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Think Everything’s a Dollar at Dollar Tree? Possibly Not Anymore…

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Dollar Tree Basket Filled with Merchandise

You may need to bring more than just a buck the next time you head to Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree recently announced they’re introducing Dollar Tree Plus! multi-price point products into select test stores to provide consumers with more choices and variety. Dollar Tree is currently in the process of expanding this test to more than 100 urban, suburban, and rural Dollar Tree store locations across the country.

During this test, Dollar Tree plans to measure and assess the initial results to determine if multiple price points are desirable for its customers. 😟

Will Dollar Tree raise the prices of existing merchandise?

Nope! According to this press release, as Dollar Tree tests lifting the restriction on the $1 price point, it is not raising retail on its current assortment of items priced at $1. Phew!

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Comments 81

  1. Melissa

    Not a fan of this idea

    • J.H.509

      Same here. However I think my neighborhood dollar tree is taking a different route. All of the most sold items such as hygeine have been replaced with regular size items to travel size..I was so saddened to see this. Especially since that store is literally down the block from our home. The one across town has not done this yet.

      • Bunny

        Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t seen this yet in our stores. May need to stock up. What hygiene items specifically have you noticed that have changed size?

        • J.H.509

          Shaving cream, diabetic foot lotion, and some shampoo and conditioners. My mom and I went one day and it looked like those items shrunk. :'(

          • Bunny

            Thank you!

          • Beverly

            At my store, I noticed a similar practice with skincare products. The size of my go-to face wash dropped from 6 ounces to 3.2 ounces. 🙁

    • Jan

      This is depressing:( Not a fan of their new “Plus” idea 🙁

    • Jennifer

      Do. Not….mess with the dollar tree

  2. hellfiregainz

    Uniqueness to Dollar Tree is $1 or less. It is now no longer unique but like any other bargain store.

    • Allison M.

      Completely agree! I know my price cap is $1 an item when I go there. Not a fan of this multi-dollar idea. If I wanted that, I’ve got Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc., where I can shop.

    • J

      Exactly! Not a fan of this idea.

  3. Corina

    This may drive the consumer to stores such as WalMart for what used to be Dollar Tree go to items. WalMart has a lot of their basic items priced at $.97. Three cents isn’t a lot, but adds up and then include the fact that WalMart has a larger selection of shopping choices. A buyer can just save time and energy shopping in one place.

    • Erica

      Yes actually Walmart now has a lot of medicines and health items for .88 sometimes in one area sometimes mixed in on the lowest shelf, and it’s partly due to DT. If DT raises their prices so will other retailers.

      • Jan

        The point of going to The Dollar Tree is being removed. Definitely will not make a special trip just to go there, I live to close to General Dollar and a Family Dollar!

    • J.H.509

      Yes my mother and I noticed this as well. So now we have it down… most of the time…to which items are a better buy and at which stores to purchase. And those pennies add up especially when you’re stocking up.

      • J

        Please share which items are better to buy at Dollar Tree.

        • J.H.509

          Well I’ve noticed that the spray bottles for cleaning are 98cents at Walmart compared to the dollar tree and are better quality at Walmart. The men’s V05 3 in 1 78 cents at Walmart. And the Colgate toothpaste I usually get at HEB they have in-store coupons that make each larger size tube for 98 cents as well. Dollar tree is still our go to for baggies.

    • J

      So true! I think they’ll lose lots of customers & Walmart once again wins.

    • Lisa

      Agree. Fortunately my dollar tree is adjacent to Walmart. I have the best if both worlds!

  4. DavidFL

    I’ve noticed stores like CVS, Winn Dixie, etc. also have $1 section, which carries same items as Dollar Tree (some items have the same brand names). If DT wants to be the top-choice dollar store (where everything is $1), they have to keep it that way. To be honest, I don’t even walk in to General Dollar or Family Dollar, because they are not cheap if I can get better deals at CVS or Publix with their promotions.

  5. Heather

    Yeah, they just did this to our beloved Dollar Tree and I was SO bummed! The beauty of Dollar Tree was that everything was a dollar and there was no guesswork. Now there is cereal for $4 a box (??). Heck no. I will probably be shopping there a lot less.

