Fisher-Price Recalls 4.7 Million Rock ‘n Play Sleepers

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Do you have one of these sleepers?

Fisher-Price just announced a recall of the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Since the sleeper was released back in 2009, there have been at least 30 infant fatalities when the baby rolled over in the seat while unrestrained.

These sleepers were sold at most major retailers, and all models of the 4.7 million units sold are included in the recall. If you purchased one for your little one, you should immediately stop using it and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or voucher.

For more information, contact Fisher-Price at 866-812-6518 from 9am to 6pm ET Monday through Friday or visit the Fisher-Price service website and click on “Recalls & Safety Alerts”.

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Comments 64

  1. Katrina

    I have to say, when my twins were bro

  2. Selah

    Why would they recall when the accidents are due to user error and not product defects?

    • Alli

      That’s what I’m sayin. It makes no sense.

    • Lauren

      Not all of the deaths have been user errors according to the most recent findings.

  3. Ellen

    This annoys the crap out of me, my daughter was in hers what seemed to be forever I mean almost 2!!! with no issues!!! It’s called use it correctly WITH the safety belt!!! Just like the people that put their kids in a Bumbo on top of tables and they fell over or out 🙄

    • Jennifer

      Exactly. I’d have never given mine up.

    • T

      Completely agree! Mine had sever reflux and this was a godsend and used appropriately WITH the belt!

    • Heidi

      My 2.5 year old still rocks in it while reading books in the afternoon with me…it’ll be a sad day when it’s too small

    • Britt

      Not all the deaths were from improper use. Read the report!

  4. Liz

    More than 30 families lost the lives of their children. Maybe these devices were to blame, maybe not. Unfortunately when you manufacture a product that is easy to misuse, you can be held liable for injuries. It’s how our legal system works, and it’s to the public’s benefit.

    I’m not sure we would have survived without ours and I’m sad to say we gave ours away because now we won’t be able to get one if we have a third. 🙁

    • T

      It’s how the legal system take advantage of loopholes to make money…bottom line.

      • Lisa

        This isn’t about a company making a product that can be misused … almost everything can be misused! it’s our legal system and lawyers/people wanting to profit from those errors. There’s a buckle, so use it. You use a buckle on your kids and yourself in a car all the time and how often are you involved in car accident? If there is a buckle (in a car seat, in a stroller, a shopping cart, etc) it’s meant as a safety device to help prevent an accident. If you don’t use it, there are consequences for those actions. I’m not sure how this becomes the manufactures fault.

  5. Sunflower

    My daughter never liked being in hers. We probably had a total of 1 hour of use from this product that I had for a year. I was in the process of giving it away last week. I’m glad I didn’t. I would of felt really bad giving away something that’s recalled.

  6. Emy

    I agree – this is NUTS !! Accidents happen and usually to those that are not using the products responsibly and correctly. I used these for all of my kids & they were a lifesaver. I always recommend the rock & play as a ‘must have item’ when someone has a baby.

    • Kim

      Same girl, same! We loved ours and used it with two of three of my kiddos.

  7. Kerri

    I used this for both my kids and plan on using it for my 3rd because it really worked well. My daughter was in it while sleeping in my room for the first 4 months and my son in my room until 2 months. My biggest issue I learned with my daughter is that she got a flat head in the back.

    • Susan

      Same for my baby flat head was n issue other than that it was a life saver for us

  8. Laura

    Both my kids had one of these…We loved them! So convenient. However they are 7 and almost 4 now. So maybe things on them changed?!

  9. Rosi

    I used one for my daughter in 2011 and loved it so much (gave it to my sister who used it for two of her kids)
    Then we got one last year and still use it and will be using it, for our son who’s 9months now.
    If you use the belts you wont have problems.

  10. Sheila S

    I was going to sell mine, but I’ll be holding on to it now in case we have more kids. It was amazing for our son who had belly issues and couldn’t sleep flat when he was really young.

