You May Be Eligible for This Ross Class Action Settlement

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Ross garment label showing "comparable value" pricing

Shop at Ross?

If you made a purchase at a Ross store between June 20th, 2011, and the present, you may be eligible to receive a Ross Merchandise Certificate or cash as part of this Ross Class Action Settlement.

Ross prom dress label showing "comparable value" pricing

Who is eligible?

Those who have purchased ANY item from Ross with a price tag that included a “Compare At” price that was higher than the sales price between June 20th, 2011 and the present – and did not receive a refund or credit for the purchase.

If you are eligible, you will receive store credit in the form of a merchandise certificate or cash equal to 75% of the value of the merchandise certificate. The amount of the Ross Merchandise Certificate will be based on the amount of money left in the settlement fund after making qualifying deductions and the total number of valid claims filed.

Ross ivory prom dress label showing "comparable value" pricing

What is a Merchandise Certificate?

Ross Merchandise Certificates do not expire and can be used to purchase ANY item in any Ross store. More than one Merchandise Certificate may be used at a time, and they may be used in conjunction with other promotional discounts that are otherwise available with the use of gift cards or merchandise certificates. You may give your Merchandise Certificates to someone else, but you cannot resell them.

If you would prefer cash over a Ross Merchandise Certificate, you may exchange it for cash in an amount equal to 75% of the Merchandise Certificates at the time of its issuance for up to one year after issuance by returning the Merchandise Certificates to the Claims Administrator unused.

What is this lawsuit about?

The lawsuit alleges that Ross engaged in false or misleading price comparison advertising through the “Compare At” prices on Ross price tags in its stores between June 20th, 2011, and the present in violation of various California laws that prohibit false advertising and unfair competition. Ross denies that it used false or misleading price comparison advertising or has done anything wrong.

Get more information about the lawsuit and Settlement or by emailing them at You can also get a Claim Form or Opt-Out Request on the Ross Pricing Settlement website, or by calling this toll-free number, 1-888-585-1447.

You may be eligible for this Sonic Drive-In Class Action Settlement, too.

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Comments 65

  1. Sandy

    Thanks! Qualified for this one, so I submitted a claim form.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh good! You’re welcome, Sandy!

    • Crystal

      Did u have to print out form and send it through mail?

  2. Luwa

    Any legal ramifications for submitting a claim?

  3. MelissaS

    I don’t know. This seems really petty and I am always surprised by the greediness of some of these. Who was so hurt by this that they had to gather other hurt individuals and hire a lawyer make it all better? Sigh

    • S

      I agree. Our society is ridiculous with lawsuits. Why is h2s suddenly into this type of thing? I know this site is about saving money but i just somt think frivolous lawsuits are the right/moral way to make money. Wish h2s would stick to coupons & deals & fun stuff instead!

      • Daniela

        Most of these claims deal with product and stores H2S promotes and advertises. They can’t just post the positive Target baby wipe deals or the Align CVS deals. If they are being sued for something, we should know as well. Up to your judgement and conscience to claim/submit or not.

    • Sue

      As a consumer, I appreciate H2S and informing of these type of things. I don’t think it’s right that companies take advantage of consumers and selling items under false pretenses of them ‘saving money’ by advertising false prices. It may seem petty to some but these companies could make a big profit when considering the volume of customers they have. As consumers, we have rights and I personally don’t like being taken advantage of.

      • J.H.509

        I completely agree. Hip2save is just looking out for consumers and instead of getting aggravated people should just say thank you or no thanks you. There is no need to go off the handle of you don’t agree. People should try and post positive comments. 🙂

  4. shelly

    This is silly…all the stores do this. TJ max, Marshalls, Kohls “original”prices. I’m not submitting…its just gonna hurt Ross and I like that store!

    • Amy

      Yes, this! I like to shop there. Why drive up prices by taking more money from them?

      • KDG

        That’s why they carry liability insurance. They know what they are doing, and it is wrong. I shop there, but not going to make a claim because I can’t prove or disprove. But, if people have valid claims then it should not be allowed to continue to happen.

        • Judy Trac

          Nobody cares if u make a claim or not. I don’t shop there but will definitely make a claim so I can have stuff for my BIG house

  5. Christine

    I shop at Ross quite often, probably once a week honestly. I LOVE their prices and selection , which is why I shop there so often and for so many different things. I honestly have never paid attention to the “compare to price” or whatever because I still know the prices at Ross cannot be beat! Not even by amazon on A LOT of items, and believe me, I’ve compares prices! Lol so I am not going to submit a claim either, even though I’m more than positive I qualify.

    • Judy Trac

      No u don’t qualify

  6. N

    Ross didn’t base their compare to prices to real ones. Tjmaxx etc base it the price the manufacturer recommends. It was false advertising misleading consumers etc. they can’t do that so they get sued. It is the legal system working to protect consumers.

