Work From Home Opportunity: Hilton Hiring At-Home Workers in Customer Service (Select States)

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Work from Home Job Opportunity

Looking for a work at home opportunity?

If you’ve been wanting to work from home, check out these Remote Sale and Customer Representative positions that are available with Hilton!

Note that you must live in one of the following 28 states in order to apply: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin or Wyoming!

These work from home jobs involve answering inbound calls and helping customers with their needs, which includes advising, selling, responding to inquiries/requests and resolving customer issues and complaints. You will be answering back-to-back calls throughout your shift.

In order to apply, you must have excellent communication skills and a reliable, high-speed wired internet connection (no WiFi). You will need to provide a quiet work environment or home office, free from noise and distraction for your full shift.

Shifts are varied and may include evenings, holidays and weekends. You will receive training through virtual sessions and self-paced modules.

Head HERE for more information!
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  1. laura

    As a Hilton Gold Member I am kind of perturbed that the only states they are hiring virtual workers for are the ones where the minimum wage is in sync with the low federal minimum wage. Shame on Hilton, treat employees as you do your guests!

    • susan salt fallon

      As a Hilton Gold, Marriott and Starwood Platinum, and Hyatt Globalist, I completely disagree. A higher minimum wage doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The cost of EVERYTHING then rises. And as an article in the Chicago Tribune just stated, don’t workers realize that a mandated higher minimum wage translates to more automation (eg McDonald’s self-order kiosks) and less jobs?

      • Suzanne

        You work for $7.25 an hour and raise a family. That’s the national minimum wage. Good luck with that.

        That’s $15,000 a year. I can list all of my platinum and other statuses too, but it’s about respect for human beings, and paying a livable wage. Chicago has more than 500 murders every year because people turn to drugs since they can’t otherwise make a livable wage. You can cherry pick articles, but there are plenty that support why it’s important to not essentially force people to live in poverty. Neither of us got our platinum gold fancy schmancy statuses making $7.25 an hour. All people deserve decency, and a respectable wage for hard work done.

        • Kimberly

          I started out making minimum wage and I earned gold status. I worked my way through college paying for it on my own with loans and that minimum wage job. It isn’t meant to be a career – it’s meant to bridge a gap, cover some expenses. As a salaried worker there are weeks I have to put in 60 hours and when I break it down it can be less than $15 an hour – but it comes with the job. My told status is because I continued to work; move up the ladder, get more education etc.

          • Alex

            Amen Kimberly. I was telling my daughter’s pediatrician recently that I order fresh organic baby food and have it delivered because it’s easiest and healthiest for her. She huffed and goes “well you’re lucky to be able to do that:”
            No, I’m not lucky. I paid my way through 6 years of college. I busted by butt working full time through college, starting at minimum wage. It’s not luck, it’s called hard work. Nothing has been handed to me.
            People should be paid according to the level of skill required by their job.

            • Nicole

              You’re incredibly ignorant. There are plenty of people with degrees making minimum or barely more than that.

            • Tara

              Not everyone is meant for college. That doesn’t mean they should be given a wage that is not livable.

            • Tara

              Oh–and just so you know–I’ve been on my own since a very young teen and nothing was ever handed to me either–ever.

            • Cassandra T White

              Wow, I am sorry she/he reacted in this manner.

            • JenniferR

              Data shows that the average minimum wage worker is 35 years old, 91% are 20 or older, 34% are 40 or older, 58% are women, 28% have children and, on average, they earn more than half their families’ total income.

              Minimum wage is a trap. It’s a cop out that corporations use to avoid paying a livable wage. Take a look at productivity and the CEO-worker pay gap. The fruits of our labor are flowing up. You can deny facts, that tells me all I need to know. It’s ok, the universe loves irony and there’s a very good chance you’ll find out how difficult it is to find a living wage job.

              As for the person who argued that they “worked for everything”, you should look into research that shows that households of color earn, on average, way less than their white counterparts. The average African American college graduate earns the same as a white high school graduate. So when you pat yourself on the back for having “worked hard”, and I’m sure that’s true, so have I, it should be with the understanding that you may have a bit of an advantage.

              • SAS

                Wow! Why does it always come back to color? The facts are if two equally qualified people apply for the same job & one is white, one is of color, the one of color will get it every time. Most of the time, if the white person is more qualified, the person of color will still get the position. The scales used to be tipped to the white (that was wrong), now they’re tipped the other way & that’s wrong too. The scales should be even & the most qualified person should get the job, regardless of color.

        • Eve

          Oh gosh. Chicago has high murder rate not because of people turning to drugs due to low minimum wage. It’s because of gun violence and gangs.

          • Suzanne

            Oh gosh. Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power. Gangs use gun violence to fight over drugs, and the territory they sell them on.

            This one’s on Baltimore, but applies to Chicago as well:

            In regard to the other comment about minimum wage being a stepping stone, 24 million Americans make no more than $10.10 an hour. I started at minimum wage too and certainly understand the importance of education and working hard, but if you think that’s everything though then you live a life of privilege. Appreciating our privilege is all about humility. Be grateful for your health, your intelligence, and the other gifts you have. Not everyone is as equally fortunate.

            All done. Back to topic.

