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Make money working from home!

Looking for a way to save up a little extra for that next vacation? Or just want to pay off that Christmas debt? With VIPKID.com, you can earn while working from home – and they’re hiring teachers!

They’re specifically looking for teachers who love working with kids and are passionate, enthusiastic, and motivated to work with a company growing at a fast pace in China. In fact, they currently employ over 60,000 teachers working in 35 countries and teach over 500,000 students… but they’re still growing and need more teachers!

VIPKID is also a Strategic Partner of TESOL International Association, the largest global association for English language teaching professionals. And they have won numerous awards because of their innovative business model! In fact, did you know that VIPKID.com was ranked #1 by FlexJobs in Forbes‘ 2018 ‘Top 100 Remote Work Companies Report’?!

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What is VIPKID?

VIPKID provides an international learning experience to children in China between the ages of 4-12. The company is headquartered in Beijing and offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by qualified teachers. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

VIPKID testimonial – happy woman holding up a VIP piggy bank

A few perks of working for VIPKID:

Flexible Schedule

You can work from home or anywhere else that you want – no commuter traffic! You’ll be able to set your own schedule and work as few or as many hours as you’d like. (It’s recommended that qualified teachers be available for at least 7.5 hours of teaching time per week.)

No lesson plans OR grading

VIPKID provides the lesson plans for you to choose from. They even communicate with parents so you don’t have to! You just need a computer, passion, and skills for teaching.

No education degree required

You don’t need a degree in education to be a VIPKID teacher! All you need is a bachelor’s degree in ANY field AND one school-year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.

Earn up to $22/hour from home!

Qualified teachers will teach English to young students online and will make between $14-$22 per hour. Your minimum pay will be determined by your demo class performance and incentives by your monthly class participation and completion.

No teaching HUGE classrooms
Do large classrooms intimidate you? No worries! All VIPKID classes are one-on-one to ensure they meet 100% of each student’s needs.

Check out what Hip2Save readers think…

“Working with VIPKID has been amazing. I love that I can teach early in the morning before my kids go to school. I have met so many wonderful families in China and have a fully booked schedule of regular students. These families take learning English seriously. They want teachers with a North American accent, so they can sound like a native English speaker. If you are not a morning person, don’t worry! You can teach evenings/ nights on the weekends, summers, and Chinese holidays!”

“I am also a teacher and have been with VIPKID for over 2 years and have taught about 2,000 classes. I absolutely love this job, and hope to continue working there for a long time!”

“I absolutely LOVE my job as a VIPKID teacher! I’ve been a teacher now for over 6 months, and I recommend this company to anyone who wants a flexible and fun work from home position.”

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  1. Whitney

    If anyone has any questions about this, I’d be happy to send you some tips/tricks prior to your application process! Email me wperdue321987@yahoo.com! I’ve been teaching with them for the last 4 months and it has been amazing. I love that I can work from phone and set my own hours.

  2. Amy

    How do you teach the classes? I know they provide lesson plans, but are you listening to students practice, coaching them on sounds? Just wondering exactly what it looks like.

    • Amy Williams

      Yes, Amy. The teaching methods differ depending on the levels you teach. For beginner students, there is a lot of repeating involved (you introduce new words and they repeat after you). For advanced students that can read independently, it is more pronunciation correction and testing their comprehension of what they’ve read. You will also be teaching grammar rules, verb conjugations, etc. You and the student will both see the power point slides that VIPKID provides. You control the pace of the slides – Teach the material on one slide and then click to the next one. Each lesson averages about 24-28 slides, so you have to be sure to pace yourself so that you don’t go over the allotted time. As a reference, I had two years of experience teaching in a preschool before I applied. I’ve now taught 290 classes with VIPKID, and I have only ever received 5 Apple Feedback from parents (the highest you can get). If you have any questions about the application process or anything else, I would love to help you! You can email me at amyw0913@yahoo.com or check out the information-packed post that I wrote about VIPKID on my blog: https://thesavvysparrow.com/work-from-home-teaching-english-a-vipkid-review/ .

