Lowe’s $5-$500 Mystery Coupon (Redeem In-Store Only)

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This Lowe’s deal has expired but check here often for new Lowe’s Deals and Coupon Codes.

Grab your phone and get to Lowe’s!

Today, April 27th only, text the word SPRING or APRIL to 78133 to score a Lowe’s Digital Coupon valued from $5 up to a WHOPPING $500 to spend at your local Lowe’s store!

If you live in East, Central, or Mountain time you will need to text SPRING and if you live in Pacific, Hawaii, or Alaskan time you will need to text APRIL to 78133. Note that it may take up to an hour to receive the text back with the coupon.

There is no minimum purchase amount stated, so you may be able to use your coupon to score FREE items!

Note that these coupons are valid in-store only and must be redeemed today, April 27th during store hours. It cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount and there is a limit of one per person.

(Thanks, Reyna!)

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  1. denise

    thank you for sharing this! I shopped off clearance rack for flowers. 4 containers for 1.30 with 5 off coupon

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, denise! So glad you were able to snag the savings!

  2. Megan

    How long does it take? Been 15 mins and I haven’t gotten a response

    • Laura

      It took awhile for my mom to receive hers as well. I’m sure it will come

    • JoAnne

      Mine came right away. There were different codes for different time zones. Try texting April instead of spring.

      • Lily

        Thanks!! I tried SPRING first and nothing happened- APRIL worked right away

      • Laura

        Mine came right away too. My mom lives in the same town, so I don’t know what her deal was

    • Julia

      Me too. Did yours ever come?

  3. Kim

    It took about 10-15 minutes.

  4. Jennifer

    I received a $5.00 of coupon and pretty much received it right away.

  5. jen

    says coupon exhausted

    • Marie

      Just got one on text….

  6. Anne

    My code took about 10 minutes to arrive, but I got a $100 coupon!!!

    • Denise

      Wow! Congratulations

    • DealGetterRN


  7. Rob

    Thanks! Hip! Got $100 off coupon from text today.

    • DealGetterRN


  8. Hailey

    It doesn’t work through certain phone services. I have Republic Wireless and it says the promotion does not work through my phone service.

  9. Del

    If anyone is not using their Lowe’s $5 coupon or have an extra to share, I would greatly appreciate the coupon. Thank you so much!

    • Tina

      Just sent my $5 one

    • Inez

      Hi Del.. I have one that I will not be using. I will send it your way.

  10. Nikki

    If you live in East, Central, or Mountain time Text message: SPRING to 78133
    If you live in Pacific, Hawaii, or Alaskan time Text message: APRIL to 78133

    • Angela V.

      Thanks Nikki!

  11. melissa

    I got 500$! whoohoo

    • KClee

      Whoa!!!! That’s amazing!

    • Tina

      That’s awesome!!

    • hipsaver2

      Happy shopping! LOL

  12. marybuffalo3

    got 5

  13. Kaylie

    I’m not getting anything? I’m in Indiana, texted both SPRING and APRIL and am not getting a reply message. When I try to enter the codes through the website I get an error message saying “coupons exhausted.” Coupons all gone?

  14. Denise

    Just got $500!!!

    • Tina

      That’s awesome!!

    • Joe

      Lucky duck =o

    • hipsaver2

      Wow, two who won $500! Awesome.

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! We’re doing the happy dance for you Denise!

  15. Lori McKinney

    Does it have to be printed or can you use it from your phone

    • Laura

      Use it from your phone

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Lori! You can use it from your phone!

    • Tina

      I got the $5.00 coupon and used it on a very healthy Bonnie) rosemary plant. You don’t even have to use the whole $5.00. The price was $3.98 and I paid 0. Thanks for all you do!!!

  16. naucathy57

    My daughter, granddaughters and I just happened to go to Lowe’s today. Always on the lookout, I spotted a sign in-store and we each saved $5 on our purchases. Happy…happy…happy! Thanks for all you do. Had I been home I’d have seen it here first.