  11. Laura

    I feel horrible that I want to keep mine that we just got from our baby shower. We have it all out together. I feel like it is a user error for the recall. I mean this can happen with any rock and play sleeper things right? This would just be for naps and then I have a crib for him.

    • Amber

      I’m in the same situation. I’m due in May. I’m keeping mine, as I don’t plan on using it for overnight sleeping or while the baby’s unattended.

  12. Erin P

    My daughter LOVED hers

  13. Beamergirl

    I’m not giving mine up I love it my grandson slept in his since day one am I have used for my other children as well ! If your using it properly you will have no issues ! Common sense a lot of people obviously don’t have it !

    • kaylacombsmynhier

      First, not using “common sense” is not why all these babies died. Please read a report. Second, if you are going to comment about people not having “common sense”, you should fix your grammar.

      • T


      • Britt

        I agree. Check your grammar. Commas go inside the quotes. 🙄

        • Britt

          Grammar AND punctuation.

  14. J.H.509

    Totally agree. We used one for our third and last daughter who was barely five pounds. We felt more secure to have her bedside in one then in her crib. She looked so tiny in her crib. We had absolutely no issues. We were especially concerned since SIDS runs in the family. So either way we were constantly checking on our children when they were newborns. Happy to say they are healthy and growing.

  15. MamaBear

    If something is recalled stop using it. Period. Your children’s lives are more important than your pride.

    • Momma23

      I’m with you, MamaBear! I wouldn’t risk it with my baby’s lives either. I would rather stay up with a crying baby than let them sleep in a potential death trap.

      • MamaT

        Its only becomes a death trap if you don’t know how or don’t care to follow simple instructions.

        • MamaBear

          30 parents lost their beautiful, beloved children. If your fav milk gets recalled you will stop drinking it right?

          • Heidi

            It is unfortunate but restraints were not used when they should have been. Milk being recalled is not comparable.

          • MamaT

            False dichotomy. My favorite milk would be recalled due to product failure/contamination, not because others weren’t using it as intended.

            If 30 children overdosed on tylenol because their parents didn’t follow dosing instructions, would you stop using tylenol?

            People can do whatever they think is best. I’m not going to let the 0.00064% of cases that did not use the product properly stop me from using a product that I feel is beneficial.

        • Tina

          It is a false statement that if you use the straps correctly your child will be safe. The latest report states that many of the children were under three months (could not roll) and died from positional asphyxiation (due to too steep of an angle). Use of the straps has no impact on that. It’s the same reason you don’t let them sleep in a car seat outside of a car. When I first saw this report I said the same things- I loved this product, I’m not going to send mine in. But after doing more research I see that it is a product issue and like others have said, I would rather hold a crying baby all night than take a chance on my baby dying. If you choose to continue to use a recalled product, you are putting your child’s life at risk and that is on you.

          • candace

            Agreed here and this is someone who loved it for both my boys! The more I learn now though baby is only supposed to sleep flat in a crib and not anywhere else. It’s hard I know, I get it… my youngest had terrible colic and I could only get him to sleep in the swing but actually none of these items ( rock n play, swing, carseat,etc.) are meant for sleep. You’re supposed to transfer them as positional asphyxia is a possibility.

    • R

      Nonsense. Baby products are recalled all the time over user error under an egregiously unfair legal system. I remember when the nap nanny was recalled, and in spite of all the changes they made to appease the CPSC with HUGE warning labels, improved restraints, higher sides, etc., negligent parents would still not strap in their kids, use it in cribs where infants could become entrapped or put them in high locations where they could fall, etc. That small company folded simply because they didn’t want to fight the frivolous lawsuits anymore, in spite of millions of children otherwise magically surviving the product. And apparently it was not so dangerous that other nearly identical versions of the same product are on the market now. It’s not about pride, these lawsuits are about greedy lawyers preying upon the fears of parents, such as yourselves.