      • Colleen

        Hi Amy – if I can only work for a few months but not available in the summer, will they mind if I take few months off and then return? Or do they expect a committment / contract?

        • Amy

          Hi Colleen! You do sign a 6 month contract when you get hired, but you are an Independent Contractor and can set your own schedule. This is the info that I found from the VIPKID Teacher Portal in response to the question “How much time can I get off?” … “There is no concept of ‘time off’ for independent contractors. Teachers can open as many slots as they want, and at any time they see fit. Teachers do not have to open time slots if they don’t want to. If you’re going on holidays during the summer and/or winter, and want us to reply to your student’s family just in case they ask, let us know so that we can make the necessary arrangements.” Their Teacher Portal also says that there are no minimum requirements for the number of time slots opened.

          I’ve never taken more than 10 consecutive days off, but when I do go on vacation I just adjust my schedule. I will tell you that it typically takes 6-8 weeks to start getting regular bookings and filling your schedule. So, if you get hired now then chances are that you won’t have all of your time slots filled until sometime in March. Plus, the month of February is typically slow because most students are out of school for Chinese New Year, so it could even be until late March before you have a full schedule. And remember, when I say “Full Schedule” it means that every time slot that you choose to make available gets booked.

          Feel free to email me at amyw0913@yahoo.com if you have any more questions!

    • deanna

      I am also a new VIPKid teacher and absolutely LOVE it!!! I can honestly say that this job is truly fun and full of joy. The children are wonderful to work with, the curriculum and community support are great, and the ability to set your own hours is INCREDIBLE! If anyone has questions email me at deanna25@gmail.com or would like to use my referral link it is below: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=830b85cbf111f7ef036397f2241a9c95&refereeId=11818151

  3. Amy Williams

    Ditto! VIPKID is the best job I’ve ever had! I just signed my second contract! The kids are an absolute joy to teach, and I love that I can set my own hours and go to “work” in my yoga pants. 🙂 I wrote an in-depth post on my blog about everything you need to know about VIPKID, including tips to pass the interview and how to set up your “classroom”! You can check it out here: https://thesavvysparrow.com/work-from-home-teaching-english-a-vipkid-review/ . And feel free to use my referral link in the post when you apply! You can also email me with any questions you may have amyw0913@yahoo.com .

  4. dwackermann

    This sounds great! Unfortunately, I don’t have a bachelors degree. Anyone aware of similar work at home jobs that don’t require a bachelors degree?

    • Ang

      My exact thoughts. I’ve taught for years with joy preschool and church but no bachelor’s degree.

  5. Danielle S

    You guys, if you’ve been in the fence about applying, I suggest that you give it a try. I came across a random Facebook ad for VIPKID 2 years ago. I was tired of running my in home daycare but really wanted to be at home during my kids’ pre-school years. I wasn’t sure it was a legitimate way to earn money but figured I had nothing to loose. Two years later, I have never looked back! It has been the biggest blessing for my family. The hours are early, but the job is amazing! You teach cute little kiddos from the other side of the world while wearing your pj pants. Doesn’t get much better! Then I have the rest of my day free for my kids. Please reach out with any questions! Dscoville09@gmail.com. Link to apply: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=3c10663d19ffc38714d417d3732dbf33&refereeId=3433399

    • vessiegirl

      Hey, I’m not familiar with this company. What are the typical hours for it vs. VIP kids?

      • Danielle

        The hours are the same as VIPKID. I just like the diversity of working for both, so I split my days between the two.

    • Beverly

      For this company do you have to have a bachelors degree? I only have 2 years of college but have tons of teaching experience through homeschool, church ect

      • Danielle

        Yes, you do need a degree for it unfortunately.

  6. Berrysaves

    I have a bachelors but not a year of teaching 🙁

  7. PL

    I actually found a post on hip2save and few months ago. I reached out to Lauren M. To be my mentor. She has been super helpful from the application to teaching my first class (which was today)! I enjoyed every minute of class today, and I can’t wait to teach more students! I hope to be with VIPKID for a long time! Thank you for posting VIPKID on hip2save!!!!