  17. Danyal

    Mine took about ten min as well. Thanks for sharing this promotion.

  18. jennyb

    I’m getting..this response is not valid 🙁

    • Cindy

      Check the spelling, it happened to us too. When my mom would send the code, her phone kept auto correcting the word when she sent it.

  19. Mama

    I just got few Lowe’s $5 off coupons which I won’t be using, willing to trade for Amazon GC or PayPal email mamabear2808 at gmail.com

  20. Pauline

    Have 5 Lowe’s $5 to trade for $2 amazon, target or other gift cards, paypal, kohls cash etc

    • Pauline

      Can also trade for coke codes.

  21. J.H.509

    Yippee got a $100 one!!

  22. Wendy L Egres

    I have sprint, have tried both codes from 2 phones and got nothing, sad

  23. Tasha

    Didn’t work for me. Been over 15 mins now. Tried SPRING and APRIL.

    • Marie

      Took 17 min for me

  24. Bummed

    The website says coupons are exhausted…looks like it’s over.

    • Marie

      Text works

  25. Emily

    I got a $25 coupon! It does take a while for the text to come.

  26. Vg

    I have $100 coupon to trade for $80 amazon. Email me at gthom0580 at gmail dot com.

    I have 25,10 and 5s if you want to trade those

    • Sam

      Dang, and I didn’t even get one since they were all gone!

      • Marie

        We just got one. Text offer though not the website

  27. Jaime

    Would love anything larger than a 5. (My hubby and I each got 5) would love to buy flowers for a mothers day project in my classroom. Email to jaimemac10@hotmail.com if you have one you won’t be using. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  28. Brittany

    If anyone has a coupon they aren’t using, my email is brittaxxlyn@yahoo.com. We just bought a major fixer upper. Thanks!

  29. Marie

    Does anyone know if you can use more than 1 at checkout? I got 5 and hubby got 5, can they be used together?

    • Adriana

      No they can’t because they are coupons not gift cards like last time

      • Marie

        Oh, boo. Thank you, I appreciate your help!

        • Cray

          My husband and I each got $5 but we checked out separately so we could use both coupons.

    • Nubianqueen

      You can do two separate orders and use them I just did it.

  30. Allison

    Have several Lowe’s $5 that I’d like to trade for amazon, target, walmart or other gift cards, paypal, AMC coupons, coke codes, pampers codes or other offers welcome!

  31. WMarie

    Thanks you for this post. I just a $5 coupon. I sent the text at 2:44PM EST, and got a response 15 minutes later.

  32. mabel

    Just got $500!!!!!!

    • jess

      omg you are so lucky. i wish i won $500…im renovating my entire house 🙁

    • KClee

      Yay!!!!! How wonderful!

  33. Marie

    I have a 1-$10, and 3-$5s. Anyone willing to trade all 4 for 1-$25 code to be used together? We have a large, single item purchase we need to make and if we could consolidate the codes and use together it would be beneficial.

  34. Denise

    If anyone is not using their coupon I would love to have it. Ty in advance

  35. Denise

    Oops my email is deniseschlatt@yahoo.com
    Would love a coupon if you won’t be using and willing to share. I hv nothing to trade unfortunately

    • Jen Goodman

      Sent you one

      • Denise

        Thank you Jen!😊

  36. mom

    Has anyone texted in and didn’t receive anything, tried again and was told you’d already participated? 😥 guess it wasn’t meant

  37. Tanya

    I have a JC Penny $10 reward and a $5 Lowe’s coupon…. looking for a larger Lowe’s coupon if anyway has maybe a $25 they might not be using … twyant_7@yahoodotcom

  38. Allison

    Have several Lowe’s $5 that I’d like to trade for amazon, target, walmart or other gift cards, paypal, AMC coupons, coke codes, pampers codes or other offers welcome!

