Our Top 10 Dollar Tree Finds for March 2019

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a bright green cactus cup at Dollar Tree

Do you love shopping at Dollar Tree as much as we do?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve put together our top 10 finds for March 2019 – and all these items are just a buck!

1. Baskets and organization products

Dollar Tree Storage Bins

Need to get organized? Dollar Tree carries a huge variety of baskets perfect for organizing your home! Want more organizational tips using Dollar Tree items?! Check out this post and watch Collin’s live video here!

Plastic Slotted Storage Baskets with Handles
Just $1
*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36 baskets)

2. Mid-Mod tableware

mis-century mod drinking glasses at Dollar Tree

How cute are these paisley glasses – and they’re only $1 each! There are even mugs pot holders, napkins, placemats, and more!

3. Spring seasonal decor

bunny welcome sign at Dollar Tree

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to break the bank with this fun holiday decor! These little bunnies are adorbs! Check out more Easter Decor finds at Dollar Tree!

Welcome Wall Sign with Bunnies
Just $1
*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36 signs)

4. Reusable totes

Farmer's Market shopping bag at Dollar Tree

I love keeping extra reusable totes in my car, and these are perfect for running errands!

Large Printable Reusable Tote Bags (styles may vary)
Just $1
*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36 totes)

5. Oral hygiene products

dental floss for kids at Dollar Tree

These cute little flosses and toothbrushes will make taking care of teeth so much more fun!

Plackers Fruit Smoothie Swirl Flossers with Fluoride 30-count
Just $1
*Minimum of 1 case if ordering online (24 Plackers)

Firefly Licensed-Character Toothbrushes 3-count Packs
Just $1
*Minimum of 1 case if ordered online (36 3-count packages)

6. Food storage products

food storage containers at Dollar Tree

It’s so much easier to save money on lunches when you have some great grab-and-go containers. These Rubbermaid are my favorite!

Rubbermaid Take Alongs Square Plastic Storage Containers w/ Lids 2-count Packs
Just $1
*Minimum of 1 case if ordering online (12 2-count packs)

7. Craft supplies

art books at Dollar Tree

My youngest loves crafts, and Dollar Tree has such a great collection of craft items!

Artist Line 50-Sheet Sketch Books
Just $1
*Minimum of 1 case if ordering online (36 sketchbooks)

Crafter’s Square Mini Hot Glue Sticks 20-count
Just $1
*Minimum of 4 units if ordering online (4 20-count packs)

8. Themed party supplies

emoji gift bags at Dollar Tree

These on-trend party supplies will put a smile on your gift recipient’s face without putting a dent in your wallet!

Licensed Character Gift Bags
Just $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36 bags)

9. Fix-it items

paint brushes in various sizes at Dollar Tree

Spring is in the air, and there’s something so fun about starting new projects! Thankfully, I can score some cheap brushes and a level for my other projects! Speaking of home projects, have you checked out our NEW site?!

Tool Bench Paint Brushes 3-count
Just $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordered online (24 3-count packages)

Tool Bench Plastic 16″ Level
Just $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordered online (24 levels)

10. Cute & fun items

donut tape dispensers at Dollar Tree

I never even knew I needed this tape dispenser until I saw it. It’s so cute! What a fun Easter basket idea for a college student, too!

Jot Donut-Shaped Tape Dispenser
Just $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordered online (24 donut tape dispensers)

cactus plastic mugs at Dollar Tree

These plastic cactus pen holders add a bright pop of color, so even paying the bills feels a little less prickly. You could even stuff gift cards and candy in these to create a fun gift!

Cactus Plastic Pen Holder
Just $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordered online (24 cactus pen holders)

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Comments 50

  1. Quentin

    I like the movies you can get in store for a buck. Some of them are actually blurays. These were the item of the week for March 1st.
    Some of the same titles you can get at Wal-Mart or Best Buy for $5 – $10 bucks.
    A pretty good deal at Dollar Tree.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I agree! Great deal to grab for sure! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Nichole

    And the books

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! The books are great too! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Laurie

    I use the kid (Disney reusable bags) as my present bags

    • Sara

      I love to use those for gift bags too!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I have done that too! Such a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Emily

    They have awesome hard back books!