  8. Angela Cravens

    I’ve been with VIPKID since January of last year & I love it at well. For the most part it is just as good as it sounds. The pay is great, the kids are awesome, & it is very easy & rewarding. There are definite cons though as well…the hours some times stink & the hiring process can be a bit tedious. It can take awhile to build up a client base. For me it took about 6 weeks to get my first booking but from there had no trouble (& I hired during Chinese New Year which is their biggest national holiday and a slower teaching time). However some teachers are booked fully right from the start and the company has come up with some great ways to help you get started that wasn’t available when I was hired. I would recommend the company to anyone; it is 100% worth it. I have earned enough this past year to allow us to take an extra family vacation and buy a new truck. I love having control of my schedule; I can work as little or as much as I want. If I can help anyone with anyone questions, you can email me at angie_robfri@hotmail.com and I would be happy to help. For anyone who is ready to give it a try I will list a referral link you can use, and I will help you through the process as much as I cam. I signed up from a post just like this and I have not regretted it at all. Here is my referral link for anyone interested. https://t.vipkid.com.cn/?refereeId=11822912&partnerId=3724772

  9. Eira

    I would love to give this a try but live in an noisy apartment complex with a group of gardeners working on lawns from early morning to late afternoons and weekends too. It drives me crazy. I tried moving my office into the closet but still could hear the noice. If someone has any other clever ideas. Please let me know( besides moving lol).

  10. Lauren Mobley

    Another current VIPKID teacher here! I also serve as a coach and mentor within the company. I absolutely LOVE the flexibility this wonderful job gives me and my family. I am able to continue staying home with my two young kiddos while still contributing to our family’s finances. I actually make as much now as I did as a classroom teacher here in North Carolina! I would love to chat with anyone who may be interested in also pursuing this amazing opportunity! My email address is laurenmac10@gmail.com or find more information here https://t.vipkid.com.cn/activity/popup?refereeId=6783306&refersourceid=a01. Potential applicants who follow the process with a current teacher are more likely to be hired and I would love to help you through the process!


      I applied for Vipkids and have given express interview twice, but was not selected.

      I have work permit and Master degree but unfortunately other than teaching my 2nd grade kid right from her preschool days i don’t have any other teaching experience

      Do they look for language accent ?

  11. CS

    Hello all! I have been thinking about giving this a try for a while. One thing that seems to bother me about this is the number or people trying to get a referral every single time something about this is posted. It is very nice of everyone who offers their time and experience to help complete strangers with the process, of course, but it smacks of multilevel marketing. I know that each person who offers is being genuine and generous—my issue has to do with the company and its practices. I know that it would probably just be a bonus for the referral and isn’t likely something that the company requires of its teachers, but I don’t know. Has anyone else had similar reservations?

    • Bethany Wallace

      I had major reservations. I don’t support multi level marketing. I just joined and I can say with all honesty that I love it and it’s a legit job. I’m getting paid $19.50 an hour. The reason everyone is offering their referral codes is because you can make $100 for each successful referral. It is annoying how much people over-share these codes, but is irrellevant once you are hired. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me: bethanydwallace *at* gmail.com

    • Danielle

      Yep. Not an MLM, but you do get a sweet $100 bonus when you refer a new teacher who uses your link. I’ve helped lots of ppl who didn’t use my link too. But who doesn’t love $100 extra? Haha. It’s a one time bonus. You’re not hired “under” them etc.

    • A

      Yeah, seems kind of shady like MLM

  12. D

    I made an account because I was mildly interested in applying. Now I am getting spam calls everyday and multiple times a day. They are also sending me spam emails. I’m so frustrated. I did some googling around and I’m not the only one that has had this problem. So, unless you are 100% sure about applying and completing your application I wouldn’t make an account.