  39. Lisa D

    I have 2 – $5 Lowe’s from the contest. Will not be using. Email lisadickens08@yahoo.com to trade.

  40. Lindsay

    Thank you hip2save! I love this website!!

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome Lindsay!

  41. Amber

    It’s been almost 30 minutes and nothing 🙁

  42. therese

    I texted 3 hours ago and I’ve received nothing. Not even an error message. If anyone has one they won’t be using, I’d gladly take it. rogansphotography@gmail.com

    I don’t have anything to trade sadly.

  43. Melissa

    1-$10 and 1-$5 code up for trade!

  44. Karen

    Hey guys! If anyone is not using theirs, would you consider it sending my way? Thanks a bunch! justbridals@gmail.com

  45. Caroline

    Does anyone know if these can be stacked?

    • Lisa

      It cannot be stacked, Caroline. Read the fine print already.

  46. Felix

    $500 in Simi Valley Ca – bought ceramic tile for the office
    Wife got $5.00

  47. lisa


  48. mel

    Went this morning and the cashier applied one from her register. Didn’t have to use the one on my phone. Just fyi!

  49. jena

    I have 2 that are $5 each…..I will take a trade for a $2 Amazon code for both of these:)! Java.four@yahoo.com

  50. Allison

    Have several Lowe’s $5 that I’d like to trade for amazon, target, walmart or other gift cards, paypal, AMC coupons, fandango, coke codes, pampers codes or other offers welcome!

    • Connie


  51. Cara

    I have a $5 coupon that I won’t be using. Not asking for anything. I just don’t want it to go to waste

    • Angela

      I would love it!! We are fixing up an old house and every penny helps 🙂 my email is mikejohnson.1993@yahoo.com

      • Jen

        Sent the one I had. Hope it helps.

    • Diana

      Can you email it to me at dlsmith2014 at yahoo dot com? Thank you!!

  52. Audreywill90

    Drove over an hour to get to Lowe’s only to be told they stopped giving coupons because of the amount-of people that showed up!!😢

    • Melissa

      You can get the coupon via text message. The number is 78133 and type SPRING.

      • Ron Crosson

        Spring 78133

  53. Ang

    Got a 5.00!! Thanks Hip2Save!!! If anyone gets any codes they don’t want i would love them! We’re fixing up an old house 🙂 my email is mikejohnson.1993@yahoo.com

  54. Ang

    I won $100! Thank you!

  55. Rachel

    I told my hubby to send the text as well. I got $5 and of course he got $100!! He got a new drill and I got my 2 kids candy bars. Boo.

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! Glad your husband was able to score big even if you didn’t! Hope he enjoys the drill and the kiddos enjoyed the candy! 🙂

  56. Allison

    Have several Lowe’s $5 that I’d like to trade for amazon, target, walmart or other gift cards, paypal, AMC coupons, fandango, coke codes, pampers codes or other offers welcome.

  57. Diana

    If you’re not going to use your code, please email it to me. This single mom need laundry detergent!! Dlsmith2014 at yahoo dot com

    • missy

      Emailed u a coupon Diana

  58. Pooja

    I got $500.00

  59. Suzann Lee

    I tired both codes and nothing worked..Coupon Exhausted..

  60. Sarah

    I have two $5 Lowe’s coupons to trade for $2 Amazon or Target! Email sarahat19 at gmail

  61. Car

    Hi, if anyone is not using their Lowe’s coupon and would not mind sharing them please let me know
    Thanks guptavarindasco@gmail.com

  62. Julie

    Just did this like 10 minutes ago and got $100. Guess we will making a trip to Lowe’s. Thank you Hip2Save!

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      Whoo hoo! Congrats Julie! You are SO welcome!

  63. Varinda

    Hi, if anyone is not using their coupon then it will be great if you could share it with me..

    Thanks a bunch Guptavarindasco@gmail.com

  64. Felix

    Yeah for $2.00 and the $5.00 Coupon my wife got a big container of Dawn. I got the $500 and wish i would have went to Vegas and got a girl named Dawn…LOL

    • Amanda

      Oh thank you for the laugh! This gave me a good chuckle LOL!!