    • Kelley

      I’m totally with you on the stop using it part, but what does that have to do with pride?

  16. Steph

    I bought this for my daughter knowing about the deaths. I did a lot of reaearch before buying or asking for anything. We used it all around the house. She hung out in it until she could roll over. She never slept in it over night and she didn’t nap in it unsupervised. The rock n play IS NOT SAFE SLEEP. We liked it for it’s purpose, a place to keep baby safe when they weren’t being held or during tummy time. This is not a sleeping space and if it’s going to be used that way, it needs recalled. Same reason we didn’t buy a doc a tot. That’s unsafe sleep.

    • C D

      Agreed. The whole issue here (in my opinion) is that they started marketing it as a sleeper. In 2013 when I had one for my son it was just called the Rock N Play. Then they started calling it the Rock N Play Sleeper. That gives parents a false sense of safety. It’s also not considered safe for babies to sleep in swings, car seats, bouncy seats, etc. but they aren’t marketed as sleepers. I think that’s where FP went wrong and why they need to recall it.

  17. Case

    Ill still use it and just follow the directions more carefully now and make sure to restrain every for any length of time. I mean, the directions say to restrain every time any baby is in it. I don’t really think that’s the company’s fault if I didn’t do that and then had a tragedy?

    • Britt

      Read the latest reports. The deaths weren’t due to improper strapping. It was babies under 3 months who couldn’t breath because of the angle.

  18. Kel

    “Your resolution amount will be based on your purchase date and your product’s suggested retail price. You must include your original purchase receipt or write your month and year of purchase on one of the hubs. Please see the criteria below:

    If you have owned the Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper 6 months or less, you will receive a full cash refund for the suggested retail price. If you include your receipt you will be reimbursed for the receipt amount including sales taxes paid.
    For products you have owned longer than 6 months, you will receive a voucher to redeem for a new Fisher-Price product commensurate with the amount of time you have owned the Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper.”

    I have 2, one I bought in 2014 that is at my dad’s, and another that was purchased around the same time, but I don’t have a receipt. I’m guessing for a 5 year old one I won’t be getting anything in return. 😂

  19. GirlMom

    I’ve used mine for both of my daughters and will use it when my new baby is born. I think this lawsuit is just as ridiculous as the “moldy” issue they previously had.

  20. KS

    The name is very misleading. It should never have been called a sleeper when it’s not safe sleep.

  21. Elaine

    As a pediatric PT I have been concerned for a couple of years that this product is causing kids that are in them too long to have flat heads. There is a piece of plastic behind their head and the elevated angle adds to the pressure applied to the back of the head. So I am not sad that they are being recalled. Someone needs to invent a safe product for kiddos with reflux though.

    • Bbbsarah24

      I have seen moms just add a wedge under their crib so it is inclined but baby is still safe, flat, and on back.

  22. Aimee

    IT’S ABOUT TIME! These things are horrendous for your babies. They cause torticollis and plagiocephaly. I’m a pediatric rehab therapist and I’m so tired of seeing all of these flat headed babies and 90% of them, not shockingly, have a Rock n Play. You know how many kids have ended up in helmets because of these things? It’s awful. Read the 1 Star Amazon reviews. A group of pediatricians in Florida wrote a letter to Fisher Price begging them to take them off the market.

    • Amymae1100

      My son is one of these that has a flat head because of these 🙁

    • Anna

      Does it get better on it’s own? I’ve seen babies with that.

    • Jennifer

      A flat head doesn’t just happen overnight. Our pediatrician said to just keep an eye out and ours was amazing and fine. We used the strap and ours slept in it next to us for a year.—The horror. He’s advanced at many things, so like you blame the rock n play for flaws, maybe I should give the rock n play credit for that? 🙄 Cool your jets. They did the same thing with Bumbo and you can buy them again today. Don’t freak out when they’re back soon.