  13. Amy Jones

    Hey! I totally get that! I’ve also noticed that there are a ton of people who jump on the opportunity to refer people on here! I haven’t seen it as many places as on this website, but I don’t follow a lot of websites/blogs like this. I work for VIPkid, but I’ve actually never had a referral. There is a referral bonus of about $100 if someone you refer gets hired, but it isn’t true multi-level marketing in the sense that it isn’t a pyramid. Other than that referral bonus there isn’t any pay difference for someone who refers people vs. not. I was skeptical about the company at first, but I’ve actually really liked it. It feels really good to do something in the morning before my kids wake up that they can’t undo, haha! It’s fulfilling for me. If you have any questions I’d be happy to help. I’m not looking for a referral bonus, so I promise I won’t start spamming you! But if you do have specific questions because you are actually interested in the company, I’m happy to help. amywjones08@gmail.com

  14. Kandy

    Anyone know how they feel about hiring older teachers? The videos I’ve seen so far have been cutesy little girls with heavy makeup. I’m 55, but I feel like my skin looks older. And it also makes me sound old when I say that I have 30 years of teaching experience.

    • Amy Jones

      In the training videos and workshops I’ve participated in there are a lot of experienced teachers! Most you-tube videos show teachers in their 20’s, but there are definitely older teachers as well. When you apply make sure you leverage your 30 years of experience to get the highest pay they offer ($22/hr). I’d be happy to help if you have any questions. Feel free to email me- amywjones08@gmail.com

    • Michele

      I am 45 and I love it! I teach the babies 3/4 year olds. They keep me young! Lol

      Also look up teacher Melissa on YouTube. She’s older as well!

  15. Bethany Wallace

    I just started at VIPkids. I’ve had so many friends ask me details that I decided to start a blog about my experience: https://teachinginpajamas.com/
    YES, you can make money off of referrals, which is why so many people want you to use their code or link. No, it is not multi-level marketing. It’s a legit job with an hourly wage. If you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to share. Just follow the link to my blog.

  16. Nicole Goff

    I have been working with VIPKID for over a year. I am also a full-time teacher at a high school. This is a great side job! I make a lot of money each month just working for a few hours before I go to my “real job”. I know all the ins & out of passing the interview and getting the highest starting wage. I currently just got a $1 per hour raise myself. I really believe in this company and would love to have other people benefit from it like me & my family have. E-mail me for any additional questions NicRGoff@gmail.com

  17. BiologyQueen

    I have worked for this company for the past year. It has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. I have a full time teaching job and I am able to work a few hours each morning before I go to my “real job”. I would be willing to help anyone get started. I know when I started I had A LOT of questions that were not answered in any of the YouTube videos. This “side job” has been life changing for us, it it TOTALLY legit and I actually just got a $1 per hour raise myself. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. NicRGoff@gmail.com

  18. Michelle Murphey

    I just started teaching in December. My husband was skeptical at first and wondered how legit it actually was. I am happy to say that I have been going strong for 42 days now. I have already taught over 45 classes and I have got only 5 star reviews. I am fresh to the process so if you want someone with recent experience on the hiring process, I am here to help. There is lots of support once you are hired including training videos, live trainings and even meet- ups in your local area. The hours are mostly early mornings and evenings, but that works for me! There is a new Tesol certification you can get, I have some good tips on how to get that and have it be a little less overwhelming. My referral link is: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=5e33836ba020d1e91956cad2fb534747&refereeId=26156251
    My email is Murpheymichelle114@gmail.com if you have questions.

  19. Sinda

    Do they offer any benefits? 401k, paid vacation, etc.?

    • Danielle

      No. You’re an independent contractor. No benefits, and you need to set aside your own taxes

  20. Cassie

    I am a full time teacher and mom to 3. Dad is in school to be a teacher himself so I needed it to fill in the gaps of not having two full time jobs in our household right now. The hiring process was very intimidating I found (which is probably due to my personality) but once you’re hired it is literally the easiest job ever (if you can adjust to the hours.) I teach 2-3 classes every day before work and from 2-6 on weeknights. It was rough at first but I’ve adjusted to the schedule and I can catch naps on the weekend while my daughter does. It’s enough to give me an “extra” paycheck each month. I don’t know how we survived without it! I truly love it and am beyond grateful to have it.