    • Jess

      Great idea

  5. Ginger

    The paisley dinnerware collection is super cute!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I know! I’m loving it too! Thanks for the feedback, Ginger!

    • DD

      I just bought this beautiful collection today from there. Dishes are nice quality and love the matching towels and oven mitt. Very pretty design.

  6. Sara

    What fruit flavors are in those flossers? I don’t like raspberry or grapefruit anything.

    Dollar Tree is the only place I can find unflavored flossers. I can’t stand any mint stronger than spearmint. My body rejects almost anything with menthol in it. Peppermint is 40% menthol while spearmint is only 0.5% menthol.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      It looks like the flavor for those is “Fruit Smoothie Swirl”. Hope that helps!

  7. Tracy

    I literally just got home from the Dollar Tree. How I spent an hour and $42 in there is beyond me. Found some awesome stuff that I needed and didn’t know I wanted.

    • mamamia

      omg this was me last week, an hour and twenty minutes!!!

      • Tracy

        I LOVE Dollar Tree. I just don’t go often so, when I do, that happens. lol

  8. Lisa

    Those Tupperware-like food storage containers are perfect to send to school for conference meal leftovers.

    • Cat

      What is a conference meal?

  9. Lucy

    Dollar tree is the only store I feel like I can have a guilt free shopping spree in! I hope they don’t decide to raise prices on some items due to pressure from investors.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I love a Dollar Tree shopping spree too, Lucy! SO fun to find great items for so cheap!

  10. Daniela

    If you find Italione Cookie Butter and Hazelnut spread jars, buuuuuuy. Delish. I use it instead of chocolate on S’mores.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Ooh! That does sound yummy! Thanks for the heads up! We’ll have to keep an eye out for those!

  11. BP

    Today I found really nice glass stemless wine glasses, made in the USA! I wanted to buy the whole shelf, but I should make sure the etching creme works on them before I go that far and make a year supply of gifts! I was there to find safety pins, which I wandered around for too long not finding and then found them at the check out aisles! 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh neat! Thanks for sharing your find with us!

  12. Flgrl017

    TJ Maxx has a lot of reusable bags online for .99 cents each. They are larger than dollar tree, and imo, they’re cuter. I buy them when Tj’s has free shipping no min. They have free ship about once a month.

    • Ok

      I love the Tjmaxx or Marshall’s bags! Cute designs. Also Burlington Coat Factory also has large reusable bags for 0.99

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh wow! Thanks a bunch for letting us know about those! Such a great find!

  13. Judy Trac

    Everything is a dollar for a reason!!!!!! The stuff are cheaply made

    • Stacy

      Simmer down Judy . . . We all know this and accept this fact so no need to comment about it on a post for saving money. Also, in case you were unaware, they do also carry name brand items on close out in addition to their “cheap” normal stuff so it ain’t all as “cheaply made” as you say. Good day! 😎

    • Amy

      Yes, most is junk. But SOME is not. It is fun finding the stuff that is not.

    • Mrsg

      Some things like greeting cards, party supplies, craft supplies, bubbles that are used once and thrown out are awesome deals! It’s going to be consumed quickly so it doesn’t matter. Their door hangers and seasonal stuff I use multiple years.

    • shop4mybabies

      not everything is cheap, some is name brand, i’m a total snob. I do not shop at discount stores like Ross or Tj Maxx, I don’t thrift store, I prefer to avoid Wal-Mart, but a few items I will not purchase anywhere but the dollar tree. First, helium balloons, they have the cutest balloons, but more importantly they have the best helium and they will still be fully inflated weeks after purchase. Second, coloring books, they have thick, nice quality coloring books for kids with all the latest characters. These retail 4-6 bucks at other stores. Third, greeting cards, either 2 for a 1 or 1 each, and the same cards you get other stores, just maybe older designs.