            • Ok

              Thank you for bringing up good points Suzanne. It is all too easy for some to say to “work harder” and climb the ladder to success but many times there are other issues at the same time such as not having parents that can provide free child care, while they go to school or work, etc for example. It doesn’t mean that they don’t bust their butts off working.

          • Lel

            The gangs are a draw because they provide a way of life to youth who have very little opportinity. Don’t kid yourself that it doesn’t boil down to economics.

      • Ann

        Susan, 100% agree!

      • BelleNteriors

        You make a valid point, however those changes are coming anyway, and therefore paying people less than what they’re worth until a company transitions to the next phase of THEIR success, via automation, technology, etc., is just not cool. These companies are making billions and their employees are living in poverty. I graduated with a bachelors degree and all that got me was 65,000 in student loan debt and a 10 dollar and hour job!

    • Nicole

      Starting rate is $11 per hour.

  2. Aleshia

    What is the pay scale for this?

  3. Court

    What are the hours

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Shifts can vary, you would need to apply and speak with Hilton for more specifics. Hope that helps!

  4. DebY

    Just wondering….if you are working remotely, why does where you live matter? Things that make you go hmmmmmm

    • Kimberly

      It’s because of taxes and state legislature

  5. MeMe

    It matters where you live because the may have to provide in home technical support, etc.!

    • Suzanne

      Or because in some states, such as the ones listed, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, whereas in other states the state mandated minimum wage is $9, $11, etc.

      • DealGetterRN

        I live in ND where our minimum wage is $7.25- we weren’t included though. Oh well.

      • Amber

        I had to look in to this to see if it was true. For anyone else interested: From the list, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio all have higher starting minimum wages than $7.25. The only state that does have the $7.25 minimum wage but is not listed as hiring is North Dakota.

        Also, per Hilton’s FAQs, base pay for this job is $11/hr. After training, you’re eligible for monthly incentive payouts that average $250. “Individual incentive payouts will fluctuate up or down based on business seasonality and personal performance.”

  6. ebonymonet

    So I clicked the link and applied and then I started getting text messages from a virtual assistant of some sort..I answered the questions..then it said to click a link and submit a form but the link says NOT FOUND..when I texted back and said the link was not working..I got the message I’ll text you when you submit the form..thanks

  7. Tia in FL

    I applied a few weeks ago and got turned down. I’m more than qualified, but I haven’t had a full-time job in many years. This position is full time only. I live in FL and it was more than minimum wage but I don’t remember exactly. You have to answer questions via text and then answer interview questions via video on your phone. I keep getting emails asking me to do a 5-7 min survey re: how the interview process was. Why the heck would I give you 5-7 min of my time when you rejected me! Lol

  8. Marci

    The starting pay for this remote position is $11/HR. Plus incentives. Discounts and medical/dental/vision benefits etc.

  9. Lisa

    It is primarily evenings. They hired me. I went and worked at Nordstrom through liveops. Better pay & better hours (average 15-20) however you must, must have call center experience.

    • Amy

      Minimum wage jobs are and never were meant to be careers. Huge shout out to the people on this thread for posting the real details of this gig. To the rest of you- This website is meant to help EVERYONE shut up about your political views already. We’re all sick of it!

  10. Arty

    anyone know of any work from home jobs in California?

  11. Amber

    People think college degrees = high paying jobs. Nope. Employers are offering low pay and require college degrees. This is in California where the prices are already sky high. My husband has a college degree and ton of experience. Barely anyone would hire him and he had to accept a low paying job. He’s not bilingual so he was already eliminated for most jobs. It is easy for some and hard for others based on so many factors.

    • Janet

      College degrees don’t equal high paying jobs. Nor does no college degree mean a low paying job. It comes down to what field you choose, and your work ethic. My 23 year old son chose to teach himself computer programming, didn’t go to college and has been working since age 18. He currently makes $100K annually because of his work ethic.

  12. Brittany

    I interviewed with Hilton for this very position. The main thing is the hours aren’t meant for someone who has a family. You literally have to work whatever hours are given to you and that’s that. You know what hours they want you to work the most?? Anywhere from 1pm to 11pm. So if you live alone, no one to care for except yourself, this position will work for you otherwise if you have a family, you can forget about it.

    Here’s the kicker though, back when Hilton first started its work from home program, you could work whatever schedule was convenient for you. You would pick from a list of schedules and work that. It was dubbed family friendly flexible schedule or something to that effect. Now anyone that is newly hired will get the crappy shift that no one wants and you won’t have a life.

    • Janet

      That’s the way it is with most companies…new hires get the least desirable shifts, responsibilities, clients, etc. And Hilton is letting prospective employees know that up front. There’s nothing wrong with that. And some people with a family want to work after the kids have gone to bed. Seems like this might be a preferable schedule from somebody with infants and toddlers whose husband gets home early (a lot of people in the trades work a very early shift.)

      • Brittany

        Lol, A mother with an infant or a toddler could never work this job. You literally have to stay on the phone your entire 8 hour shift, you get a small break here and there but there cannot absolutely be any interruptions. There has to be complete silence in the background. Every call is monitored and the moment that the call monitor detects unwanted noise you’re fired with no explanations. They tell you this from the beginning that there must be complete silence. And this job doesn’t allow you to start work after the kids have gone to bed. Your shift starts at about 1pm or 2pm and ends about 9pm or 10pm. What kid goes to bed at 1pm?

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