TWO Dozen ProFlowers Roses, Chocolates AND Vase Only $23.97 Delivered

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Through February 6th, hop on over to and score a $40 ProFlowers Voucher for just $18 or a $30 ProFlowers Voucher for just $13!

There is a limit of two vouchers per person and two for gifts and the promotional value expires on April 1st, 2019 but the actual paid value never expires.

Combine the Groupon voucher with big savings at ProFlowers for a great deal on flowers!

Check out this deal idea…
Final cost $18 for Groupon voucher + $5.97 for flowers = $23.97 total delivered!
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  1. Joseph

    This did not work for me.

    • Angie (Sweet Sidekick)

      Hi Joseph! I tested this offer and followed the steps above and it worked perfectly for me! Hoping you can get it to work for you too!

      • Joseph

        When I type the 30272563 in it shows a one dozen with chocolate for $29.99.

        • Kelly K

          I just typed in that number and the correct item came up for me.

        • J.H.509

          That’s why I’m hesitant to purchase this Groupon. Sometimes it doesn’t take the voucher. :-\

          • Joseph

            The Groupon voucher provided me with a special link that I had to use otherwise it said it is not valid.

            • J.H.509

              Sometimes it gets really frustrating. Good luck with your purchase. LMK if it and how it goes through. If it works for you I’ll consider purchase. =-O

            • Daniela

              I did not get a special link, I got a redemption code which I added to the pay screen. It took off $40 and I paid $9.02. I am getting 2 dozen roses, square vase and chocolates. Love it! I used ebates for both the groupon and the flowers.

          • Halo

            Took mine with zero problem(s). Also shipping was available..often not as we. Live in the sticks. Thanks so much!

  2. Beth

    Just texted this to several of my friend’s husbands. 🙂

  3. Sandra

    Hi good morning can I use this promotion with pay pal.

    • Angie (Sweet Sidekick)

      Hi Sandra! I am not sure if this deal will work with the Paypal promo. I had the 1-800-Flowers Paypal offer but not one for ProFlowers. If you test it, please let us know if it works!

    • Tammy

      Yes you totally can, I did. It cost me a little more maybe because of the delivery, etc. But it was $18 for the voucher & $8.96 for the rest, but still $27.00 for 2 doz roses & chocolates delivered! that’s the best!

      • Daniela

        Yes you can pay with PayPal.

  4. Daniela

    Ebates 30% cash back!

    • Tiffany

      I read that the ebates cash back couldn’t be used with a groupon code. Did it work for you?

      • Daniela

        It says it, but I always get the cash back. It doesn’t hurt to try. I just got $14.70 back. Shop at home blocks the cash back, it applies and then I think someone reviews orders for groupons and removes cash back.

  5. Michelle

    How do you get (2) vouchers ? It does not allow me to add two of them?

    • DawnPuhalsky

      I have found that usually with groupon, you need to buy 1 voucher and checkout, then buy the second

  6. Sally

    Are these delivered or shipped/mailed?

    • Joseph


    • amy

      I did it last year and it came either UPS or FedEX or similar in a box left on the stairs. You have to assemble it yourself. However I did get notification email letting me know when they were shipped and when they would arrive.

  7. J

    I just ordered the exact item posted, my parents 50th wedding Anniversary is this Friday, the 8th, so this was perfect timing. It came to $27 because u have to remember tax too. My delivery was the cheapest available 12.99 since it wasn’t a popular delivery date. I hope they are nice roses, delivery of flowers have been a hit or miss for me. Usually I buy from Costco but taking a chance.

    • Daniela

      They have awesome return policy if you are not happy with quality, up to 7 days. They will send you new flowers or cash back.

      • J

        Thank you for letting me know! I’ve had flowers look way after their expiration date so crossing fingers these go well.

  8. Ashley Jerzewski

    I was able to use my ebates cash back for a gift card on groupon, which I used to buy the ProFlowers groupon. Then used ebates for the the ProFlowers. The total on ProFlowers including the service charge and taxes was 8.97 out of pocket, awesome deal and surprise gift for my Grandma. <3

  9. sfc_abby

    I followed the steps..not bad at all. I will have them delivered to my mom on Valentine’s day..thank you so much for sharing!! Thank you for all you do!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How sweet! I bet she will love them! You’re so welcome!

  10. sarah

    Heck yeah, 30% back at Proflowers through ebates too!