  14. Beth

    I like the dollar tree and I just go in there for a few things sponges, sadwhich and snack bags, foil, cards…

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Those are some of my weekly Dollar Tree buys too! Thanks for sharing with us, Beth!

  15. HBee

    When I can buy a freezer area (some don’t have them) I buy the frozen fruit for smoothies. The cheapest I’ve been able to find anywhere. I also buy shelf stable milk there to use in recipes. Good to have on hand for emergencies.

  16. brindhaG

    Yesterday i found small stretch canvas for artwork and nice single tubes of acrylic paints. Also so much variety of party utensils, got some photo booth props. So cute.if we go on vacation i always see if they have a dollar tree near by the hotel as we get almost all the stuff we need for temporary use without lugging everything on a plane.

    • Sara

      My kids love to do canvas paintings but that can get expensive, even with coupons for Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Joann’s. The DT canvases are perfect for this! There are so many hidden treasures there!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for the tip! Such a great idea!

  17. Sara

    I love their sensitive toothpaste. I’ve found it to work just as well as the much more expensive Sensodyne. I also love the Bolero brand face wipes. They are nice and thick and continually have different scents. DT is also my go-to for gift bags (the reusable shopping bags are great for this!) and greeting cards. It kills me to pay $5 for a gift bag & $4 for a card for a kids birthday party that will just end up in the trash! I’ve also found a lot of t-shirts there. My kids have to wear uniforms to school but are also allowed to wear school “spirit wear” which includes t-shirts with their school name/mascot on them. I can buy the shirts at DT then take them to Play-it-Again sports and pay $5 to have different school designs applied.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for sharing your favorite buys with us! Love all of these ideas!

  18. Lisa

    If you keep one of those little paint brushes in your car, it is super handy to dust the vents and crevices. I find myself doing this while waiting in drive thrus

    • RJK

      Great idea!

  19. missesk

    Lisa. Awesome idea! I’m totally buying one just for that purpose! Thanks!

  20. Deb E

    I stopped today on the way home from my walk back from Ralph’s (already with a full backpack!) but wanted to take a gander at the cute faux cactus, and found they are really nice for the price. I mentioned this week under another Dollar Tree post, the great sun readers ( both sunglasses and readers) I found (I only need +1.50 but they had a wide range of magnifications and colors) but it was on an end cap at only one of the two stores I shop at here in SoCal so probably not available at all stores. You can get them by the case online though. I’ve used them already and really like them. I like to keep an eye out for name brands too but appreciate these posts and totally getting a paint brush to clean my car’s air vents! Thanks and keep the ideas coming!

  21. Anonymous

    I wish Dollar Tree would be more competitive with the 99 cents only chain. The merchandise in a 99 cents only stores is pretty incredible in comparison. I’ve found nice wine, salvaged items from Target (Still w/the Target label on them), awesome kitchen accessories, tons of name brand snack foods, Plum Organics baby food (usually that is so pricey!), etc. Now the Dollar Tree does have a much nicer card selection though.

  22. Mandi

    I like the mesh pop-up hampers. I bring a few (we have 5 of us) on trips so we can keep dirty laundry corralled (off the floor) and separate from clean laundry until we pack up for home – super light and small and fold flat. I’ve always planned to use one on trips to the beach (drains water and sand) but I never remember 🙂 lol

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      What a great idea Mandi! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  23. Pam D

    Dollar Tree is great when you are shopping for a big event on a limited budget. I just bought those adorable cactus pen holders for table favors for an event I am working on! I am putting candy in the bottom and rolling the napkins and placing them in the top for each place setting!! Now I don’t have to purchase candy cups or napkin rings!

  24. Karen A

    I just found Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mug Cakes (four per box) at Dollar Tree. They were very yummy. Expires in May 2019.

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