  6. s

    I love the Dollar Tree because you never have to guess the price, everything is a dollar. If I wanted more price points I would shop at Dollar General or Family Dollar.

  7. Erica

    I get so many things from DT that I couldn’t get elsewhere for that price, I think it will be a disaster if they change. I always buy gift wrapping supplies, cards, batteries, books, some medicines like cold/flu, seasonal decor or supplies, some name brand food items, and anything else name brand or one off that I need or use.

  8. Mella

    99 cent only stores did this. Went there yesterday and was annoyed that most everything was 1.99 up to 14.99! Yes lots was still .99 but you definitely have to be careful and it took the fun out of shopping there.

    • Adriana

      Exactly. I went in for party supplies and one of the 8 ct on paper plates was 1.99 😱
      Went to the dollar tree and picked up a similar item for $1 so this is really shady for them to do

      • Breanna

        I noticed in the party supply section at Walmart that they have 18 count plates for .97! Definitely a better price than Dollar Tree now.

    • J.H.509

      I know I was so upset that the 99cents store is actually charging $1.00 for the 99 cent products. Very misleading especially since the store is called The 99 cent store!!

      • Evan

        Yep, it’s always been $.999. They say that & like you I was like I thought you were .99 cents only? I still love that store & miss it my part of the Houston area. I’m at H-E-B everyday & yes you will see lots of items for less than $1 with our yellow coupons. They actually rotate every 2 wks for personal care items.

        • Mary

          Evan. I just moved from Houston to Tulsa My store was at Westheimer and Shepherd. They Closed it down to replace it with a Goodwill store. Then, I Had to drive to the Astrodome or Bellaire. I was anxious to get back to Houston to shop the only 99 cents store. But, maybe not… now…. pooey.. I did find good deals at HEB. especially at the “mark-down” areas. I miss Houston !!!!!!!!

  9. Marie

    I hope people refuse to buy these things in DT so the “trial” stores say it doesn’t work and not do it!

    • J

      Agreed. We have to start voting with our money and where we shop & buy. Otherwise these stores will just continue taking advantage of consumers while leaving us broke.

  10. Amy

    There have been several reports on the news (specifically CBS This Morning yesterday) that Dollar Treei is being hit hard by the tariffs on China. So I expect things to start changing no matter where we shop.

    • s

      That makes sense.

    • J.H.509

      Very true. I’m in a border town so now we will be charged 5% tax on all items.

  11. Deb

    One of our local dollar stores did this. So annoying. Now you have to check the price on everything.

  12. Beth

    Nope, the price point is the only reason I go there. Otherwise I’ll skip it and go to Dollar General, Wal-Mart, or Meijer instead for everything.

  13. VB Vee

    Some of the Family Dollar stores are being closed. I noticed two while I was out and about yesterday. Seems DT will convert some of the closed DG”s to Dollar Tree stores and totally shut down selective closed/closing DG locations.

    • VB Vee

      Sorry folks….I meant closing/closed Family Dollar stores…..not DG.

  14. alissaross

    If its like Target “dollar spot” where there are great finds for $5 or less, I think it might be okay. I know theres other dollar stores around the world that do this and have a lot of great stuff for affordable prices. I’d like to visit a Daiso, but if Dollar Tree can do something similar, I’d be find with that.

  15. Tracy

    I think they will definitely see a decrease in sales by doing this. I buy things there because I know they will be $1. I buy items that I don’t mind if they are a lower quality, because they will still serve there purpose and only cost $1. If I’ll now be paying more for those same lower quality items, I’ll pass.

  16. todd

    $.99 stores do this already. They have things that are more then $.99 like frozen food and toys and household stuff.

  17. Lora

    Resist the urge to buy anything priced over a dollar. Eventually, they’ll reduce the price of the slow sellers or get the hint that we don’t want multi level priced items at the Dollar Tree.

  18. VB Vee

    Years back some of the Dollar Tree locations were renamed Dollar Deals. I am wondering if they are considering being back that option.

  19. Sara

    All Dollar Tree stores in Baton Rouge have had two prices since at least 2004, but that second price is less than $1. I noticed that a few candy bars and Libby’s 15oz canned vegetables are $0.79. I don’t know if anything else is $0.79.