  11. Luwa

    Going to send these to myself on behalf of my husband 🙂

    • kristierife

      That is exactly what I did and he said Thank you! Because he never knows what to get me and would have spent a whole lot more! 😉

  12. Ivan

    I’m really hesitant since the price is so darn cheap for what you get. Don’t want to roll the dice and disapoint the wife…lol

    • Daniela

      I did this last year for my mom; they are lovely, plus they are so busy stuffing their face with chocolates, nothing else matters. They are very yum.

    • Ellen

      Flowers and chocolate… in the mail… you’re good!! 😉

  13. ashley

    I should send these to myself hahahaha

    • Go Zags

      Yes, you should.

    • Katrina

      Do it!

  14. mo

    For this exact 2 dozen rainbow and chocolate my order total comes out to $54.53 after applying the $40 groupon, the amount owed is $14.53 not $5.xx. What am I missing? Is there an additional code I need to add?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hmm, were you able to follow this step as listed above? “Enter the Groupon Voucher Code in your cart under Special Codes (= $30 or $40 Value) Note that the Groupon code needs to be entered without any dashes; make sure you view the voucher in Groupon to get the correct numbers.”

      If so, maybe try again in a different browser. Hoping it works for you soon!

      • mo

        Yes, ofcourse I followed the Steps just as listed… by far the most irritating deal (no deal) ever.

        • Gretal

          Taxes of course vary. $32 for 2 dozen roses, a vase, and chocolates delivered is still a great deal!

    • Stephanie

      I paid the same amount as you. Taxes and Handling were almost $6 plus the additional $4.99 for Valentine’s Day delivery. But $32 for 2 dozen roses, a vase, and chocolates still isn’t bad. On Valentine’s Day too. I debated delivery on the 13th but decided to put in the $5 for VDay delivery.

  15. kim

    PLUS taxes!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Kim! It appears that tax can vary.

  16. Jessica

    I did this deal last year & was definitely happy with it. Of course you have to assemble it yourself, but not a big deal. My mom loved it! This year I’m doing the Costco deal of roses. Wish me luck!

    • ANGELA

      my total was $9.12

  17. Tracey

    I was going to send this to my friend who has been like a mother to me, but they won’t deliver to an assisted living facility. I thought that was crappy.

    • Sue

      You could have it delivered to you . Then you could deliver it yourself. I’m sure she would appreciate the visit or just drop it off at the facility.

  18. Es

    Tax needs to be factored in I paid:
    $3.95 tax and my total with the $40 voucher was $9.92 + 18 for groupon=$27.92 to deliver flowers 🙂

  19. Rachel

    Used my Ebates cashback as a Groupon gift card and bought the $40 and $30 Groupon. So only payed $8 for the Groupon. Payed $10 for 1 bouquet, and $19 for the 2nd. So $38 for 4dz roses, vases, chocolates and delivery!! Great deal if you ask me!

  20. wendy

    Worked great, thank you for the post! $28 total for me.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re welcome!

  21. Gigi

    Does anyone if this deal will work in the UK?

  22. Olivia

    Wow! Thank you! Use ebates for Groupon and ProFlowers. Right now they have 30% cash back with ProFlowers. I followed the steps exactly except made the purchases in ebates. No issues.

  23. Dani

    Great deal!! I did purchase the Groupon through Ebates (6%) and then the flowers through Ebates as well (30%), but I don’t believe the Ebates will give you cash back if you’re using a Groupon, but it’s worth a shot! It says it went through, but sometimes it kicks it back. Everything worked like you said, mine was a LITTLE bit more ($48.73 total – $40 Groupon = $8.73 but I noticed it also charged me a $2.99 care & handling fee, plus tax and $12.99 shipping) Still a great deal at $26.73 out the door for 2 dozen roses, vase and chocolates! Just in time for my mom’s bday this weekend!! Thanks so much!!

  24. Carrie

    Beware! I ordered flowers for my mom’s retirement from them and they sent me a delivered message, but my mom never got them. I called and they said the local shop needed more money for that arrangement. They would’ve had me believe they delivered if I hadn’t checked! Never again no matter how great the deal.

    • Emily NYC

      When i have ordered it was a box that was fed ex not a local florist. Are you sure it was proflowers? Never had a problem and they are guaranteed for 7 days to look fresh!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! SO sorry to hear about that, Carrie. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  25. Mike D

    For those of you with a Samsung device, SamsungPay is doing 16% cash back through Groupon right now. Just make sure to purchase the voucher through SamsungPay and you’ll be credited the 16% in a few days!