    • MrsGarfield

      Do people buy things because they save money based on a tag or because the final price is at a level they perceive is good and that they can afford?
      I doubt if I have a dress that says compare at $3,000 and I am selling for $750 people would be fighting over to buy it. People don’t buy anything because they are saving a lot but because the final price is a decent price. At least this is what a savvy person should do.

      • Dillon

        As someone that worked for an international clothing retailer, you could not be more wrong for the majority of the people. The majority of people want the feeling of getting a bargain. One proof point, look at JCPenny. They attempted to get rid of all sales. Just have every day fair prices. Completely flopped and their sales tanked. People no longer perceived getting a value. They went back to the standard practice of higher prices & marking them down.

        • R

          I agree. Marking up prices to then cut it to a “sale” price is a huge attractant.

        • kerRi

          Yes yes and yes. I forgot about that jc penny fiasco !! Lol.

        • MrsGarfield

          Oh well, I am from Europe and my thinking is different. I didn’t want to insult people but I will be blunt this time – it amazes me how the majority of people in the U.S. don’t use their heads when they shop. They see a discount and they go for it. They take these MSP too seriously.
          To me the biggest offender is Kohl’s. They have so many sales. Some of them, good some of them bad, based on their ridiculous MSPs. What amazes me is when I go through their clearance section and I see that a shirt, for example, is on clearance for 30% off MSP and people buy it like hot bread while in actuality it has been discounted a lot more than 30% when on sale.

          • shop4mybabies

            agree with you, to me the biggest offender is amazon and their prices change in seconds. my latest example was today, ordered 4 bags of fake pink crystals for table scatter decorations, paid 10.99 per bag, 5 mins later decided i needed more and they were up to 14.99 per bag. it’s like amazon raises their prices based on demand, ohhh people are buying this, lets charge more.

            as for the class action lawsuits, if you didn’t have a valid purchase there, if you weren’t affected, if you got a fine deal and were happy with your product, please do not participate. It WILL affect the stores bottom line, their profits, their employees and if your claim is not legitimate it WILL make you a thief and a liar. I like a bargain, I like coupons and sales, but dishonesty to get there is an ugly business.

      • Amy

        Yes, I never even look at the original price, I could care less as long as I’m getting a good deal! Especially at a store like Ross! Sure, at Dillard’s or Nordstrom I might like to see the original, but at Ross I don’t care!

  7. Jess

    Ugh, people will sue for anything. There are too many petty people out there.

    • looreen

      People will sue for anything yes i agree but honestly, you have to agree, if this is true of Ross, they potentially made millions off deceiving us. That is not ok.

  8. Mel

    I don’t know….I kind of feel like this is petty. We all know prices are inflated and everything is always on sale. Like, when you check out at Kohl’s and you’ve spent $50 but your receipt says you saved like $300. I just roll my eyes and move on.

    • Sha

      Exactly! My son & I talked about them today. Ditto

      • Sha

        @ Mel

    • Ok

      Kohl’s is really bad about exaggerating the original starting price

  9. R

    I’m sure I shopped at Ross but I’m sure I wouldn’t have a receipt lying around. Anyway, it may be petty to some and important to others. Each to his own.

  10. R

    On the Sonic settlement, my sister used her credit card there and her information was stolen and used to purchase items in another state. So I do think some of the settlements are important.

  11. Judy Trac @ lipscomb

    Why are they being sued again? For jacking up compare at price? I’m confused

    • simeon

      Umm..what’s confusing?

    • Jennine

      It was confusing understanding who qualifies in the beginning of the post. If you read to the end or scroll to the bottom it basically sums it up like you have.

  12. coulter

    These class action suits are extremely important !! Some def more frivolous than others but necessary nonetheless. While it might not add much in each individuals pockets, big business needs to learn there are consequences to their deceit etc..
    There have been many recently including this one & sonic that affect me. Although i choose not to participate, it still puts these companies on blast so that they can rethink their day to day and/or behind closed door tactics. If nothing is said or done, companies either think we dont notice, or even worse, think we dont care enough to call them out !! A previous commenter said they pay zero attention to the “compare at” prices. Thats me also LOL. But apparently some people do. One way or the other, large companies have to stop taking customers for granted.

  13. Hahahahaha

    And lo and behold….look its judy !!! 🤣🤣

    • K


    • Judy Trac @ Lipscomb

      Do I know you?

    • Judy Trac

      Do I know u?

  14. Roeseeohh

    This wasn’t a known thing? I honestly never paid attention to the compare at price bc I thought everyone knew they put it higher on purpose to make their price look like a better deal. I usually buy things if I feel like the price that is on there is good for me or not. And I think it’s up to each person to do their own research on pricing. As for me, I always shop with my amazon app open and scan things or look up similar items to see if it’s a good deal or not. I score big the other day with play doh set that I got for $5 at Ross and it was selling for $18 on amazon. And a 4 step stool for $30 when on amazon comparable ones were $60 and up.
    I shop the same way at target.