    • Evan

      That’s actually all Dollar Tree stores not just Baton Rouge. This new change will have items that are above $1, not under. Hope that helps. They are supposed to be placed in one area only. I’m guessing that as things progress it will be set up in multiple locations to confuse customers/make us angry.

  20. K

    I’ve also heard this elsewhere and very few seem to like this idea. I personally hate it

  21. Ashley

    This is directly related to the tariffs in China. I’m sure dollar tree already had a low profit margin with their item costs. Instead of raising prices they’re expanding product offerings to hopefully avoid passing costs on to consumers.

  22. Jodi P

    Trumps 25% tariffs on Chinese imports, and his threat to raise tariffs on Mexico up to 25% are the reason why Dollar Tree and other stores are trying to raise prices and/or have more items above their $1 price. These tariffs are paid by you and me, not China and Mexico.

    The solution on our end is to just not buy so much stuff. AND VOTE.

    • KetaCar

      I second this! But only what you need AND VOTE!!

    • Brooke

      Vote with your money, and buy USA made products

    • Amber

      When it comes to tariffs and the steel industries, if something has to go, in our book, it’s dollar tree. The steel industry is what puts food on our table. We need to make a stand and not be taken advantage of as a country.

    • Lisa

      Yes, you are 100% right. This is a result of the newly imposed tariffs. And the large majority uneducated, poor who voted for him are finally getting nipped in the butt with who and what they voted for. Vote for sure!

  23. Jodi P

    I LIKE THIS. I found a youtube video of a woman showing the Dollar Tree Plus! items in a Dollar Tree. There are clearly marked and tagged end-caps and shelf sections that are Plus! items. They are not mixed in with the regular $1 items.

    These are full-sized, brand name items. Oreo’s and Chips Ahoy, $3. Hellman’s mayo $3. Pet food and cat litter. Laundry detergents and softeners. Toilet paper. AND YOU CAN USE COUPONS.

    So, I like this because I shop at Dollar Tree and Dollar General…..but this will save me a trip to DG for the larger items.

    I just wish my Dollar Tree had refrigerated and frozen items like many do.

  24. shelly

    Just want to say, I love a little Dollar Tree but miss supporting more made in the USA items that aren’t garbage and last longer. I know the price is usually more but the quality of things we can make right here is superb!

    • Brooke

      We need to vote with our money and buy USA products!!

  25. Amy

    This is terrible news for me. I like taking my preschool aged kids to DT and letting them pick any 1 item of their choosing, knowing that no matter what they choose it’s only $1. It is literally the only store where I can do this.

  26. Dealzgurl

    Dollar Tree used to sell a big tube of petroleum jelly for a dollar; now it has shrunk to maybe half the size. I really hated too because it was such a good value and really worked on my dry skin. I’ve already reduced my shopping at DT; this change won’t be luring me back any time soon. Lately, I’ve been shopping more at HomeGoods and can find good thick wrapping paper for about $1.99 on markdown. I prefer that even though it costs a bit more.

  27. Heather C

    At the 99c store I don’t feel like I can get anything at this price!

  28. Another Shelly

    American culture profits from the sweatshop labor of quasi slaves in other countries. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  29. Bunny

    Love their Oxi Clean granules (orange container) that you put in the washing machine. It’s a 32 oz. container for $1. Think I’m going to stock up because this is a fantastic price and it never goes bad. Just need to make sure to keep it tightly closed.

    • Jodi P

      I LOVE that stuff! And it’s actually the most environmentally-friendly oxy product out there, according to the Environmental Working Group, which analyzes all kinds of consumer products. HOWEVER, all the other LA Awesome cleaning products at Dollar Tree are the very worst.

  30. Cin


  31. K

    Even though they say the dollar plus items will be separated in their own endcaps clearly marked, my DT is usually a mess and I know those items will be mixed in with the dollar items causing confusion at the register

  32. Henry

    Funny – they already own a company with this model —- it’s called Family Dollar

    • Jodi P

      That’s why DT is able to source the bigger products…..they have their Family Dollar buying power already in place.