  65. Melissa N.

    Hello, have several $5 Lowe’s Coupons to trade.
    Looking for Amazon, AMC GC, Atom Tickets, Fandango $ or FandangoNow codes.
    Melissanetro @ gmail. com

    • Melissa N.

      Can also trade for coke codes.

    • RKSmom

      Using now (unless someone already did without posting)…Thank you so much! 😊

  66. Lynelle Taylor


  67. Theresa

    i have two five dollar lowes coupons for today only; willing to trade for target gift cards

  68. Amanda

    I have two $5 codes to trade for amazon or target gift card. Email me at akus92@gmail.com

  69. Ashley

    Have some questions: can these coupons be stacked? If one person has more than one coupon, is he/she allowed to make separate transactions or is it limited to one per person?

    • nancy

      They can’t be stacked. Only 1 per transaction, but can be combined with manufacturer coupons. And from what I’ve seen, people have been able to do several transactions without any problems

  70. AZ

    Have several $5 I won’t be using, pls email for trade. email: ashleys885@gmail.com

  71. Brittany

    Thanks for posting this super fun deal!

  72. Mom2Bear

    Have 3 $5. Looking for Amazon GC
    Mommyofbear @gmail(.)com

  73. Gigi

    Used mine just now on separate purchases…..my adult kids and granddaughter gave me theirs……my yard is going to be gorgeous…

    • kimboj

      I’ll use it! Thank you!

  74. Jes

    Only $5 for me, but a friend won $500 earlier today!

  75. Jess

    2 – $5 Lowe’s codes up for trade.
    Coke codes available for trade as well.
    Would like to trade for Amazon, CVS, Speedway, Staples, Walgreens, Walmart GC.

  76. kimboj

    Heading to Lowe’s shortly, if anyone isn’t going to use their GC I would put them to good use. Please email me @ kimbojackson100@sbcglobal.net. Thanks in advance

    • Lacey

      Just sent you a $5 code!

    • Mom2Bear

      Sent you $5

  77. Amy

    Anyone have any code larger than $5 they aren’t using. please email me at arkamy@gmail.com. Thank you. Have 50 minutes before store closes.

  78. Pinkrazrbrd3

    Have a $10 one pinkrazrbrd3 at gmail dot com

  79. Candy72

    My hubby just won a 100 dollars!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  80. Pam

    $25 Lowes coupon expires today

    Dunkin Donuts GC
    Make an offer

    Bittyberrykin @ gmail . com
    (No spaces in email)

  81. Ann

    If anyone has a code greater than $5 they’re not using, I’d be grateful to use it. Thanks! Email at yang24889 at gmail.com

  82. Edy

    I send the message to a few friends they got $5 and one got $100 and my daughters got $5 each my daughter used them doing separate transactions getting folding chairs she is so happy she is celebrating her one year wedding anniversary! All her friends gave her theirs !! She is at store now !! Her friend got $100 spring it’s the code

  83. riya meen

    Heading to Lowe’s shortly, if anyone isn’t going to use their $10 or higher coupon I would put them to good use. I got $5’s. Please email me @ twilightfreshca @ gmail .com . Thanks in advance

  84. Katie

    I don’t know if anyone can still use it but I have two coupons, a $10 and a $5 if anyone wants?

    • BookWormShell

      Yes please! I could use them.
      Shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

  85. BookWormShell

    Hi fellow Hip2Savers! I’m heading over to my Lowe’s in a bit for a fuse for my furnace and some other necessities. I would love to put any coupons to use that anyone can spare! I can trade Coke codes if you need any. 🙂 shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

    • riss

      Do you still need it? I have a $5 coupon.

      • Shellie the Bookworm

        Yes please!

        • riss


          • Shellie the Bookworm

            Thank you so much!

