyes and says “welcome to paradise my love”. My jaw drops. I nearly started drooling (keep in mind this day IS my anniversary…) So I look at my husband thinking he again arranged this. NOPE- the look of shock on his face tells me he definitely did NOT. I chase Jack Sparrow down to the water for a picture after he scares the living crap out of ladies sunbathing (got in their faces!). And he proceeds to walk drunkenly down the adult beach, skipping rocks. All for the adults, no kids, it’s the adult beach. Most memorable anniversary EVER! Lol 😂

      • Shar Rundio

        We’re 13 cruises in, too. Stories like that are what make it all worth it. The Disney difference really is magical. °o°

      • Daisyrios

        What an awesome story. I’m 2 cruises away from being Platinum but with Carnival. We’ve done Royal Caribbean before but price wise carnival works for us. But my favorite was the Disney one. Everyone must at least take one in their lifetime. I’ll probably go when I become a grandmother in 20+ years. Lol…

  3. Kelly

    I wonder if you can pair it with our placeholder 10% discount.

    • Shar Rundio

      Yes, as long as it’s not one of the blackout dates.

  4. Aliah

    Do park employees get a discount on cruises? I have an uncle who works at Disney World and never uses his passes or discount.

    • CW

      Yes but there are many restrictions.

  5. Cathy

    We just took our first Disney cruise this past November. It was fantastic! We went out of New York for 7 days. The kids club was the bomb! My son loved it! I don’t think I’ve had that much alone time in years. The spa was so relaxing – had a room with a balcony overlooking the ocean before my massage. The staff went out of there way to make our stay magical. Lines were not terrible for the characters and we loved pirate night! As someone else said, if you do not dress up your feel odd. Lol. The island was a blast! Again, my hubby and son took off in the water. I sat on the beach with a drink. There was so much going on that we had to choose between activities. We made a deposit for another cruise at the end of the trip. Best Trip Ever! We used a travel agent Mandy at Love The Mouse. She was so helpful!

  6. Angela V.

    Can anyone speak to the likelihood of being seasick on one of these cruises? I so badly want to give one a try, but get car sick, seasick, airsick, etc. I’ve used dramamine which helps, but I end up feeling so groggy.

    • Dealmom

      I get air sick and car sick. I have been on Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruises. The only time I got sick was on the tenders(the smaller boats when the big ones can’t dock by the shore) it was horrible. I had the sea bands and the medicine. Nothing helped.

    • Cathy

      I did get a tad sea sick. I wore the sea bands on both wrists the whole time. I purchased mine at Walmart before we left but they did have them in the gift shop on ship. Only had one really rough night. Also, I’ve heard pick a room mid ship, up around 5 or so. Those with more experience might have a better suggestion. We were forward, lower level and it rocked! Could hear the waves hitting the front of the boat the one night. Overall, I’d do it again.

    • Angela V.

      Thanks for your feedback/tips!

    • Terri Harrison

      My husband was sea sick the whole trip. I recommend you take a day cruise first. You don’t want to be trapped on a boat for 5 days sick.

    • Kim

      Go to your doctor and get prescription patches for seasickness! They are a lifesaver!

    • Bonnie

      I’ve had the same problem, and have found that Bonine non drowsy formula worked very well for me. I would recommend trying one at a time when you would normally feel carsick and see if that would help you before spending the money on a cruise. I have gone on multiple cruises and any time that I started to feel sick, taking a Bonine did the trick. Hope this helps.

  7. Amy

    Bummer that the last date available to book is in April. We’re hoping to go after the end of June once my little one turns 3 (so we don’t have to pay an hourly fee for daycare.) Hopefully this deal comes back later in the year. 🤞

  8. Melissa

    I am a travel agent and have had so many clients jump on this offer, pair it with the savings mentioned by using discounted gif cards or cashback rewards and it’s a sweet deal. I’ve been on all of the Disney ships and sailed many different itineraries and always had an amazing time. We are one of the agencies mentioned that offer on board credits. So please contact us at info@everaftervacations.com

  9. Missy

    It’s rare to find discounted Disney cruises so take advantage of these rates if you can. They have Florida resident and military discounts more often. If you get seasick, get a prescription for the Scopolamine patch and get a midship cabin. I’ve been on 15 Disney cruises and they are great! I would book with a Disney certified TA because most will give you an onboard credit.

    • Sarah

      Hi Missy! Could you explain a little more about the on board credit? My almost entire family (14 in all) went and our Disney TA said there was no on board credits to give. How is it that some get credits and others don’t? We went the week before Christmas and thought maybe it was the time we went…even though it’s one of the more expensive times.