    • cassie

      *2-6 Weekend nights-

      I’m not that crazy…

  21. Dawn

    What are the hours you would be teaching (EST)?

    • VIPKID teacher

      Either early mornings or evening weekends depending on Time zone. Eastern time zone is a little later and Pacific time is really early like 2am- 6am. I am in MST and can teach anywhere from 3:00-7 am. You can open times all night long, but the students are in school and booking are lower during the evening hours.

  22. Mel

    It totally sounds like an mlm, but I have now been teaching for almost 3 years and have taught around 3000 classes. We love the extra $100 added on our paychecks so that is why everyone likes a referral 🙂 I have helped a couple other hip2savers get hired. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at melissamcampbell@gmail.com

    Here is my link if anyone is inclined to start the interview process. https://www.vipkidteachers.com/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=6b8beda6683c75d4a2001bb56db6b545&refereeId=2403323

  23. shop4mybabies

    a family member started with this company, loved it so much they moved overseas to be a fulltime teacher in another country…i’ve only heard good things

  24. Sarah

    I am happy to post my referral link and email address! The company relies on current teachers to bring on board new great teachers! Going through the interview/hiring process was very different from any other job I’ve had, but I also understand it. It’s an internet based, international company in China so it would be extremely difficult to have a hiring process like we are accustomed to here in America. My referral answered all of my millions of questions and provided no pressure responses. I took my time deciding if it was right for me and my family and I am sooo glad I did! I’m not a morning person but I dont mind getting up to teach these cute kids before greeting my own! Nights also work out great too. I love the flexibility and extra income. I love the fun relationship I have developed with many of these students. I have my regulars and we stay up to date with each other’s lives, mail letters and have a bond I wasn’t expecting! It’s amazing. My children even know some of my regulars and know who I am talking about when I tell them who I taught. It’s great!

    I’d be glad to answer any questions and or walk you through the steps of getting hired! Email me before you apply because I have tips for the application too!



  25. Jessica

    Qkids is also pretty awesome to work for!! Let me know if you want more information:) similar but the teaching material is a lot easier and i do literately 5 minutes of “lesson review” to teach. Super fun company! Hello.figueroa@gmail.com

    Totally recommend people to get that hundred dollar bonus, but also because the job is seriously fun. I would say I make about 8 dollars every 40 minutes with zero bonus but have been consistently getting one dollar per class for attendance and one for positive reviews, so ten dollars total every 40 minutes. 🙂

  26. Gina

    How long do you have to be with them to earn the $22 an hour? I know someone who does it and they like it but they only make like $8/hour.

    • Melissa Campbell

      They make $8 per 25 minute class which equal $16 per hour. But, if you start class on time and teach the full 25 minutes you get an extra $1/class…and if you teach 20 hours a month you get an extra $1 per class. Most teachers get roughly $20 an hour when starting.

  27. Tiff

    What about young adult education teaching experience? I taught part time for a little over 2 years in a diploma program for young adults.

    • Sarah

      Totally counts!!

  28. Bethany

    I’d love to tell you more about VIPKid or get you hired! Check out my website: http://www.vipkidstars.com

  29. vipkid teacher

    After 15 years of teaching, I left my brick and mortar classroom to teach online for VipKid. It’s amazing! I absolutely LOVE the flexibility this wonderful job gives me and my family. I am able to continue staying home with my three young kiddos while still contributing to our family’s finances. I would love to chat with anyone who may be interested in also pursuing this amazing opportunity….both full time or part time! It’s really been an awesome experience! VIPKid is currently starting to hire teachers for other expansion projects and for the summer 2019 sessions. If you wish to teach a few classes here and there (evenings and early mornings) or only during the summer months, VipKID is interested in YOU! There are no required hours or week to week commitment as highlighted. My email address is vipkid.ASHLEY@gmail.com or find more information here: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=f461821d88902581abcb4ed62afcacee&refereeId=7250683. Or, if requested, you can use the code: ASHLE0298 Potential applicants who follow the process with a current teacher are more likely to be hired and I would love to help you through the process!

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