  15. Megan

    I wonder how many of those that are complaining that this is pretty are submitting a claim? 🤣🤣
    I’m just doing the “moral” thing. Yeah right.

    • Mel

      Not me! I wonder how many people will submit a claim having never shopped there!

      • Judy Trac

        Nobody cares if u make a claim or not. I don’t shop there but will definitely make a claim so I can have stuff for my BIG house

  16. Gisette

    I’ve only shopped with them a couple of times not really worth adding my name to the list.

  17. jlg

    Shoot, obviously some people didn’t get the $250 or $300 Target gift card from 1 of these “petty” class action lawsuits! If you’re willing to jump through all these hoops to get free toothpaste, etc, you should have no complaints with filling out a quick form to get free gift cards & checks in the mail! Plus it kind of feels great when companies are held accountable & have to pay us for their deceiving ways…God knows none of us will ever be fully compensated for all their shenanigans that cost us money – not even close.

    • Michelle

      Right!!! I got $200 gift card from Harbor Freight so if I shop at the store I will gladly add my name to the list….it takes less than 2 minutes!

  18. jlg


  19. Mel

    and yet you mocked someone for their opinion, which is dumb. So what if that’s her opinion. Does it hurt your feewings? Grow up!

  20. irene

    As a price-conscious shopper, I always glance at the “compare at” price if I’m not familiar with the brand. It helps me gage the relative quality and wether the selling price is fair and I like the feeling of big savings. If anything, I have noticed TJ Maxx original prices are lower than usual recently. They seem to be skewing the other direction to avoid this very situation with Ross.

  21. victoria furtado

    Thank you for this post! I have been using H2S for so many years and appreciate all it has to offer. When I saw this post I was curious and certainly read the details. I am a Ross shopper and while I was sure I had shopped there during the time frame I wanted to be more certain of the “Compare At” pricing tag in question. I bought two dresses for my daughter’s graduation because I couldn’t decide at the moment of purchase and when I got around to returning they wanted to give me $.49 (paid $29.99). I understood it was my fault for taking so long to return but $.49! Needless to say, I put it back in the closet and this is where I found my confirmation to join the lawsuit.

    • mgna

      The company should pay (via joining the lawsuit) because you, the consumer, waited too late to return an item? Most companies will only offer the lowest selling price without a receipt. Items must be clearanced after its season. Why should that be wrong?

  22. Angela

    Still waiting on my Tuna…….Anyone else still waiting?

  23. R

    Still waiting on the cruise line harassment settlement.

    • ana

      Did you fill out the email they sent? Where you had to prove your phone matched your name? Our family’s phones qualified for the settlement but due to fraud it got to complicated. I would’ve done it but we didn’t get the information in in time.

      • R

        I did. Still nothing.

  24. Tia in FL

    I wish their was a settlement that could force them to hire more cashiers. Their lines are absolutely insane. I walked in and out this past Saturday because there wasn’t any way I wanted to stand in line for 30 minutes.

    • Cara

      So much this. There are 4 cash registers at my store and they usually only have 1 open with about 20 people in line.

  25. Kay

    Thank you, H2S, for posting any of these class action settlements. Thanks for looking out for us consumers n just keeping us informed. It’s up to us to submit a claim. As for u, ur always doing a great job.

  26. annabelle

    Another store with laughable original prices is Joanns. I worked there yeeeears ago. When u set up a display and along with the display is a 50% off sale sign, u know joann thinks their customers are morons. It was strange to me to see their marketing strategy. If a product isnt 50-60% off then they literally give u a 50% off coupon in the paper or at the door. But as i said, while joann thinks their customers are airheads, we know at the same time about their “extravagant sales”

  27. Dealzgurl

    I completely agree. I love H2S but when they publish something that’s not relevant to me, I just keep scrolling past because it is truly their prerogative. They are just trying to help educate, inform, and save us money while earning a living themselves. No sense in shooting the messenger.

  28. Carrie

    I spent so much money at Ross in 2012-13. Yikes!

  29. jen

    Key wording to take note of for who is eligible…. “Those who have purchased ANY item from Ross with a price tag that included a “Compare At” price that was higher than the sales price between June 20th, 2011 and the present – and did not receive a refund or credit for the purchase.”

  30. MP

    I never know if something is a good deal based on pricing. Maybe my memory isn’t very good. So I go off of original, msrp, or compare to pricing. I’m probably one of the few who actually is gullible enough to be affected by this. Luckily, I don’t shop at Ross very frequently (I’m mostly Gabes shopper).

  31. Sherry

    I don’t shop Ross anymore because I get better deals shopping sales at other stores. When I did shop Ross I knew the compare at prices were made up, I feel like much of the merchandise was defective or Factory 2nds as most everything would break or fall apart after a few uses. These class actions are important because they ensure that businesses do not continue with deceptive practices to trick consumers.

  32. jen

    Just received the merchandise credit in the mail today!

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