    • R

      This comment is misleading. Flat head largely has increased as a result of the Back to Sleep campaign, not because people use the Rock N Play. Something like 50% of all infants now. Pediatricians see these children AT LEAST every 2-3 months their first year of life just in well visits alone – I can’t understand why they aren’t better educating parents when they start seeing signs. It was quite obvious when my oldest started developing a flat spot and I had to be more vigilant about repositioning him (my son simply didn’t ever move when he slept). Anna, yes, it can correct itself depending on the severity – my son has a nice round head and never had therapy.

  23. Q

    I used it for my youngest 2. Best thing ever. I could have it right by my bed and my baby was safely buckled in. The complaint I have is that I wish I knew about this sleeper for my first two babies. I would have used it then too. I stopped using it by 3 months when my babies could roll over too.

  24. Tammy

    I used mine in 2013 no issues. My daughter slept in it all night by our bed for the first couple of months. We always had the strap on.

  25. Sarah

    This is ridiculous! I’m due in July and used rock n play for my last baby and it was amazing…….

  26. Blessed

    All I can say is reading these comments makes me feel really sad. I’m not really sure why or how to express why. I haven’t done extensive research on this or anything and I haven’t had an infant for many years. I feel sorry for the parents who have lost a child and sorry for our society. This product at a minimum has an incorrect name. As parents we have all made mistakes and some that have bigger impacts than others. It seems like some that used incorrectly child was fine. When we become aware of an issue like this it seems best to warn at a minimum. I know I have made bad decisions that could have resulted in more severe consequences than I suffered and I am thankful for mercy.

    • Cristine

      Well put. Much better than I could say it.

  27. Cristine

    Instead of complaining about people taking advantage of the system maybe some of you should have more compassion for the lives of children that have been lost here.

  28. Lydia

    Wanted to say I’m extremely sad to see this. I literally was looking last week at buying one for a friend that is expecting. Someone gave me a Rock N Play as a gift in 2013 with my first son. I had an emergency csection and was in so much pain with that baby. I had bought a baby bassinet but reaching in to pick up my newborn was so extremely painful. The Rock N Play was a life saver those first few weeks. It was so much easier to pick baby up. And it was light enough that even as much pain as I was in I could move it around the house easily. With my second baby I dusted it off and used it again, he had severe reflux. This has always been one of my favorite items to get through the first few weeks with a new baby.

  29. jen

    EVERYONE!! DO THE RESEARCH!!! Babies died who were strapped in, and could not yet roll over!!! Their parents let them SLEEP in it, and they died. Again, they WERE strapped in and COULD NOT roll over!

    You say “I used it for 1000 years and never had an issue.” Some people ride in cars without seat belts and survive – does that make it safe?!

    If you continue to use these things after actually RESEARCHING these cases then I have no words. You are putting your children’s lives at risk. Period.

    • jen

      I also have to say I’m disappointed that this post only says “babies who rolled over and died.” That was not true in all the cases, and just perpetuates the myth that “as long as i buckle them in there’s no danger.” I appreciate Hip2Save taking the time to post this recall, but the wording is inaccurate and dangerous. Many people read a headline and make a conclusion instead of doing their own research as is very evident by most of these responses.

  30. Katie

    Babies die by sleeping in car seats for the same reason some died sleeping in these- when you baby is semi reclined their necks may move
    Into a position that cuts part of the oxygen off. It is a slow way to die. My pediatrician explained why letting a baby sleep in a car seat when no longer in the car in the correct position can cause death and why sleeping in these can too. As much as It hasn’t happened for so many- I wouldn’t want to be the one who took the chance and it did Happen.

  31. Caroline

    I will say this, it was great for our son. He slept in it the entire newborn stage but it did give him a flat spot on the back of his head. We had to buy special pillows and headrests for the issue and he was only in it at night. I’m thankful he was safe and so sad for the parents who lost their littles. It’s a better safe then sorry by recalling them.

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