  26. Chris

    Can we schedule this delivery far in advance?

    • dcsalz

      it gave me the option to deliver through April 1 (note that weekend delivery and delivery on Feb 13 in my area were an extra $9.99 delivery option). Also, the Groupon states “amount paid for this voucher ($18.00) with ProFlowers never expires. The promotional value expires April 1, 2019.” Hope that helps 🙂

  27. Jen

    Thanks so much!!!!
    I had no problem at all!!!!! 😀

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Super glad it was so easy to grab, Jen! You’re most welcome!

  28. mkarias1

    It worked for me but I paid $9.02 extra instead of $5.97! This was for flex delivery 2/13 or 2/14.

  29. riss

    I used the groupon deal for my aunt’s birthday in 3 weeks. The delivery fee was $14.95 plus tax and handling fee. And I sent a bonsai plant, not the roses. So my out of pocket total was way higher.

  30. Brianna

    I decided to get the 15 tulips in a vase with chocolates for $19.99. Added a $1.99 pin, so after Groupon I paid $1.34. So under $20 total. I’m so happy! Thanks Hip2Save Team!

  31. dcsalz

    Ordered easy peasy 😉 $9.76 for me in Texas (8.25% sales tax) so $18.00 for Groupon + $9.76 = $27.76 total. Ordered them for my Mom for Valentine’s Day to be delivered on Feb. 12 (better early than late😜)

  32. Darla

    Worked like a charm! My total was $7.05 for delivery this weekend.

  33. Emy

    option, which is the same deal,but $5 less.

    Item # 30276112
    Two dozen rainbow roses with square glass & chocolates
    $24.99 !

    used groupon and paid only $0.99 !
    excluded tax. What a great deal !!

    Hope it helps somebody.

    • Momof4beauties

      Did you get the $30 voucher or $40? Does it apply the voucher towards tax and shipping?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for the heads up on that deal!

  34. Emy

    Oops! Not $0.99 but $0.97 !

  35. Karen

    Ordered for me! I rock, and I know it! 🙂 I wish I’d seen Emy’s post first, but I did go through Shopathome for 5% off the Groupon.

  36. jenniferjunker

    Thanks so much! Early delivery was the only option available to me but it saved me $. Total with Groupon was $21.84 for the roses, vase and chocolates delivered. My daughter won’t care if they’re early! 👍

  37. Kristy

    Woohoo!!! Just purchased the Groupon through Samsung pay with 16% back and a 30% off promo code for $12.60 before cash back, and then bought the 2 dozen roses through Ebates with 30% back and the total extra paid was $3.43.

    Total spent $16.03 and potentially a decent amount of cash back!!!!

    Perfect just because gift for my mom!

    • Kristy

      Update… I received $2 back from Samsung, and $12.29 from Ebates. Final cost was $1.29!!!!!!!!!!

  38. MamaBear

    Worked for me! I bought two. Thank you Hip2Save!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! You’re very welcome! Glad you could grab the savings!

  39. C

    Wow, $18.76 is cheaper than the store. I got 15 tulips and a vase with chocolate and a card. This was a steal!!! Thank you Bryn and team. Hopefully it was worth it, we shall see!

  40. Jill W.

    Did this similar deal last year for my mom. She has always been very frugal and felt flowers were an unnecessary expense but I sent them anyways and she loved them. They lasted almost 2 weeks and she told me every day how much she enjoyed them and said the chocolates were delicious. Was glad to see the deal again, ordered yesterday and the deal went through just like the post described. Thanks!

  41. Erin

    I got the 1 Dozen Red Roses, Mason Jar Vase, + Chocolates for $19.99 item 30276114 with tax + delivery it came to $38.85. I paid $13.50 with student discount for the Groupon, already got .81 back from ebates on the Groupon and 30% back pending for proflowers, so net OOP will be $12.69 – the proflowers ebate. This is a great Valentine’s Deal! I’ve done 2 of these so far, thanks Hip2Save!

  42. eric pell

    Don’t forget about tax AND delivery ON Valentines Day is 4.99…
    I paid $32.00 total with the 18.00 groupon and 14.02 on the site after the groupon with delivery tax and the special 4.99 V-Day delivery.
    Not a great deal, considering I can get 9.99/doz. roses, a vase and choclate for less,

  43. Jim

    Bought the $40 voucher for $20 on groupon then bought the flowers and vase listed above. Paid another $8.50 on the pro flowers website. To be delivered on the 13th.

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