      • Cathy

        Wow how fun! So jealous!

      • Stormy

        Hello! I went this fall with family and we each had credits in our onboard accounts; she booked our meal table; reserved Palo; set up our tickets for character meetings, etc. etc. Well worth it. No fee to us and I priced her out (she was $3 more than I could do through the site and she’s a friend that I adore, so it was a no brainer). She’s Amy with Travel with the Magic (I can get your her info if needed). She can price DW, DL, the cruise line and Universal. Maybe she can assist you in the future. Hope this helps!

        • Jennifer

          Hi, I’d be interested in her email address too, I’d love to price a cruise out for my family with a TA. Thanks! redsunset32@gmail.com

      • Melissa

        I am very sorry about your experience with your travel agent. On board credit offers are sometimes offered by the cruise line or agency. Disney has not had a special offer in awhile so maybe that is what your agent was referring to.

        I will say this, OBC is nice, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason you book with someone. I have had many clients that have come to me to help them “fix” or plan a trip after they have been booked with someone that offered OBCs and little to no planning assistance. If your agent was great and put in alot of planning in your trip for a large group, perhaps she felt she earned it. You do not pay any more that the Disney rate when booking with an agent.

        I offer on board credits with any booking as a way of saying “thank you”, my OBC amounts differ for room category and other factors. I am lucky in a way because I have loyal clients, they trust me and I enjoy working with them, I feel a little devalued when someone comes to me with an offer they got elsewhere, especially if it is much more than I can compete with being a small business and a single mom. I can tell you what I can do with a specific booking, but I will not go out of my way to “match” an offer, I just can’t.

        I hope that helps. We’d love to give you a quote info@everaftervacations.com

  10. DC

    The no annual fee Disney Visa can be a great way to earn extra money for disney. You get a $200 statement credit when you spend $500 in the first 3 months. There are also cardmember only meet and greets, you get 10% off dining and merchandise, 20% off at Joffrey’s and you can get 0% APR for 6 months on Disney vacation packages booked with the Disney Visa. Cardmember only promotions for resorts stays from time to time and cardmember only meet and greet at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. If you refer your husband he can also get the $200 credit and you get $100 Disney bucks on a card to spend on your vacation. It was a no brainer for my husband and me to get the card. We used it to pay for our vacation. We split the vacation between 2 cards and essentially received a free $500. If you’d like to get one here’s my referral (you have to use a referral to get the bonuses). I’m taking my family for our once in a lifetime trip in February and can’t wait ( and would love some referral Disney bucks to spend to make it extra special for our family, and allow me to be more of a “yes” mom when it comes to treats and souvenirs 🙂
    Earn a $200 Statement Credit with Disney® Visa® Card. No annual fee. I can be rewarded. Learn more.

  11. Chris

    If you are a Costco member and use Costco Travel to book your cruise, instead of onboard credit they give you a Costco Cash card after your cruise instead. If you shop at Costco a lot then it’s definitely an option worth looking at. You can price the cruises online and it will show you the amount of the cash card you will get, so it’s pretty straightforward. It seems like the amount is right around 8% of the cruise price, which seems like more than I’ve seen people getting in on-board credit. (I looked up one of the currently discounted cruises listed above, and the cash card for it was at 8%. I recently booked a summer Disney cruise through Costco and the cash card we’ll get is at about 8% of the cruise price too)

    If you are an executive member then I think you’ll also get back 2% of what you spent on the cruise – just like any other purchase you make at Costco. It might be a little less than 2% as it seems like maybe the taxes or such don’t count, but it’s still close. So, if you are a regular Costco shopper, then that’s almost 10% off the cost of the cruise – super helpful for those popular times when the cruises don’t get discounted. You may not get the same personalized attention you would get from a Disney-specific TA, but if you’re more of a do-it-yourself type, then using Costco as your travel agency is a great option.

    I believe I have read that people were able to also use their discounted Disney gift cards with Costco – they just called Costco Travel when they needed to make the payment and Costco was able to input the gift cards into the Disney system.

  12. SAM

    I keep showing that the system is down. Is that happening for everyone else?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      How odd. I still find the links above to work for me as I click through. Maybe wait a moment and try again or switch browsers. I had success in Chrome on my laptop. Hope that helps!

  13. Angela

    Can someone tell me when Disney typically lists new cruises? I’m looking for an Alaskan cruise but not able to go this summer.

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