    • saleem

      sent u an email

  86. hip2trade

    Thanks! Free toilet paper and very cheap paper towels…😊

  87. rozime

    I won $5, but my niece won $500! Store was closing and we only had 4 minutes to spend it!

    • Amy

      Wow!!! What did she buy?

  88. Sarah S

    I just won a $500 one but my store is closed ( in NY) please email me asap if interested!!!! sarah.sipley31 @gmail.com

    • Amani

      Emailing you now

    • Sarah S

      I am sorry if I did not say I am looking for a trade as it is $500, not looking for an even trade but something

      Thank you!

    • Sarah

      Has been traded, thank Tilla for a smooth trade.


      • shop4mybabies

        thank you Sarah, you made my weekend, or really my whole summer since now my lawn can be mowed and i can bbq!

  89. Carrie

    I waited until 8:45 pm to text and couldn’t believe I won $500. Immediately told my husband to hurry up and go to Lowe’s. He had an hour before they closed.We bought 2 new toilets and a hand truck.

  90. Amani

    I have an hour before my store closes and I’m just a block away. Anyone have a great coupon I would love to have it. Queen2b@hotmail.com

    • saleem

      sent u an email

      • AmaniMo

        I didn’t get it. But Thanks!

    • Jen

      Emailed you one!

      • AmaniMo


  91. Edy

    My daughter got 8 chairs thanks to her friends and sisters that gave her their $5 coupons / a friend got a microwave another won $25 and another bought a stove she got $500

  92. Michelle

    My hubby won $500 today! We got a grill, deck stain, and several outdoor lights. What a blessing!!

  93. Shellie the Bookworm

    Anybody’s coupon about to go to waste? If you would like a few Coke codes I would love to trade for your Lowe’s coupon! My store is still open for an hour. 🙂
    shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

    • AmaniMo

      Good luck. I hope someone is willing to share or trade with us. 😀

  94. AmaniMo

    The clock is ticking (51 mins left.) and my boys and I are really hoping someone would share a great coupon with us. DH would be very excited if we were able to get him a few of the small items he has been in need of. Queen2b@ Hotmail.com.

  95. Lori

    I would love a code if anyone has one to share. Thank you in advance!!! 🙂 Email: couponlore@ hotmail.com

  96. Lyssa

    I had no idea this was going on until my cousin text me about it an hour and a half before our local store closed and I ended up winning a $500 coupon! Feeling very blessed today. Thank you, Lowes.

  97. Lilly

    Value: $5.00

    Coupon Number: 476934503729122

    Valid in-store only on 04/27/2019

  98. shop4mybabies

    Thank you very much to the hip2saver that made me a very fair trade…150$ target gift card for her 500$ lowes coupon. I was able to get a much needed lawnmower, and a bbq grill. I feel like i got the lawnmower for free. I had tears streaming down my face using it in the store 10 minutes before closing, because i need a few minutes of goodness in my life. Health and finances have been scary this year. Cut myself loading the bbq grill into the car and don’t even care haha.
    Soap box time, lowes was PACKED at closing because of the coupons, and their systems stalled, to be expected. People angry and rude. But the worst was a young woman who was with her young friends, She told the lowes people don’t worry i’m only here for the coupons and you’ll never see me again. The staff told her she had been in the store the entire day and they weren’t even sure how she got so many coupons and they didn’t want to use multiple for her while so many people waited.
    I butted in, cause I can’t help myself and said the point of the coupons is so that you do come here again. It’s to get business not give away merchandise.
    They won’t do these things if people take advantage and treat the staff poorly in the process of doing so.
    A dozen employees were in that store 45 mins after closing doing their best, and 2 of them loaded a bbq grill and lawnmower for me!!!!! thank you hip2save, hip2save coupon angel and lowes employees

  99. sharon

    I won $500! Thank you so much.

  100. Emily

    I didn’t come on h2s yesterday so I didn’t know about this, but 3 ppl I know won $500!

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