  33. PS

    I saw the CEO of Dollar Tree/Family Dollar on Fox Business & he said DT will maintain the dollar price point. He said they’ve encountered sourcing issues before & hv always been able to find substitutes. He also said DT is known for seeking out new items. He said they are closing underperforming FD’s but will be opening up many new ones. (Can’t remember the number–maybe 200ish)

  34. Cher

    The new pricing will not be clear as evidenced by the .99 cent store. DG has had a problem w clearly marking too. If I have to guess no product is worth it to me.

    • Jodi P

      The pricing is VERY clear. The higher priced items are in their own sections on end caps, and on clearly marked groups of shelves within the aisles. The $3 Nabisco cookies aren’t mixed in with the $1 Little Dutch Girl cookies.

      • Saydee

        Take a stroll into mine. The $3 & the $1 will all be bunched together. That i have faith in. But i am jealous of the people who talk about all the “shelves” being bunched up together. At all the ones near me, all the price points will be together too, only all over the floor and the base boards. Mine are all dumps. They would have to put a major over haul into presentation to warrant a price increase.

      • Helen

        Pricing at dollar and up stores are never clear! They are a jumbled mess! I have never, ever seen a clearly marked dollar plus store ever and this includes a variety of different dollar store companies. Good luck with that!

  35. Jackie

    Nooooooooooooo! Why mess with something that obviously is what bringing people to your store? Keep it to $1 or less please.

  36. Vera

    I wouldn’t mind this. We don’t have dollar general or family dollar anywhere near me. (Or publix/aldi… Any of those other chains, so as long as the quality matched the price I wouldn’t mind having a selection of some higher quality things available.

    • Jodi P

      I agree with you! I do have two Dollar Generals near me…I like the stores because they are small, but they are a crowded mess. I have a disability, so shopping at big stores, or going to several stores, is very hard for me to do. I go to Dollar Tree most often……so if I can get some larger and brand name items while I’m there, it saves me a lot of time and trouble.

  37. nikis22

    I love the idea. Saves me time and money from getting other expensive products from other stores. $5 Xtra brand laundry detergent we use and would pay a few $ more else where, works for us. Thank you hip2save

  38. mellie

    So, there will be no more stores where everything is a dollar? Might as well stop going to dollar trees

  39. sue

    A dollar is what their business model is based upon. Changing that is very risky to their future. We have always gone into the store knowing EVERYTHING was a dollar. I will try the new store. But……….I have my doubts.

    • Jodi P

      It’s very risky to DT’s future to NOT offer higher-priced items. With the tariffs, they can either raise the $1 prices, OR bring in some $2-$5 items with a higher profit margin to make up for their losses on the $1 items.

  40. E

    I really dislike the dollar store because it’s so much cheap junk that always catches my kids eyes and they want everything in the store. Or they are given the stuff and it breaks 30 seconds later. That said, it’s super close to us and their damp-rid knockoff is working wonderfully in our humid basement while we budget for a dehumidifier. And their wrapping paper, cards and party stuff is well worth it. Not sure I like the idea of raising prices on some things because our store is a mess!! Everything is mixed up and it’s hard to find things! Higher priced items will get mixed into the other items, for sure.

  41. Kay

    Hmm…not sure I like the idea. I do love that I don’t have to think about how much everything costs, I just count my items. Love their craft section, they are my go-to store for a lot of art supplies. Even if the prices on existing items don’t change, I’m concerned that some items will be discontinued to make room for the higher priced items. And that never goes well for me. As to the quality of items at Dollar Tree, they have quite a few good items–If I go to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Jo Ann’s, I can find the same or similar items for three or four times the price. And they’re ALL made in China. I’d love for Dollar Tree to stick with the $1 price point; we shall see…

  42. Ann King

    Everything being one dollar is what distinguishes Dollar Tree from other Dollar stores. Why fix what is not broken? The timing on this change is not good. I finally decided to venture out to the store, a dollar tree…….may have to rethink my decision. Maybe I need to go to Walmart, more choices in one place. Please don’t do it…..keep your marketing advantage and satisfy many customers!

  43. Elaine

    Raise the Prices? Not a happy about this. When my sons were young. They could pick out Anything they wanted. It didn’t matter. . Their Grandfather on visits. Used to spend way to much on toys on ” just a visit “. At the Dollar Tree. They could pick out 5 things each!. This is just an example. Of one reason I love this store.

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